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Reputation +50,000
Exotics N/A
Turf [%] N/A
Balls +350
Drugs [g] +100
Total Cash N/A

Head down to Coco's. After the short cut scene, you can get to grips with dealing coke. Here you have to hold A button to fill the meter until it gets to the end. Go too far and you've failed, don't go far enough and you either fail or get a rubbish deal.

Now go try it for real. If you get a good deal, you should get $10,000 which is the right amount to buy back your mansion. Get back to your mansion and pay off those pigs.

Reputation upgrade #1[edit]

Head on to your newly acquired mansion, and in your office you can see what has been unlocked.

  • 14 new Exotics are unlocked.
  • $5,000 drug suppliers have been unlocked.
  • The Micro SMG has been unlocked and can now be purchased from weapon dealers.