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Map of Anchorhead


The spaceport door to the docking bay is in the northwest corner of Anchorhead. There are a number of Duros miners and Anchorhead tradesmen around:

Duros Miner
Go on, leave me alone.
The raids on the crawlers hardly make a dent... the mines are failing anyway.
Another company loses everything on Tatooine. Sand People must love this.
I bet they shut this place down... I would.
Anchorhead... sure different than they said when I was recruited. Can't make a life here.
Leave me alone. I'm leaving this rock, I swear.
Never thought I'd see moisture farming as a better living than mining.
Hardly any shifts available this week. I should give up digging.

The tradesmen comments on significant events on other planets resulting from your actions:

Anchorhead Tradesman
With Taris gone, I wonder who the Sith will turn on next.
The Republic is too complacent. If they let Taris fall, do you think they care what happens out here?
You never know what the Sith will do. Look at Taris; was there any reason for what happened there?
I still haven't heard a final figure of how many people died on Taris.
I heard the Sith were fighting amongst themselves on Korriban. Course, they're always fighting someone.
Word is Korriban is a dangerous place to visit right now. Something about the Sith at the Academy.
If you're doing any private shipping, stay away from Korriban. Sounds like the Sith can't even get along with themselves.
A trader I know says there was some trouble on Korriban. I didn't want to hear about it. That's where the Sith Academy is.
A private trader told me about the bloodshed on Kashyyyk. Seems like Czerka wants to forget it was ever there.
No more supplies have been ordered for the Czerka outposts on Kashyyyk. Doesn't sound like "economic restructuring" to me.
Czerka is claiming that their operation on Kashyyyk has become to costly to maintain. Sounds like a cover-up to me.
I hear Czerka is closing their Kashyyyk operation. Nobody seems to know why.
Manaan Sector Champion
Motta swears he can get professional racers to come to Tatooine. If the Manaan Sector Champion is here, I guess he was right.
I heard about your Manaan win. I'm surprised the Tatooine track was able to attract a racer of your ability.
Did you win a regional swoop championship on Manaan or something? I recognize your face.
I'm sure I saw some holo-footage of you on the Manaan swoop track, what you doing here?
If you have kolto tanks, use them sparingly. I can't find them cheap anywhere.
I hear that Manaan is no longer shipping kolto. The Selkath must be trying to drive prices up.
The Selkath put a bunch of export restrictions in place for kolto. It's hurting everybody.
Take care of yourself. The price of kolto tanks has jumped through the roof.

Hunting Lodge[edit]

Travel southeast from the spaceport along Anchorhead's main thoroughfare, and once you pass a ronto (a giraffe-like creature) on your left you'll see the door to the Hunting Lodge in the north wall.


You can speak to Sharina Fizark, a human female standing to the right of the hunting lodge:

Sharina Fizark: Please, will you help me? I have nothing. Nothing left.
1. What do you need? I'm Name, I'll help if I can. 2. Speak, I'm listening. 3. I have no time for beggars.
Sharina Fizark: Oh thank you. I don't have anywhere else to turn. If you are down-and-out on Tatooine, you're on your own. Sharina Fizark: I'll try not to take too much of your time. I realize that everyone is out for themselves on Tatooine. Sharina Fizark: I am no beggar! I just need a little help, is all. There is no one for me to turn to on this wretched planet.
Sharina Fizark: My husband was a hunter… killed out on the dunes. This wraid plate is all I have left. Please, will you buy it? I don't need a handout. I just can't sell it to Fazza without a license. Please, I'm worried about having it. They are so rare...
5. I have to go. Goodbye. 2. No, I don't have the time. Go away. 4. I've changed my mind. I'm leaving.
Sharina Fizark: Please, will no one help? We need the credits. We have nothing.
Journal Entry Added Middleman
A distraught woman outside Fazza's hunting lodge needs someone to buy a wraid plate from her.

Any of those responses now or in the future end the dialog at any time. Otherwise:

