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A button Jab Tapped once, Mario just weakly punches the opponent. Hit 3 times, he will punch high, then low, then kick. This Super Mario 64 combo grants Mario THE easiest jab grab, due to it's range and how quickly you can cancel it.
Left control+A button
Right control+A button
Dash Attack Mario slides, baseball-style, into the other opponent. Another Super Mario 64 move. Noticeable ending lag, and not too many followup choices.
R button
Z button+A button
Throw Mario's forward throw involves him simply throwing the opponent forward. While weaker than his main KO moves, it's still strong enough to KO near the ledge. Overall, though, unless facing forward at the ledge, back throw is simply better for KOing foes. You can still use this put foes in an edgeguard situation easily, and it's a choice for chaingrabbing in the "tent" of Hyrule castle. Mario's back throw involves him doing his Bowser toss to anyone unlucky enough to get in the way. This is one of the strongest back throws in the game (well, it can hurl BOWSER, of course it's strong), and an excellent KO move. Neutral control
Light Up control+A button Upward Tilt Mario performs an uppercut, knocking the opponent a little ways into the air, leading into aerials. Great for starting combos and juggling at moderate percentages, but long cool-down time prevent it from doing so at base to low percentages so be careful. It has suprising high knockback scaling for a tilt; as a result, this can actually KO at extremely high percentages!
Light Down control+A button Downward Tilt Mario crouches and kicks one leg out. Short range, low damage, and long cool-down time make this attack practically useless in high-level combat other than gimping recoveries, in very specific situations.
Light Left control+A button
Light Right control+A button
Forward Tilt This move is Mario's roundhouse kick. This is useful for getting some breathing room, as it sends your opponent a fair distance (for a tilt), and the cool-down time is lower than any of Mario's other tilts; in spite of this however, I don't reccomend it, as he simply has better options for such scenarios.
Hard Up control+A button Upward Smash This one is Mario's killing move, especially against lighter characters like Kirby and Pikachu. He head butts the space above him, and with a head that can break bricks, you know that's going to hurt. Sends the opponent straight up, and hopefully out. Can KO starting at 73% on Dream Land, and is tied with Jigglypuff and Luigi for the strongest up smash in the game.
Hard Down control+A button Downward Smash Who knew Mario could breakdance? This is another Super Mario 64 move. Mario gets on his hands and spins his legs around his body at floor level, first to the front, then to the back. A very powerful edge-guard and KO move alike, and great for clearing out a rolling opponent.
Hard Left control+A button
Hard Right control+A button
Forward Smash Mario unleashes a massive punch, his fist getting rather large as he does so. This attack can be tilted Up control or Down control after starting the smash. Also a good edge-guarding move. In terms of even combat, it has medium speed and good KO strength, however, it's inferior to his u-smash, d-smash, and back throw when it comes to KO power.
Aerials (used in the air)
A button Neutral Air Attack Mario dropkicks in midair, resembling yet ANOTHER move from Super Mario 64. It's a basic sex kick, getting weaker as time passes. However, when it first starts, it's a decent enough finisher, although inferior to his back aerial. If you're in the prime position after a combo, you can use this move.
Up control+A button Upward Air Attack Mario preforms a flip kick in midair, with varying knockback angles based on where it connects. It's weaker, but at the same time faster than most of his other moves, and it's a good launcher and juggling move.
Down control+A button Downward Air Attack This is a staple of Mario's game. He drills downwards with his legs, for up to 8 hits and 24% damage. It also has very low set knockback, meaning it always deals the same knockback, regardless of percent. At base to low percentages, you should use d-air to u-air combos to rack up damage. Offstage, it can be repeatedly be used to gimp foes like Kirby's d-air, and Mario can make it back easily with his huge vertical recovery. Mario's main combo move has one fatal flaw, though; it is a drill, thus making it easy to SDI.
Right control+A button Forward Air Attack A forwards spin drill. Great edgeguarding move, as it has the potential to semi-spike. As a result, it is one of his most reliable edgeguarders, and at moderate percents, it can combo as well.
Left control+A button Backward Air Attack Mario kicks both his feet out behind him. This is a solid KO move. As a result, it's a reliable move for edgeguarding. It is also a good spacing move.


Buttons Attack Explanation
B button Fireball There is an infinite supply of these. These are Mario’s crutch when up against a faster opponent. You can spam these, but not easily, and at a slower rate of fire than Luigi. By slowing your opponent down, you have time for Mario to get close and do some heavy damage. Because these fireballs drop and bounce, they are also great for edge-guarding and preventing edge-guards, and are best used when in the air. However, it moves too slowly to be reliable on the ground.
Up control+B button Super Jump Punch Mario jumps into the air, knocking coins out of anyone he hits. If he catches someone with the beginning or middle of this attack, he can carry them with him, knocking out one coin and 1% damage for every hit, dealing a max of 15%. This attack takes Mario up at a slight angle, so make sure that you aim yourself properly so that you don't bounce off of the bottom of the level. It has more recovery use than in any future smash game. It can reach from the main platform of Dream Land all the way to the top one.
Down control+B button Mario Tornado Mario spins around in place, hitting anybody nearby while pulling them into him, and then he stops and throws his fists out to either side, sending opponents flying. If Mario's foot is the last part to hit, it spikes your opponent down. Resembles the Spin Jump from Super Mario World.