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When you reach what is suppose is Dr Doom's Castle, you're telling Nick you can't teleport back. Also Nick asks you to look out for Senator Kelly since the incident which replaces a jack-o-lantern in its place.

You start out taking Doom's minions and once you reach the only door at this end, you have to move forward down the passage, getting away from the spikes which runs down the hallway.

Afterwards, you take down more of Dr Doom's minions throughout the remaining area until you reach where Jean Grey is. But Jean Grey persists into attacking you. She's not much of a challenge but there's a surprise behind it. If you're Invisible Woman, you get a different dialogue with her.

Murderworld Paradise[edit]

Once you beat her she'll bust out the sign "Murderworld" and leaves for the Big Top. So it's revealed that your team is in Murderworld and not Dr Doom's castle. Arcade who's a mastermind of this world would tell your team to take on his challenge on freeing her. So make your way now taking on a bunch of clowns and deadly jack-o-lanterns. As a side note, you can free Senator Kelly as an option.

Once in the Big Top, you have to take down Jean Grey again which is under control by Arcade. After you defeat her again, there's another twist, after taking down more clowns so you get a quarter to get into this weird minigame. If you chose Wolverine, he'll have a different dialogue with Jean at this moment.

The 8-bit Pitfall[edit]

This weird minigame is Pitfall. Your 8 bit superhero has to go through a side scroll jumping over places that poses a danger to you. Fires, rolling cylinders and snakes is what you need to jump over. But the hardest part is the crocodiles. You really need to time your jumps before they open their jaws. Also a few times in which you need to jump onto the rope to get past the hole. Once you reach the end, press the action button to get you back to reality. Wolverine would advise Jean to rest up and get back to Professor X.

Pinball Mayhem[edit]

To get two Golden Tickets can be a fun experience. Just don't be fooled by the copies that act like clowns. One side has the arena size Pinball full of crazy danger. Just like real pinball except you have to avoid the flippers and the bells. Anyway, look for the red-hair and bowtie guy on tiles in which you can destroy. Also you'll encounter Rhino and Shocker, separately for the first time. Once you reach 1,000,000, to get to the Golden Ticket with the flippers destroyed and the SHIELD access there, you have to watch out for pinballs falling from the sky marked with a red circle! If you see it move!

Fairground Explorer[edit]

The other side is a Fairground. It's not too difficult if you can move the clowns out of the way. With the "Test of Strength" game, you need to find a hammer. There's only three places to use it so watch out for it. All you need to do is hold and power your strength to open gates and get a prize. Speaking of prizes. find the Claw game and follow the button prompts or Wii motions to unlock Blade, whom you can use as part of the team.

The next area is Maze-O-Death. Each time you pull the finger, rolling spikes comes out and clowns come and attack. Do it to a few others and "Test of Strength" to unlock the gate. You should still have a team of four to take on a team of five which is not too hard by any means. That's in a very short dodgems game. After knocking around, pick up the last golden ticket, go to the rollercoaster to get back to the Big Top.

Behind Door Number...[edit]

Once you give the ticket clown the Golden Tickets, you go to the last part of the area. Simply, "3" leads you to a big grave sign you need to knock down after the clowns attack you and you play "1" in which you move the white bar around, knocking the red, green and blue bars with a white ball in an another 8-bit game to unlock number 2. Lastly take down the last of the clowns through the disco, pull the finger at the end to face Arcade.

Crazy Arcade Boss Battle[edit]

Arcade can be over top and very campy in his manner which and could be another of Captain America's rivals. Anyway, he's holed up in his robot suit and can be quite hard to deal with. You can't take him by normal means. Instead the pattern is this, you must bring him to the target in the middle, find the trap door which lands you onto a cannon and allow his robotic arm to hit his head. Do it four times in the row and he'll be finally defeated. After his robot suit is knocked on its back and after putting pressure on Arcade, he'll openly tell you that Nightcrawler can be found in Mephisto's Realm.

If you chose Elektra, you'll have a unique dialogue with Arcade at this only time near the end of this level.

Sanctum Sanctorum[edit]

Once you get back to Sanctum Sanctorum, there's a few sidequests you need to go over with. Wong wants you to find the "Eye of the Shadow Queen" in Mephisto's Realm.

Weasel wants you to tell him a safe place away from the SHEILD agents:

  • Talk to Dr Pym about Baxter's Building.
  • Talk to Professor X about X-Men's Building.

Pick X-Men's Building since Weasel will be safe from SHEILD.

When you're done, go to the orb to continue on the mission.