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  1. Character generation
    • 100%
  2. Feats list
    • 100%
  3. Powers list
    • 100%
  4. Experience
    • 50%
  5. Taris pages
    • 100%
  6. Item lists
    • 100%
  7. Clean up controls page

This article seems to require alot of work. I can add a helping hand by adding an infobox and expanding the table of contents. I also know somebody who could be a real help. I shall try to recruit his help on this article. 0-172 1:50, 27 October 2006 (CDT)

Work in progress[edit]

I've taken the liberty of updating Shadowtrooper's Pending tasks above. I'll continue working on this guide until I judge it be at completion stage 4 (Comprehensive), and ideally a featured guide candidate (although since it's been released on multiple systems, I'm unlikely to accomplish that by myself).

Disclaimer: While I'll personally verify as much information as possible for the Windows/Mac version with all the tools at my disposal, and much of this will still be applicable to the Xbox version, I'm unable to personally investigate this version so I'm much less likely to research and thus document any specific issues for it. Onderduiker (talk) 19:40, 25 October 2013 (UTC)

Onderduiker, may I just say how much I adore you for all the work you've put into this guide? Is there any research/legwork that others can do to help you out? At any rate, thanks, and keep up the amazing work!
-- 20:45, 13 June 2014 (UTC)
While I plan to complete the walkthrough based on personal experience, research and testing, until recently I hadn't done anything significant for six months (finishing by the end of the year has gone from expectation to hope). Once I've revised and completed Taris (and possibly Dantooine) I need to create templates to standardize presentation and make it easier to revise and create content, at which point it should be possible for other people to contribute in the same style.
Until then, if anyone wants to go ahead with their own contributions, be my guest: my own progress is likely to be quite slow, and something is better than nothing (even an outline might provide a framework to which I can add more detail). My current walkthrough is light side male on Windows, so any notes on differences with Xbox, Mac or iPad, or dark side or female characters, would be particularly welcome.
As always, if you can correct or add anything to existing pages, or have any feedback on my work, that would be great. Onderduiker (talk) 22:55, 15 June 2014 (UTC)

Taris pages are now complete except for map and NPC model images. Some of the formatting will be a little rough until they're revised with future templates. Onderduiker (talk) 22:54, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is still #8 on the Most Wanted list on the Main Page (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is #3!), and I fully intend to complete this guide before the end of this year (and possibly make a start on completing the guide for its sequel, although I may take a short break beforehand to work on something else).

The necessary parts of Dantooine are complete except for map and NPC model images, and the Kashyyyk pages are similarly complete except for the Genoharadan: Rulan quest in the Upper Shadowlands and other optional dialog dependent on visiting other planets first; work has also begun on the Tatooine and Manaan pages.

I've almost finished creating all the templates I think are necessary, so I should be able to complete the walkthrough in the next few months and then revise this guide to get to completion stage 4. Onderduiker (talk) 23:07, 11 May 2015 (UTC)

The forecast in my previous update might have been accurate if I hadn't taken a four month hiatus for no particularly good reason (procrastination due to indecision over template design?): let's see if I can complete this by 5 May (the fourth anniversary of my first contribution to this guide, and StrategyWiki). The fact that this guide has risen to #3 on the Most Wanted list (and its sequel is now #1!) should also keep me motivated...

I should get the walkthrough completed before the end of February, at least: since my last update I've completed Manaan and Tatooine, including some major but optional quests like the Genoharadan and Sunry Murder Trial, as well as the Calo Nord and Darth Bandon encounters on all planets (I also skipped ahead to the final showdown with Darth Malak on the Viewing Platform while checking the warp cheats). I've started work on Korriban, after which I'll be returning to and revising Dantooine and the Ebon Hawk before moving on.

I've started uploading character models (all have been uploaded for Tatooine), although those for Sith and droids may have to wait until the walkthrough is completed. I've debated whether these images are strictly necessary, but sometimes characters have the same name but different models or visible equipment (usually weapons and shields), they can indicate the default when a character has both a ranged and melee attack, and the background can give a sense of place when there's no screenshot elsewhere on the page.

I've also been compiling maps from screenshots, although I won't be adding detail and then uploading them until the walkthrough is complete. I now know about image maps (so I'm thankful I haven't been working on maps as I go), and I'll probably need to design a KotOR/Map template (all other templates have now been created, although I may need to add some options to the {{KotOR/Dialog}} template to indicate dialog conditional on your character's sex or alignment).

The next update should be in a couple of months with the completion of the walkthrough, and cover what I think needs doing to complete the guide as a whole. Onderduiker (talk) 13:18, 3 January 2016 (UTC)

Stage 3[edit]

As should be expected by now, that took longer than expected (even though I didn't revise Dantooine or the Ebon Hawk). This guide is no longer among the top 10 Most Wanted (although that for its sequel is still holding in there at #10) but I now know that it's #51 on the Most Popular list (based on main game page views of stage > 1 guides): pretty good, considering it was released over a decade ago and we currently have guides for 5,592 games, of which 709 are in a completed state.