Sharina Fizark: You... please, have you reconsidered? I must sell this desert wraid plate, but I have no license. Can you help?
1. I wouldn't be able to sell it. I'm no hunter. 1. Aren't there other hunters you could ask?
Sharina Fizark: No? But you looked... I'm sorry, I thought you looked equipped like a hunter. Are you sure you aren't going to be getting a license? I mean you don't look like a farmer, and the only way to be allowed out of Anchorhead is to get a hunting license. Sharina Fizark: I wouldn't have any idea who to trust. My husband didn't know most of them... he wasn't a proven hunter yet. I think one of them killed him. I have my suspicions. I'd rather trust a newcomer like you.
1. Where would I get a license? What's the cost?
Sharina Fizark: Czerka Corporation sells them in their office just south of here in the center of Anchorhead. That's where my husband got his. I think they charge 200 credits… but they have been known to make exceptions. Please… no one else will help.
2. Let's go back to my other questions.
Sharina Fizark: Will you help after? I'll try to answer what I can.
2. What is a wraid plate? Where did you get it?
Sharina Fizark: It's the bone plate from the head of the desert wraid. My husband was so proud that he found it. He had just started hunting. He said he felt sure the next hunt would bring in more, so we waited to sell this one. Then he never came back.
3. Why do you need the money?
Sharina Fizark: We spent everything on my husband's hunting gear. We hoped that the sport would support us. We hoped… Whoever killed him took everything. All I have left is this desert wraid plate… we thought we were so lucky when he brought it home… If I could sell it the kids and I could get out of here, maybe buy passage to Coruscant… I don't know.
4. I want to ask you about your husband's death.
Sharina Fizark: I still can't believe he's gone. What do you want to know?
1. Who was he? Tell me about him.
Sharina Fizark: His name is... was Ward Fizark. He used to work in the mines but they were scaled back last year. He was new to hunting, but he was a good fighter. Used to be a soldier. We spent everything on his gear. After a few trips he didn't come back. Guards say a sandcrawler crew found his body stripped of everything.
2. Any leads on who killed him?
Sharina Fizark: Nobody saw anything, and most of the other hunters never even knew him. He had just started. I don't trust any of them, but those Gamorreans... they just laugh when they see me. I think they did it.
1. You aren't looking for vengeance? 1. Well, that's no longer a problem. I killed them.
Sharina Fizark: It doesn't matter. There's no justice on Tatooine. I don't care what happens to them. I just need credits. Sharina Fizark: I can't say I'm not grateful, but it doesn't change my situation. I still need credits to get my family out of here.
Zaalbar: I don't know if I could let it drop so easy.
Carth: No justice. Makes you wonder sometimes if the Republic even exists at all, out here.
Sharina Fizark: I've got to think about my family, not those vicious pigs.
1. Let's talk about what to do with this plate.
Sharina Fizark: Will you buy it? I can't sell it myself. They are worth more than 500 credits!
1. Perhaps I will buy it from you. 1. I can't afford it right now.
Sharina Fizark: You will? Oh, thank you so much. Please, I know it is worth at least 500 credits. Sharina Fizark: I don't know what to do then. We need the credits desperately. Could you get it? I could wait...
1. Can I persuade you to go cheaper? Maybe half?
Sharina Fizark: Cheaper? Please, it is all I have. I need the credits. Can't you pay the 500?

If you're not willing or able to pay her anything, you can persuade her to let you take it and sell it for her:

2. I can't buy it, but I could take it and sell it for you.
Sharina Fizark: I... I don't know. How could I be sure you would come back? Are you sure you can't buy it? Please?
Medium 1. [Persuade] It's the only choice you have. Trust me. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] You trust me. You will give me the plate to sell.
Sharina Fizark: [Failure] I'm sorry, but I can't take the chance. Are you sure you can't buy it from me?
Medium 1. [Persuade] It's the only choice you have. Trust me. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] You trust me. You will give me the plate to sell.
Sharina Fizark: [Success] I guess I don't have much choice in the matter. Here, I'll trust you with it. Sharina Fizark: [Success] I... I trust you. Take the plate and sell it. I will wait for you here.
Bastila: Was that really necessary? I hope you intend to keep your word if you act so forcefully with an innocent.
Sharina Fizark: I'll be here. Please, don't take too long. I need the credits. Maybe we can get started again... maybe.
Journal Entry Added Middleman
You have convinced the woman outside Fazza's to give you the wraid plate so you can sell it for her and bring her back the money.
Item(s) Received Sharina Fizark
  • Sharina's Wraid Plate

This is the incredibly dense bone skull plate of a Tatooine desert wraid.

You can only sell it to Fazza Utral in the Hunting Lodge for 500 credits, and then only after getting a hunting license from the Czerka Office in exchange for agreeing to help stop the Sand People from attacking their interests:

Sharina Fizark: You are back. Please, have you sold the plate I gave you? My children and I are counting on the credits.
1. Yes, I have sold the plate. 2. I haven't sold it yet. I'll come back.
Sharina Fizark: You have? Did Fazza give a good price? How much did you get for us?
3. The plate wasn't worth as much as you said.
Sharina Fizark: What... what do you mean? My husband was sure it was worth 500 credits. He was so proud...
4. Actually, I'm mistaken. I'll come back.
Sharina Fizark: Please hurry. The credits are all we have to start again.

You can just take the plate to move closer to the dark side (and the closest if you use the Force), and receive some experience:

3. I think I'll just take it from you.
Sharina Fizark: What? Please, tell me you are kidding. I can't get any lower than this, and you would take advantage?
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] You will give it to me now!
Sharina Fizark: [Failure] No! No I won't! What are you doing? Please, don't do this to me!
1. Hand it over or things will get very unpleasant. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] You will give it to me now!
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Sharina Fizark: Please no! Take it then… but you may as well have killed me. You've trapped us here… we have nothing.
Dark Side Points Gained: -6
Sharina Fizark: [Success] I... I will give you the plate now… here, take it. What... what did you make me do?
Journal Entry Added Middleman
You have taken the wraid plate from the woman outside Fazza's. She could do nothing to stop you.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 50 Taken Sharina's Wraid Plate
Item(s) Received Sharina Fizark
  • Sharina's Wraid Plate

If you persuaded her to let you take it and then sold it, you move closer to the dark side of the Force and receive more experience for giving her nothing:

4. I got a good price. You get nothing.
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Sharina Fizark: What? But... but I trusted you! How can you stand there and... and... No, I won't give you the satisfaction.
Journal Entry Added Middleman
You have made it clear to the woman outside Fazza's that you will not be paying her for the wraid plate she entrusted to you. There was nothing she could do about it.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 150 Sold Sharina's Wraid Plate and gave her nothing
Carth: Why did you do that?! It's not like we're badly in need of credits, for crying out loud. Bastila: This is beneath even you, stealing from a helpless woman. How could you?! Juhani: You should not act this way. You are treading a dangerous path I fear.
Jolee: My, my. You should be proud of yourself, outwitting her like that. Mission: You know what? Sometimes you're nothing but a bully! HK-47: Warning: Back off, female! No one lays hands on the personage of the master!
Canderous: Back off, old man. I thought you were the non-involved type, remember?
Sharina Fizark: You... you have no conscience. That plate is all I had... we're trapped here now... all because of you. Darkness take you... monster...

