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Map of the Leviathan's hangar


The elevator is in the northwest corner of the hangar. If you try to use the elevator controls mounted on the west wall:

[The elevator controls are not responding. Someone must have jammed them from a remote terminal.]

Once you're beyond the elevator door in the east wall:

Canderous: It's Canderous. We took care of the guards. We're inside the Ebon Hawk and all systems are go. As soon as you guys join us we can get out of here.

If you pass the standard door in the north wall without opening it as you travel east, it opens behind you and the six Sith troopers with Blaster Rifles within ambush you:

Sith Trooper
Class Minion
Level 6
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Vitality 50
Defense 24
Fortitude 2
Reflex 3
Will 2
Awareness 3
Ranged Main Off
Attack 7 -
Damage 1-8-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Melee Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Items and abilities Feats
Battle Armor

Blaster Rifle

Armor Proficiency: Heavy

Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle

Experience Points (XP) Received:

There are two storage cylinders by the west wall in the northwest corner, and another in the northeast corner, all with mostly random contents:

Item(s) Received Storage Cylinder Item(s) Received Storage Cylinder
  • Medpac
Item(s) Received Storage Cylinder
  • Medpac

Just beyond is another standard door in the south wall of the corridor, beyond which are a dark Jedi master and a pair of dark Jedi:

Dark Jedi Master
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 12
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 13 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 8 -1
Vitality 95
Defense 28
Fortitude 9
Reflex 10
Will 8
Awareness 10
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 16 -
Energy 5-19-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Lightsaber Master Sense

Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Master Jedi Defense18


Drain Life Force Lightning Force Push18 Advanced Throw Lightsaber

Burst of Speed
Dark Jedi
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 8
Alignment 20 (dark)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 8 -1
Vitality 80
Defense 16
Fortitude 7
Reflex 8
Will 6
Awareness 8
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 12 -
Energy 5-19-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Lightsaber Knight Sense

Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Jedi Defense8 Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike11


Drain Life Force Lightning Force Push14

Burst of Speed
Dark Jedi
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 8
Alignment 20 (dark)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 8 -1
Vitality 80
Defense 16
Fortitude 7
Reflex 8
Will 6
Awareness 10
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 12 -
Energy 5-19-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Lightsaber Knight Sense

Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Jedi Defense8 Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike11


Destroy Droid Drain Life Fear Force Push14 Advanced Throw Lightsaber

Burst of Speed
Experience Points (XP) Received: Experience Points (XP) Received:

There's a foot locker at the foot of each of the two beds by the east wall, and there are three large lockers by the west wall in the northwest corner, all with random contents except the large locker in the middle:

Item(s) Received Large Locker

Hangar Control[edit]

Hangar control is due east of the elevator, beyond a blast door at the top of a series of two ramps. Beyond are another pair of dark Jedi, with a Sith captain and four Sith heavy troopers:

Sith Captain
Class Scout
Level 8
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 13 +1
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 64
Defense 13
Fortitude 7
Reflex 9
Will 6
Awareness 8
Ranged Main Off
Attack 10 -
Damage 1-6-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Melee Main Off
Attack 8 -
Damage 4-14-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats
Blaster Pistol


Weapon Focus: Blaster Pistol

Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons

Sith Heavy Trooper
Class Soldier
Level 8
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Vitality 48
Defense 19
Fortitude 6
Reflex 3
Will 2
Awareness 8
Ranged Main Off
Attack 11 -
Damage 3-12-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Melee Main Off
Attack 4 -2
Damage 2-162-16
Threat 20-20,x220-20,x2
Items and abilities Feats
Battle Armor

Heavy Repeating Blaster +Vibro Double-Blade Frag Grenade(2)

Armor Proficiency: Heavy

Weapon Specialization: Heavy Weapons Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons

Experience Points (XP) Received: Experience Points (XP) Received:

There's a foot locker flanked by a storage cylinder on either side in the northwest corner:

Item(s) Received Storage Cylinder Item(s) Received Foot Locker Item(s) Received Storage Cylinder
  • Medpac

There are a metal box and another foot locker in the southeast corner, both with mostly random contents:

Item(s) Received Foot Locker
  • Advanced Medpac

The Ebon Hawk can be seen in the hangar below through the windows in the south wall. Beyond the blast door in the east wall is a series of two ramps straight down a corridor to the east. Before you approach the bottom of the second ramp, remove Bastila's equipment and save game as she's about to be removed from your party as you come face-to-face with Darth Malak for the first time...


As you approach the bottom of the second ramp to the east of Hangar Control, Darth Malak himself emerges from behind the blast door to the east of the junction ahead:

Bastila: Darth Malak!
Carth: Down you go!

Carth fires at him, but Malak deflects the blaster bolts and uses Force Push to knock him down:

Darth Malak: Ha-ha-ha! I hope you weren't thinking of leaving so soon, Bastila. I've spent far too much energy hunting down you and your companions to let you get away from me now. Besides, I had to see for myself if it was true. Even now I can hardly believe my eyes... tell me, why did the Jedi spare you? Is it vengeance you seek at this reunion?
1. Reunion? What are you talking about? 2. Why did the Jedi spare me? I don't understand... 3. This meeting was inevitable, Malak!
Darth Malak: What? Ha-ha-ha! You mean you don't know? Ha-ha-ha! All this time, and you still haven't figured it out? Ha-ha-ha! I wonder how long you would have stayed blind to the truth? Surely some of what you once were must have surfaced by now. Darth Malak: As is the outcome. I am actually surprised this confrontation did not happen sooner, given how powerful your mind once was.
Darth Malak: Even the combined power of the Jedi Council couldn't keep your true identity buried forever, could it?

You start experiencing a series of visions:

Bastila: The Jedi do not believe in killing their prisoners. No one deserves execution, no matter what their crimes.
Zhar Lestin: The council would not normally accept an adult for training, but this is a special case.
Carth: They say the Force can do terrible things to a mind: it can wipe away your memories and destroy your very identity!
Bastila: Tatooine Bastila: Kashyyyk Bastila: Manaan Bastila: Korriban
Bastila: Revan visited each of these worlds searching for clues to reveal the hidden location of the Star Forge.
Vrook Lamar: The lure of the dark side is difficult to resist. I fear this quest to find the Star Forge could lead you down an all too familiar path.
Bastila: What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them?

After seeing flashes of Bastila's encounter with Darth Revan, the final vision is of the Dark Lord standing alone at the summit of a temple, removing the mask to reveal... YOU!

Darth Malak: You cannot hide from what you once were, Revan! Recognize that you were once the Dark Lord - and know that I have taken your place!
1. No... this is some type of trick! A Sith lie! 2. I'm... Darth Revan? How is that possible?
Darth Malak: You do not yet remember, Revan? The Jedi set a trap. They lured us into battle against a small Republic fleet. During the attack a team of Jedi knights boarded your ship. The Jedi strike team captured you and the Council used the Force to reprogram your mind; they wiped away your identity and turned you against your own followers.
1. No, I don't believe you, Malak! 4. Why wouldn't the Jedi simply kill me?
Darth Malak: You must have seen flashes of your old life in your dreams, Revan; memories bubbling up to the surface? Surely you must remember the battle in which you were captured? Darth Malak: The Jedi are fools; they do not believe in executing prisoners. Originally I assumed you had died in the battle. Imagine my surprise when I found out you were still alive, Revan.
Darth Malak: How you survived the final battle is a mystery to me. Perhaps you should ask Bastila; after all, she was part of the Jedi strike team that captured you!
2. How did they capture someone as powerful as Revan... I mean, me? 3. Do you mean I'm really... your Master?
Darth Malak: I helped them, Revan. I always knew that one day the title of Dark Lord would be mine! When the Jedi strike team boarded your vessel I saw my day had come. Darth Malak: Once I served you, Revan, but I always knew that one day the title of Dark Lord would be mine! When the Jedi strike team boarded your vessel I saw my day had come.
Darth Malak: I ordered my own ships to fire on your bridge. I thought I could destroy all my enemies with a single glorious victory! I never dreamed the Jedi would take you alive from the wreckage.
1. But why did you betray... your master?
Darth Malak: You mean why did I betray you, Revan. You are the one who taught me the ways of the Sith: the strongest must rule if we are to survive! You knew I would one day challenge you for supremacy, but you underestimated me. I acted sooner than you expected and seized the Sith throne with a single brilliant stroke!
2. Bastila, is this true? 2. Yes - I've seen Bastila in my visions! She was there!
Bastila: It's true. I was part of the team sent to capture Revan... to capture you. When Malak fired on the ship you were badly injured. We thought you were dead. Your mind was destroyed, but I used the Force to preserve the flicker of life in your body. I brought you to the Jedi Council. They were the ones who healed your damaged mind.
1. Then why don't I remember being Revan? 2. But the memories I have... where did they come from?
Darth Malak: The Jedi Council didn't restore your wounded mind, Revan! They merely programmed it with a new identity - one loyal to the Republic! They tried to make you their slave!
1. You've been lying to me this whole time, Bastila!
Bastila: I wanted to tell you, but the Council forbid it! They were afraid you might return to the dark side if you discovered your real identity!
Darth Malak: But now you know the truth, Revan! The Council has failed in their attempt to make you their pawn! The will of a Sith Lord is not so easily manipulated!
2. Why not just let me die?
Bastila: The Jedi hold all life sacred, even that of a Sith Lord. I could not just let you die, Revan. Not if it was possible to save you.
Darth Malak: Bastila hides the truth behind noble words, Revan! The Jedi needed the memories buried deep in your wounded mind; there was no other way to bring them out. They had to keep you alive!
3. But why program me with another identity?
Bastila: We couldn't simply restore your true identity; Revan was too dangerous. But locked inside your mind was information the Republic needed: the secrets of the Star Forge. The Council created an identity for you: a soldier under my command. Your subconscious memories were supposed to lead me to the Star Forge; there was no other way to get the information.
Darth Malak: They made you their puppet, Revan - and Bastila was the handler pulling your strings!
1. Why you, Bastila? Why did the Council choose you?
Bastila: When I used my Force powers to keep you alive on that bridge it created our bond. I convinced the Council that I could use that bond to draw out your memories and lead us to the Star Forge. Bastila: I used my Force powers to heal you on that bridge; we share a bond. I convinced the Council I could use our bond to draw out your memories and lead us to the Star Forge.
Darth Malak: Tell the truth, Bastila, you wanted to taste the dark side for yourself! You knew the only way the Council would permit you to explore the Sith's power was through Revan's lost memories!
Bastila: NO! I wanted to help you, Revan. I thought this mission would redeem you; that it would atone for your past crimes. How else could you be saved?
2. But what if I remembered who I really was?
Bastila: That was a risk the Council chose to take. I had to try and draw out the secrets of the Star Forge. It was our only hope of stopping the Sith! There was no other choice. Bastila: You had to be healed so I could try and draw out the secrets of the Star Forge - it was our only hope of stopping the Sith! It was a risk the Council chose to take.
4. I understand, Bastila. You had no other choice. 3. You used me, Bastila! You're no better than the Sith!
Darth Malak: Forgiveness, Revan? You are weak; I was right to betray you. You are not fit to rule the Sith! Bastila: How can you say that? Malak nearly killed you, but the Jedi Council gave you another chance to live! They gave you a chance to redeem yourself by defeating the Sith!
Darth Malak: A rash and futile hope. The dark side is too strong, my power is too great! Even my old master is no longer a match for me!
Darth Malak: A small part of me has always regretted betraying you from afar. I always knew there were some who would think I acted out of fear, that I did not want to face you. But now fate has given me a second chance to prove myself. Once I defeat you in combat no one will question my claim to the Sith throne; my triumph will be complete!
1. Your power is no match for the light! 2. Triumph, Malak? You seem to forget that I'm still alive!
Darth Malak: The Jedi Council were foolish to let you live. I won't make the same mistake. We shall finish this alone in the ancient Sith tradition: master versus apprentice, as it was meant to be!

