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To enter a cheat, go to the pause menu by pressing 2 button and select cheats, then press Minus button to submit a new cheat and cycle between the letters by pressing Up dpad and Down dpad.

NOTE: The game will warn you if you invoke a gameplay-related cheat (such as a mission replay cheat), and will offer you a chance to cancel. Once the cheat is enabled, saving is disabled.

Code Cheat
OLDFAST Antique racer
666999 Bacinari
DOZER Bulldozer
MARTHA Change time of day
NOBALLS Decrease Gang Heat
GOBALLS Increase Gang Heat
FLYSTRT Decreases Cop Heat
DONUT Increase Cop Heat
FPATCH Fill Balls Meter
AMMO Max Ammo
TUNEME Real "The World is Yours" music track
MEDIK Refill Health
BUMMER Stampede
RAINY Toggle Rain