So what needs to be done to upgrade this guide to stage 4?

Getting Started
  • Add detail and coherence to all pages, including screenshots and (more) advice on character generation and attribute, skill, feat, Force power and party selection.
  • Revise Taris, Dantooine and Kashyyyk pages using current templates.
  • Complete conditional dialog, and optional quests for Dantooine, the Ebon Hawk, Yavin Station and party members, particularly romances with Bastila (male), Carth and Juhani (both female).
  • Upload all model screenshots (only Tatooine is complete, while Korriban is almost so).
  • Upload maps for all pages that need them.
  • Complete Giveitem section of Cheats page.
  • Create Versions page for details of patch history.
  • Add character templates, particularly for more unusual or difficult choices (ranged weapons, Critical Strike, soloing, light and dark side Force users): at present there are some red links to individual pages, but I may rename the existing True Scoundrel page Characters if I keep it brief and link to more detailed information and advice elsewhere.
  • Create Ebon Hawk gunner station page, add significant detail to Pazaak page and consider uploading another video for Manaan Swoop Races without the motion blur (as well as adding some general advice on swoop racing).
  • Revise item lists to include all sources, summary tables for ease of comparison and advice on what to equip and use.
  • Create a KotOR/Map template for image maps at the top of walkthrough pages, rather than simply having unlabelled screenshots.
  • Create {{KotOR/Source}} for the item pages in the Appendices section.
  • Consider redesigning the {{KotOR/Alignment}} template: its current design is like other updates, but it's used almost exclusively in dialog.

I also plan to reorganize the Table of Contents, although I'm considering merging some pages and some current red links may be removed rather than created, so I'll wait until I've finalized page numbers and names: the plan is to have four columns at the top with the Getting Started and some Appendices pages (including party quests) in the left column, Walkthrough pages (including Yavin Station) in the center-left column and Quest for the Star Forge pages in the two right columns, under all of which the Items pages will be arranged in five columns.

I may add to this list at a later stage, and while I suspect this is just for my benefit, it should give some idea of what's to come for anyone using this guide, following its progress or considering contributing.

Given my track record I probably shouldn't make any forecasts, but being pessimistic/conservative this should take me another 3-4 months: it's extremely unlikely that I'll get it done by 5 May, which should be the most reliable prediction I've ever made. Onderduiker (talk) 21:14, 23 March 2016 (UTC)

The forecast of 3-4 months of work was probably accurate, but I spent most of the past year either contributing to other guides or taking a break from StrategyWiki altogether. At this point it may only take a month or two of work to complete this guide, but I can't promise when that will be (probably before the end of June, but maybe not).

I've struck through completed tasks on the list above, and some of the outstanding tasks are already underway. Onderduiker (talk) 19:33, 1 May 2017 (UTC), Onderduiker (talk) 20:54, 16 April 2018 (UTC)


Category Files Format
Images 10 JPEG, PNG
Maps 4 PNG
Models 442 PNG
Screenshots 50 JPEG
Category Files Format
Icons 36 PNG
Feat icons 100 PNG
Force power icons 45 PNG
Item icons 336 PNG

Remember to use TinyPNG to compress file size for maps, models and screenshots before upload!

Where necessary, the GUI was hidden by editing swkotor.ini to set Hide InGame GUI=1 under [Game Options].


32x32 or 64x64 icons were extracted using KotOR Tool and converted from .tga to .png format. Item icons were cropped from 64x64 to 48x48 to remove excess empty space to reduce the effects of shrinkage when using {{KotOR/Item}} (size only reduced to 50% rather than 37.5% at 24x24, so 1/3 larger).


From screenshots of the Map screen, each map is 440x256, although they may be enlarged to add detail. The walkthrough needs at most 71 maps:

Taris Space Star Forge System Star Forge
  • South Apartments
  • Upper City South
  • Upper City Cantina
  • Upper City North
  • North Apartments
  • Lower City
  • Lower City Apartments (East)
  • Javyar's Cantina
  • Hidden Bek Base
  • Lower City Apartments (West)
  • Undercity
  • Lower Sewers
  • Upper Sewers
  • Black Vulkar Base
  • Black Vulkar Base (Garage)
  • Sith Base (Taris)
  • Davik's Estate
  • Prison Block
  • Command Deck
  • Bridge
  • Hangar
  • Central Beach
  • North Beach
  • Rakatan Settlement
  • Temple Exterior
  • South Beach
  • Elder Settlement
  • Temple Main Floor
  • Temple Catacombs
  • Temple Summit
  • Deck 1
  • Deck 2
  • Command Center
  • Viewing Platform
Star Map worlds
Dantooine Tatooine Kashyyyk Manaan Korriban
  • Jedi Enclave
  • Courtyard
  • Matale Grounds
  • Sandral Grounds
  • Sandral Estate
  • Ruins
  • Anchorhead
  • Dune Sea
  • Sand People Territory
  • Sand People Enclave
  • Eastern Dune Sea
  • Czerka Landing Port
  • Great Walkway
  • Village of Rwookrrorro
  • Upper Shadowlands
  • Lower Shadowlands
  • Docking Bay
  • West Central
  • Ahto West
  • East Central
  • Ahto East
  • Sith Base (Manaan)
  • Hrakert Station
  • Sea Floor
  • Kolto Control
  • Hrakert Rift
  • Dreshdae
  • Sith Academy
  • Valley of Dark Lords
  • Shyrack Caves
  • Tomb of Marka Ragnos
  • Tomb of Ajunta Pall
  • Tomb of Tulak Hord
  • Tomb of Naga Sadow

