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Here are the features you have to deal with.

  • Reputation: To really get everything, you have to complete main missions and sub-missions and a lot more to build up your status as the king of this island.
  • Drugs and money: Negotiate a deal with as many people as you can to make a ton of cash so you can buy as many items as you want.
  • Shooting and killing: Depending on which console you are using, you can lock on or shoot manually as you please. If you go into a rage, you'll automatically go into first person view with the screen going red, auto-locking and have unlimited ammo, giving a chance to kill an overwhelming number of enemies in exchange to building up your health. However, having a gun in public can easily attract the police but your character will tell you that he isn't callous enough to kill the civilians.
  • Racing and crashing: You can drive your vehicle to your destination and you can shoot outside your car. But if your vehicle is on fire, Get out and run!


Reputation is perhaps the most important thing to Tony; they're basically your experience in this game. Like experience, Reputation is tracked in two ways: points and levels. You gain Reputation points by completing missions, buying fronts and taking over storehouses. Once you've gained enough reputation you'll be able to return to your mansion to gain a Reputation level, represented by the letters in the name Scarface (Gaining the first Reputation level for example lights up the S), which will unlock more exotics, turfs, and suppliers. A lot of the time you'll get enough reputation just by completing the mission in an area, but if you've done all them and you've still got 100,000 reputation points to go until you can carry on, you have another option: exotics. Hire henchmen, buy fast cars and fancy boats. These not only make your life easier, but they also increase your reputation. Even things just meant to spruce up your mansion add to your image. There's something about owning a solid gold pelican which makes the average man respect you. Exotics always improve your reputation, so if you have some money to spare, buy something.

There are eight reputation levels and each level will unlock missions, exotics, weapons, turfs, and suppliers. These are the number of reputation points you need to get to the next level and take down Sosa.

  • Level 1 (S): 50,000 points
  • Level 2 (C): 150,000 points
  • Level 3 (A): 500,000 points
  • Level 4 (R): 1,000,000 points
  • Level 5 (F): 3,000,000 points
  • Level 6 (A): 6,000,000 points
  • Level 7 (C): 12,000,000 points
  • Level 8 (E): 20,000,000 points


Amigo, the only thing in this world that gives orders is balls. You got that? Balls.

Tony Montana, Scarface

Balls are very important in the world of Scarface; pretty much every action you take in the game will give you balls, but how much is the question. Shooting a guy will give you balls, but if you've locked on to him you'll get less balls than if you're using free aim (free aim doubles the balls earned). Using a pistol instead of a big gun shows you're macho and know how to shoot (pistols give 4 times the balls of other guns). If you dismember his arm in the process, or even better, shoot off one of his balls, that earns you more (shots to the nuts and head earn the most balls per hit), then to add insult to injury you call him a ****ing ass sucker, this will give you even more (taunting always give you balls, but doing it just after killing an enemy earns the most). As will driving carelessly and performing jumps, successfully intimidating people or completing missions.

Yes, Tony has a lot of balls, but what does it get you? First, balls are what fill your Blind Rage meter. This gives you incentive to build balls quickly so that you can use Blind Rage more often. Second, your cumulative balls unlock the Femme Fatales: five women that will have nothing to do with you until you get enough balls. Aside from standing around your mansion like statues, they will upgrade your balls, health and stamina. There are a total of 12 upgrades, that's each girl twice, and the last one gives you three upgrades in one. Here is the list of number of balls points you need for each femme.

Warning: Tony will gladly shoot enemy gangsters, and he will refuse to shoot innocents, but do not attack cops. Hitting a cop penalizes your balls an amount equal to the same attack on an enemy.

  • Femme 1: 25,000 balls = Natalia
  • Femme 2: 50,000 balls = Jessica
  • Femme 3: 100,000 balls = Stacey
  • Femme 4: 250,000 balls = Isabelle
  • Femme 5: 500,000 balls = Veronica
  • Femme 1 Upgrade: 600,000 balls = Natalia
  • Femme 2 Upgrade: 700,000 balls = Jessica
  • Femme 3 Upgrade: 800,000 balls = Stacey
  • Femme 4 Upgrade: 900,000 balls = Isabelle
  • Femme 5 Upgrade: 1,000,000 balls = Veronica

Blind Rage[edit]

As you gain balls for whatever reason, a little white bar around your health will be filling, this becomes the main reason for getting balls, as once it's full you can unlock Tony's Blind Rage mode. To do this shake Nunchuk button (really hard, it's often life or death) and your screen will turn blood red, you become invincible, your bullets will home in on selected targets and to cap it all off, every kill you make in this mode will refill your health making it a very important function. You'll want to keep it saved for large groups and when you're close to death. Note that even when you balls meter is full, any extra balls will still be added to your total.