Your receive the same experience for persuading her to accept half the asking price to move closer to the dark side (more so if you use the Force):

3. The plate wasn't worth as much as you said.
Sharina Fizark: What... what do you mean? My husband was sure it was worth 500 credits. He was so proud...
Easy 1. [Persuade] Look, half is better than nothing, right? Easy 2. [Persuade/Lie] He was wrong. I swear it was only worth half.
Sharina Fizark: [Failure] No, please, I need the full 500. I have a family... we have nothing. Sharina Fizark: [Failure] No... no I think you lie. If you are trying to cheat me at least have the guts to admit it.
Easy 1. [Persuade] Look, half is better than nothing, right? Easy 2. [Persuade/Lie] He was wrong. I swear it was only worth half. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] Half is acceptable. You agree. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 3. [Force Persuade] It was only worth half what you said.
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Sharina Fizark: [Success] I guess I don't have much choice, do I? I have to take it.
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Sharina Fizark: [Success] Half is acceptable to me. I... I agree?
Sharina Fizark: It... it will have to do. I thank you, I guess. Maybe... maybe it's enough...
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 150 Paid half for Sharina's Wraid Plate

You receive no experience if you simply tell her that's how it's going to be after persuading her to let you take it and then selling it:

Dark Side Points Gained: -2
1. Take half and stay healthy, understand?
Sharina Fizark: I see. I suppose I should thank you for not stealing it all... but I won't. You have no conscience. I hope it will be enough. Goodbye. I hope we never meet again.
Canderous: The role of the weak is to serve the will of the strong; I'm glad you understand that.
Juhani: The dark side dwells in us all, but you cannot give in to your baser instincts like this! Bastila: It troubles me to see you behaving this way. Such acts can lead to the dark side. Jolee: You've got a real mean streak, kid. You might want to work on that; nasty people tend to come to nasty ends.
Carth: This isn't right! We should be helping people, not making their lives miserable. Mission: You know what? Sometimes you're nothing but a bully! Zaalbar: Had I known you were so cruel, I might have thought twice before swearing my life-debt to you.
Journal Entry Added Middleman
You have paid the woman outside Fazza's lodge for the wraid plate, offering half what she was asking. She was unimpressed, but had no other choice.
Credits Lost: 250

Otherwise, you can pay full value to move closer to the light side of the Force and receive even more experience, or pay an extra 200 credits to move closest to the light side and receive the most experience:

2. I will pay you what you want. Here. 2. He paid full value. Here. It's all yours. 3. I'll pay that, and an extra 200. Good luck. 1. He paid 200 more than you thought. Here.
Light Side Points Gained: +2
Sharina Fizark: Thank you. I hope it is enough. You have been a great help. I appreciate it. My children will too.
Light Side Points Gained: +4
Sharina Fizark: 700 credits! Oh, thank you. It is more than generous of you. I don't know what to say, I just don't.
Canderous: What was that all about? Are you going soft on me?
Carth: I'm glad to see we're still the good guys here. Sometimes I think we forget that.
Zaalbar: I am proud to call you my friend, Name. You have a noble and generous spirit.
Mission: Wow, sometimes helping people feels pretty good, you know?
Juhani: This is how we Jedi should always act: with honor.
Bastila: Thank you for helping this woman. It may not seem like such a great thing to you, but you are making a difference.
Jolee: *sigh* And how many more like you are there out there, with no one to buy their plates, I wonder?
Sharina Fizark: For whatever it means, may the Force be with you. You've saved us.
Journal Entry Added Middleman
You have paid the woman outside Fazza's lodge for the wraid plate. She was very grateful.
Journal Entry Added Middleman
You have paid the woman outside Fazza's lodge for the wraid plate, offering more than she was asking. She was extremely grateful for your kindness.
Credits Lost: 500 Credits Lost: 700
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 200 Paid for Sharina's Wraid Plate
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Paid extra for Sharina's Wraid Plate

Believe it or not, this may be the only chance to move closer to the light side of the Force on this entire planet (you can also do so by speaking to Mission after reuniting her with her brother, but you don't need to be on Tatooine when this happens).

Czerka Office[edit]

To the south of the Hunting Lodge is the door to the Czerka Office in the east wall: you need to enter and agree to help stop the Sand People from attacking their interests to get the hunting license which allows you to leave Anchorhead and enter the Dune Sea to the southeast.

