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Daredevil figures[edit]

To unlock Daredevil, you have to find the easier red figures. Like Black Panther, once you have found five figures, the figures will be replaced with "EX" in green.

  • Omega Base: Before you take down the first gear, go to the right to find the figure which is down the stairs.
  • Atlantis: While finding Sonic Booms and taking down enemies, free the soldier from the clam. He'll give you the keys to unlock the weapon cache which is where the figure is. You'll find it on a nearby submarine.
  • Valley of Spirits: In the Golden Courts where the fire dragons were, you'll find it in the middle part of the room along the walls with the statues.
  • Sanctum Sanctorum: Go upstairs to the sanctuary. If you talk to Vision, he'll ask you to find a book or arcane magic. It's beside where the X is or in detail, upstairs on the left side.
  • Murderworld: Before you go through the passage while the wall spikes chase you, you need to break down the right side where the barrels were. One area has the Mysterio disc and behind it is a red figure which you should be able to spot.
  • Mephisto's Realm: It's under the tree before you see Ghost Rider for the first time.
  • Bifrost Bridge: Be sure to lift Odin's left arm and you will find a weapon cache with an action figure in it.
  • Asgard: On the left side of the first section of this level, you'll find a weapon cache and a strike point. the figure should be in the cache once you open it.
  • Niffleheim: At the end of Shore of Corpses where you find Volla's ring and a SHIELD access for you to save, it's on the roof of the house where you find it.

Strike Hero

Body: 22

Focus: 14

Strike: 39


■Baton Smash (Melee) Attacks with baton. Stuns enemies when charged

■Baton Throw (Melee) Uses baton to fling an enemy into the air

■Extensive Strike (Projectile) Forcefully extend baton toward enemy

■Devastation (Radial) Spin around with baton causing knockback

■Charge (Melee) Charge at the enemy and pop them into the air with his baton

■Blind Sight (Boost) Show all enemies on the mini-map and increase the damage inflicted by Daredevil and his allies

■Hyper Sense (Boost) Slow down time except for Daredevil and his allies

■Devil's Onslaught (Xtreme) Whips both batons around doing physical damage to nearby enemies





Marvel Knight


Agile Warriors

Martial Artists

Marvel Knights


Daredevil is resting upstairs in the Sanctum Sanctorum during Act II.

■<Prequel, Helicarrier, Command Deck> Bullseye