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When it comes to travel to and from the Islands, a boat is the only way to go. Powerful engines and strong hulls help you to island hop or smuggle coke in one piece. These boats can be summoned by calling the Boat Pilot (once you hire this Henchman) when you're on a dock or in the water.

Boat Cost Rep. Bonus Unlocked
Powerboat Owned start of the game. 100 Owned start of the game.
Jet Boat $10,000 4,600 First Reputation upgrade.
Picklefork $53,000 25,000 Second Reputation upgrade.
Antique Trickcraft $35,000 45,000 Second Reputation upgrade.
Floatplane[1] $350,000 60,000 Fourth Reputation upgrade.
Cigarette Boat $160,000 180,000 Fourth Reputation upgrade.
Attack Boat $35,000 30,000 Fourth Reputation upgrade.
Fan Boat $4,000 5,000 Fourth Reputation upgrade.
Sports Fishing Boat $350,000 120,000 Fifth Reputation Upgrade
Racing Boat $750,000 250,000 Fifth Reputation Upgrade
Cigarette Gun Boat $1,000,000 250,000 Sixth Reputation Upgrade
Yacht $4,000,000 1,000,000 Seventh Reputation Upgrade
  1. The Floatplane has a unique mechanic. Once selected, a map appears allowing Tony to select from a set of prearranged destinations to travel in the Islands. The Floatplane never actually appears on the map so never gets damaged, meaning it is always available once acquired.