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SenBasa chara Shingen.png
  • Max HP: 62700
  • Weapon: Giant axe
  • Attribute: Fire
  • Unlock: From start

Shingen Takeda (Red Minotaur in Devil Kings) is the strong and noble leader of the Takeda Clan, and the beloved "Oyakata-sama" of leading character Yukimura Sanada. Like his disciple, Shingen has a strong sense of pride and values an honorable battle, finding a certain thrill within a hard-fought war. Beneath the impulsive and emotional front he displays, there is a brilliant military mind; Shingen is one of the more experienced playable characters and has the powerful army to show for it. His strength is only matched by his highly-respected rival, Kenshin Uesugi.

Shingen is one of the strongest characters of the game, as his attacks deal a significant amount of damage both when playing and against him, similarly to the surprising amount of strength found in Yoshihiro Shimazu. His giant axe also gives him a long reach, making even a normal Square button-string powerful. Shingen is also a slow character, as his skills have long recovery times (and even start-up times when compared to some of the quicker generals). However, his Wind, Fire, and Mountain skills are very useful for taking out crowds, with the first proving especially effective for foot soldiers while the latter two may also come in handy during a boss fight.

A useful combo is a Square button-string of 1-7 hits followed by Shingen's Wind skill. Continuously pressing Triangle button following the use of the skill will increase the duration of the whirlwind, creating more revolutions that result in more hits.


Name Unlocked Notes
Wind of Destiny N/A Shingen creates a whirlwind that launches surrounding enemies into the air.
Forest of Growth N/A Physical strength is transferred to the BASARA gauge.
Invasive Fire Level 7 Fire attribute. Shingen focuses his full force into one powerful punch that knocks enemies away and burns them.
Immovable Mountain Level 16 A giant rock formation rises from the ground, launching enemies in its path up into the air.


Name Max Stats (level 99) Notes
Stonecutter 540 25 Shingen's starting weapon. A giant axe that imitates an army.
Dark Mantra 645 50 Better performance than Stonecutter.
Funeral Pyre 895 199 Fire attribute. Burns enemies on contact, leaving lasting fire damage.
Razorwheel 695 2005 Lower attack power than Funeral Pyre, but has the highest defensive power of all of Shingen's axes.
Immortal Halberd 1295 1438 Fire attribute. Excellent attack power and defensive power.
War Festival Fan 1495 500 A giant fan. Defeat the hot air on the battlefield!