Your health meter is the round red circle in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. As you take more damage, the circle will get lower. If it completely disappears, you die. There are a few attacks (chainsaws, direct hits from bazookas) that are instantly fatal. Note that each car and boat has its own health meter measured separately from Tony. This meter will be on the screen instead of Tony's whenever he's in a vehicle, and it will go down just like yours will. If it gets completely empty, it will explode shortly (taking you with it if you're still inside), so if you see the meter empty or your vehicle start to catch fire, get out!


Cash is split into two sections, Clean Cash and Dirty Cash.

Dirty Cash (represented by the dollar sign icon) is what you have on your person. This is where all your money ends up after missions, but it's at risk. If you die or fail at Fast Talking a cop, you lose all of it. Not a big deal when it's only a couple of thousand, but if it's over a million you'll be quite annoyed if you lose it, so it's best to launder that money to the bank even though they'll take a cut. It's not really worth risking that large a sum of money.

Clean Cash (represented by the bank building icon) is the cash in your bank, basically that's safe from anything but yourself and indictments. However each time you launder money the bank will take a cut. The percentage of this cut depends on heat levels, and how well you negotiate via a meter. You must fill just the right amount to get the best rate (which is 1% times your Reputation Level). There is an Investment available at Reputation Level 6 that will remove the bank's cut, allowing you to launder without penalty.

Note that when you spend money it'll always come out of your Dirty Cash first, so if you're going to die and you're pretty sure you can't get away, then you might as well spend that money on something, anything (a good idea is to pay off Vice to reduce your Heat), or it's just going to waste. Or, if you already have a good idea on the next thing(s) you want to buy (such as expensive Exotics or a new Front) and your position is relatively safe, go ahead and spend the money first before going to the bank; that way, the bank gets less of your money.

If you're really worried about losing money, save at your bank as soon as you finish your missions or you're done buying and selling drugs with dealers around Miami.


Banks, aside from being places that rip you off, are also the place you go to save, so it looks like you're depositing that money whether you like it or not. Of course the game gives you chances to save after various missions, but the bank is the main place.

Drug dealers[edit]

Hanging around will be small time drug dealers that will buy 100g of coke. They appear on the map as white dots, but in truth you're probably better just selling it to one of your fronts. However, when you're strapped for a few extra bob they can be a life saver.

Repairing Exotics[edit]

Exotic cars and boats, once they get damaged enough, will need to be repaired before you can call them again, so you have to pay for that in the 1 button menu. If they get destroyed, then it'll take a lot more money to repair them. You can repair them for a much cheaper price at garages and floating boat stations, so if you can repair them there rather than in the menu, it'll save you money. However, they are not always available during missions.

The QM Convertible, the car you have at the start of your game, can always be repaired for free: even if it's been totaled, and the Floatplane never appears on the map and therefore never gets damaged.

Weapon Dealers[edit]

At set locations, weapon dealers will be waiting to sell you weapons you've unlocked along with ammo and upgrades. While these become next to useless after you get the arms dealer from the exotics menu, it's best to check back to them after every reputation upgrade.


Miami and even The Islands are full of interesting people you can strike up a conversation with, and quite a few people, aside from being very entertaining, get you extra balls. A hint on conversations is that each Front Manager will have a conversation with Tony, as will the Femme Fatales and pretty much anybody important to the story line. Also, talk to those people on the street that look different; they're bound to have something interesting to say about why they're dressed in stockings.

Sperm Banks[edit]

There are two sperm banks, one located in Little Havana near the way to Shady Grove (Tony's Island) in the area that is often used for drug deals, and the other is in the Industrial Zone as you come in, by the gas station. They look very much like blood banks. You sell your balls for cash at these banks, so if you're running a little low, you might think about donating.