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Reputation +15,485
Exotics N/A
Turf [%] N/A
Balls +970
Drugs [g] N/A
Total Cash N/A

This is an easy mission. First, grab the van out front and head off to the drop point, then go back to the store to pick up the next crate and drop off it at the next drop point. When you get the third crate, the cops will turn up (sooner if your timer runs out). Lose the cops. It's easy enough, because your heat should be low. Go get out of the red ring and try to lose the cop cars that will be tailing you as you head to the next drop off point. Remember to do this before the white line around the border of the map depletes completely, or you won't be able to lose the cops and you'll fail the mission. Now get back to the manager to complete the mission.

You can now buy this front for $50,000. If you have Montana Holdings it will cost you $45,000. Also if you don't have the money on you, then complete some of Felix's leads, which will give you cash, balls and open up drug deals.

Reputation Upgrade #2[edit]

  • 16 new exotics are unlocked.
  • $10,000 drug suppliers are unlocked.
  • The Shotgun and the Chainsaw have been unlocked.