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SenBasa chara Yukimura.png
  • Max HP: 53200
  • Weapon: Dual jumonji yari
  • Attribute: Fire
  • Unlock: From start

Yukimura Sanada (Scorpio in Devil Kings) is the main character of Sengoku Basara alongside Masamune Date. Yukimura is a key commander of Shingen Takeda's forces with a strong will to fight and undying loyalty for his master. As opposed to his cool and collected rival, Masamune Date, Yukimura makes many emotional decisions and is quick to act on his temper. However, Yukimura is also much more respectful than his rival, portraying the image of a more conventional warrior. He also frowns upon the use of tricks in battle, preferring to fight "honorably" in contrast to his clever ninja subordinate, Sasuke Sarutobi.

Yukimura, like Masamune, is one of the more basic playable characters. His use of dual spears makes for a fairly standard battle, although flames are incorporated into some of his skills. His first skill, Inferno, is perhaps one of his most useful, consisting of continuous jabs forward that increase in number with multiple presses of Triangle button. This skill is particularly effective when fighting larger enemies such as Squad Leaders or Tadakatsu. For crowd control, Great Wheel and Crimson Lotus Kick are more effective. Blazing Fire Wheel is another especially useful skill, as it can be used in situations consisting of large crowds due to its ability to burn all surrounding enemies with its range and when facing more powerful enemies due to its ability to easily increase hit number (again, with multiple presses of Triangle button).

An easily repeatable combo for Yukimura is an Square button string followed by Great Wheel, which may also be followed by a jumping Triangle button. This is then followed by a skill switch to Blazing Fire Wheel.


Name Unlocked Notes
Inferno N/A Yukimura thrusts his spears forward continuously. Increase button presses to increase hit count.
Great Wheel N/A Yukimura creates a whirlwind with his spears that launches enemies into the air.
Grand Fireworks Level 4 Flame attribute. Yukimura swipes with his spears to launch enemies back. Can be charged.
Crimson Lotus Kick Level 9 Yukimura plants his spear into the ground. Pressing Square button results in a singular upward kick while pressing Triangle button makes Yukimura perform a horizontal spin, resulting in a rotary kick.
Blazing Fire Wheel Level 19 Flame attribute. Yukimura burns surrounding enemies with flames. Increase button presses to increase hit count.


Name Max Stats (level 99) Notes
Shura 540 25 Yukimura's starting weapon. Spears that are easy to use, one for each hand.
Kouga 645 50 Better performance than Shura.
Suzaka 895 199 Fire attribute. The spears burn enemies upon contact, leaving lasting flame damage.
Souku 695 1985 Lower attack power than Suzaka, but has the highest defensive power of all of Yukimura's spears.
Flame Wind 1295 943 Fire attribute. Excellent attack power and defensive power.
Sparda 1495 1495 Fire attribute. The legendary sword from Devil May Cry, split into two spears capable of burning upon contact. Ultimate attack power and defensive power.