Malak places Bastila and Carth in stasis, so you must confront him alone:

Darth Malak
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 13
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 17 +3
Dexterity 17 +3
Constitution 16 +3
Intelligence 15 +2
Wisdom 15 +2
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 180
Defense 27
Fortitude 22
Reflex 22
Will 19
Awareness 2
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 17 -
Energy 7-21-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Lightsaber Master Sense

Master Conditioning Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber Master Jedi Defense19 Master Power Attack Master Flurry Master Critical Strike16

Force Immunity28

Choke Destroy Droid Force Lightning Force Push Horror21 Force Breach Improved Energy Resistance Master Speed

Throw Lightsaber

You're prevented from running back up the ramps to the west, and the blast doors to the north, east and south are all locked:

Security Blast Door Unlock 100 (80) Bash Resist - Vitality -

Once you've reduced him to less than 50% Vitality (by inflicting > 90 damage), he uses Force Whirlwind to prevent you from following him back through the blast door to the east, which locks behind him.

Bastila and Carth remain in stasis, but the blast doors down the corridor to the north and south are now unlocked, as are the blast doors in the east wall at either end of this corridor. The blast doors midway along the two corridors to the east are also locked, but those in the east corridor to which they link are not. Midway along the east corridor is a junction, with the door to the hangar bay to the east:

Security Hangar Bay Unlock 100 (80) Bash Resist - Vitality -

Beyond the blast door to the west, Darth Malak awaits: once you open it, all blast doors are closed and remain locked until combat concludes.


Once you reduce Darth Malak's maximum Vitality by more than a third (> 60), he places you in stasis. However, this no longer applies to Bastila and she arrives just in time to hold him off, allowing you and Carth to escape:

Bastila: This isn't over, Malak!
Darth Malak: Your friends do not give up easily, Revan; you always could inspire loyalty. But even the three of you together cannot stand against my power!
Bastila: For the Jedi!

Bastila uses Throw Lightsaber:

Darth Malak: *Grunt*
Bastila: I'll hold Malak off. You two get out of here! Find the Star Forge!
Carth: No, Bastila, he's too strong! NO!!
Carth: The door's sealed, we can't get past! Come on, we have to get to the Ebon Hawk!
1. What about Bastila? We have to help her! 2. Good idea. Let Bastila deal with Malak.
Carth: Bastila doesn't stand a chance against Malak, but we can't help her. Not here. We have to get off this ship and find the Star Forge. That's the key to beating the Dark Lord! Bastila sacrificed herself so we could get away. We can't let her sacrifice be in vain! Come on!
Journal Entry Added Bastila
Bastila has been captured by Darth Malak, your old apprentice.

Captured by the Leviathan[edit]

Journal Entry Added Captured by the Leviathan
You've escaped the Leviathan and survived a confrontation with Darth Malak himself. But the cost of your survival is high: Bastila is now a prisoner of the Dark Lord, and you must come to grips with the shocking revelation that you are, in fact, Darth Revan - the former Lord of the Sith
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 1000 Escaped Leviathan and survived confrontation with Darth Malak

A male or platonic female character can now talk to Carth about being Revan:

1. We need to talk. About me being Darth Revan.
Carth: If you're ready to talk, then yes... so am I.
1. And?
Carth: I can't hate you. I tried... I wanted to hold you responsible for all the things you've done. For my... for my wife, for Telos... for Dustil. But I can't.
1. Why can't you? 2. I'm glad to hear that. 3. Why should I care if you hate me?
Carth: Maybe you shouldn't. I would hope that my standing by you would mean something to you, but maybe it doesn't. Maybe it just can't.
Carth: I got the revenge I always wanted when Saul died, but it hasn't brought me the peace that I thought it would.
Dark Carth: You have a darkness inside you that must be Revan. But there's more to you, as well. I see it, I know it's there. Carth: Despite whatever part of Revan is inside you, the... the darkness that must surely be there, it isn't who you are.
Carth: That's why I can't hate you, why I don't want any more revenge. You don't have to be Revan, you can be so much more. Whatever the Jedi did to you, they gave you that chance. Whatever's happened up until this point, there's going to come a time very soon where you're going to have to make a choice. And there won't be any turning back.
1. And if I make the wrong choice?
Carth: Well then I hope I can save you. From yourself.

A female character who has romanced him must acquire a fifth Star Map before she can talk to Carth about being Revan.

In any case, the door to the hangar bay is now unlocked, allowing you and Carth to return to the Ebon Hawk and escape the Leviathan, although you'll need to man the Ebon Hawk gunner station to combat the Sith fighters pursuing you before you can enter hyperspace and proceed to the destination you had before being intercepted.

Ebon Hawk[edit]

The remaining crew of the Ebon Hawk gather at its hub:

Jolee: Where is Bastila? What happened on that ship? Mission: Hey, where's Bastila? What happened on the ship?
Carth: We ran into Malak. He would have killed us, but Bastila sacrificed herself so we could get away.
Mission: You mean she's... she's dead?
Jolee: Bah. Malak won't kill her, don't be foolish. He'll want to use her battle meditation against the Republic. Turn her to the dark side and the Sith will always be victorious. Carth: Malak won't kill her. I think he'll want to use her battle meditation against the Republic. He'll keep her alive so he can turn her to the dark side!
1. We have to go back for Bastila! 2. We can't help Bastila - not unless we find the Star Forge first.
Carth: Not so fast. We've got a bigger issue to deal with here. They deserve to know the truth about you. Do you want to tell them what Malak said, or should I?
1. I don't care what Malak said! I'm not Darth Revan, I'm Name. 2. I'll tell them. I'm... I'm Darth Revan. 3. Say one word and you're dead, Carth!
Carth: Threats? You can't bully me - though I shouldn't be surprised now that I know who you really are... Revan.
Mission: Revan? What... what are you talking about? Is this some kind of joke?
Carth: No, it's no joke. The Jedi Council captured Revan and erased the Dark Lord's mind, programming in a new identity. Saul Karath told me on the Leviathan and Bastila confirmed it!
Mission: You're Darth Revan? This is... this is big. Do you... do you remember anything about being the Dark Lord?
1. Small bits. A few strange dreams and visions. That's all. 2. I don't remember anything about being Revan.
Carth: And so the lies begin. It was obvious you remembered something back there when Malak confronted you with the truth. It might have only been small pieces, but there was something there!
Mission: Just a few flashes? That's it? Nothing more? Then I don't think there's a problem. It seems to me that if you don't really remember anything about being Revan, then it doesn't really matter anymore. You are who you are now, right?
Carth: Of course it still matters! How do we know more memories won't come flooding back? How do we know Revan won't suddenly turn on us? The whole time we've been chasing after Malak we've had his old Sith Master right at our side; listening to our secrets; hearing our plans!
1. I'm sorry, Carth... I wish this wasn't true. 3. Blame the Jedi Council for this, Carth - not me! 2. But I'm not the Dark Lord anymore, I'm Name. I'm one of you! 4. This changes nothing! I still want to stop Malak!
Mission: Hey - you've got nothing to be sorry about! You didn't ask for this. Besides, I know you... you're not Revan anymore. Whatever you used to be, you're one of us now! Mission: I don't see the Sith Lord standing here, I see a friend who's been with us through thick and thin! Remember - Malak's the one who tried to destroy Taris!
Zaalbar: I agree with Mission. I swore a life-debt to the person you are, not to the person you were.
Mission: Big Z and I will stick by you. We owe you our lives; we won't desert you now!
Carth: How can you say that, Mission? The Sith bombed my home world! Revan took away my family and destroyed my life!
Canderous: Everyone knows it was Malak who gave the order to attack your people, Carth. You can't blame Revan for that.
Dark Carth: It, uh... it all makes sense now... Revan. I've watched you, I've seen your cruelty. I've seen your... your dark side. And now this! I don't know if I can trust you. Can any of us? Carth: I... I suppose you've proven yourself to be a friend of the Republic by your actions so far... Revan. But can I trust you? Can any of us?