Some maps are so small or straightforward that they may be replaced by screenshots: for example, the Crystal Cave on Dantooine is a single passage with no branches, ending in a cave.


256x256 party member models were extracted using KotOR Tool, and the remainder for NPCs are cropped from screenshots (normally 512x512 with the top left corner at 256,256 on a 1024x768 screenshot, then scaled down to 256x256 before upload).


1024x768 screenshots may replace maps that are too small or straightforward to be strictly necessary:

Taris Dantooine Tatooine Kashyyyk Korriban

Others may have explanatory purposes on Get Started pages, although those which have already been uploaded lack Screenshot in their name and aren't categorized as such.

The remaining screenshots will show points of interest, preferably doubling as action shots of party members as well (for example, HK-47 barbecuing dark Jedi with a Flame Thrower on the streets of Anchorhead, Canderous going man(d)o-a-man(d)o with fellow Mandalorians on Dantooine or Kashyyyk, Juhani deflecting blaster bolts, and Carth and Bastila in action on the bridge of the Leviathan).


These guide-specific templates have been created:

Template Usage
{{KotOR/Header}} Consistent presentation of map or screenshot and table of contents at top of pages
{{KotOR/Screenshot}} Consistent presentation of screenshots on pages
{{KotOR/Source}} Consistent presentation of sources of items listed in Appendices
{{KotOR/Points}} Highlight when receiving an item or encountering an enemy is only possible with an alignment shift
{{KotOR/Restricted}} Highlight when an item is restricted to light or dark side characters
{{KotOR/Upgrade}} Highlight when an item property is dependent on an upgrade
{{KotOR/World}} Labeled and linked world icon
{{KotOR/Lock}} Highlight locks encountered throughout walkthrough (Security use)
{{KotOR/Mine}} Highlight mines encountered throughout walkthrough (Awareness and Demolitions use)
Dialog Usage
{{KotOR/Hide}} Hide dialog where optional or conclusion is unaffected by choices
{{KotOR/Dialog}} Consistent presentation of dialog options within dialog table
{{KotOR/Skill}} Consistent presentation of Computer Use and Repair options within dialog table
{{KotOR/Persuade}} Consistent presentation of Persuade options within dialog table
{{KotOR/Force}} Consistent presentation of Force Persuade options within dialog table
Update Usage
{{KotOR/Alignment}} Highlight alignment shifts throughout walkthrough
{{KotOR/Container}} Highlight item(s) received and lost throughout walkthrough
{{KotOR/Credits}} Highlight credits received and lost throughout walkthrough
{{KotOR/Journal}} Highlight journal entries added throughout walkthrough
{{KotOR/XP}} Highlight experience points (XP) received throughout walkthrough
NPC Usage
{{KotOR/Merchant}} Consistent presentation of merchant inventories throughout walkthrough
{{KotOR/NPC}} Consistent presentation of non-player character (NPC) information throughout walkthrough
{{KotOR/Party}} Consistent presentation of party member information throughout walkthrough, and on Party page
{{KotOR/Item}} Labelled and linked item icons within KotOR/NPC and Party templates
{{KotOR/Damage}} Labelled and linked Damage Resistance and Immunity icons within KotOR/NPC template
{{KotOR/Immunity}} Labelled and linked Immunity icons within KotOR/NPC template
{{KotOR/On Hit}} Labelled and linked On Hit icons within KotOR/NPC template
{{KotOR/Feat}} Labelled and linked feat icons within KotOR/NPC and Party templates, and on Feats page
{{KotOR/Armor}} Labelled and linked Armor Proficiency icons within KotOR/NPC and Party templates, and on Feats page
{{KotOR/Weapon}} Labelled and linked Weapon feat icons within KotOR/NPC and Party templates, and on Feats page
{{KotOR/Power}} Labelled and linked Force power icons within KotOR/NPC and Party templates, and on Force powers page
{{KotOR/Regeneration}} Labelled and linked Regeneration icon within KotOR/NPC and Party templates
Jedi Guardian 1. Jedi Guardian response Jedi Sentinel 2. Jedi Sentinel response Jedi Consular 3. Jedi Consular response