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T3-M4 joins your party after getting him from Droids by Janice in the Upper City North on Taris: while he must be a member of your party to open the security door to the Sith base to allow you to escape the planet, after entering the base you can exit immediately to remove him again.

Although he communicates in a series of beeps and boops, their meaning is made clear by your responses, or those of another party member. You can't unlock further dialog by speaking to him, but he may comment during dialog when in your party, although unlocking this may also be conditional on others being added or removed, among other things:

Location Dialog Add Remove
Grove Bolook Bastila, Carth
Courtyard Elise
Matale Grounds Ahlan Matale
Matale Grounds Matale Droid
Location Dialog Add Remove
Anchorhead Iziz HK-47
Droid Shop HK-47
Dune Sea Tanis Venn
Eastern Dune Sea Star Map All
Location Dialog Add Remove
Hrakert Station Mercenary HK-47 Carth
Location Dialog Add Remove
Dreshdae Lashowe Jolee, Canderous, Carth
Czerka Representative HK-47
Sith Academy Entrance Sith Academy Guard HK-47
Sith Academy Uthar Wynn HK-47
Tomb of Marka Ragnos Rogue Assassin Droid Light Side Points Gained HK-47
Tomb of Tulak Hord Mekel HK-47 Carth
Location Dialog Add Remove
Prison Block Shop Droid T3-M4
Decommissioned Droid T3-M4
Rodian Prisoner T3-M4
Star Forge System
Location Dialog Add Remove
Central Beach Carth Light Side Points Gained (romanced)