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The Miami area is divided into six different areas. They can have one of three statuses:

  • Locked - Tony does not have claim to this area. Gangs in this area will respawn if attacked.
  • Contested - Tony is making a move on this area. You can wipe out gangs in this area to gain Turf towards takeover.
  • Owned - Tony has taken over this area. You can still wipe out gangs in this area, but no Turf is awarded.

This is the list of the fronts you can own in each turf. Note that you have to first complete a storyline mission and unlock that turf to access its fronts. Each front will then require some sort of service (a front mission) to make them available for purchase, then you have to cough up the cash to actually buy the place. It's a lot of work really.

For each front you own, you can add security cameras and henchmen to protect them. This will buy you precious time when your front is under attack, but unless you actually turn up they're next to useless.

View storehouses as the boss of a turf. You need to own all the fronts in a turf and control 90% of the turf before you can take on a storehouse. These will be heavily guarded, but you normally have some henchmen backing you up. Once the storehouse is taken over, you claim the final 10% of the turf, completing the turf's takeover.

Little Havana[edit]

  • Location: Southwest corner of the Miami map
  • Storehouse: Havana storehouse

Tony's home turf. Pretty slim pickings and rather lowbrow fronts, but everybody has to start somewhere.

  • Pedro's Pawn shop
  • Oakley Drive-in theatre
  • Cabana Cigar


  • Location: Just up from Little Havana in the northwest corner of the Miami map
  • Storehouse: Marina storage

Things start to get a little better here with more clubs and upmarket shops, but it still isn't fantastic.

  • U-Gin Shotgun Bar
  • O'Grady's Liquor Store
  • Babylon Club
  • Fidel's Records

South Beach[edit]

  • Location: Southeast corner of the Miami map
  • Storehouse: Leopard storage (actually located in North Beach)

Home of the hotel. Pretty good turf, but prices are pretty steep here.

  • Macau Fast Food
  • Chi Peso Trattoria
  • Swansong Hotel
  • Sun Ray Hotel

North Beach[edit]

  • Location: Northeast corner of the Miami map
  • Storehouse: Shoreline storage

You've hit the big times, high end shops and clubs and the prices reflect this.

  • Angel Dust Donut Shop
  • Peninsula Lounge
  • Whippet Gambling
  • Stein Jewellery
  • Coco's Lounge and Disco

Industrial Zone and Trailer Park[edit]

The Industrial Zone between Downtown and North Beach and the Trailer Park between Little Havana and South Beach are the slummiest parts of Miami that will always remain "locked" turf, as Tony has no interest in taking them over, but gangs still abound in these rugged places, so keep on the lookout. The two areas can actually be directly bridged by means of a series of barges in the water that can be jumped with very skillful driving.

The Islands[edit]

The islands is where a lot of the cocaine is grown. You can't really buy any turf here and it's full of gangs that will kill you. There are no police here, the drug barons are the law.