You can ask the remaining members of the crew where they stand:

1. What about you, Jolee?
Jolee: What about me? I already knew who you were, though it wasn't my place to tell you. Better off that you know, if you ask me. Does it change anything? I'm not here to judge you. You'll do what you have to, and I'll help if I can.
2. What do you think, Canderous?
Canderous: You defeated the Mandalore clans in the war, Revan. You were the only one in the galaxy who could best us. We had never met one like you before, and never since. How can you even ask if I will follow you? Whatever you are fighting, it will be worthy of my skill. I'm your man until the end, Revan, no matter how this plays out.
3. What do you have to say, HK-47?
4. You won't abandon me, will you T3?
T3-M4: Beep! Beep! Beep! Woop-woooop!
Mission: I knew the little guy would come through for you - droids don't hold grudges.

Finally, you can ask Carth:

5. Well, Carth - will you stand with me against Malak?
Carth: Well, the others seem to trust you... and I don't see any other way that we can stop the Sith. And I suppose that Malak is the real enemy here... I really don't have any other choice, do I?
1. I won't let you down, Carth. I promise. 2. I'm not Revan anymore, Carth. You have to believe that. 3. You're right - you don't have a choice! I'm in charge here!
Carth: I want to believe you. You've proven yourself time and time again during our mission, but this is a little much for me to wrap my mind around.
1. You have to try... for Bastila's sake. 2. How do you think I feel? 3. You have to find a way to deal with this, Carth.
Carth: This must be even more of a shock to you... I don't know how you even keep going. I guess we both just have to find a way to push forward.
Carth: Don't worry - I won't let my personal feelings get in the way of my assignments or this mission. But don't forget: I've sworn an oath to defend the Republic! As long as this mission stays on course I'll stick with you. But I won't let you betray the Republic under any circumstances!
Carth: So I guess that's it then... we keep going. We've still got one more Star Map to uncover if we're going to find that Star Forge and save Bastila, so let's do it before it's too late.

If you speak to Mission alone:

1. I just wanted to talk. About me being Revan.
Mission: It seems to me that if you don't really remember anything about being Revan, then it doesn't really matter anymore. You are who you are now, right?
1. So it doesn't bother you at all?
Mission: I don't see the Sith Lord standing here, I see a friend who's been with us through thick and thin! Remember - Malak's the one who tried to destroy Taris! Big Z and I will stick by you. We owe you our lives; we won't desert you now!

If you speak to Zaalbar alone:

1. How do you feel about me being Revan?
Zaalbar: You rescued me from the Gammorean slavers. It does not matter to me if you are called Name or Revan: I have sworn a life debt to you. I will stay with you to the end, Name. And I will judge you on your actions as I see them, not on a history I have never known.


If Canderous hasn't already told you more about the Mandalorian Wars:

1. Tell me more about the Mandalorian Wars.
Canderous: We fought against the Republic forces for some time, over the course of many battles.
Canderous: At the start, they were not much of a threat to speak of, but once you had taken charge, things began to turn against us. The Republic fleets began to use more than just basic tactics. Feints, counterattacks, mass deceptions. You were a genius on the field. You are held in very high regard among my people. You abandoned worlds of their defenders so that others would be too fortified to strike. You made sacrifices in order to advance your goals. Such strategies had never been enough to best us before. In the end, you proved too much for us.
2. If I had not stopped you, someone else would have.
Canderous: There was no one else. The entire Republic had committed its forces behind you. The Sith had retreated back to their empire and there were none else strong enough to challenge us. It looked like the entire galaxy was within our grasp! I still remember that final battle in the skies above Malachor V. The two fleets filling the space around it, outshining the stars…
1. But you eventually lost. 2. What happened in the battle?
Canderous: Yeah, we lost. But there is no shame in it. We lost to the greatest single warrior the Republic has ever known.
Canderous: It was not your ships or your men or your vaunted ‘fight for freedom' that won this, the final battle of the war. It was by the actions of one person - you - that the Republic prevailed. Your strategies and tactics defeated the best we could send against you. Even Mandalore himself was taken aback by the ferocity of your attacks, the tenacity of your defenses and the subtleties of your plans. You fought us to a standstill and then began pushing back. We didn't really have a chance.
1. Why didn't you retreat? 2. The Republic will always prevail.
Canderous: Ha! Don't be naïve. The Republic is not invincible. This battle was the end of the war, one way or another.
Canderous: It was what we had wanted all along, in a way. We wanted to fight the best in a battle that would be remembered for centuries. And we did. And you won. I hold no grudge against you, nor do any of my people. It was the greatest of honors to fight against you, even in defeat. It is even more of an honor to fight beside you now. Had you been born of the Mandalorian clans, surely nothing in this galaxy would have been able to stop us. But wishing for the past to be different is useless. Better to look into the future. As we should now. We'll talk more later, I think.
Journal Entry Added Canderous
Canderous described the end of the Mandalorian Wars to you. He seemed to admire you greatly. Maybe you can ask him about this later.
1. Tell me more about the Mandalorian Wars.
Canderous: The war we had with the Republic was supposed to be the most glorious battle of our history, but… it was a very costly one. I guess we didn't think of how much we could lose in it.
3. But I kicked your tails so badly?
Canderous: Yeah... yeah you did. You were a great warrior Revan. A great general. There weren't many of us left after that last battle. Mandalore himself was killed at the hands of the Jedi Revan. The best of us could not defeat him! After that last battle, those of us that survived were stripped of our weapons, our armor, and our Basilisks. The Republic's forces destroyed them while we were forced to watch. Those who hadn't fled earlier were left with nothing to call their own: no weapons, no armor... only the honor of having fought in the battle we just lost. For many this was not enough. While the rest of us were sent into exile on the Outer Rim, they tried to relive the old days – raiding worlds. They're nothing more than bandits now.


HK-47: Commentary: I am... experiencing something unusual, master.
1. Why? What's happening?
HK-47: Answer: My programming is activating my deleted memory core. I believe I have a... a homing system that is restoring it, master.
1. So this is the... stimuli you were waiting for? 2. Everyone be careful... there's no telling what this means! 4. I'll destroy you if you make a move, droid! 3. Your homing system? What's that?
HK-47: Explanation: I believe so, master. I was unaware of my homing system until it had been activated. HK-47: Observation: That is unnecessary, master. My intent is not hostile. I am receiving no combat override commands. HK-47: Observation: My homing system is a function of my assassination protocols... that which I told you had been de-activated. This system was not.
HK-47: It seems that the homing system deliberately restores my deleted memory core upon... upon returning to my original master.
1. You mean... Revan?
HK-47: Affirmation: Correct, master. Sith protocols maintain that all droid knowledge be deleted before assassination missions, and restored upon return. I have returned to you, and my full functionality is now under your personal command. It is a distinct pleasure to see you again, master.
1. Well... that makes a lot of sense, actually. 2. But I found you, you didn't find me! 3. I'm not exactly Revan anymore, HK-47... 4. Good. So long as you're loyal.
HK-47: Observation: Indeed. I do hope we shall have the chance to engage in combat together again soon, master. Jolee: Think you'd never heard of the Force before. Seems obvious enough to me it was meant to be. HK-47: Observation: That does not matter, master. I am your droid, regardless of your actions or personality. HK-47: Commentary: I believe I have served you well in the past, master, and will continue to do so for as long as you have need of me.
Mission: Wow. What are the chances of that happening?
Canderous: Remember we're talking about the Force, here. At this point Malak himself could drop out of the sky and I wouldn't bat an eyelash.
Mission: Good point.
Journal Entry Added HK-47
It seems the mystery of HK-47 has finally been solved. The person who sent the droid on his original assassination mission was... you. HK-47 was a Sith assassination droid and the personal body guard of Darth Revan. Against all odds, HK-47 returned to his master without even knowing it.

If you speak to HK-47 alone, then after telling him you'd like to know more about his functionality, asking if there's any way to repair him and telling him you'd like to try restoring some of his memory, he informs you that this is no longer possible:

1. I would like to try restoring some of your memory.
HK-47: Commentary: That is unnecessary now, master. I have been returned to you and my memory core is now fully functional.
HK-47: Statement: My functionality has now been fully restored, master. I exist to serve Revan as your personal battle droid. In time, my assassination protocol can be restored... and at that point I will once again endeavor to eliminate any meatbag opposition you may have.


2. You don't need to call me master, you know.
HK-47: Commentary: Of course I do, master. You are Revan... you are my master, the one who created me. I exist to serve.

