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Star Forge System on the Galaxy Map

Quest for the Star Forge[edit]

Journal Entry Added A Quest for the Star Forge
You've discovered the last of the Star Maps and now have the hyperspace coordinates that will lead you to the Star Forge and a final confrontation with Malak. You only hope you aren't too late, for Bastila's sake... and the sake of the entire galaxy.

After acquiring the fifth and final Star Map, the Star Forge System is added to the Ebon Hawk's Galaxy Map: traveling here prevents you from returning to any other world, so any remaining active quests should be completed before doing so, as should any purchases or other acquisitions. Henceforth nothing can be bought or sold, so spend as many credits as you can before traveling: if nothing else, you can stock up on utility items like Computer Spikes.

Meanwhile, Darth Malak is torturing Bastila to turn her to the dark side:

Darth Malak: You are strong, child. But I will break you.
Bastila: I'll never fall to the dark side!
Bastila: You think torture will turn me, Malak? You are a fool.
Darth Malak: Torture? No, dear Bastila. You misunderstand. This is but a taste of the dark side to whet your appetite. When you finally swear loyalty to me, it will be willingly.
Bastila: Never!
Darth Malak: Such resolve in your words, but I see the truth in your heart. The dark side calls to you, Bastila. You hunger to taste it. Become my apprentice, and all its power can be yours!

After exiting hyperspace, you've confronted with the sight of the Star Forge over a planet, and the Sith fleet:

Carth: The Star Forge... I've never seen anything like it. I'm transmitting these coordinates to Admiral Dodonna. Maybe a quick strike by the Republic can cripple the Sith fleet. Message is away. Now we can just wait for the Republic to show up. We should be safe here - we're outside their sensor range.
1. What's that?
Carth: A small vanguard of Sith fighters, coming in hard! Someone needs to get on those gun turrets. Take those fighters out before they report our position to the main fleet!

After taking out those fighters, Carth alerts you to more problems:

Carth: We've got problems! We've flown into some kind of disruptor field. All my instruments are jammed! We've got massive overloads in all systems! I'm picking up a single planet in this system. I'll try and put us down there. Hold on. This may be a rough landing.

Carth manages to land the damaged Ebon Hawk on a secluded beach, and the crew gather at its hub:

Mission: Whew! Talk about your rough landings, Carth! What's the matter? You're flying like you've been on an all night Tarisian ale drinking binge!
Carth: That disruptor field fried our stabilizers - we're lucky we made it down in one piece! But if we can't find the salvage to make repairs I won't even be able to get the Ebon Hawk airborne again!
Zaalbar: Maybe if we're lucky the crash will take care of our gizka problem. The rough landing might convince them to abandon the ship.
Juhani: During our rather rapid descent I noticed the hulls of many crashed ships scattered across the landscape. Perhaps the parts you need can be found among their wreckage. Jolee: You know, during our rather rapid descent I noticed the hulls of many crashed ships scattered across the landscape. Maybe the parts you need can be found among their wreckage.
Canderous: The Cathar's right: this planet's a technological graveyard. I saw dozens of downed ships out there. That disruptor field must have wiped them all out. But where could it be coming from? Canderous: The old man's right: this planet's a technological graveyard. I saw dozens of downed ships out there. That disruptor field must have wiped them all out.
Carth: Even if we get the stabilizers fixed, we'll have to find and disable the source of that disruptor field before we can take off. Otherwise we'll just end up crashing again.
1. That disruptor field could wipe out the entire Republic fleet! 2. I wonder why the Sith ships aren't affected by the disruptor field?
Carth: You're right! That Sith fleet we saw must have some type of protection against the disruptor field. We have to find a way to disable it or the Republic will be slaughtered! Carth: They must have some kind of protection against it. But the Republic fleet won't. We have to find a way to disable that disruptor field or the Sith will slaughter them!
T3-M4: Beep, boop, beep.
Mission: T3's picking up massive power fluctuations on the ship's sensors. They seem to be coming from some type of large stone structure to the east... it looks like some kind of ancient temple.
1. You all seem to be forgetting about Bastila! 2. Hey - I thought we needed to find some stabilizers for the ship! 3. Let's go check it out.
Carth: We haven't forgotten about her. But we can't do her much good stuck down here. We have to help ourselves before we can help her. Carth: The stabilizers won't do much good if we don't disable that disruptor field first. Otherwise, we'll end up crashing back down to the planet's surface again. And this time we might not survive! Carth: Good idea. If that temple's generating power it probably has something to do with that disruptor field.
Mission: Hey, don't forget about Bastila, guys! We still have to rescue her, too.
Juhani: I only hope we're not too late. Bastila has been Malak's prisoner for a long time. If he can turn her to the dark side she will join him and the Sith will be invincible. Jolee: I just hope we're not too late. Bastila's been Malak's prisoner for a long time. If he turns her to the dark side she'll join him and the Sith will become invincible.
1. Bastila would never turn to the dark side! Dark Side Points Gained: -2
2. Even together they are no match for me. I used to be the Sith Lord, remember?
Jolee: I fear Bastila will find the lure of the dark side difficult to resist. She is strong in the Force, but she is also impulsive, willful and proud - as you once were, Revan. Jolee: I remember... though I hoped you would not be so quick to embrace the being you once were. If Bastila feels as you do then she is lost to us, Revan.
Light Side Points Gained: +2
1. Don't call me that. I'm not Revan anymore.
2. If Bastila's joined Malak then she'll suffer the same fate he does!
Jolee: I am glad to hear you say that. Now that you know your true identity I was afraid you might slip back over to the dark side. If Bastila feels as you do there may yet be hope for her. Jolee: Let us hope it does not come to that.
Carth: Well, if Bastila is on the Star Forge like you think, Jolee, then we can't rescue her until we disable that disruptor field. The sooner we investigate that temple to the east the better. We can probably find the wreckage of a downed ship along the way. If we're lucky we can salvage some stabilizers from it to get off this planet.
Mission: I hope everything works out as smooth as you make it sound, Carth.
Carth: So do I, Mission. So do I.
Journal Entry Added A Quest for the Star Forge
When approaching the Star Forge, the Ebon Hawk fell victim to a disruptor field and crashed on an uncharted planet. In order to escape this world you'll need to find a way to disable the disruptor field, as well as find the necessary parts to repair your ship.