To the right of this door is a footlocker with random contents, and a working sandcrawler mechanic who can be asked questions about his job, Tatooine and Anchorhead:

Sandcrawler Mechanic: Something you want? I don't have a lot of time for talk, so please make it quick.
1. I just want to ask you some questions.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Of course, I always have time for a pretty face... any face, really. What do you need? Sandcrawler Mechanic: Hey... aren't you a swoop-jock? I can't help with bike problems. I work with the heavy stuff. Sandcrawler Mechanic: Hmm? All right, but I'm not sure what I could say to interest you. I just work on the crawlers.
1. Describe your job and who you work for.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: I repair the sandcrawlers when they return from the mines. They get pretty banged up, even without the attacks.
1. What attacks do you mean? 1. I've signed on to try and stop the Sand People attacks.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: The Sand People attack them pretty regularly. Czerka Corporation is getting pretty sick of it, I hear. They have offered bounties on Sand People for a while now, but few hunters take them up on it. Too dangerous. Sandcrawler Mechanic: Have you? Not many hunters have tried in the past. Good luck to you, is all I can say. The Sand People are vicious. I see the damage on the crawlers when they come back... if they come back.
1. Where can I learn about these bounties? 1. Do you know where the attacks come from?
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Try at the Czerka offices right here. They'd know. Sandcrawler Mechanic: I have no idea. I don't go out on the desert if I can help it. I'm sure the Sand People will find you if you walk far enough.
2. When do the sandcrawlers head out?
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Oh, the big crawlers head out at dawn. That's so they avoid the bigger predators. The wraid, I mean. Doesn't help avoid the Sand People though. They attack pretty regular, no matter what Czerka Corporation tries.
1. The attacks will stop. I've dealt with the Sand People.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: I guess they have been happening a lot less frequently lately. If you did have anything to do with that, thanks. I hope Czerka paid you well for it. Whatever it was, it wouldn't have been enough for me.
2. What can you tell me about Tatooine and Anchorhead?
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Well, it's a hole in the galaxy, as far as I'm concerned. I doubt this outpost will last much longer. But, that's happened before and will happen again. Anchorhead has been resettled a few times now.
1. Why have previous settlements failed?
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Well, Tatooine fools people. It looks like it might have a good supply of resources, but it doesn't. Before a company learns this, they've already set up communities to support operations they now can't afford. Company pulls out, cities dry up, and after a few years, someone that doesn't know why it failed tries again.
2. Czerka Corporation isn't doing well here?
Sandcrawler Mechanic: No one is. I guess it looked like a promising mining planet, but the metal… I tell you, it just isn't right. I've been a mechanic my whole life, and I've never seen anything corrode as fast as Tatooine metal. It's why whoever was here before left, and why Czerka will leave, and why whoever comes next will leave.
3. Nothing. Goodbye. 3. That's all I need. Goodbye.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: All right then. Back to work, I guess.

You can also take exception to him asking you to make it quick:

Sandcrawler Mechanic: Hello again? Is there something else you wanted? I really have to get back to work.
2. I'll take however long I want. Understand?
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Uh, is there some kind of a problem? I'm just doing my job, I don't want any trouble from you.
2. I think you're my problem. Maybe I should do something about it.
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Hey... why are you threatening me? I just repair the crawlers. It's not like I'm packing away the credits.
Zaalbar: Is there a point to this? This man is no danger to us.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: I don't need this. What are you trying to prove?

You can force him never to speak to you again to move even closer to the dark side of the Force:

Dark Side Points Gained: -2
1. [Force Persuade] Never speak to me again, worm. Never.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: [Success] [His face turns an ashen white. He is suddenly very, very afraid of you, and could not speak even if he wanted to.]

If you try to speak to him again:

Sandcrawler Mechanic: [This man fearfully avoids your eyes. He couldn't say anything to you even if he wanted.]

Alternatively, you can persuade him to give you a few credits, or do likewise by continuing to threaten him or by using the Force to move closer to the dark side:

Medium 2. [Persuade] I'll leave you alone... for a few credits.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: [Failure] Look, you can just get lost, all right? I have to get the crawlers ready for the morning.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: [Success] What, is this a mugging or are you begging? Look, here's a few creds, now leave me alone.
Jolee: I know I'm just an old codger, but in my time I've learned what goes around comes around. These things have a way of coming back to you in the end. Juhani: You are a representative of the Jedi Order. When you behave this way you disgrace us all!
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
4. Maybe I don't like your face. Maybe I should remove it!
Sandcrawler Mechanic: What do you want? Credits? Here, take some! Just leave me alone. I've got work to do.
Sandcrawler Mechanic: Don't need some crazy surge-slime threatening me. Got Sand People for that. Hmph!
Credits Received: 25
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
3. [Force Persuade] I'm not a threat. You like me and want to give me credits.
Bastila: *whisper* The Force is not a thing to be trifled with. Continue to use it frivolously and you may find yourself straying down the dark path. Jolee: I know I'm just an old codger, but in my time I've learned what goes around comes around. These things have a way of coming back to you in the end. Carth: I'm no Jedi, but are you really supposed to be using the Force for things like this?
Sandcrawler Mechanic: [Success] I suppose I do like you. Here's a few creds. Was there something else?
Credits Received: 25

If you used the Force you can still ask questions, otherwise:

Sandcrawler Mechanic: You again? Oh no, you can just keep walking. I'm not dealing with you again.

