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Reputation +55,000
Exotics N/A
Turf [%] N/A
Balls N/A
Drugs [g] N/A
Total Cash +$46,000–$49,500

After the upgrade, you'll end up at the La Normde hotel where you'll walk past the front desk and end up upstairs. Go up the ramp and be confronted with a barrage of bullets as there are gang members everywhere. If you can use blind rage at any point here, do so – it'll make things a lot easier. If you don't, you'll have to crouch and take out the guys on the lower floor and get below those on the higher one so they can't shoot at you.

Go around the corner to the stairs, taking out those that are guarding it, and remember to reload by pressing Up dpad whenever you're not being shot at. Head upstairs and shoot the window in front of you and there will be a health pack on the other side. Take out those men coming towards you and while you're on the balcony, go around to the other room and shoot the guy hiding behind the wall, then carry on up the other stairs taking out anybody left. Now you have to master hand to hand combat. Press Z button to shove him and push him to the ground, and hold B button and swing Remote button to throw punches. After he's lost his health, he'll take a quick trip to the pool side, on the ground floor.

Leaving the hotel[edit]

Now you've got to get to the underground parking and steal the armoured car with all the cash in it. Turn around and shoot at the helicopter, taking out the guys shooting at you first. Keep shooting until the helicopter bursts into flames. Pick up the health kit if needed and head downstairs. If you can use blind rage around this point, it'll make short work of these guys, but if not make sure to stay low and to retreat if you're taking a beating. Now get to the elevator.

Downstairs take out the guys in the lobby and note the health pack behind receptions desk if you need it. Get down to the basement parking and I would recommend blind rage to take out all these guys but if you can't then just go slow and watch out for the guys on the elevated level. Now get to that armoured car, be careful as gang reinforcements will turn up in two cars, either take them out or just get in the armoured car and run like mad.

To the bank[edit]

Now that you're in the van you've got to make it to the bank Downtown. Luckily for you, the game gives you directions and tells you to use the freeway, so follow that advice. It's easy enough, as this armoured car can take a massive beating, so just keep going. Once at the bank just go talk to the woman at the desk, then go talk to Jerry. After that go downstairs and talk to Susan. Here is where you get your first chance to launder money. The bank is going to take a percentage of every deposit you make and you've got to negotiate that percentage. Hold A button until the meter fills to the right amount – if you stop too soon or late the bank is going to take a massive percentage, up to 30% in some cases, or only 1%. It all depends on your heat and reputation.

After this you'll gain a SAT phone and the exotic menu, where you can buy exotics. You'll be forced to buy the driver, but he's the most useful exotic anyway. Now off to the pawn shop to peddle your wares.