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Items can be bought at the Item Shop, won in Mini Mini-Games, gotten from Mushroom Spaces, or won at the Lottery Shop. Each player can carry up to three items at a time. In team play, you can also use your partner's items.

Mini Mushroom[edit]

  • Price: 5 coins

Become mini so that you can pass through pipes and play Mini Mini-Games. Your dice block will only roll 1-5.

Mega Mushroom[edit]

  • Price: 5 coins

Become mega and roll two dice blocks. You will take 10 coins from every player you pass, but you skip board events and stars.

Super Mini Mushroom[edit]

  • Price: 15 coins

Become mini and roll two dice blocks. They are still limited to 1-5.

Super Mega Mushroom[edit]

  • Price: 15 coins

Become mega and roll three dice blocks.

Mini-Mega Hammer[edit]

  • Price: 10 coins

A randomly chosen competitor will become mini or mega for their next turn. They will not be able to use a mushroom on their next turn.

Warp Pipe[edit]

  • Price: 10 coins

Spin a roulette to determine which player you swap places with. These are useful when someone else is in range of the star or when you're the farthest player from the star.

Swap Card[edit]

  • Price: 15 coins

Spin a roulette to determine which player you swap items with. This is useful when at least two opponents have better item selections than you do.

Sparky Sticker[edit]

  • Price: 15 coins

Electrify the space you're standing on. The next player to reach the space will lose 10 coins and any mushroom effects.


  • Price: 20 coins

If you have this item and a boo attacks you, he won't be able to steal anything from you. The Gaddlight will then disappear. If you try to use the Gaddlight at the beginning of your turn, you will be asked whether you wish to discard it or not. This can be useful if you have two other useful items and nobody else is in a position to send a boo after you.

Chomp Call[edit]

  • Price: 15 coins

The Star will move when you use this item. This is useful when somebody else is about to reach the star or the star is in a hard-to-reach spot.

Bowser Suit[edit]

  • Price: -

You have one dice block to steal 30 coins from each player you pass. These can only be obtained by landing on a Bowser Space. Your chances of getting one even then are still tiny.

Boo's Crystal Ball[edit]

  • Price: 25 coins

Lets you steal coins from another player for 5 coins or a star for 50 coins. The maximum number of coins the boo will steal is 25, so this is a bad buy. However, it is a good prize in Mini Mini-Games.

Genie Lamp[edit]

  • Price: 30 coins

Takes you to the Star. You still need 20 coins to buy the Star. If it's available and you have 50 coins or more, buy it.

Item Bag[edit]

  • Price: 30 coins

The Item Bag contains up to three unknown items. You will get as many items as you have room for. It's best to buy this when you're out of items but not headed for a Mushroom Space.