Bastila's Mother[edit]

Once you've encountered the messenger Malare after speaking to Bastila, an agitated Duros named Maana Demknot awaits you outside the Czerka office:

Maana Demknot: That... human woman! I am... outraged at her arrogance. You! Do all of your species place yourselves on such annoying pedestals!
1. I'm sorry? What are you talking about? 2. Step back, fool! I don't like your tone!
Maana Demknot: You should be sorry for sharing a species with that... that creature. I swear, "Helena" must be your word for pit rancor. Maana Demknot: See, that same attitude! That "don't even talk to me" look she had! I swear, "Helena" must be your word for pit rancor.
1. Helena? Bastila, isn't that your mother's name? 2. You seem pretty hateful towards other species.
Bastila: My mother was supposed to be here somewhere. Ask if they have seen her. Maana Demknot: What? No... but you don't understand. That woman, I think she didn't like us breathing the same air. You'd think she was queen of the planet.
Maana Demknot: Seen her? Human, you couldn't miss her if you tried. She strolled into the cantina like she owned the place. Maana Demknot: No offence, but your companion here looks especially like her. Maana Demknot: I guess I don't mean to be so rude. She was so frustrating to deal with. If she felt she was too good for the cantina, why didn't she leave?
Bastila: That messenger said my mother is on Tatooine somewhere. We should ask about her.
Maana Demknot: If that woman is your mother, you have my sympathies. She's driving the regulars out of the cantina as we speak.
1. Is she still there? 3. Just get out of my way.
Maana Demknot: Probably. I don't think anyone else could top her attitude, so she won't be leaving. I won't be going back while she's there, though. Maana Demknot: Out of your way, out of her way. I've already left the cantina and now I can't walk down the street. Arrogant humans! All of you!
Bastila: We should try to find her. I doubt she wants to be kept waiting.
Maana Demknot: You're actually looking for her? You humans, you're all out of your minds.

So the cause of his agitation can be found in the Cantina to the southeast...

Swoop Registration[edit]

After encountering Calo Nord and finding the Star Map in the Eastern Dune Sea, you'll be approached by the Twi'lek Senni Vek as you turn the corner to the south of the Czerka Office and to the west of swoop registration. Otherwise, as you travel south and then east along Anchorhead's main thoroughfare you'll encounter citizens of Anchorhead, Twi'lek Czerka trading officers and Jawas:

Citizen of Anchorhead
There's not enough jobs here for permanent citizens, let alone you spacer drop-ins.
Czerka Corporation will unload this outpost on someone. Maybe not for a few years, but they can wait.
Womp rats are not good eating. Trust me.
I watched some good races at the swoop track last week. You have to thank Motta for giving us something to do.
Nothing smells worse than a herd of wild banthas. Nothing.
If the Republic cared at all they would laser the desert from orbit. Let's see the Sand People hide on a sheet of glass.
I saw a krayt dragon once. Well, not up close. I'm pretty sure that's what it was.
Those Jawas, I don't understand a thing they say.
If you were looking for your fortune, you picked the wrong planet.
I don't know who founded Anchorhead the first time, but I know why they left.
I tried to get work in the mines, but Czerka Corporation is scaling back. Ah, I can't say that I blame them.
Sand People wiped out my moisture farm and what does Czerka do? Nothing.
Czerka Trade Officer
I haven't time to talk to you. Czerka business takes precedence.
I've work to do. Why don't you go drown yourself in the cantina like the other diggers.
If I were smart I'd use these business junkets to just keep going. Get off this rock for good.
See the office if you're looking for work. I don't hand out shovels.
Can't get any buyers for Tatooine ore anywhere. Word is getting out.
I'll be glad when we close up operations here.
More rabble with every landing. Go farm the dunes, ship-rat.
Leave me, citizen. I've business to attend to.
We scavenge for everyone, but Giants of Sand never trade fair.
You come, you go, we scavenge, you come back, you go, we scavenge.
There are many of us, but not where you can see.
We will remember you when you are sand too.
Sand stays. All else changes.
We trade and scavenge when people will buy. Not so good now.
Giants in the Sand will be here long after you. So will Jawa.
Trade is small now. You will all be gone soon.

As you travel east you'll come to a hairpin bend with the door to Swoop Registration in its south wall. When you turn northeast, you'll see a trio of dark Jedi waiting for you. They'll challenge you and engage in combat when you try to pass them, but you and any party can prepare before doing so:

Dark Jedi: Lord Malak was most displeased when he learned you had escaped Taris alive! He has promised a great reward to whoever destroys you.

They receive bonuses depending on your character level:

Character level Dexterity Wisdom Vitality Force
12-14 +4 +4 +50 +50
> 14 +6 +6 +100 +100

Thus at character level > 14:

Dark Jedi
Class Jedi Consular
Level 8
Alignment 25 (dark)
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 14 +2
Vitality 168
Defense 21
Fortitude 10
Reflex 9
Will 11
Awareness 13
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 10 8
Energy 4-224-22
Threat 20-20,x220-20,x2
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Dark Jedi Knight Robe

Verpine Cardio-Regulator Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Knight Sense

Improved Force Focus Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Advanced Jedi Defense9 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike10

Force Resistance18

Affliction20 Choke Drain Life Horror22

Advanced Throw Lightsaber
Dark Jedi
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 8
Alignment 25 (dark)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 208
Defense 19
Fortitude 7
Reflex 11
Will 9
Awareness 16
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 14 -
Energy 7-21-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Lightsaber Knight Sense

Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber Jedi Defense8 Improved Force Jump Improved Power Attack Improved Flurry Improved Critical Strike11

Force Resistance18

Choke Drain Life Force Lightning Force Push Horror19

Throw Lightsaber
Dark Jedi
Class Jedi Sentinel
Level 8
Alignment 25 (dark)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 188
Defense 19
Fortitude 8
Reflex 12
Will 10
Awareness 13
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 10 8
Energy 5-155-15
Threat 19-20,x219-20,x2
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Short Lightsaber

Short Lightsaber

Knight Sense

Force Immunity Stun Conditioning Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Advanced Jedi Defense9 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Improved Power Attack Improved Flurry Improved Critical Strike11

Force Resistance18

Choke Drain Life Fear Force Whirlwind19

Throw Lightsaber

The dark Jedi in the middle who spoke to you is a Jedi Guardian, while that to the left is a Jedi Consular and the other to the right is a Jedi Sentinel: it's advisable to focus on each of them in turn. Although this may be your first encounter with multiple Force users, unlike against Juhani you don't have to combat them alone.

