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This page needs images of controls from the controller buttons category to make learning the controls easier. If a set of controller button images is available for this system, please add them. If a set of controller images isn't available, it might need to be brought up on StrategyWiki:Staff lounge.

Basic controls[edit]

Wii Action
Neutral nunchuk Movement control
Tilt Nunchuk button left/right Camera control
C button Grab/Action/Block/Dodge. You can pick up weapons with this button.
Hold A button Heavy attack. Small taps allows a combo of light attacks.
Z button Jump. Double-tap to double jump and fly. Also use it to swim.
1 button Toggle automap. Hold 1 button and Neutral nunchuk to scroll around the automap.
2 button Team commands
Remote button Special powers
Neutral dpad Choose team character
Minus button Hero management menu
Plus button Pause menu

Wii-specific controls[edit]

  • Melee combos on the Wii use the lift gesture for popup attack, swipe gesture for trip, and lower gesture to stun your opponent. It will be useful because certain enemies are vulnerable to certain moves.
  • To use the special powers on the Wii, you hold the B button and use the five gestures to be able to display the characters' unique powers. Also hold B button+A button for the same thing, but you need to choose which powers you're going to use.
  • To use the buff and extreme power on the Wii, hold Z button, scroll through the powers and execute it with A button. It must be the white outline and if you and your teammate have a swirl on your icons, that's the best time to use it. You'll unlock it at a certain stage and you need to continue meleeing your enemies until the swirl comes out.
Control Action
Generic Up.pngRemote button Lift gesture
Generic Down.pngRemote button Lower gesture
Shake remote Shake gesture
Generic Left.pngRemote buttonGeneric Right.png Swipe gesture
Thrust Remote button forward Thrust gesture
Shake Generic Up.pngNunchuk buttonGeneric Down.png lightly Block
Remote button Attack
Thrust gesture Hard attack (instead of holding A button)