After acquiring the fifth and final Star Map, a female character who romanced Carth can finally talk about being Revan:

1. I think it's time we talked about me being Revan, don't you?
Carth: If you're ready to talk, then yes... so am I.
1. And?
Carth: I can't hate you. I tried... I wanted to hold you responsible for all the things you've done. For my... for my wife, for Telos... for Dustil. But I can't.
1. Why can't you? 3. Why should I care if you hate me?
2. I'm glad to hear that. Carth: Maybe you shouldn't. I would hope that my standing by you would mean something to you, but maybe it doesn't. Maybe it just can't.
Carth: I got the revenge I always wanted when Saul died, but it hasn't brought me the peace that I thought it would. All I can think of now is the promise I made to protect you from what's going to come. It's given me a reason to look past simple revenge.
Dark Carth: You have a darkness inside you that must be Revan. But there's more to you, as well. I see it, I know it's there. Carth: Despite whatever part of Revan is inside you, the... the darkness that must surely be there, it isn't who you are.
Carth: That's why I can't hate you, why I don't want any more revenge. You don't have to be Revan, you can be so much more. Whatever the Jedi did to you, they gave you that chance. You have this huge destiny waiting for you, and I just fear that if you're alone it could swallow you whole. I mean, is there room in there for me? Will you let me help you?
4. No, Carth. There's no room in my destiny for you. 3. I'm sorry Carth. There's no room in my destiny for you. 3. I can't give you that chance. There can be no future between us.
Carth: Oh. I had... hoped that there might be. I don't blame you. Uh. You're not the same woman I met on Taris anymore, are you? Well, thank you for your honesty. I still intend to see this through to the end, whatever happens. Malak needs to be stopped. And uh, you... you'll make the decision you have to. And we'll have to deal with that day when it comes.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.

Any of those responses completes this quest prematurely. Otherwise:

1. How could you possibly help me? 2. You think I could fall to the dark side, do you? 3. I don't want you hurt protecting me, Carth.
Carth: I think I would be hurt worse if I didn't try.
1. What do you mean? 2. I don't understand.
Carth: Whatever's happened up until this point, there's going to come a time very soon where you're going to have to make a choice. And there won't be any turning back. I want you to make the right choice. I want to give you a reason to.
1. And if I make the wrong choice? 2. What sort of reason?
Carth: Well then I hope I can save you. From yourself.
Carth: You gave me a future. I want to give you a future, too... with me. I think I could love you, if you give me the chance.
1. I think I could love you, too. 2. I can't see into the future. I don't know what's going to happen.
Carth: Neither do I. But does that really matter if we love each other?
1. I guess not. I think I could love you, too.
Carth: Well then I'm... I'm glad. Let's... let's face the future together, then... there's still a lot to do.
Journal Entry Added Carth
There is nothing more that remains to be said. Whatever becomes of you and Carth will have to be determined once your destiny is resolved… one way or the other.

This dialog must be completed before entering the Temple of the Ancients, otherwise it becomes unavailable and the romance ends afterwards without a proper climax back on the Central Beach, or the Star Forge.

Trapped on a Nameless World[edit]

Journal Entry Added Trapped on a Nameless World
You've crashed on a small, uncharted planet. In order to escape, you'll need to find some new stabilizers to repair the Ebon Hawk and you'll have to find some way to disable the disruptor field that caused you to crash in the first place.

The crew remain gathered at the hub of the Ebon Hawk. If you check the hyperdrive in the engine room to the south:

[The hyperdrive is non-functional. Critical components have been damaged.]

If you try to approach the cockpit to the north, Carth will stop you:

Carth: Hey, where are you going? We can't leave the planet yet. Remember all those wrecked ships we saw? We need to salvage some new stabilizers or the Ebon Hawk won't even be able to get off the ground.

Even if you do get to the cockpit later, if you try to use the Galaxy Map before finding a way to disable the disruptor field:

[Before you can leave this planet you will have to find some way to disable the disruptor field that caused you to crash in the first place.]

You can ask some other party members if they know anything about this world:

2. Do you know anything about this world?
Canderous: This world is... odd. It looks like a battlefield, but the environment is lush and green. Whatever happened here was a long time ago. I have seen many strange worlds in my time, but this world is stranger still. I don't like this place. Something happened... or is happening here and I don't like it. We should get out of here as soon as possible. You have anything else you want to ask?
2. Do you know anything about this place?
Carth: I don't really know much about this place, sorry.
Jolee: Hmph. Hard to say what this planet is. Been lost for thousands of years, if not more. *Sniff* Smells like bad, bad karma so watch your step. And that's about all I got to say about that. Now let's get going.
2. Do you know anything about the planet we're on?
Mission: How am I supposed to know anything about this planet? It's an uncharted world in an unexplored quadrant! I didn't even know this planet was here! Didn't you come back here when you were the Dark Lord? If you don't remember anything about this place then I guess we're just stumbling in the dark. Sorry I can't be more help, you know? Is there anything else I can do for you?
Zaalbar: I know that it isn't my homeworld. That is all I care about. There is nothing here to interest me. Zaalbar: I don't know much about the planets we visit, but… I suppose I should learn. When you ask someone else, I will listen as well.