Strange but true: your loyal droid HK-47 is actually darker than your dark Jedi foes... even after he's incinerated them on a desert world with two suns.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
Item(s) Received Dark Jedi Item(s) Received Dark Jedi Item(s) Received Dark Jedi

The datapad makes it clear that Calo Nord isn't the only one hunting you for Darth Malak:

This datapad contains detailed descriptions of you and Bastila. It also has a brief message:
Bastila has escaped Taris. Whoever can find and dispose of her and her Jedi companion will be greatly rewarded by Lord Malak himself.


Travel east from Swoop Registration along the main thoroughfare until it turns north, and you'll see the door to the Anchorhead Cantina in the south wall with another ronto standing just beyond it in the southeast corner.

Droid Shop[edit]

Travel north from the cantina and the main thoroughfare opens onto the southwest corner of a large square at the east end of Anchorhead. Across the square you'll see the door to the Droid Shop in its north wall, with a utility droid to the right of it:

Beep beep beep-oop!

HK-47 can be purchased within, although this is only necessary for a peaceful solution to the Sand People raids.

Dune Sea[edit]

A huge gate at the east end of Anchorhead separates it from the Dune Sea beyond. Gate guard Billan stands before it:

Gate Guard Billan: No one leaves Anchorhead without proper authorization.
2. Where would I get authorization?
Gate Guard Billan: Only one place, and it means dangerous work. Go to the Czerka office for a hunting license. They sell them for Fazza's lodge.
1. Tell me about the Czerka office. 2. What do you know about Fazza's lodge?
Gate Guard Billan: The Czerka Corporation office is in the center of Anchorhead. The Protocol Officer will sell you one. She might offer you other work too. Gate Guard Billan: Fazza's is north of the Czerka office. You'll need a hunting license to deal with him. He'll just send you to the Czerka office to get one.
3. Let's go back to my first questions.
Gate Guard Billan: Hurry it up, will you? You're not getting through here until I see the proper authorization.
3. Why do I need authorization?
Gate Guard Billan: Czerka Corporation does not want the complications or expense that come with people wandering the dunes. It's too dangerous. Running this installation is difficult enough without fools wandering around getting themselves killed by Sand People.
1. Why does Czerka Corporation think that will cost them?
Gate Guard Billan: Don't get cocky, it has nothing to do with how much *you* are worth. Workers to man the ion shovels are cheap. What they don't want is Sand People salvaging your weapons. Their raids cause enough damage as it is.
4. I go where I want. Show me respect.
Gate Guard Billan: Look, it's for your own good. Czerka Corporation will not accept liability if Sand People run you down.
5. I'll just go then.
Gate Guard Billan: See the Czerka office for authorization.

Regardless of how persuasive you can be, even with the Force, he cannot unlock the gate without authorization:

Easy 1. [Persuade] If it's my risk, why not just let me pass?
Gate Guard Billan: [Success] You know, I agree with you, but Czerka Corporation just doesn't want the headache. Gate Guard Billan: [Failure] That's what you say now, but when the Sand People attack you you'll be screaming for help.
Gate Guard Billan: Besides, I couldn't let you pass if I wanted to. The gate lock needs to be swiped with your authorization. Sorry.
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] You want to let me pass. It's my risk.
Gate Guard Billan: [Success] I... I want to let you pass... I really do... but I can't. You can't imagine how sorry I am. It's just that... and I'm sick about this... I have to swipe the gate lock with your authorization. I haven't got a choice.

Threatening him moves you closer to the dark side of the Force, but has no other effect beyond restricting his dialog to the purely functional:

Dark Side Points Gained: -2
3. Let me pass or this gets bloody!
Gate Guard Billan: Eh, no need for that. I'm just doing my job. Besides. Your threats won't help. I need to swipe the gate lock with your authorization. I've got no choice, which means you've got no choice. Get authorization from the Czerka office or don't come back.

You need to go to the Czerka Office to the northwest and agree to help stop the Sand People from attacking their interests to get the hunting license which allows you to leave Anchorhead:

Gate Guard Billan: No one leaves Anchorhead without proper authorization. Gate Guard Billan: I've had enough out of you. You either get Czerka authorization to leave or get out of my space.
1. I have proper authorization.
Gate Guard Billan: Well, let's see it. Come on.
2. Goodbye. 2. Sorry, I was mistaken.
Gate Guard Billan: Don't waste my time.
1. Here is my hunting license. Gate Guard Billan: Hmm? Oh, it's you again. I'll just let you pass. The boys in the office may need authorization in triplicate, but not me. Good hunting out there.
Gate Guard Billan: All right, I'll just scan that and you're off. I'll keep it on file, too. Good luck out there. You'll need it.

You're now free to enter the Dune Sea.

