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As you might expect, this will just take you through the basics. Firstly, you'll switch between some camera modes, so choose the one you like (you can change it later under options).

Now you meet your Sgt. who looks a lot like the Harbour guy on The Islands. First head to the red dot. Now pick up the gun in the other red dot but pressing Minus button. Now shoot the three targets just to the side of the red dot. Now go to the other red dot, press Plus button to push yourself up against the wall and shoot out the targets while doing this. Now you'll be asked to kill a civilian. Tony has morals… of sorts, and he won't kill anybody who he doesn't think deserves it, so aim at her and attempt to shoot her but he won't.

Now some rebels will attack the camp. You can lock onto them using Z button or just take them out with free aim. Don't forget you can taunt your enemies by flipping Nunchuk button or pressing A button. Once you've taken out most of the attackers, there should be one guy standing a distance away. Kill him and pick up his AK-47. Now go into a Blind Rage by shaking Nunchuk button. That should end the tutorial.