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Focus Hero

Body: 15

Focus: 41

Strike: 19


■Ice Shards (Projectile) Throws shards of ice at enemies inflicting cold damage. Chance to slow enemies to 50% of speed

■Freeze Beam (Beam) Sends out a beam freezing enemies for a time. If the frozen enemy receives a critical hit they shatter

■Polar Explosion (Projectile) Charge a particle and throw it at enemies inflicting cold damage and slowing enemies for a time

■Ice Slide (Charge) Slides on an ice sled damaging and knocking back enemies

Note: Ice Slide allows fast travel akin to flying or swinging.

■Blizzard (Radial) Create an ice storm inflicting cold damage to enemies in a radius

■Frost Bite (Boost) Gives entire party ice gloves for a time adding cold damage to melee attacks with a chance to slow enemies by 50%

■Frigid Aura (Boost) Create a shield of cold around Iceman slowing and damaging enemies

■Deep Freeze (Xtreme) Massive cold blast damages and slows all enemies with a chance to freeze




Bobby Drake






Natural Forces

Raven Ultimates


Act I, Stark Tower> Black Widow (minor)

■<Act I, Atlantis, S.H.I.E.L.D. Outpost> Namor and Namorita

■<Act II, Sanctum Sanctorum> Professor Xavier

■<Act II, Sanctum Sanctorum> The Vision (minor)

■<Act II, Inferno> Professor Xavier (upon entering realm)

■<Act III, Niffleheim> Ymir

■<Act IV, Shi'ar Power Core> Gladiator