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The victim
Danganronpa bullet Fake Nails.png
Q: One important trait Kyoko has that proves the body doesn't belong to her...
Kyoko's gloves

  1. Use Fake Nails to shoot "must've been wearing gloves."
  2. Use Tattoo on the Right Hand to shoot "we can't identify the body."
  3. Select Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile.
  4. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell WOLF.
Q: Based on what we know, there can only be two suspects...
Makoto and Kyoko

Time of the crime
Danganronpa bullet When the Body Was Found.png
Q: So what time was the body discovered...?
At 9 o'clock

  1. Use Sprinklers to shoot "10 o'clock at night."
  2. Final Strike: Exploded Body Analysis
  3. Select the Tarp.
  4. Use Body Before the Explosion to shoot "didn't get dirty."
The trap
Danganronpa bullet Titanium Arrows.png
  1. Select Chicken Coop Chickens.
  2. Use Disguised Dead Body to shoot "getting stabbed."
  3. Select Monokuma File #5.
  4. Select Fragments Near the Dead Body.
  5. Absorb "hit on the back of her head" and shoot "the victim's fatal injury."
  6. Select Titanium Arrows.
  7. Use Bloody Duct Tape to shoot "too thin."
  8. Select Woodblock Key.
  9. Absorb "the locker key in my own room" and shoot "there's proof."
Q: I have to decide right here and now whether or not to expose Kyoko's lie...!
Choose to let it go to progress the story. Choose to pursue the lie for a bad end and a trophy in the Vita and PS4 versions of the game.