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Luigi is Mario's younger brother. To unlock him, complete the target test with all eight starting fighters.


A button Jab
Left control+A button
Right control+A button
Dash Attack
R button
Z button+A button
Light Up control+A button Upward Tilt
Light Down control+A button Downward Tilt
Light Left control+A button
Light Right control+A button
Forward Tilt
Hard Up control+A button Upward Smash
Hard Down control+A button Downward Smash
Hard Left control+A button
Hard Right control+A button
Forward Smash
Aerials (used in the air)
A button Neutral Air Attack
Up control+A button Upward Air Attack
Down control+A button Downward Air Attack
Right control+A button Forward Air Attack
Left control+A button Backward Air Attack

These attacks are based on the player facing right.


Buttons Attack Explanation
B button Fireball Luigi throws a green fireball. Unlike Mario's fireball, Luigi's doesn't touch the ground after being fired but rather stays afloat before disappearing or hitting an opponent.
Up control+B button Super Jump Punch If done when directly beside an opponent, it will inflict a great amount of damage and can send the opponent a great vertical distance. Otherwise, it only does minimal damage.
Down control+B button Luigi Cyclone Similar to Mario's Tornado, but an opponent is sent flying when he or she touches Luigi when he is executing this move, instead being pulled into the middle of the cyclone and taking multiple hits.