On the other hand, you can now discover the origin of the 'meatbag' references:

3. So... you belonged to Revan originally?
HK-47: Statement: Yes, master. You created me shortly after you and your apprentice began your war to conquer the galaxy. I was sent on an assassination mission into Mandalorian space, but I was damaged and unable to return to you.
HK-47: Exclamation: I find this most distressing. I could certainly have protected you from the Jedi and your pupil's betrayal had I returned.
1. It's probably better it worked out this way. 2. I doubt you could have done anything. 3. You find it distressing?
HK-47: Observation: You may be right, master. This way we are reunited, and neither of us has suffered permanent termination. HK-47: Objection: But I would have tried, master! I could have killed the Jedi, Bastila, I am sure of it. That would have been most fun. HK-47: Statement: Of course, master. You are the one who created me, meatbag or no... and while you may not be all you once were, I am grateful for my existence.
1. Don't talk about Bastila like that! 2. Hmm... maybe a little.
HK-47: Retraction: I apologize, master. It is a force of habit. HK-47: Observation: Now that is the master I remember.
1. Am I very much like the Revan you knew?
Dark HK-47: Observation: In many ways you are, master, yes. You have much of the beloved cruelty of the master I knew. You seem to have forgotten much, but in some ways you seem improved from the human I once knew. It is... difficult to explain, master. HK-47: Observation: You are different in many fundamental ways, master. You have a concern for life that is unsettling. This cannot solely be caused by memory loss. I do not know how to explain it. Regardless, you do seem to be improved, overall, from the human I once knew.
2. Do you know anything about the Star Forge?
HK-47: Answer: No, master. You never did make me privy to any of the Star Forge's secrets.
3. What can you tell me of Malak?
HK-47: Commentary: Your former pupil is efficient and brutal, even for an organic. I rather liked him when you first introduced me to him. If I had known what he would do to you, master, I would have gladly removed his entrails right then!
4. So... why the 'meatbag' references?
HK-47: Answer: It was you who programmed me thus, master. Your pupil once asked what I thought of him and I informed him of his meatbag status. He was unimpressed, but you found the reference humorous. You changed my programming so that I would continue to use the term. It drove your pupil to extreme lengths of frustration.
1. So... Malak was the original meatbag? I like that idea.
HK-47: Observation: Of course you do, master. You did then, as well.

Unfortunately HK-47 never encounters Malak again...

Jolee Bindo[edit]

If you haven't asked Jolee Bindo what he knows about the Sith or persuaded him to talk about the war:

1. Are these Sith the same as the ones who followed me?
Jolee: No, no, of course not. The Sith have come and gone for ages. They were not called Sith many thousands of years ago, perhaps, but the dark side was always present without a doubt. Oh, sure, occasionally the light side comes close to vanquishing the dark, but the dark always returns. The fact that Exar Kun was defeated didn't mean the Sith would never return, as they obviously have now. Everyone knows that.
2. Who is this Exar Kun?
Jolee: Ah. Exar was a Jedi who was... corrupted... by ghosts of the old Sith. Or so they say. He attempted to conquer the Republic and create a new Golden Age of the Sith.
1. Sort of like Revan. I mean me. I assume he was killed?
Jolee: Better to say he was defeated... but essentially, yes. The victory did not come easily, however.
Jolee: I was an experienced Padawan, surely... but not yet ready to be a full Jedi and certainly not ready to train another. Especially not one so old as my wife.
1. So you disobeyed the Council. Like I did.
Jolee: I did. I wasn't the first and I won't be the last. The problem with self-righteous folk is they think they're more right than everyone else.
Jolee: It was a scene being repeated everywhere throughout the galaxy. Pupil against master. In my case... it was a long and terrible battle, but I defeated her.
1. You killed her?
Jolee: No... no. I had her at my mercy, disarmed and defenseless. She looked up at me and she knew... she knew I couldn't do it.
1. Sounds familiar. Seems like the Jedi don't like killing their helpless enemies.
Jolee: But I should have. Sometimes I convince myself otherwise... but it's no use. She had fallen to the dark side when she raised her saber against me.
Jolee: I had trained Nayama against their wishes. I had failed to kill her when I had the chance, and she went on to kill others. Not to mention that I had remained a Padawan throughout the war. A formality, perhaps, but with the trial it had to be decided if I was worthy to become a Jedi at all. It was a travesty, of course. I told you that even the Jedi were capable of great injustices, didn't I?
1. The Jedi are always fair and merciful. They gave me a second chance. 2. I agree with you. They destroyed my mind, after all.
Jolee: But I deserved to be tried. They found me innocent.


If you speak to Juhani alone:

Juhani: How... how can you possibly be Revan?
Juhani: The one... the Jedi whose troops saved me on Taris... It was Revan, leading an army out to defeat the Mandalorians. It was you...

The dialog then depends on your alignment. If you're dark (< 40):

Dark Juhani: You are nothing like the one who saved me on Taris.
1. I am who I am, Juhani. 2. You know nothing of me! 3. People change.
Juhani: You are obviously not who I thought you were, once upon a time. I thought you were the ideal Jedi. I thought you would never turn against us. Yet here you are.
1. Here I am. 2. I do not make excuses for my actions. 3. I AM the ideal Jedi.
Juhani: You did turn in the end. I did not want to believe it. But now I suppose you have a chance to redeem yourself. You can work with us. For the Republic. For the Order. We can set right what you started so long ago.
1. We shall see. 2. I will do what is necessary. 3. I work for myself!
Juhani: Yes we shall. I only hope that you will see this through until the end. Juhani: And I hope that what you see as necessary is what we originally set out to do. Juhani: Only through serving the Republic do you serve yourself as well. In defeating Malak you save all of us along with you.
Juhani: Time will tell what choices you make. I shall stay by you to see this task done.

For neutral and light alignments, the dialog options change based on gender. For female player characters, options differ based on whether the romance is active or not. (Note: The responses to "You will do fine, Juhani" are bugged. The "heart" line is scripted for "female romance inactive," but neglects to check for gender; as such, a male character may inadvertently receive it. The "especially meaningful" line has no check for romance status or gender, but by default goes to a romancing female.)

Light Juhani: I knew when I heard that you had become the Dark Lord of the Sith that something was wrong with it.
Juhani: The man who saved me could never go completely to the dark side. Juhani: The woman who saved me, who I... I have come to care for, could never go completely to the dark side. Juhani: The woman who saved me, who I... who I have come to admire, could never go completely to the dark side.
1. I regret any of the harm I may have caused. 2. I do not know who that Revan was. I am not him. 3. Perhaps he had his reasons. But I do not. 2. I do not know who that Revan was. I am not her. 3. Perhaps she had her reasons. But I do not.
Juhani: It is good to know that you have truly changed. It gives me hope. I do not think now that I will fall to the dark side. I only have to look to you and follow by your example and there is no way I can fail.
1. Overconfidence can also lead to the dark side. 2. You will do fine, Juhani. 3. You flatter me...
Juhani: Yes. That is true. I suppose you would know better than I. Juhani: Thank you for placing your confidence in me. I only wish I had your heart as well... Juhani: That is especially meaningful coming from you. Juhani: I... I am sorry, I did not realize. I will endeavor to be more considerate in the future.
Juhani: I will never forget what you did for me, even if you do not remember it.
Journal Entry Added Juhani
Juhani has taken the news of your past rather well. She believes that the good in you she knew as Revan could never be truly extinguished. You should not abuse her trust in you.

If you haven't already completed the personal dialog unlocked by acquiring a second Star Map, or a third level up:

Juhani: How may I be of assistance to you, Padawan?
1. I was wondering if we could talk.
Juhani: What is it you would like to speak to me about?
Second Star Map
1. What are you thinking about?
Juhani: I have been thinking much about our journey, and I am grateful and honored that you have accepted me with you. It is an honor to be by your side and to see you redeemed from the dark path you had chosen before. We Cathar do not make friends easily, or for long. Even on Dantooine, I remained alone. Not ostracized exactly, but... separate.
1. Are you doing alright?
Juhani: I have been doing well, I suppose. As well as I can. But I am more interested in you right now. Do not mistake me, it is just that even though we have traveled together for a while, it seems I know next to nothing about you, personally.
4. Well you know my reputation.
Juhani: Yes. Yes, I do. I more than most perhaps. But I do not know the stories of your past. Legends rarely are laid bare like that. We have been travelling together since Dantooine, but I know nothing of you before that. Would you... would you humor me and tell me a little about yourself?
1. What is there to tell... 2. Is is not a very interesting story. 3. Heh. Well it is, of course, the greatest story ever told.
Juhani: Hah. Humility. Please, if you would, indulge me. Juhani: Your humility is... astounding as always. So what can you tell me?
Juhani: Your job? Your childhood? Your life?
Juhani: Your... family?
Juhani: I am sorry if I am making you uncomfortable. I will fully understand if you choose not to answer.
1. No, it is alright.
Juhani: I greatly appreciate your taking the time to talk to me. How did you come to be on Dantooine? Besides the obvious, of course.
1. Well I rescued Bastila on Taris... 2. I was in the Republic fleet that was destroyed over Taris. 3. Er... I flew to Dantooine?
Juhani: Heh. Yes, I kind of figured that. From where? Oh wait... I remember...
Juhani: Taris... It always seems to come back to Taris for me... I am sorry... I get distracted. I already know the tales of your exploits: how you defeated the Mandalorians in the war... and how you fell. But now you have the chance to redeem yourself. To make a new page in your history. So now, I suppose, that all does not matter. Only your life now does. But again I seem to be wasting your time with my carrying on. I apologize.

