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This level should almost be similar to Omega Base except you're dealing with much tougher enemies than before. Also Corsair will accompany you for the first part of this section.

Main Bay Battle[edit]

As you fight more enemies, you also need to move blocks to access the next area. The front left and right side will blocked off. So continue to the top to which the enemy blocks your route and opens the force field, sucking you out. It's not too hard so move your person to the console to close it with a force field. Then go through either sides, the Port and Starboard Crew Quarters to turn off the screens blocking your entry early on to open to the next area. Corsair will leave you and update you on your progress.

After you exit the Main Bay, you now need to follow the guards on either side and defeat them to get their cards to access the engine area.

The Gladiator[edit]

This might be a misnoma. You might think you're going to see a man dressed for the middle ages, carrying a sword and shield. Instead, in the Marvel version, he has black mohawk hair and has clothes that a vampire would wear with its cape. There's no picture available so play the game to this level, just to see what he looks like.

Gladiator is much tougher with his invincible energy and flying around. To defeat him, go to all four console to drain his defence so your team can melee and superpower this powerful foe. Repeat this process until he is defeated and the engine blows. Then exit to the Outer Hull.

The Outer Hull[edit]

On the Outer Hull at a top view pointing down, you'll encounter two more foes. Warstar and Starbolt will come down on your team hard. You seriously need to melee attacks, superpowers and by chance, extreme power. Warstar will use close combat and Starbolt will use ranged projectile attacks.

Corsair will radio you with simple instructions. Go down to the console to dispel the forcefield. Then on the way, destroy the rail guns and align the satellite dish.

At the observational deck, you'll encounter another duo, Hussar and Neutron. They shouldn't be too tough since they're constrained in the small deck of this area.

Deathbird Showdown[edit]

After you defeat the duo, Deathbird would be confronted to a boss battle. For the first part, she'll swoop you up, acquiring you to do the button sequence or the Wii motion sequence to take down the bird. Then she'll be invincible thanks to the core power. So destroy the core power and continue to repeat the sequence until she's defeated. Deathbird would move to Science section, making threats by revealing a time bomb.

The Countdown[edit]

The time is one minute but you need more to reach the bomb area. So, forget the enemies and take down the power nodes. Along the way, as an option, take down the extra nodes and get your team to knock down the console holding Lilandra to free her. Then take down the four consoles to end the time bomb.

Once you're done go to the final area, unlock the area with the console and smash the crystal to finish the mission. Go through the portal back to Royal Library to start another mission. Go to Lockjaw to start the Skrull Planet mission.