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Bowser Mini-Games are Mini-Games for four players that may occur when a player lands on a Bowser Space. Unlike other Mini-Games, there is one loser, who has to pay a penalty that Bowser determines. There are only three Bowser Mini-Games.

Balloon of Doom[edit | edit source]

Balloon of Doom
  • Rules: Blow up Master Bowser's balloon real big-like!! Just Ground Pound on this pump over here to inflate the balloon! The higher you jump, the more air gets pushed into the balloon! But if you overinflate the balloon or don't pump at all... You ROAST!
  • Controls:
    • A button: Jump
    • A buttonA button: Ground Pound

In this game, you'll want to start by doing very high Ground Pounds. Then, once the Koopa Kid on the right runs for cover, do very low Ground Pounds so that the balloon inflates less. Other warning signs that the balloon is almost full are that the players brace themselves and that the Koopa Kid on the left hides behind his fan.

Darts of Doom[edit | edit source]

Darts of Doom
  • Rules: Throw three darts at once, and try to get a lot of points. But the board will be spinning, so it won't be easy!! The three cursors show where the darts will hit, so pay attention! Watch the cursors movements and throw. The sum of the three areas your darts hit is your total score! The player with the least points... They get ROASTED! One more thing! If you get a bull's-eye, you're toast!
  • Controls: A button: Throw

Whatever you do, avoid hitting the middle of the target, as you'll automatically lose. If possible, try and hit the green sections of the target, as these are worth significantly more than the red sections. Make sure to avoid the outer rim because any darts that land there are worth 0 points. A perfect score in this game is 300 points, which occurs when all three darts land in the 100 section.

Fruits of Doom[edit | edit source]

Fruits of Doom
  • Rules: Master Bowser will say which fruits he wants to eat! Then you guys must find the right fruit and bring it to him! If you bring a fruit that Master Bowser didn't ask for... Or if you bring more than the number he asked for... Then things might get a wee bit warmer for you!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Select Fruit

Try and memorize as many fruit as you can when Bowser gives his request. However, the words will go by very quickly, making it difficult to tell what he wants. Several fruit have similar spellings: cherry and strawberry, apple and pineapple, etc. Avoid going after these fruits except as a last resort. In addition to remembering what he wants, also memorize what fruits have already been brought to him and how many times. Bowser frequently asks for the same fruit two or three times, so if you have no idea which fruit to get him, you could try repeating one that's been brought to him once already. However, you only have five seconds to make a choice, so pick quickly!