Yavin Station[edit]

If you don't travel to Yavin Station until after escaping the Leviathan, then when you first speak to Suvam Tan after exiting the Ebon Hawk:

Suvam Tan: Eh? Eh?! Who is that? What do you want? I recognize your ship... Davik's, isn't it? But who are you? You new or something?
1. Yeah, I'm new. Very new. 2. I don't know what you're talking about. 4. Open this door or I'll blow my way in!
Suvam Tan: You don't sound like a Trandoshan, and you're not one of Davik's... Who are you? What do you want?
3. I am the Dark Lord and I am very displeased with you.
Suvam Tan: My first legitimate visitor in 20 years and he turns out to be a Sith-wannabe joker... just my luck. Well, I suppose even that's better than some more Trandoshans... They aren't exactly known for their stunning conversation.
2. You have a problem with the Sith?
Suvam Tan: All my business with the Sith is old news and I intend to leave it there. I don't need some young upstart bringing that stuff up again, so just drop it. Eh, I can't leav you standing out there talking, though... you seem to do a lot of that. I guess you can come in if you'll be civil. Just have to fiddle with this damn door lock... thing keeps jamming... There we go.

Then when you first speak to Suvam Tan after he opens the door:

Suvam Tan: Hm... you don't look like I thought you would. Too... human. Don't see many of your kind out here at all anymore... not since the war at any rate. What brings you here?
1. I'm on a quest for the Jedi Council.
Suvam Tan: The Jedi Council? Don't tell me you're a Jedi... you sure don't look it!
2. I am the true Dark Lord of the Sith!
Suvam Tan: Now far be it for me to say that you aren't, but I'm going to be a skeptic and say that the one with the armada and the troops is more likely to be the true Dark Lord. Not that I doubt you, you understand, I'm just trying to keep an open mind. And whether you are or not, my past is behind me, so I've nothing against you either way. So if you don't mind saying, what exactly is the Council sending you out to do?
2. I'm trying to defeat Darth Malak.
Suvam Tan: Darth Malak? Never heard of him... Or is he that new Sith Lord who's giving the Republic such a hard time now? I haven't been keeping up on recent news.
2. He is my former student. 3. He is beating the Republic pretty badly.
Suvam Tan: Former... student? Ah-hah, yes, of course. Your business with him is none of my business, of course, and I don't want to pry, but why are you way out here? Running? Suvam Tan: Eh? Oh that... That always seems to happen to the Republic. They always seem right on the verge of defeat and then manage to spring back. I shouldn't worry so much. And even if they do lose... so what? It's not like it's going to affect me way out here. The ruins on Yavin IV are gone and nothing's left of Exar Kun, so the Sith have nothing to bring them here.
4. I'M the one who will defeat the Republic!
Suvam Tan: Ah... of course you are. Far be it for me to doubt you. But why here? It's the middle of nowhere... Unless you're here for the ruins on Yavin IV?


"Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

Luke Skywalker's words, spoken thousands of years in the future, are just as applicable in the past: no one comments on the destruction of Dantooine, and your true identity makes no difference to anyone, either. *sigh*


If Zaalbar is in your party when you're challenged by the Wookiee guarding Rwookrrorro Village, then you can reveal yourself when you're taken to Chuundar in the chieftain's hall. Although he might believe you, he doesn't care:

Chuundar: Step forward and address mighty and wise Chuundar, outsider. I don't often allow visitors of your kind.
Zaalbar: You are flanked by Czerka slavers! Are they not outsiders? Or have you sold all of Kashyyyk to them!
Chuundar: Ah, brother Zaalbar. You've been exiled a long time. You shouldn't speak in that tone. Things are different now. You are a mad-claw without honor. You have no voice among your own people. I, on the other hand, am Chieftain.
4. And I am Darth Revan! You will listen to me, Chuundar.
Chuundar: You expect me to believe that, Name? Even here on Kashyyyk we have heard the tale of how the Lord of the Sith was killed by the Jedi.
Always 1. [Persuade] I wasn't killed, I was only captured. Now Revan has returned - and you don't want to get on my bad side!
Chuundar: [Success] There is something strange about you... a darkness I can smell in your scent. Maybe you are one of the Sith. Maybe you are even Darth Revan, as you claim. But what do I care about Sith and Jedi? Czerka are the only outsiders here on Kashyyyk. And the mighty Chuundar does not bow down, even to them! You are mistaken about your worth, Revan. You have no leverage here. I have all the power, and I have made certain that my people only listen to me.
Chuundar: They trust me, the mighty Chuundar. Even with my brother insane and father enslaved, I rose to protect my people despite it all.

Jolee Bindo doesn't care either when you reveal who you are (or used to be) outside Jolee's Hut in the Upper Shadowlands:

Jolee: Well, welcome to my home, such as it is. Pull up a stump and be comfortable. We should discuss a few things.
1. Like who you are, for example? 2. Tell me about yourself. 3. I saw you using a lightsaber in battle. Are you a Jedi?
Jolee: Ah, what is there to tell? Jolee Bindo is the crazy old man in the dangerous woods. I'm content with the impression I give.
1. But you use a lightsaber in battle. You are a Jedi.
Jolee: I follow the Jedi Way and I command the Force, yes, and I suppose that makes me as much a Jedi as anyone... but what of it?
1. There's something you should know about me. I used to be... I used to be Darth Revan. 2. If you're a Jedi we might have a problem... because I'm Darth Revan!
Jolee: *Sigh* I have no idea what you're talking about. Rabble rabble... what are you saying.
1. Didn't you hear me? I used to be Revan, until the Jedi wiped away my identity! 2. That's no answer! I was the Lord of the Sith before the Jedi wiped my mind! 3. It doesn't bother you that I used to be the Dark Lord of the Sith?
Jolee: Does it change anything? I'm not here to judge you. You'll do what you have to, and I'll help if I can.
Jolee: I've seen my share of the dark and the light. And frankly, both extremes annoy me. Of course... I have felt the rumblings of change...

More significantly, when you speak to the Computer in the Lower Shadowlands, it positively identifies you as Revan and no evaluation is needed to acquire the Star Map, and you can also get answers to questions about this installation that would have been otherwise unavailable:

Computer: Life forms detected. Determining parameters. Initiating neural recognition.
Jolee: Yes, there's the thing. Obstinate machine. I've no doubt it holds what you seek, but good luck getting it operational.
Computer: Primary neural recognition complete. Preliminary match found.
Jolee: Match found...? What the... it always muttered something about "rejected patterns" for me.
Computer: Begin socialized interface. Neural scan indicates positive identification of subject "Revan". No further testing of the subject is required. I will brief you as programmed. You are Lord Revan. I am waiting for your request to begin transfer of the Star Map.
1. How have you identified me as Revan?
Computer: Neural scans have matched you to the pattern in memory. There is no possibility of error. You are Revan, and are aware of it.
1. What would've happened if I wasn't aware?
Computer: Behavioral modification would have reinforced the proper mental patterns, as per your instructions programmed five years ago.
3. I want to ask you about the Star Map.
Computer: I have a Star Map in original system memory. Access had been restricted pending your return.
2. What do I need to do to get access to the Star Map?
Computer: You need only ask. It was you that put the restrictions in place. Original system memory is at your disposal.
4. I want to ask questions about you and this installation. 4. Let's go back to my questions about this installation.
Computer: I utilize a retro-adapted holocron-interface. Clarify your questions and I will attempt to access original system memory. Computer: Accessing. I will answer as my programming permits.
2. Who installed this holo-interface?
Computer: You did, Lord Revan. You constructed it five years ago so you could access the data of the original installation and extract the Star Map.
1. Who last accessed this installation?
Computer: Sorting by identity. Three attempts by the Wookiee Freyyr, all denied. 152 attempts by human Jolee Bindo, all denied.
Jolee: Heh... call me stubborn, I guess. Heh. There wasn't much else to do around here.
Computer: List of attempts prior to this were removed from memory five years ago, as per your instruction, Lord Revan.
4. What's the current function of this installation?
Computer: The current function of this installation is defense of the Star Map data, as outlined by you, Lord Revan. You wanted to delay anyone following you, and verify that nothing had altered your state of mind should you return.
1. Has anyone else been given the Star Map data?
Computer: Not since you put the restrictions in place, Lord Revan.
2. How were you to verify my mind was unaltered?
Computer: In the event of pattern mismatch, behavioral study and modification would identify and ensure that you remained Lord Revan. The reason you placed such a measure is known only by you, Lord Revan.
5. I want to go back to my general questions.
Computer: I will brief you as programmed. You are Lord Revan. I am waiting for your request to begin transfer of the Star Map.
2. Give me the Star Map now.
Computer: This unit has now completed its primary duty and has finished with the subject. Executing final action. Activation of Star Map commencing. Parameters reset. Stasis initiated. End communication.


In Ahto West's Mercenary Enclave, the Pazaak player Gonto Vas and the mercenary have heard the news about Dantooine:

Gonto Vas: Hey, you hear the news? It seems the Sith bombed some Jedi base on Dantooine into asteroid dust! Ain't that a riot? The Jedi are supposed to protect the galaxy, they can't even save their own sorry selves! HA-HA-HA!
1. Watch what you say - I'm a Jedi! 2. They should have seen it coming.
Gonto Vas: Oh, really? Well then, Jedi - you must know about the Manaan laws about keeping the peace, so you just...a... keep that lightsaber where it is. But there ain't no laws against gambling - and since you're a Jedi I don't have to worry about you cheating. So you wanna play some Pazaak, or what? Gonto Vas: Yeah, you'd think. I mean, ain't they supposed to be so wise and such? Ah, who cares? Sith, Jedi - they're all the same to me anyway. All I care about is if someone's got credits to wager and the urge to gamble. So you wanna play some Pazaak or what?
Mercenary: Now I'm as cold-blooded as the next guy, but I'm starting to wonder if working for the Sith is a good idea. Bad enough they wiped out Taris... now I hear they did the same to Dantooine. Seems like they don't care who they kill, and they don't even need a reason! I need work, but if I have any choice I'll sign on with the Republic.