Fair Trade[edit]

A Jawa named Iziz stands to the left of the gate, in the northeast corner:

Iziz: You there, of your kind, can you help Iziz of Jawa? There are troubles from the ghosts among the sands.
4. Go away. I don't have time for you.
Iziz: Like all of you, of your kind. Never listening, never wanting. Jawa are more than scavenger traders. A little help would be returned. We know of things... things you don't. Leave then, and never know.

This response ends the dialog at any time. Otherwise:

1. Could you be clearer? I'm having trouble understanding you. 2. Stupid creature, can't you make more sense?
HK-47: Statement: It is doubtful he can be clearer. Their language is difficult even for droids. He is using a trade language to try and help.
Iziz: The trouble is yours, not of Jawa. We must use a language of trade because you listen complicated to what we say simply.
1. Why wouldn't I understand your true language?
Iziz: That is not a problem for Jawa to have for you. You have the ears that do not listen.
3. What is it that you want, Jawa?
Iziz: Iziz, I am. Leader of the tribe that is mine. You are the same in kind, a leader that stands before your tribe?
Carth: Leader of our tribe? Heh. That's a new one.
Iziz: There are troubles that we have. The giants made of sand, they are horned ghosts that take us away.
1. HK-47, can you help me out here?
HK-47: Translation: 98% probability that members of the miniature organic's tribe are being held by Sand People, master. Doubtless he wishes assistance.
1. What about the other 2%.
HK-47: Translation: 2% probability that the miniature organic is simply looking for trouble and needs to be blasted. That may be wishful thinking on my part, master.
1. Giants made of sand... Sand People?
Iziz: That is how you know them. Giants are different for us, we being smaller. People of Sand are who I mean. Iziz: That is they! You know them well, because you have already stopped their killing. I would ask just a small sum more.
1. So, Iziz, what do you want me to do? 2. I'm not interested, Iziz. I'm looking for more important things.
Iziz: There has been no help given by asking the great group that digs with machines. Now Iziz asks you. Iziz: Here is where we could be friends, for the Jawa find important things all the time. Things from before.
Iziz: I ask that you find us, and then bring away from the People of Sand. Then we will offer a trade with you. Iziz: You have stopped their attacks, so you have been where we are trapped. We will offer a trade for this help.
Iziz: Long have we scavenged, among you and those that came before. We have things you will like for this service.
1. Tell me about where your people are. Maybe I'll help.
Iziz: People of the Sand in the sand. There is a place in the far south where they live. Iziz: You know! You must know! You have stopped the attacks! Far to the south, where they hold everything stolen.
Jolee: I'm thinking they're with the Sand People, who live in the south. Either that or I need my ears cleaned.
Iziz: The approach holds great fighting. Bring the tribe from in to out and there will be payment in trade and thanks.
2. Why have they taken your people?
Iziz: We find things, and they use them. Jawas slave, serving. They lead with the whip and gaffi.
Bastila: So these Jawas are scavengers who are enslaved by the Sand People? I think I am beginning to understand his plight.
Iziz: With the group that digs, we trade and are free. With People of the Sand, we serve and die. We prefer you.
3. Tell me about "those who came before".
Iziz: You stand on Anchorhead, a place named and named again. You come to dig, but it was already dug. Settled over and over. Also long ago, ships fell after battles above. Now we scavenge and find the pieces.
Carth: Hmm. I wonder just how long ago the little fella is talking, here?
Bastila: It could be that this Jawa knows things about this planet's history that the Republic has no inkling of.
Iziz: You dig the ore and dirt. In time from now, we will dig you, just like digging those that came before.
1. A few more questions, all right?
Iziz: Iziz answers hoping you will free the tribe that he holds.
2. I'll expect payment if I do this, Jawa. 3. I'll check it out when I leave the city. Goodbye. 4. I'm not interested.
Iziz: A trade will be made of this for that. Iziz will see it done. We thank. Iziz: Iziz hopes you have the luck you need. Iziz: Iziz will reward you if you find them anyway. Just please also look.
Journal Entry Added Fair Trade
Iziz has asked that you help rescue members of his tribe from the Sand People enclave. He will reward you well for any help given.

If you ask for his help looking for the Star Map, either during the first dialog or upon returning:

Iziz: You speak to me for another time. What are you wanting? I have asked the task and wait for your action. Those of Jawa remain with the People of the Sand. Slaves under whip and gaffi. Will you help to find?
3. I'm looking for something called a Star Map. Can you help?
Iziz: These are things I know! Yes! From those that came before, the guide to lights far and away. I can tell you! Please, first help the tribe of Iziz among the People of the Sand, and we will trade what we each need.
1. You'll tell me after I help you? Why should I believe this?
Bastila: It does seem convenient, but we've no reason to disbelieve this creature. Zaalbar: If his people are being held, we should help anyway. Jolee: That seems pretty convenient, but it won't hurt to look. We *are* going to look, right?
Carth: What. You're joking, right? Just because he's small doesn't mean he's any more trustworthy than a Gamorrean, Bastila. Don't be naive.
Bastila: I am *not* naive, Carth. I simply sense no deceit here.
Carth: Well, you might have pointed that out in the first place. Jedi senses I trust. Wishful thinking I don't.
HK-47: Warning: More likely the deceiving little organic hopes to trick you into going there so you release his people while searching, master.
T3-M4: Beep! Beep-boop beep!
HK-47: His small stature has nothing to do with it, droid.
Iziz: I know this! Listen to the words I could not know without seeing it! A map of stars to those from before! Please release the tribe, and I will make this known to you. Your rewards will be fair with me.
Journal Entry Added Fair Trade
Iziz says he knows where the Star Map is, and will trade you the information for help rescuing his tribe members from the Sand People enclave.

