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Genocide Jack
Danganronpa bullet Genocide Jack Case File.png
  1. Use Locker Room Dumbbell to shoot "iron pipe."
  2. Use Genocide Jack Case File to shoot "no proof for it."
Q: The other characteristic of every Genocide Jack case, which the world at large doesn't know...
How the victim was positioned

  1. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell SCHIZO.
Q: It has to do with her behavior...
Her behavior changed

Modus operandi
Danganronpa bullet Status of the Dead Body.png
  1. Use Status of the Dead Body to shoot "the modus operandi matches."
Q: There's one clear difference between the murders...
The victim's fatal injury

Q: The second difference is related to how she was suspended.
What was used to suspend her

Q: There was a pattern surrounding the Genocide Jack victims, and Chihiro didn't fit it...?
Because Chihiro was a girl

  1. Select Byakuya Togami.
  2. Absorb "before we found the body" and shoot "the victim was Chihiro."
  3. Use Library Desk Lamp to shoot "I'd never seen that rope."
The crime scene
Danganronpa bullet Two Locker Room Posters.png
Q: There's definitely something off about what he said.
The scene of the crime

  1. Select Two Locker Room Posters.
  2. Select Boys Locker Room Carpet.
  3. Use Broken e-Handbook to shoot "Leon's handbook."
Q: The killer was able to gain access to the real murder scene. Which means...
The killer is a guy

The broken e-Handbook
Danganronpa bullet Broken e-Handbook.png
  1. Use Celeste's Account to shoot "and only the killer."
  2. Use Celeste's Account to shoot "blue tracksuit."
Q: But why? What made you so suspicious?
The way he talked

Q: You found it on the ground, right? Then it must belong to...
It's Chihiro's

Q: How did the handbook break? There's only one possible explanation...
By hitting its weak point

  1. Select Mondo Owada.
  2. Use Broken e-Handbook to shoot "works just fine."
Closing Argument
Final Strike
Broken e-Handbook

(Before you get started onto chapter 3 you'll see a chat with Monokuma and someone!)