Tyvark Luowan in the East Central courtyard has also heard:

Tyvark Luowan: Have you heard the news? They say the Sith slaughtered a secret Jedi oupost on Dantooine in a vile and cowardly sneak attack. Yet despite this monstrous act, the Selkath authorities insist on maintaining their neutrality - and the Sith walk amongst us like vermin in the streets of Ahto City!

Revealing your true identity to one of the Sith soldiers outside his shop does not get the desired response:

Sith Soldier: What's this? Another Republic lackey wandering the streets? Don't worry - the Sith will destroy you along with all the rest who don't bow down before Malak!
3. Do you know who I am, worm?
Sith Soldier: Let me guess... Dark Lord of the Sith?
1. Er... well... yeah. 2. Yes... Yes I am. 3. And don't you forget it!
Sith Soldier: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Revan, right?
1. Why you... 2. I'll kill you! 3. Don't laugh!
Sith Soldier: HAHAHAHA! You moron! Revan's dead! And if you try to back up your stupid words with stupid deeds the Selkath will be all over you like a Mon Calamari during mating season. Now some of us have serious work to do. *chuckle* Run along, fool.

Hulas knows better:

Hulas: Greetings once again, Name. Or should I say "Revan"?
1. How did you know that? 2. Revan? I have no idea what you're talking about? 3. I'm not Revan anymore. Don't call me that.
Hulas: Don't be naive. I am of the Genoharadan. We are bounty hunters, assassins and spies. We have agents with the Republic, we have agents with the Sith. Hulas: Yes, it is probably a good idea to hide your true identity. We Genoharadan are masters of gathering information, but few others know the truth about you. There is power in secrets.
Hulas: Did you really think we wouldn't know about your little encounter on the Leviathan? Although I will admit, we were as surprised as you... the Jedi did a remarkable job of faking your death.
1. So what happens now? 2. I guess this changes things.
Hulas: I will admit, my first impulse on hearing this news was to disappear. The Genoharadan don't often become directly associated with such prominent figures as a former Dark Lord of the Sith. But then I began to realize the potential advantages of the situation. Assuming you complete the tasks required for your initiation into our guild, you could be very valuable to us. So for now, little has changed. I will keep your secret, just as you have kept ours. I am curious to see how events will play out between you and your old apprentice. If the situation becomes dangerous, we Genoharadan can simply disappear as we have often done in the past. But for now, we will continue your initiation into the guild.
Hulas: Is there anything else, Name?

If you've spoken to the Selkath Shaelas in Ahto West's mercenary enclave about Missing Selkath, then when you discover his daughter Shasa among the Selkath apprentices in the Dormitory of the Sith base's training annex, you can reveal your true identity to try to convince them to return to the light side... for all the good it does:

Selkath Apprentice: Intruders! Should we sound the alarm, Shasa?
Shasa: No - wait. We cannot always be running to the Masters for help. We should handle this on our own.
Selkath Apprentice: Perhaps this is a test the Sith have prepared for us?
Shasa: What are you doing here? Only Masters and Apprentices are allowed in here.
1. I am Name. What are you Selkath doing inside the Sith embassy? 2. I am Name. Shaelas has me investigating the disappearance of young Selkath.
Selkath Apprentice: I told you your father would get suspicious, Shasa! He always hated the Sith!
Shasa: My father doesn't understand - he is blinded by his own prejudice!
Shasa: The Sith are teaching us mastery of the Force. Our alliance with the Sith will bring strength to Manaan and the Selkath people!
1. The Sith are lying to you. I know. I used to be one of them.
Shasa: You were one of the Sith? I don't believe you.
1. I was Darth Revan, once. Before my identity was wiped away.
Shasa: Darth Revan? Really? Let me guess - now you just happen to be on a mission to save the galaxy to atone for your past crimes, right?
1. Something like that, yeah. 2. Actually, I just want to kill my old apprentice for betraying me.
Shasa: We are not fools, we will not fall for your Republic lies! The Sith have promised to give us the secrets we need to master the Force.

Having returned from the Hrakert Rift with the Star Map, if the Ahto High Court subsequently bans you from this world then hinting that they don't know who they're dealing with doesn't make them reconsider:

Judge Shelkar: For your crimes against Manaan and the Selkath you are banned forever from this world, on pain of death!
4. If you knew who you were dealing with...
Judge Jhosa: You are an off-worlder, like any other. Only more troublesome than most...
Judge Shelkar: Guard! Eject the prisoner from the court!

Genoharadan: Zuulan[edit]

1. I can't complete the Zuulan Sentar mission. Dantooine is destroyed.
Hulas: Yes, I have heard how the Sith razed the planet. Such radical overreactions are one reason the Genoharadan would prefer to see the Republic remain in power. It is likely that Zuulan died in the attack, but we do not like to leave such things to chance. It will take some time before my agents can determine if Zuulan survived.
Hulas: Since you did not kill Zuulan I cannot give you the bounty for this assignment. In any case, Name, your role in Zuulan's fate is now over. Do you have further business you wish to discuss at this time, or are we done here for now?
Journal Entry Added Genoharadan: Zuulan
Hulas was not impressed by your failure to kill Zuulan.


When you first arrive and encounter Shaardan and Lashowe in Dreshdae, claiming to be Darth Revan is treated as a joke, which gets the former to let the three prospective students go and the latter to let you go without antagonizing either of them:

Light Side Points Gained: +2
1. Let them go. That's my decision.
Shaardan: Let them go? And what could possibly convince me to do that?
1. Because I'm Darth Revan, and I'm telling you to let them go!
Shaardan: Ha ha ha ha! Now *that* has to be the funniest thing I've heard all day.
Shaardan: Well, fine, whoever you are... since you've proven such a good sport, the boys can run off. I'm sure your little lesson will give them something to chew on.
Lashowe: What do you say? Amuse us. Make us laugh, and we just might consider allowing you to live.
1. Do you know who I am? I'm Darth Revan! Watch your tongue or I'll rip it out!
Sith Apprentice: Hah! Too funny!
1. It's no joke. I really am Darth Revan.
Sith Apprentice: Ha ha ha! Good one!
Lashowe: Yes, I suppose that wasn't too bad. Alright then, my friend... you've done as you were asked. Perhaps we will meet again.

The Sith Academy guard is not so easily amused:

Sith Academy Guard: You are neither a Sith nor do you bear the medallion of a student of this facility. Please leave at once.
Never 1. [Persuade] I'm Darth Revan. I was Lord of the Sith. Let me in.
Sith Academy Guard: [Failure] I see. And who might your friends be?
1. It's obvious you don't believe me. But I really am Darth Revan!
Sith Academy Guard: On your way, citizen.

Back in Dreshdae's cantina, if you ask Yuthura Ban what if you said you were already a Sith, Darth Revan, then she believes you're lying... but later cryptic responses informed by your true identity are intriguing enough to convince her to accept you into the Sith academy without needing persuasion or a Sith Medallion:

1. And what if I said I was already a Sith?
Yuthura Ban: I would consider that an amusing ploy to try and enter the Academy. Why? Who will you claim to be? Darth Malak, himself?
1. What about Darth Revan?
Yuthura Ban: What about Revan? Revan is dead. You may have a natural gift with the Force, human, but you've no gift for lies.
Yuthura Ban: Obviously you are a Jedi. One who is very strong in the Force, it seems. So were you part of the order for very long? Did they train you? Yuthura Ban: I sense... that you are very strong in the Force. That you have already honed some of your abilities. Jedi training, is it?
4. I have forgotten most of my training, it seems.
Yuthura Ban: What an odd thing to say... and, even stranger, I do not sense any deception within you. You are a curious puzzle, human, a puzzle with great power.
Yuthura Ban: With that kind of power, you could become a great Sith. Perhaps... if I let you. Does that interest you?
5. Again? I suppose that would interest me, yes.
Yuthura Ban: Hmm. A strange response, indeed. Is your mind maladjusted in some way? You should make for an interesting pupil, indeed.
Yuthura Ban: I will take you to the academy and we shall see if you are ready to join the ranks of the Sith.

Once inside the Sith Academy, Master Uthar calls you out if you hint at greater knowledge:

Uthar Wynn: That I'll judge for myself, thank you. Tell me, human... what do you know of the ways of the Sith? What preconceptions has your mind been polluted with?
1. I know more about the Sith than you... I've just forgotten.
Uthar Wynn: Indeed? Then perhaps you would care to demonstrate for us the powers of a Sith Master. ...No? Then perhaps you shall keep your foolishness to yourself and actually learn something.

