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Since Donkey Kong can move while carrying opponents, a good tactic is to carry them off the edge and throw them at the last minute. Donkey Kong loses 1 point for suicide, but then regains it when the opponent dies, who loses a point too upon death but does not regain it. So, Donkey Kong nets 0 points, but his opponent nets -1.


A button Jab DK punches once, then uppercuts with his opposite hand to launch them a moderate distance upwards. This move won't see much use, as it's too slow for a jab grab.
Left control+A button
Right control+A button
Dash Attack DK awkwardly kicks forward and stops. It's not an exaggeration to say this was intentionally designed as the worst move in ALL of Smash 64, because one; there's very high end-lag so opponents can punish easily, the knockback is very, very low, and, oddly for a dash attack, set knockback, it's completely impossible to use in combos under any circumstances, it does next to no shield damage, and is completely unsafe if you somehow connect with it. Overall, this move is not recommended in any scenario.
Light Up control+A button Upward Tilt DK does a swing as if he's swatting a fly. This is a move you should use often, as it has low base knockback, making it great for comboing at low percents, especially due to the fact that it starts up faster than any other u-tilt, tied with Kirby's in that regard. It can combo into itself three times at 0%, provided the foe doesn't DI. As a final bonus, it's very strong at high damages, able to KO at 130%. It's only significant flaw is that this attack has the most end-lag out of all u-tilts.
Light Down control+A button Downward Tilt Donkey Kong swats with his hand to the ground. On the slow side for a d-tilt. However, at low damage, can earn a free grab, possibly leading to a cargo f-throw, and possibly a KO. It's other use is to gimp foes with poor recovery.
Light Left control+A button
Light Right control+A button
Forward Tilt DK slowly punches forward, inspired by the first two hits in DK's Donkey Kong 64 combo. It has great knockback behind it, and can occasionally space, but not that recommended due to it's... slowness. But, if you're facing Captain Falcon, you can use this to edgeguard him with great effect!
Hard Up control+A button Upward Smash After a bit of charge time, a very forceful clap upwards. This is a very powerful KO move, and can discourage aerial ambushes... provided you can land it. This move's weakness is it's abysmal horizontal range. Even if right next to them, this move rarely ever hits grounded foes, so try something else for KOs in most cases. A platformed-canceled u-air can tremendously help with connecting, however.
Hard Down control+A button Downward Smash DK crouches, and preforms... the splits. This is quite a useful d-smash. For starters, it's faster than his other two smashes, it can hit foes who's shields are almost broken due to a poking hit box, and it can hit on both sides, so it's usable to punish rolls and most edge options. Overall, this should be a primary attack.. even though it shouldn't be possible!
Hard Left control+A button
Hard Right control+A button
Forward Smash DK charges up, and with a grunt, claps forwards. Very slow, even though this is DK, and has ending lag to compliment. However, it's radically strong, being the second strongest forward smash, and easily KOing under 75%. Plus, this attack is usable to counter Captain Falcon's recovery when he can't use Up-B or d-air, where it can KO under 60%. Overall, it's ludicrously slow, but under the right circumstances, landing a hard punish with this all but guarantees a KO.
Aerials (used in the air)
A button Neutral Air Attack This is a unique neutral aerial, in the sense that everyone else's is a sex kick. Instead, DK twirls around like his Spinning Kong, which can send foes flying away, and possibly to a KO. And if you connect late, it can combo into a clean hit n-air, a grab on the ground, and a Spinning Kong. If you're feeling flashy, you can even attempt to follow up with a Giant Punch for an early KO.
Up control+A button Upward Air Attack DK preforms a swat with an identical animation to his up tilt. But, it is much weaker than his up tilt, just barely KOing above 150% most of the time. So this is reserved as a weaker substitute to his u-tilt for comboing in the air.
Down control+A button Downward Air Attack Donkey Kong does a downwards kick in an iconic "macho man" pose. This is one of DK's rare moves that come out near instantly, and it's also one of the strongest meteor smashes in the game, to boot. Plus, DK's foot is slightly larger during this, giving it great range. Finally, it is a superb combo-er on grounded opponents, leading into a jab, an u-smash, a n-air, a Giant Punch, pretty much anything other than dash attack. Also leads into grabs, but Pikachu can easily escape this particular setup with his Quick Attack.
Ssb masterhand.jpg Left control+A button Forward Air Attack A double axe-handle. This move isn't the fastest f-air, but on the bright side, it's a lot faster than in future Smash games. If the opponent is hit, it's an extremely powerful meteor smash that beats out his d-air in strength, KOing offstage opponents early and KOing grounded opponents at very high percentages. Can be comboed into with a grab release or late n-air. Semi-safe on sheild, making this an excellent move.
Ssb masterhand.jpg Right control+A button Backward Air Attack A backwards two footed dropkick similar to Yoshi's b-air. Remember how earlier we said DK was the only character without a sex kick for his n-air? Well, his back air takes the role of DK's sex kick instead, meaning only DK (and Fox Mcloud) have b-airs that are sex kicks. Anyways, the late hit can lead into a variety of combos (including d-smash, one of his best moves), and the clean blow can KO offstage.


Buttons Attack Explanation
B button Giant Punch DK immediately starts winding up for a punch. Pressing Z saves the current level of charge, and B lets you continue it. After 11 wind-ups, it's charged. Without a doubt, it's DK's best KOing move, easily netting KOs as low as 38% at full charge, and the blow is surprisingly quick, allowing it to throw off foes. Plus, it doesn't leave DK helpless in midair, unlike future games, allowing it to be used to edgeguard offstage for some of the fastest KOs in the world. Lastly, most of DK's low knockback moves can potentially lead to a Giant Punch in the kisser. Always make sure to keep this move charged-trust me, you'll need to!
Up control+B button Spinning Kong A helicopter-ish spin that can hit multiple times for very high damage. Of course, DK's recovery move. It gives him an extremely long horizontal distance, but very poor vertical height (though still more than the Spin Attck). As a result, DK must be extremely cautious of meteor smashes, even at low percents. Characters with great spikes (much of the cast) do well against DK as a result. It has very high set knockback around DK's arms, allowing him to score early KOs against characters like Link and Fox.
Down control+B button Hand Slap DK preforms a signature move from Donkey Kong Country, slapping his hands on the ground, and is unique because it's the only move in the entire game with the quake hit box and the only special move that can't be done in midair. It's a great move due to the fact you can chain it repeatedly, it's combo potential, and it's considerable strength (though low knockback scaling prevents it from KOing under 200%). It's a move you'll find yourself often using.