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Elektra is one of the most unique Marvel superheros that makes an impact in this game. She is a kunoichi - a female ninja assassin. Her trademark weapons are the two-bladed sais. Her first comic book appearance is in Daredevil as his love interest, then later she has her own set of comics.

What sets her a part from Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman and Storm is she is a bad girl. She is perhaps a natural Olympic athlete and a Japanese martial artist to the highest level. She is also the smartest in tracking down her enemies and using the most deceiving ways to attack her opponents, using her heightened senses and knowledge in finding the weakness she encounters. She also uses the environment as well. The closest she comes to in terms of their fighting styles is Wolverine. Or more precisely, Wolverine using his claws and Elektra using her sais in sort of the same way. Although there are controversies of reviving her, Elektra remains the most popular bad girl to date.

Special moves[edit]

  • Nerve Strike (debuff)
  • Ninja Stars (projectile)
  • Sai Stab (melee)
  • Spin Kick (radial)
  • Death Touch (projectile)
  • Focused Chi (boost)
  • Inner Calm (boost)
  • Curse of the Hand (xtreme)

Tips for using Elektra[edit]

She is like Wolverine but has more of a ninja approach and doesn't really have regenerating health. Her special attacks needs to be used at the right moment. Nerve is your basic special attack but using Sai Stab is a little more effective if you're into hack'n'slash games. Ninja Stars and Death Touch should be used as long distance attacks as the enemies are almost out of reach. For tougher enemies, Focused Chi and Inner Calm increases offence and defence to be more effective and Spin Kick if you're attacked by more than one opponent. Curse of the Hand should be used if there are far too many opponents and you need it to stun them with your most powerful attack.