When you next speak to Yuthura, you can once again hint at familiarity with the Sith, and later ask if she knows anything about Darth Revan:

1. You want me to kill Master Uthar?
Yuthura Ban: Is that such a daunting prospect? It is not as if I am asking you to perform the task alone, or as if you will get nothing out of it. Master Uthar cannot prevail against us both. That's all there is to it. It is a very simple matter.
1. Pupil against master. Sounds familiar.
Yuthura Ban: And so it should. It is central to our beliefs. It is my responsibility to replace my master when I am strong enough.
4. Do you know anything about Darth Revan?
Yuthura Ban: Revan? You mean Darth Malak's former master?
1. That's the one.
Yuthura Ban: Very little. I never met him personally, though I hear he was a powerful man. Very charismatic. In the end, Revan was outshone by his pupil. Such is the way of the Sith. Why? Is this dead man of importance to you? Yuthura Ban: Very little. I never met her personally, though I hear she was a powerful woman. Very charismatic. In the end, Revan was outshone by her pupil. Such is the way of the Sith. Why? Is this dead woman of importance to you?
1. Do you think it's possible Revan might be alive?
Yuthura Ban: Anything is possible. Uthar's former master still lives... though he is in no condition to challenge his former pupil for leadership. Perhaps the same is true for Revan. Perhaps Revan is out there, somewhere, waiting to take revenge upon Malak. More likely what we were told is the truth: Revan is dead. Malak would be foolish to leave his old master alive, considering all the knowledge Revan held.
2. So you wouldn't recognize Revan if the two of you met?
Yuthura Ban: Is there any reason I should? Beside the fact that I did not know Revan in life, Revan was known for wearing a full helmet and cape. Perhaps Revan's body had been disfigured by the power of the Force... it is not unheard of. Regardless, I doubt I shall be meeting Revan anytime soon.
3. You mentioned that Revan came here before?
Yuthura Ban: Both Revan and Malak came to Korriban when they discovered the tomb of Naga Sadow. That was before my time.
4. That's all I have to ask.
Yuthura Ban: Fair enough.

If you don't heed Master Uthar's advice then Mekel and Adrenas are equally unimpressed by your claims:

1. Who are you? 1. Mekel, right? 2. What makes you so sure? 3. Whatever. I'm the one who's going to make it.
Mekel: The name's Mekel. I'm one of the hopefuls up for Sith-hood, just like you. Well, I'm the one that's going to make it, that is. Mekel: That's right. You might as well just go home, you know. There can only be one Sith this year, and that's me. Mekel: You think I would tell you? Have my brains started dribbling out of my nose, or something? Mekel: Well, you're off to a super start. You've got no more prestige than I do, at the moment. Thing is: I know how to get some.
1. You better change your tone with me. I'm Darth Revan! 4. I don't need prestige. I'm Darth Revan - Lord of the Sith!
Mekel: Funny. Say that after I'm a full Sith and I'll ground your face into the dirt just for fun.
Adrenas: Greetings, student.
1. I'm no student. I'm Darth Revan!
Adrenas: Darth Revan? Remarkable, considering Lord Revan was killed. If this is a joke, student, it is one I do not understand at all. Adrenas: I have heard you have gained much prestige, student. Why you would want to throw it away by making ridiculous claims is beyond me.
Adrenas: The Sith aren't big on such jokes, human. You would do well to remember that. Now, if your sorry attempt at humor is over, is there anything else you need?

Jorak Uln's dismissal is more lighthearted when he has you trapped in one of the tombs, while the spirit of Ajunta Pall almost seems to remember you... almost:

Jorak Uln: Yes, yes, you're welcome. You see, Mekel here has the cruel disposition of a Sith... but not the *gumption* that I'm looking for.
1. What if I told you I was Darth Revan?
Jorak Uln: Ha ha! Then I'd say you have quite an imagination. Not a bad thing, but not *quite* what I'm looking for in a proper Sith.
Spirit of Ajunta Pall: A... Jedi? Here? Why have you come to this dark place, Jedi? Why... disturb my sleepless rest? Dark Spirit of Ajunta Pall: Do... I know you? It... seems as if we have met before...
Always 3. [Persuade] I was here once before, I think. Do you remember me?
Spirit of Ajunta Pall: [Success] I do... and yet I do not. The Force is so strong with you, human... yet the face, the soul... it has been so very long...

If you befriended Yuthura in the academy then, after siding with her following your final test in the tomb of Naga Sadow, she believes you're Darth Revan once you've forced her to yield and shown mercy after she turns on you:

Yuthura Ban: You are... too strong for me. I was a fool to think otherwise. I am... at your mercy.
3. You ask for mercy? You, a Sith?
Yuthura Ban: I... suppose I am. Something tells me that you are... not like the other students. I don't know why that is. I... was right the first time, back at the cantina, wasn't I? There is something different about you... more so than I even suspected.
4. Indeed. I am Darth Revan.
Yuthura Ban: I see. I should have known... right from the beginning. But you are no longer the Dark Lord you once were, are you? You are Revan... but yet you are not. What I sense of your destiny is... is still unclear.
Yuthura Ban: So what happens now? Will you show me mercy? Will you... just let me leave?

Alternatively, if you side with Master Uthar without betraying or poisoning him, then he acknowledges it as well... if you decide to tell him:

Uthar Wynn: Excellent work, my young Sith. Your enemy lies dead at your feet and you are victorious... the final test is complete.
Uthar Wynn: You are truly a Sith in spirit, and one gifted with great power. Of this I no longer have any doubt. There is much more for you to learn, perhaps... but not here. There is... something very strange about you, young one. Something I cannot place. You are like no other student I have ever met.
Uthar Wynn: Is it... is it possible that you are not what you seem to be? Tell me, young one... tell me what you really are.
1. I am Darth Revan. Bow before me. 2. I was once Darth Revan. 4. If you were not blind, you would already know. 3. Who or what I am is not important.
Uthar Wynn: Ah, I see. So it is... Darth Revan, not dead as we were led to believe. And yet... and yet you are *not* Revan, are you? What has occurred between the time of your reported death and now I can only guess at, but you have changed much. Regardless, your destiny does take you away from here... to confront your old pupil, without a doubt. Yes... that is what lies before you. Go to your destiny, then, my Dark Lord. I shall say nothing of what you have done here. Should you prove victorious and wish to return, then I and all Sith shall be your servants. Uthar Wynn: I see. No matter what you might be, then, I am certain that your path takes you elsewhere... and soon.
Uthar Wynn: Go on to your destiny, then, and return here afterwards... if that is what you still desire.

If neither of them remain to lead the academy, then the Sith apprentices that challenge you at its entrance once you've returned to the Valley of Dark Lords remain skeptical:

Sith Apprentice: You there! How is it that you are leaving Naga Sadow's tomb by yourself? You went for your final test, didn't you? Where is Master Uthar?
Never 1. [Persuade] I am Revan. I have killed the master. You must bow down before me.
Sith Apprentice: [Failure] You lie! You could never have killed the master!!
1. I am not lying, fool. Do you wish me to show you? 2. This is your last chance. Bow down or die. 3. You doubt the Dark Lord Revan? Ha ha! Most amusing.
Sith Apprentice: You are not Revan! Quick, attack the traitor!!
Sith Apprentice: But... even if it's not Revan... what if Master Uthar is actually dead? Someone who could kill the master...
Sith Apprentice: If Master Uthar is dead, then he was a weak fool! Now attack! *I* shall be the new Dark Lord of Korriban!!

They won't live to regret it.

Premium Merchant[edit]

When you disembark on any of the Star Map worlds, you may be approached by the Twi'lek Ziagrom:

Ziagrom: Greetings, human. A word, if I may. It concerns the Dark Lord of the Sith.
1. You mean Malak? 2. *I* am the Dark Lord of the Sith! 4. I don't have time for this!
Ziagrom: No, human. I mean the *true* Lord of the Sith. I am speaking of Darth Revan. Of you. Ziagrom: Yes, human. I know. That is why I have approached you. Ziagrom: Please, human - this is of importance to us both! I know who you are... Revan!
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
3. If you tell anyone who I am, I'll kill you!
Light Side Points Gained: +2
4. I'm not Revan anymore.
Ziagrom: Your secret is safe with me, Lord Revan. At least until you chose to reveal yourself. But I have come here with an offer of aid. I want to help you defeat your old apprentice. Ziagrom: You are what you are, human. You cannot deny that you were once the Lord of the Sith. And you cannot deny that you wish to defeat Malak!
3. Who are you? 1. How do you know who I am?
Ziagrom: Listen to me, and all will be made clear. My name is Ziagrom. I am a... a businessman. I and my partner deal in rare items of extraordinary value and power.
1. You're with the Exchange!
Ziagrom: No, we are not. We are independent operators, though often our transactions involve those who represent the Exchange. Traditionally, we have always done business with the owner of the Ebon Hawk: Davik Kang, most recently. Ahita Othar before him. Forii Haxa before her. But we were reluctant to approach you. You had no ties to the Exchange, which was a problem. Even worse, you were a Jedi! Not the sort of person we normally associate with.
1. Get to the point - how do you know my true identity? 2. So why are you approaching me now?
Ziagrom: There were reports of the Ebon Hawk traveling to many different planets. We wanted to know what you were up to. At your last port, I placed a small tracking device on your ship. The tracking device reported back to us that you had been captured by the Leviathan. Once we had that information, we began digging into our sources within the Sith fleet.
1. Sources? What sources? 2. Go on.
Ziagrom: There are millions of soldiers in the Sith fleet. Surely you aren't surprised that some of them will sell information? Even high ranking officers aren't immune to the lure of easy credits.
Ziagrom: Your escapades on the Leviathan created quite a stir in the Sith fleet. Of course Malak tried to suppress the truth about your identity: there were more than a few summary executions. But even if security footage is destroyed and witnesses silenced, some bits of information always slip through. Spend enough credits to gather the tiny pieces and the puzzle becomes clear. We know what happened on the Leviathan. At least, we know enough. You are Darth Revan, and you are going to kill Malak for daring to claim dominion over the Sith.
1. How does this involve you? 2. You're wrong. I'm not in this for revenge.
Ziagrom: Maybe, maybe not. But whatever your motivation may be, you *do* intend to stop Malak and his followers - of that we are sure. And we want to help.
Ziagrom: My partner and I deal in very rare and powerful items. Weapons, armor: things you could use in your battles against Malak and the Sith.
1. And you're just going to give these items to me? 2. Let me see these items.
Ziagrom: I don't carry these items with me, of course. They're with my partner. But they're yours, if you've got the credits to buy them. We do want to make a profit on this, after all.
Ziagrom: Just go to the Cantina here in Dreshdae. There's a Rodian there named Mika Dorin. Tell Mika that Ziagrom sent you to look at the premium items. Ziagrom: Just go to the Dreshdae Cantina on Korriban. There's a Rodian in there named Mika Dorin. Tell Mika that Ziagrom sent you to look at the premium items.
1. I'll go check it out. 2. I can't be bothered with this. 1. I'll check it out next time on Korriban.
Ziagrom: It's up to you, I guess. But you'll be missing out on the best equipment in the galaxy! Sooner or later you'll realize this deal is to good to pass up.
Ziagrom: Mika already knows to expect you. Like I said, just tell him you want to look at the premium items. I guess my work here is done. Goodbye, Revan. And once Malak is beaten, don't forget who helped you to victory.
Journal Entry Added Premium Merchant
You have been told by Ziagrom that there is a special merchant on Korriban. In the Cantina in Dreshdae, talk to the bartender Mika Dorin and he will let you see the premium goods he has for sale.

