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This should be a final part of this act. You are to go through this snow area to confront Loki for a fight but there are some more Vikings to deal with.

Ulik and Kurse[edit]

Anyway, Volla will ask you to find her ring in this area. As you go through this area, after the small bridge, you'll encounter Ulik and Kurse. Ulik is a tough opponent with Kurse as a sidekick. So it will take a lot of superpowers and melee attacks to overcome the two before moving on.

When you reach the end of this area, once you reach the campsite, check on the fire to find Volla's ring. She'll tell you that you're going to die at the end of the mission but it might defy logic by the end of this level.

If you choose Blade, he'll have a different dialogue with Volla than anyone else you chose in your team.

Rage Against the Vikings[edit]

After you save, go into the Battleground. You need like Wolverine to push the giant rock aside. The Vikings will continue to attack you but you have to watch for rocks marked with a red circle. To distract them, light up the remaining towers until you reach the siege area. Take out one mangonal on the right and use the other one, pointing in the other direction, to let it fly to open up another area for you to explore.

Battle with the Titan[edit]

Once you reach Ymir's Domain, you'll encounter an Ice Giant who's called Ymir. Fighting this giant boss can't be done by normal means. Instead, attack the enemy, grab his spiky spear and once Ymir slams down his giant club, jump on it, follow the button sequence or Wii motion sequence and he'll stab it at the back of his neck. Do it five times to defeat him.

Baron and Ultron[edit]

Once he's defeated, it will open up another area which is Spire's Ascent. Near the end of Spire's Ascent, you'll encounter Dr Dooms enemies: Baron Mordo and Ultron. After his enemy instantly died for picking the far side of the long weapons you'll have a throwdown with the remaining two.

Baron isn't tough but Ultron with his metal armor is. He could literally freeze your team in a brief period. Once that battle finished you choose a long weapon which opens the barrier. If you have Volla's ring, you can tell which weapon to use but if you don't, it's the fourth one on the right side where the arrow is pointing down at.

If you chose Ice Man he will have a special conversation with Ymir before the fight.

Showdown with Loki[edit]

Loki should be the toughest villain in Asgard. Also if you're low on health, attack the enemies that he's summoning. His attacks is similar to Mephisto but as long as you have Extreme power at the ready, you can cut his health down to a limited amount. Make sure to watch out for his teleportation as well. Once he's defeated, Nick Fury will bring you to what supposedly is Warrior's Hall.

The Four God Swords[edit]

There's four simple puzzles to solve:

  1. Put three of your superheroes on the pressure platforms and the fourth to get the first god sword.
  2. Stick to the darker tiles as the lighter tiles would drop and reach for the second god sword.
  3. Go to the top for the third god sword. Just move across the area where the wind in those holes stops blowing. Don't get blown off or you have to start all over again.
  4. Follow the sword through the series of mirrors but at the end, you'll get stuck in the end. Instead, go to the left and pick up the final god sword.

An End To The Superheroes?[edit]

Once your team use all god swords to unlock the unbreakable armour in ice. But it's revealed that Nick Fury is changed to Loki. So choose which of the portals that Loki is hiding in. Once you found it, destroy the armour to blow Loki frozen in between the columns. Once it's over. Exit the portal to meet Dr Doom. He is of course the rival of Fantastic Four. With Odin's power, he can hand you own fate: Death. But is it over?

The Royal Library[edit]

A cutscene reveals a god that intervenes, Uatu saving their fate from Dr Doom to give you this final chance. You're transported into the Royal Library. Uatu belives to defeat Dr Doom you need two items: Go to Shi'ar Empire to acquire the M'Kraan Crystal and Skrull Planet to steal the Muonic Inducer from Galactus.

Once you are done looking around, get Lockjaw, the big dog to transport you starting in Shi'ar Empire. If Spider-Man's in your team, he'll have more dialogue with the dog.