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Rush hour is here!

The only expansion pack for sim city 4!

They are lots to tell part to part so in this part,I will tell about UDI short for U-drive it!

What's talking about UDI?[edit]

UDI is one of the major features of rush hour.In the original game,you just build a city and just build,build and more build.But now,you can play in it!

What cars are on stock right now?[edit]

You might been wondering the same question.Land,air and sea are all vehicles to be available!

Land but not on foot[edit]

Public vehicles are the first to take place.School buses,police cars,fire trucks and even a tank!The AI is making the public cars go there and there and there.We can just rest it with the UDI.There are special features for the cars.Police cars turn on the sirens also with fire trucks.You can also ride the ice cream truck,mayor's limo and even more but play the game to discover more cars you can drive.

2 words: Train driver![edit]

Those who want to play with a train, now you can! Control the tracks and set your speed, but there's a risky thing about driving trains. If going on high speeds on a sharp turn, accidents may happen.

Wrecking devastation[edit]

Want to have fun with destroying things?The tank is available also!Playing the tank is very fun and you can shoot things and buildings and cars!


You can choose cars for your sims and if your sim is very wealthy,take one of the fastest cars and be 1st to get at the end of highway!

Water,Sea,Ocean and transportation![edit]

So,we did not just make it land,we also make it at sea!Ride on a fishing boat to catch the fishes,take a speedboat to take the wind and even more fun,is the sea bridges!With land bridges,you can under it!

Windy airlines[edit]

Just land and water vehicles?No!We can also drive the plane,bomber and helicopter!Don't get too high though you will have some disasters there.

Missions part 1[edit]

Do we just get a traffic jam and ran out of gas with land,water and air?The answer is still the same:NO!You know what I mean anyway.Some cars and vehicles trigger missions!There are lot of types of missions but I'm going to tell you one."Destroy target" and the thing is the tank for the mission.

Missions part 2[edit]

Continuing from above.

So,also there are advisors who tell you missions.There are 2 types of missions.The good missions give the reward of boosting mayor rating and good land.The evil missions can give you a rich,bags of money but,these missions also take a low level of mayor rating and good land.If you don't know the controls,there are training missions but after a few of them,you will be on your own to complete the mission.

The best and fun part about UDI[edit]

Missions always help you plan updates and upgrades of your cities.UDI missions help you through out the city and improve what you think.Example is,playing police missions help you plan out better police systems.

Maxis wanted rush hour a better feeling of being a mayor.Since rush hour is one of those transportation types of games,it is laid out that transportation system is better then the original sim city 4.Also,since its an expansion pack,that means more buildings,rewards and more.

Supremely,rush hour gives out a little feeling and the UDI does that!It adds a new look to transportation.Maxis has happy and joy for the people to be happy to what things can get upright of being a mayor.Building is one way but playing is another.

So,this is a lot of work making this page improving.So,this is a way of a better rush hour.