Travel south through the Dune Sea and Sand People Territory, and you'll find his tribe members in an enclosure on the east side of the Sand People Enclave. If you speak to him after their release:

Iziz: You of your kind, Iziz of Jawa would thank you for what was done. Mine have returned because of you.
Iziz: You are not known, so why you did this, I don't know, but thanks are given just the same. You will have some things for yourself, as thanks for what was done. Take and be welcome. Iziz: It is as was agreed, as Iziz hoped it was. I have things to give you... take and be welcome.
2. I think I should ask for more. 3. You'll give me more or you will regret it.
Iziz: Iziz and the tribe are all of the same possessions. We have given what was agreed by all. There is little more.
1. That will be fine. Good luck. 1. All right. Just get out of here, then. 2. Thank you. Goodbye.
Iziz: You are a good friend of the Jawas. We will remember when your kind are gone. Ask if you need any more of anything.
Journal Entry Added Fair Trade
Iziz was very grateful for your help in rescuing his tribe members from the Sand People enclave.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 350 Told Iziz you rescued his tribe members
Item(s) Received Iziz

You can ask him to give more, even after receiving your reward:

Iziz: You of your kind, Iziz of Jawa would thank you for what was done. Mine have returned because of you. We hope we traded fair with you. Was there something else that you might want?
Medium 2. [Persuade] You know the rescue was worth more.
Iziz: [Failure] The deal was fair traded. Your service was given what value it was deserved, plus thanks.

He can be persuaded, but you move closer to the dark side if you use the Force:

Medium 2. [Persuade] You know the rescue was worth more. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 3. [Force Persuade] You will pay me more and like it.
Iziz: [Success] Proper trade gives value where deserved. You are right to call the deal an error. Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Iziz: [Success] Eeee... trade needs to change... you should take more. Iziz says it is so.
Iziz: More for you, but that is all. Thanks are yours, but now we must go. We remember, and thank.

Threatening him also moves you closer to the dark side of the Force:

Dark Side Points Gained: -2
4. Then I'll have to take it out of your hide!
Canderous: That's the way - squeeze that little guy for every credit he's got!
HK-47: Request: Let me deal with him, master. It would be so much fun!
Jolee: Oh, I get it. He's small and helpless so we can just do whatever we want, right? Sometimes I just don't know about you, kid.
Mission: Hey, why are you being so mean to this little guy? What did he ever do to you?
Carth: I know Jawas don't have the best reputation, but that doesn't mean we can just treat them like this!
Juhani: I do not approve of this. This is not how a Jedi should behave.
Bastila: This nothing but wanton greed and cruelty! Beware, lest these things lead you to the dark side.
Iziz: Threats upon me! Take what you want from we of the tribe, but we remember! We remember when you are gone! Leave us to be. This is not right. Why save only to threaten?
Credits Received: 500

Now if you ask for his help looking for the Star Map, he'll give you a map of the Eastern Dune Sea if you haven't already received one from the Sand People chieftain:

1. I'm looking for something called a Star Map. Can you help?
Iziz: You have saved the tribe of Iziz, and we of Jawa are willing to trade. I know of this, but it is far away. In the sands of the east, the Eastern Dune Sea, we dig for the People of Sand and find this strange thing of the people before.
Iziz: We did not take it because of dragons in the lair. That is where you have to go. Take this map to the eastern dunes. Iziz: Already do you have a map for the eastern dunes. Follow it and you will find what you need in the lair of the dragon.
1. A dragon? What kind of creature is that? 1. I dealt with the dragon. I saw no map.
Iziz: The greatest of the desert. There is no larger. Bigger than the big machines. Jawas don't know how to fight something so big. There is a hunter, a Twi'lek. He has seen many things. Look in the Eastern Dune Sea when you go and he may help. Iziz: I do not know what your eyes did not see. It is there, in the darkest of the lair. Look, and you will see.

He'll even do so after being threatened:

Iziz: You come back, but you are the one we remember that threatened. Why rescue the tribe of Iziz only to threaten?
1. I'm looking for a Star Map. Know anything about it?
Iziz: If that is what you seek, take this map to the Eastern Dune Sea. It will let you take the long journey. Iziz: You have a map to the Eastern Dune Sea. You have been handed the directions. If you fail now, blame yourself.
Iziz: Go, and find the lair that we once dug. A dragon lives there, inside with your Star Map. You do what you must. Whatever happens, just leave we of Jawa alone. We will have no more of you. We remember all that comes before.


2. I don't need anything else from you.
Iziz: Go. We remember the threats. Jawas will always remember.
Journal Entry Added Free Trade
Iziz gave you some information about the Star Map. He said it may be in the Eastern Dune Sea, in a cavern currently occupied by a krayt dragon.
Item(s) Received Iziz
  • Map of the Eastern Dune Sea

By showing how to interpret ancient marker stones, this map can be used to find a safe route through the Eastern Dune Sea. Only intimate local knowledge could take the place of such a document.

You can now enter the Eastern Dune Sea from the Dune Sea or Sand People Territory, if you couldn't already do so.