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In Story Mode, you play one of these Mini-Games every time after you complete a board. These are the only "duel" Mini-Games in Mario Party 4, and they are the only times you'll see the board hosts in Mini-Games. This section does not include the final Story Mode Mini-Game, that is located here.


  • Rules: One of the five spinning blocks will have a unique shape. Pressing the switch lets you choose that block. You get a point if you're right, but you get crushed if you're wrong. If you can get three points before I do, then you win!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Hit the Switch

The computer player is frequently very fast, so you'll want to identify which block is different before you even get to move. Frequent differences are breaks in shapes, one side being too small or too large, and additional sides. When in doubt, just pick a block, as the penalty for getting crushed is only a few seconds. Keep in mind that the shapes are rotated different amounts, and shapes that seem different might be identical.

Bowser Bop[edit]

Bowser Bop
  • Rules: In this game, you must bop all the of the Bowsers that pop out. Each Koopa Kid is 1 point and each Bowser is 2 points. If you can get more points than I can in sixty seconds, then you are the winner!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Use Hammer

The best strategy for this game is to aim your hammer so that it can hit both targets in the places where there are two Koopa Kids or Bowsers. To accomplish this, aim for the space between them at a 90º angle. When looking for where targets will appear, scan the room for any rattling furniture or lightning strikes. In general, you'll want to hit the targets head on because this Mini-Game has finicky hit-detection.

Goomba's Chip Flip[edit]

Goomba's Chip Flip
  • Rules: There are numbers on each of the chips out there. Pick a chip and add its number to your points total! We'll take turns picking, and I'll even let you go first! Whoever gets to 50 points first is the winner!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A buttonA button: Ground Pound a Chip

Although this is a luck Mini-Game, you have a slight advantage since you get to go first. There are six different chip values: 3, 5, 10, 20, -5, and -10. The -10 is the rarest, followed by the 20 and the -5. Just Ground Pound chips and hope for the best.

Kareening Koopas[edit]

Kareening Koopas
  • Rules: The trick to this game is to maneuver the shells into the holes on this panel. You'll see four holes in the panel. Only one shell will fit into each hole. If you clear all three panels before I do, then you win!
  • Controls: Neutral control: Tilt Panel

The best strategy for this game is to move the table very slowly so that the shells don't skip over the holes. Move the Neutral control only about halfway out and focus on putting one shell in a hole at a time. Once a shell is in a hole, it is locked in and can't fall out again. When ever possible, use trees and other shells to act as barriers so that the shell doesn't overshoot the hole.

Mystic Match 'Em[edit]

Mystic Match 'Em
  • Rules: In this game, you must find three cards with the same picture. First, find a card you don't need and discard it. Then, select one card from the table and pick it up. When your turn ends, then I'll go. Whoever can match three cards of the same picture first wins! Each of the 4 cards has its own instrument. You may match any you want. However! If you pick up one of three "Miss Cards"... Then all the matching cards you hold will disappear! So, you must be very careful when you pick your cards! That's all there is to this game.
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move Cursor
    • A button: Pick Up/Discard Card

This is pretty much a luck game. You'll want to avoid going after the same cards as your opponent because there are only four cards for each instrument. Anytime you get a Miss Card (has a picture of a Boo), you'll get a new hand of three unmatched cards. In general, try and acquire instruments which there haven't been many revealed of. If you get a pair, you should try and get the third card unless there are two other cards with that instrument already showing. You have an advantage because you go first.