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Focus Hero

Body: 15

Focus: 41

Strike: 19


■Concussion Blast (Projectile) A powerful force blast.

■Telekinesis (Special) Levitates enemies and objects.

■Kinetic Bolts (Projectile) Fires kinetic bolts at enemies.

■Kinetic Surge (Projectile) Release a powerful wave of kinetic energy causing physical damage.

■Kinetic Snare (Special) Spins target in a kinetic sphere causing crushing damage.

■Invisibility (Boost) Become invisible to enemies raises chance of critical hit and stuns enemies hit by critical attacks.

■Fantastic Shield (Boost) Creates a large shield that will deflect projectile attacks.

■Ultimate Overload (Xtreme) Creates a large arc of energy that damages all enemies on screen and stuns them for 40 seconds. If the enemy is already stunned then the arc critically hits them for 50% of their life.