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Like Pikachu, multiple Jigglypuffs can be distinguished by a large ribbon tied behind.


A button Jab
Left control+A button
Right control+A button
Dash Attack
R button
Z button+A button
Light Up control+A button Upward Tilt
Light Down control+A button Downward Tilt
Light Left control+A button
Light Right control+A button
Forward Tilt
Hard Up control+A button Upward Smash
Hard Down control+A button Downward Smash
Hard Left control+A button
Hard Right control+A button
Forward Smash
Aerials (used in the air)
A button Neutral Air Attack
Up control+A button Upward Air Attack
Down control+A button Downward Air Attack
Left control+A button Forward Air Attack
Right control+A button Backward Air Attack


Buttons Attack Explanation
B button Pound This is Jigglypuffs propelling attack but it does not propel you upward either. It only propells you sideways.
Up control+B button Sing Puts the opponent to sleep for a short time. This attack has a short range, and does not propel you upward.
Down control+B button Rest It looks like that Jigglypuff will take a peaceful nap, unable to do anything for a few seconds. But, at the moment she starts to close her eyes, anyone at her forehead will take a heavy blow upward, often resulting an off-the-top KO.