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Black Panther is a powerful melee fighter. Combining the spin-attacks and the stealth with the deadly signature power attacks.


  • Unlocked: When five Black Panther figurines are collected
  • Character type: Melee/Stealth


Panther Claw[edit]

  • Type: Melee/Chargeable
  • Rating: 8
  • Hints: Powerful chargeable single-enemy slash with reasonable energy use. Tap to repeatedly slash an enemy, or charge up to take out a weakened foe.

Energy Daggers[edit]

  • Type: Projectile/Spread pattern
  • Rating: 7
  • Hints: Not as useful until you get to the high levels. However at it's maximum setting you get three daggers with around 90 Energy damage per hit.

Razor Cyclone[edit]

  • Type: Radial/Constant
  • Rating: 8
  • Hints: Doesn't seem to have the range of Deadpool's Blade Cyclone attack, but the damage is higher per hit. Bleed damage is also useful at the higher levels. Watch out for energy usage though, unlike Deadpool, you cannot keep this skill going for any length of time.

Crippling Blow[edit]

  • Type: Melee/Single use
  • Rating: 9
  • Hints: Similar to Panther Claw with the trade-off of a little damage and the ability to charge in exchange for a decent chance to Critical. Use with Stealth for an even better chance of a critical hit. The fact that it has higher base damage means that unless you charge Panther Claw, this is a better skill.


  • Type: Melee/Knockdown/Single use
  • Rating: 4
  • Hints: Half the damage of his other single melee attacks with higher energy cost. The only upside is the knockdown, but that hardly makes up for this skill.


  • Type: Buff/Character only
  • Rating: 10
  • Hints: While the energy cost is steep, combine this with a high-level Crippling Blow and the results are simply brutal.

Master Hunter[edit]

  • Type: Boost/Team defense
  • Rating: 5
  • Hints: Haven't used this one a lot. Defense bonus is nice, but energy costs are very steep and the damage reduction isn't that high.

Panther's Might[edit]

  • Type: XTreme/Enemies only/Team boost
  • Rating: 11
  • Hints: Probably the second best Xtreme skill in the game. Damage is high, and the chance for an instant KO makes it even better.

Black Panther figures[edit]

To unlock the character, you need to find five action figures which are hard to spot since the figures are black. Nevertheless, they are scattered throughout the levels. Even though the total action figures is nine each with Black Panther and Daredevil, if you already found five of them, they will then be replaced by experience points marked as "EX" in green.

  • Stark Towers: Once you finish with the Omega Base mission, Stark's lab will be open. Go down the stairs in the direction where the superheroes are and it's underneath the stairs you went through.
  • Atlantis: Before you go into the waters, go to the far end and search for the black figure where you open the access point. This is the only moment in which you can attempt to find it.
  • Valley of Spirits: Before you go to the ultimate challenge against Mandarin in Mandarin's Court, it's behind the Buddha statues near the entrance at the end of Forbidden Passage.
  • Murderworld: In the funhouse after you get two tickets from two different places, go through door three, defeat the clowns and the door after getting the upgrade and search through the flowers along the wall to find it.
  • Mephisto's Realm: If you're in the area of graves, the figure should be at the far end from the entrance in a grave you need to break.
  • Bifrost Bridge: It's on the first ship where you should find the figure, perhaps on the right side when you first get on the ship.
  • Courtyard of the Gods: Once you complete either of the two missions, you have access to where gods and superheroes hang around. It's somewhere on the right side of the hallway where you find the figure.
  • Asgard: Move the statues in the east and west area. That opens up the middle area. You'll find a weapon cache with a figure for you to collect.
  • Niffleheim: After fighting Baron Mordo and Ultron and picking a spear to open the next area, instead of pressing a button to go to the next section, look behind the entrance you see and you'll find a figure there.