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With success of the mission of the Omega Base, Nick Fury will inform you that they're still finding the source to Dr Doom's headquarters. He wants you to instead investigate the seawater of Atlantis in which Namor is forced out of his throne and Attuma trying to take over the seaworld.

You now have access to Iron Man's lab. Don't forget to give the helmet back to Dr Pym. Also Stark's cufflink for Jarvis. If you can't find it, talk to Jarvis when you first walk in to the lab. After talking to Jarvis, you'll be meeting Weasel fir the first time. You want to find out more on Widow's laptop but he needs the password to the SHIELD's priority files.

The three people for confirmation to Widow's laptop in on three people:

  • Talk to Vision about Nick Fury's brother.
  • Talk to Black Widow about Baron Strucker.
  • Talk to Nick Fury about Gabriel Jones.

The third answer, Gabriel Jones is the right password for Weasel to use. However, if you get the answer wrong (as with many other questions only Weasel ask after solving the main section of events) he'll still find out what you need to know on Black Widow's computer after slandering you for the wrong answer.

When you're done exploring and finding things to do in this area, talk to Wingfoot to get started on the next mission.