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Reputation +205,212
Exotics N/A
Turf [%] +10
Balls +1,303
Drugs [g] +10
Total Cash N/A

As with all storehouses, you'll need to own 90% of the turf in the area. If you're short, then take out some gangs in the area and complete some of Felix's leads in the area to get a few % here and there.

Now they won't be giving up without a fight, so get in a car and drive around (hopefully with a henchman in the passenger seat) and take them all out on the ground floor. If the car starts to flame, then it's best to bail out, but you should be able to clear them up without and hassle. Now head upstairs, noting the health pack near by. You can use wall cover but it can be restrictive if a guy gets past you. Also, note the health under the stairs there if you need it.

Once you've take out those remaining at the top of the roof, a new wave will appear from one of the garages. In fact, you can shoot at them from the roof before they reach the stairs, so do that. Now you can either wait a little bit, then shoot the oil cans when they come up the stairs, or wait around the stairs and shoot them coming up. If you're going to do the latter, destroy the barrels before you start hanging around that area. This is the perfect time to use blind rage mode to wipe them out with ease. After you've done that, a helicopter will appear. Just keep shooting at it until it explodes, and keep moving and shooting.

With this, you now control two districts in Miami. You're halfway there.

Extra Island missions[edit]

You can now visit the Islands, either by plane or by driving your boat out to sea. Now head out to meet "The Sandman". Once you meet with him, you can pursue Sandman leads while on the islands to find Large Suppliers. Island suppliers always supply more coke than mainland ones, and with two districts now under your control, plenty of money can be made. Also remember you now have two storehouses. Be sure to keep both of them stocked. Distribution runs only use the keys from one Storehouse at a time, so having both stocked means you can do two runs before you need to reload. And your Distribution runs are going to get more complicated. The best strategy in your runs at this point is to start in one district and work your way to the other, though of course if a front gets attacked, you'll probably still want to divert to defend it, as the distances involved are still not too great to cover at this point.

After you've been to the Venus bar, you might need to increase your reputation. You can do this by completing the various missions on the islands, which are marked by a white cross and they don't appear on the mission list. Or you could just buy some exotics. If you go with the second option, remember that if you want 100% later on, you're going to have to do those extra Island missions anyway. Check out the individual extra Island missions pages for some help on them.

Reputation upgrade #5[edit]

  • 15 new exotics are unlocked.
  • $100,000 island drug suppliers are unlocked.
  • The carbine Assault rifle and Bazooka are unlocked.
  • Assassin, Driver and Enforcer henchmen can unlock additional missions.