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There are six Battle Mini-Games in Mario Party 4. In Party Mode and Story Mode, these occur when a player lands on a Battle Space. All of the players have to give anywhere from 5-50 coins, and the winner of the Mini-Game receives most of them.

Bowser's Bigger Blast[edit]

Bowser's Bigger Blast
  • Rules: Players press the switches one by one. Try not to be the one who sets off the bomb!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • R button: Press the Switch
  • Advice: If you change your mind, you have five seconds to choose another switch.

This game is entirely luck. Just pick a switch: red, purple, yellow, green or white. As more characters get eliminated, there are fewer switches to choose from. If no characters pick the bad switch, then the switches will reset and a new round will start.

Butterfly Blitz[edit]

Butterfly Blitz
  • Rules: Catch the butterflies fluttering about. Make sure to catch the most!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Swipe Net Upwards
    • B button: Swipe Net Sideways
  • Advice: Butterflies of different colors have different points values. Yellow is 1 point, Red is 2, and Blue is 3.

You'll want to mainly use the side swipe, as the majority of yellow and red butterflies fly at the right height. For blue butterflies, you'll generally need to use the vertical swipe, because they almost always fly too high for the other swipe. When using a vertical for a butterfly that is too low-flying, you'll want to be farther away than usual, while for high-flying butterflies, you'll want to be closer than usual. The majority of butterflies you go after should be blue, but don't ignore red and yellow butterflies that are easy to catch. A good score in this game is 50 or higher.

Chain Chomp Fever[edit]

Chain Chomp Fever
  • Rules: Watch out for Chain Chomp and the lava cracks! Oh, and don't fall off the side, either!
  • Controls: Neutral control: Move
  • Advice: The Chain Chomp only moves straight, so watch where he's headed, and get out of the way!

You'll want to always keep your distance from the Chain Chomp, so that if it charges at you, you have time to move out of the way. The Chain Chomp will always charge at one of the players, so you'll want to stay away from them as well; two people are each twice as likely to be charged at if they're in a group. Occasionally, fire will flare up from the cracks, and the only warning is that it glows for a second or two beforehand. If the Chain Chomp hits a wall, he'll be stunned for a second, but if he doesn't, he'll turn and immediately charge again. In general, just move as soon as he locks onto a target.

Paths of Peril[edit]

Paths of Peril
  • Rules: Walk the narrow path without falling to reach the goal!
  • Controls: Neutral control: Move
  • Advice: If you run carelessly, you will surely fall. Be careful, and keep your cool.

Especially against higher level computer players, you're only chance is to be able to run the entire course. At each fork, there are usually two types of path: a shorter, curving path, and a longer path with 90º turns. There's no way to tell which path is which from the fork, so unless you're very lucky, you won't get the shortest route. You can't even look at the screen of someone ahead of you because everyone has a different layout. Falling costs you about 3 seconds, so you can still win even if you fall once. Remember that, as a Battle Mini-Game, try for second if you can't win so that you can at least get some coins.

Rumble Fishing[edit]

Rumble Fishing
  • Rules: Be the first player to reel in the Cheep Cheep! Whoever reels it in the fastest wins!
  • Controls: A button: Reel In
  • Advice: When you feel the rumble or see a '!!', press the button as quickly as you can.

This game is all about having quick reflexes. Make sure that you absolutely do not reel in early, as this will result in an automatic last place. Many people find this game to be easier when the Rumble Feature is on, so experiment to figure out what works best.

Trace Race[edit]

Trace Race
  • Rules: Trace the colored line on the ground. Whoever stays closest to the original line wins!
  • Controls: Neutral control: Move
  • Advice: If no one scores more than 30 points, we'll call it a tie. Try to get 100, you guys!

The best strategy in this game is to keep moving; don't waste time trying to correct small mistakes. If you end up too far back on the screen, the game will push you forward, making it impossible to do shapes like loop-de-loops. Your crayon is thicker than the line, and you get points for covering the line, rather than having the crayon perfectly centered on it. Many lines that are curved can be effectively covered by moving diagonally. There are three different colored lines, only one of which will be chosen for you to trace.