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Reputation +1,030,506
Exotics N/A
Turf [%] N/A
Balls +4,358
Drugs [g] +481
Total Cash N/A

This mission is very hard and this method takes some faith, but it does work. From the start, crash the boat into the left beach and charge up to the pillar box with SAW blazing. Don't stop or take cover, just kill everybody in the way. Enter the pillar box and kill the guys within. If you dawdle, they will set up defensive positions and start shooting at you from the pillar box and new enemies will keep spawning. There is health in the pillar box, so collect that if you need it. Also, restock on ammo for your SAW. "Release" the dead hostage and follow the path around to the left. (You can go across the river mouth and wipe out the guys there too, but there is little point.)

While going up the path, take out the stray guard. Take cover behind the rocks and take out the first few guys of the next camp, and be sure to take out the guy in the guard tower. Build up your rage meter if it isn't already full and use it to wipe out the camp. There isn't an unlimited amount of people here, so you can go slow and steady if you wish, collecting the three drug packages in the camp (two in the buildings, and one on the outside to the left).

Now head across the bridge and duck into the little shack. Come out after you've healed and restocked on ammo, then take out the guys rushing towards you and the guy in the tower. Take out the guys on the other side of the bridge using your bazooka (found in the shack you were just in). Now rush in and use your blind rage if you have it. If not, keep low and take out the guys in the towers – there are three of them. Once you've cleared out the camp, there will be one building full of enemies. Go through the door, avoiding the sight of the windows, and go nuts on the horde inside with your SAW (hopefully fully loaded). Release the hostage and go upstairs to collect the drug package and heal if needed. The other packages are just outside the building you just released the hostage from, and one of the buildings to the left.

Now for the hardest part of the mission. Get in the boat and head towards the last camp. Take out those you can in your boat (don't let it be destroyed), and land right at the end, out of the view of most of them. Hide behind the large tree and fill up your rage meter, then rush up the hill, diving into the first house you get to. There is a health pack in this house too. If you're feeling brave, you can go out and wipe out the rest, or wait for them to come find you. The latter of course being the easier option. Find the last three packages and release the last hostage. Now get back to the boat and follow the river, avoiding the fire. Get out of there and back to the sandman. The bad news is that you'll have to dodge the bad guys all the way there. The good news is that you can find a boat station en route, plus a checkpoint occurs just before the final run, so if all else fails, you can just try again.

Now go talk to the Sandman and buy the plantation for free. While this doesn't seem that interesting, it is. You can now go to any of your storehouses and buy coke straight from your plantation, which means there's no need to complete a mission, then go to the islands to perform a deal, then taking it back to Miami. It costs $500,000 to do this compared to the $300,000 it usually takes to do it the old way, but it's usually worth it to avoid all the hassle.

Reputation upgrade #8[edit]

  • All exotics are unlocked.
  • All suppliers are unlocked.
  • All weapons are unlocked.

The world will remember your name!