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Focus Hero

Body: 15

Focus: 41

Strike: 19


■Flame Thrower (Special) Launch a continuous stream of fire toward enemies.

■Inferno (Blast) Create a quick blast under enemies popping them up.

■Wildfire (Radial) Create an outward blast of flame, damaging enemies in a radius.

■Fireballs (Projectile) Rapidly launch fireballs at enemies doing fire damage and keeping popped up enemies in the air longer.

■Fire Storm (Blast) Create a charged fireball that starts a fire on the ground. Stuns enemies when fully charged.

■Nova Blast (Special) Flames around the Human Torch increase damaging enemies who come in range. Also adds fire damage to melee attacks

■Ring of Fire (Boost) Gives each member a chance of igniting enemies with melee attacks and also decreases damage taken.

■Fantastic Fire (Xtreme) Brings down meteors from the sky pummeling all nearby enemies with Fire Damage.




New Marvel



Air Force

Fantastic Four

Natural Forces



■<Act I, Stark Tower> Dr. Pym (minor)

■<Act I, Stark Tower> Wyatt Wingfoot

■<Act II, Sanctum Sanctorum> Nick Fury (minor)

■<Act II, Murderworld, Pinball> Shocker

■<Act IV, Royal Court> Crystal