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Clash at Demonhead is a non-linear game, in that you are free to travel along any route that you have access to in any order that you like. However, certain events will not occur until other actions have taken place in other routes. The game requires you to travel throughout nearly the entire map. As a result, a player may end up revisiting routes multiple times if the chosen order through the routes are very inefficient. There are many ways to proceed through the game, but what follows is one example of an attempt to traverse through the routes as efficiently as possible so as to minimize revisiting route as much as possible while still accomplishing everything that's necessary. You are not required to follow this specific route in order to complete the game, but if you wish to following along with the guide's walkthrough, this is the recommended order:

Clash at Demonhead NES world map.png

(A Clash at Demonhead NES item heart.gif indicates a step that will increase your power meter.)

  1. Route 1: Encounter Tom Guycott.
  2. Route 2
  3. Route 5: Go shopping, search for gold.
  4. Route 11: Defeat the Governor Gajara and collect a medallion.
  5. Route 9
  6. Route 12
  7. Route 17: Rescue the fairy Faysha.
  8. Route 14:
  9. Route 6: Visit the statue beneath the waterfall.
  10. Route 35: Defeat Rowdy and rescue the Hermit. Clash at Demonhead NES item heart.gif
  11. Route 8: Use Micro-Power to escape from Route 35.
  12. Route 10
  13. Route 7: Defeat the Governor Fleaman and collect a medallion.
  14. Route 8
  15. Route 4
  16. Route 3
  17. Route 12
  18. Route 20
  19. Route 15: Talk to Michael about a Magic Stone.
  20. Route 18
  21. Route 19
  22. Route 28: Defeat the Governor Killer Shark and collect a medallion.
  23. Route 22: Trade your gold bars in for money.
  24. Route 24
  25. Route 23
  26. Route 25
  27. Route 32: Find Joe at the bottom of the cliff.
  28. Route 36
  29. Route 31: Defeat Pandar (optional)
  30. Route 29
  31. Route 27: Collect the Magic Stone from below the lava. Clash at Demonhead NES item heart.gif
  32. Route 16: Defeat the Governor KinoKonma and collect a medallion.
  33. Route 18
  34. Route 15: Descend down the second well, make your way to the sealed door, and lose the battle against the Demon. Continue your game, and swim to a hidden tunnel.
  35. Route 33: Visit Tom Guycott's fortress, then talk to Faysha at the end of the route.
  36. Route 6: Visit the statue beneath the waterfall.
  37. Route 35: Talk to the Hermit to learn about the Sword of Apollo.
  38. Route 37
  39. Route 40: Use the Magic Stone in the heart of the statue to find the Sword of Apollo. Clash at Demonhead NES item heart.gif
  40. Route 39: Climb to the top of Devil's Tower, and drop in. Challenge Demon again and beat him with the Sword. Collect a medallion and destroy all the demon eggs.
  41. Route 38
  42. Route 30
  43. Route 21: Defeat the Governor Bapman and collect a medallion.
  44. Route 42: Locate the secret enemy base.