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This game is much tougher thanks to a large number of enemies and challenging number of missions you have to deal with. However, with the negotiating skills, driving, shooting and the rage within you, you can overcome those issues and be able to complete the game. Here are the things to get you started.

  • Rage: If you are facing a horde of enemies and you are close to death, unleash your rage to take down the crowd so you have room to relax and go further into the enemies location. This also is the alternative way to build up to full health in order to survive the ordeal.
  • Negotiation: If you want an exchange of cash and money, this is how you do it. You hold the button until it reaches the point like a golf meter. If you succeed, you get what you want but if you fail, prepare to face the consequences.
  • Driving: If you don't like to walk from A to B, you can call for your car to come to your location or steal a civilian's car. Driving is simple, but to make it easy to turn at an angle at high speed, handbrake and turn with style but careful not to crash into another car or a police car which could ruin your progress.
  • Shooting: If you have trouble shooting an opponent, you can lock on to get an accurate target. But it's recommended to manually attack the enemies as long as you have a machine gun to take down the crowd. You can kill the enemies, but it has no effect on civilians.

Wii version[edit]

There are a few exclusive features only available in this version.

  • Point and shoot: With the exception of the PC, you can aim around the screen and shoot. You can lock on and shoot, but because of the free movement of your Remote button, you can manually take out enemies much easier than before. Also with the rage by shaking the Nunchuk button, you'll be able to take down the horde with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The chainsaw: You have to hold B button and swing the Remote button like a chainsaw. One of the missions will teach you how to use it.
  • The camera: Sometimes seeing Montana at an unfriendly angle can be tough to look at. So point your Remote button near the edge of the screen to move the camera around. Also if you started at the tutorial, you can choose the speed on how fast you move the camera.
  • 180 turn and fire: If you are surrounded by enemies and one is about to attack you from behind, press Down dpad to suddenly face the guy who is going to attack you.
  • Hand to hand combat: Hold Z button and swing Remote button to attack the person. Use C button to shove and counter his attack against you.

Gang locations[edit]

You don't need to complete the game to find gangs.

To find gangs you need to change time of day to night. You can either wait or use this code: MARTHA

Warning: the gang locations are marked by radar icons and head icons.

100% completion[edit]

As with all games like this, merely completing the main game won't get you 100%. However, in Scarface it's quite easy to get compared with others of this sort. All you have to do is have all the exotics, so it's just a case of doing the drug runs over and over again so you can afford them. You also need to wipe out all the gangs, which is quite hard as you have to find them – they're well armed and they won't always be there. Use these maps to find all the gang locations, which are marked by skulls.

You also need to have all the femmes and have completed all the missions on The Islands, which are marked by white "X"s on the map. Check the Extra Island missions section in the table of contents for individual mission pages. Races don't need to be completed for 100%.