So talk to the bartender Mika Dorin in Dreshdae's Cantina on Korriban:

1. Ziagrom says you sell... special items.
Mika Dorin: Yes, to the right buyer. Traditionally, the owner of the Ebon Hawk has been the contact for all my transactions. But in the past, the owner was always affiliated with the Exchange. That was why Ziagrom did not approach you earlier. We had no idea who you were, or if we wanted to do business with you. Of course that has all changed now, Lord Revan.
1. I'm glad you've seen the light.
Mika Dorin: The light? A fine jest, though it contains a crystal of truth. We have allied with you in this conflict, and we trust you will remember us once victory is yours, Revan.
2. I'm not who you think I am. I'm not Revan anymore.
Mika Dorin: No? Ziagrom's information is never wrong. Are you saying that you don't want to revenge on your former apprentice? Are you saying you don't plan to kill Malak?
1. I will stop Malak and his Sith, but not for revenge.
Mika Dorin: In truth, your reasons matter little to me or my partner. But we do believe in your power. We believe you will bring Malak down - and we want to help you, in our own small fashion.
3. What kinds of things do you have for sale? 2. Your motives seem very self-serving.
Mika Dorin: Yes, let's get right to business. I carry only the rarest of items. Expensive, yes - but worth every credit! Weapons, armor, equipment: I carry a little of everything. The previous owners of the Ebon Hawk would often resell the items they purchased, but in your case I imagine you might find more than a few of them quite useful against your old apprentice. Mika Dorin: Of course. How else are we to survive? Now, do you wish to see the premium items I have for sale? Or is there something else you need?
1. Let me see your premium items.
Mika Dorin: Yes, of course. I'm sure you'll find my selection to be very interesting.
Mika Dorin
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Life Support Pack 225 10 Armor Reinforcement 525 1
Verpine Fiber Mesh 6375 1 Mesh Underlay 450 1
Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit 1350 1 Improved Energy Cell 375 1
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit 15000 1 Scope 300 1
Thermal Detonator 3000 10 Pazaak Card +/-1 300 1
Stabilizer Mask 8250 1 Beam Splitter 270 1
Interface Visor 2250 1 Vibration Cell 225 1
Dominator Gauntlets 22500 1 Energy Projector 225 1
Verpine Prototype Shield 3360 10 Hair Trigger 225 1
Adrenaline Stimulator 18000 1 Pazaak Card +/-2 225 1
Cardio Power System 15000 1 Pazaak Card +/-3 187 1
Gordulan Reaction System 15000 1 Durasteel Bonding Alloy 150 1
Navardan Regenerator 12750 1 Pazaak Card +/-4 150 1


Mika charges a 50% premium, so do not buy anything here that you can acquire or buy elsewhere (for example, Life Support Packs normally cost just 150 credits each at the Czerka Store just down the hall).

If you return after completing the Desert Hunt on Tatooine:

Mika Dorin: I have heard a disturbing rumor, Name. A hunter matching your description is reported to have slain a Krayt dragon on Tatooine. Please, tell me it wasn't you.
1. It was me. Why? 3. What business is it of yours if I hunt Krayt dragons. 2. [Lie] It wasn't me.
Mika Dorin: I do not mean to pry, Name. But the Krayt dragon is a fierce and deadly beast, a monster even one of your power would be smart to avoid! Mika Dorin: Please, I am not a fool. I understand your power, Name. You are, after all, the Dark Lord of the Sith. But Krayt dragons are terrible monsters!
Mika Dorin: If something should happen to you - if you are injured or even slain by such a beast - then Malak will never be toppled!
1. I can look after myself. 2. I didn't have a choice, really. 3. I'm not scared of anything - not even a Krayt dragon!
Mika Dorin: I suppose if there is anyone in the galaxy who could reasonably expect to survive such an encounter, it would be you, Name. But if you are going to continue with such reckless escapades, I would strongly recommend you stock up with weapons and armor from my inventory.

If you return after helping either Chieftain in Need on Kashyyyk:

Mika Dorin: The Czerka people here in Dreshdae are saying the wookiees of Edean have had their spirits broken. They claim all thoughts of freeing themselves from Czerka have been crushed. I sense your hand in this, Name. The full might of Czerka hadn't been able to break the will of those hairy beasts... until you arrived. You might want to browse my inventory, Name. I have many items you could use to help crush your enemies as easily as you crushed the wookiee rebellion. Mika Dorin: The talk among the Czerka people is of a rebellion on the planet of Edean. It appears the wookiees have turned on their masters. I have to assume you are the one responsible for this, Name. I can think of no other who could bring about the collapse of Czerka's operations so spectacularly. I only hope your actions don't draw the attention of your old apprentice. I'd suggest you stock up from my inventory in anticipation of your next meeting with Malak.

If you return after an unfortunate incident in the Hrakert Rift on Manaan:

Mika Dorin: People are saying the Kolto supply on Manaan has been destroyed. Of course when I heard the news I immediately thought of you, Name.
1. Why did you think of me? 2. It was an accident, I swear. 3. [Lie] I don't know anything about it. 4. I destroyed the Kolto. So what?
Mika Dorin: Who else could have caused such a catastrophic change? You are a force of destiny, Name. The galaxy is changed forever by even your slightest of actions. Mika Dorin: Perhaps. Perhaps not. In any case, the galaxy has been forever changed by your actions. You are a force of destiny, Name. Mika Dorin: I find that hard to believe. Who else could have caused such a catastrophic change? You are a force of destiny; the galaxy is changed forever by your actions. Few can claim such power! Mika Dorin: I am not making any judgements. But I marvel at how the galaxy is trembling at the power of your touch; how it is changed forever by your actions.
Mika Dorin: But such actions have consequences, including drawing the attention of old enemies. You should probably look at my stock, Name. It might come in useful in the coming battles.

If you questioned him before boarding the Leviathan then you'll find some answers different to those he gave earlier:

3. I have some questions for you.
Mika Dorin: Of course. I will help you with whatever I can.
1. Do you know a lot about the Ebon Hawk and its previous owners?
Mika Dorin: I know very little about the owners of the Ebon Hawk. Most were affiliated with the Exchange, and they only revealed enough to enable us to do business with them. But the ship itself is very well known, especially here on Korriban. Some say it is the finest smuggling vessel in this sector. Others say it is a cursed vessel, bringing doom to its owners.
1. Cursed? What do you mean? 2. And what do you say?
Mika Dorin: None deny the Hawk is a fine vessel with a long history of successful smuggling runs to its credit. But the owners have not fared nearly as well the ship itself. Take Davik Kang. He was the last owner I know of before you. His home world was the planet Taris - a world the Sith utterly destroyed. Few would call that a fortunate occurrence. And even if Taris hadn't been destroyed, would Davik still be around? It seems doubtful he *sold* the ship to you. And I know Davik didn't *buy* it from the previous owner.
1. These events have more to do with the type of owner than the Hawk itself. 2. I don't believe in curses.
Mika Dorin: Yes, I suppose a Sith Lord has little time for curses. You are probably far beyond such things. In any case, I meant no offense. I am only telling you what I know of the Hawk's reputation. Is there anything else you are needing from me?
2. Anything interesting going on here?
Mika Dorin: Since Malak stole the Order from you, the Academy here on Korriban has become all but impossible to deal with. The Sith there care for nothing but their own plots and schemes. I hope that once you destroy your old apprentice things will return to the way they were before. The Sith and the Exchange should work together: it could benefit both sides.
4. What can you tell me about the Sith's excavations?
Mika Dorin: Very little. None are allowed in their ruins other than the Sith themselves, as I understand it.
1. Surely there must be some way to go there.
Mika Dorin: The Sith do have a passage that leads to their valley from within the monastery. Only they may use it, however. I doubt they would let you in, even if you could somehow convince them of your true identity. Most of the Sith at the Academy are loyal to Malak, now. They see him as the true Master.
4. I'll be going now.
Mika Dorin: Of course. Remember to return whenever you desire to see my inventory of premium items. We are eager to help you against your old apprentice.