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Map of Ahto East courtyard

Ahto City East Central[edit]

With the door to the East Central courtyard behind you to the southwest, the corridor to the northeast is patrolled by a cleaning droid.

Beep beep beep-oop!

The corridor turns east and ends at a door, beyond which is the Ahto East courtyard, patrolled by a pair of cleaner droids: the Sith Base is to the north, past the General Shop, and Swoop Track Registration to the south. However, as you enter the courtyard, one of three female Sith soldiers standing to the right demands that you pay a toll:

Sith Soldier: Hey - this street is for Sith only. You got to pay a 20 credit toll to walk down this street.
1. Fine, here's your 20 credits.
Sith Soldier: Thanks for the credits, nerf-herder!
Credits Lost: 20

It may be a trifling amount, but she doesn't have to be paid:

2. This is a public street! 3. You can have your credits when you take them from my cold, dead hand.
Sith Soldier: Hiding behind the Selkath laws - typical Republic cowardice! Sith Soldier: You talk big - but remember what we did to Taris. Maybe you're next on our list.

A female swoop fan stands with the three Sith, with a Selkath guard and a Selkath behind them. The two bareheaded Sith soldiers merely comment based on the sex of your main character:

Back off, Republic scum! A man like you couldn't hope to satisfy a Sith woman! Back off, Republic dog! You couldn't hope to compare to a real woman!

If you speak to the Sith soldier that challenged you again:

Sith Soldier: Hey, you working for the Republic? You look like a Republic agent - I can see the cowardice in your eyes. Sith Soldier: Out of my way - unless you want to feel the wrath of the Sith!
1. Your taunts are nothing to me. There is no emotion, there is peace. 1. Your words are all sound and fury, signifying nothing. 2. I've seen the wrath of the Sith. I wasn't impressed.
Sith Soldier: You think you can impress me by spouting a bunch of Jedi garbage? If it wasn't for the Selkath neutrality laws, I'd add your name to the list of Jedi I've killed. Sith Soldier: You dare mock me? If it wasn't for the Selkath laws I'd teach you proper respect! Sith Soldier: The wrath of the Sith is a terrible thing! Remember Taris! You'll see - you'll all see!

Threatening her may move you closer to the dark side of the Force, and prompt the Selkath guard to intervene:

Dark Side Points Gained: -2
2. You better change your attitude, or the Selkath might find your body floating in the ocean!
3. Maybe I should just split you open from head to toe! How's that for wrath?
Sith Soldier: Are you threatening me? It's illegal to try to start a fight in Ahto City! Constable - over here! This Republic scum is trying to break the peace!
Selkath Guard: Is this true human? Are you threatening this woman with violence?
1. She started it! She's insulting me. 2. The Sith and I are exchanging meaningless taunts.
Selkath Guard: Insults are one thing, human. Threats of physical violence are quite another. They are expressly forbidden by the laws of Ahto City. Selkath Guard: I am not deaf, human. I heard your words, and threatening physical violence is not permitted in Ahto City.

You'll need to be persuasive to avoid a fine, although using the Force moves you closer to the dark side of the Force:

Medium 1. [Persuade] I'm sorry, constable. It won't happen again. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] This argument was the fault of the Sith. She should be arrested.
Selkath Guard: [Success] Very well, I shall overlook this infraction. But you would be wise to watch your words in the future, human. Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Selkath Guard: [Success] Yes - you are correct, human. The Sith is the one at fault.
Sith Soldier: The Selkath claim neutrality, but you're always giving preferential treatment to the Republic! I'm going to report this incident to the Sith Embassy! Sith Soldier: Me? I didn't do anything! This is an outrage! A travesty of justice!
Selkath Guard: Come with me to the Ahto City prisons. We will alert your Embassy and you shall be released when they pay the fine. Though I've known the Sith to let their people languish in the prison for many months before securing their release.
Sith Soldier: I'll get you for this, Jedi! The Sith won't stand for this!

Belligerence also moves you closer to the dark side of the Force: it also results in being fined 100 credits... as does failure to be persuasive:

Dark Side Points Gained: -2
3. ... And? You want a piece of me, too?
Selkath Guard: [Failure] Apologies are not sufficient. The law must be upheld. Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Selkath Guard: [Failure] A strange interpretation of these events, human. One I do not share. Clearly you are the one at fault here.
2. What are you going to do?
Selkath Guard: Human, you are fined 100 credits for disturbing the Manaan peace. If you do not pay, you will be taken to the Manaan prisons.
2. Here are your credits.
Selkath Guard: Further disturbances will be dealt with in a similar manner.
Credits Lost: 100

If you pay then you may be able to threaten her again to move even closer to the dark side of the Force. If you don't pay then you're taken to the prison in Ahto West, and the fine is increased to 500 credits if you remain belligerent: you don't have to pay the Selkath warden if you can dominate his mind, otherwise you'll pay or whatever money you do have will be confiscated if you can't pay the full amount.

1. I don't have that much. 3. Your laws are nothing to me!
Selkath Guard: Then you shall be imprisoned until you can pay the fine. Selkath Guard: Perhaps a 500 credit fine and a stint in the Ahto City jails will teach you to respect our laws.

You're taken to the holding cell:

Selkath Warden: You will stay here in the prison until your fine of 100 credits is paid. Selkath Warden: You have been charged with flagrant violations of the Ahto City laws, and insubordination towards a Selkath constable. The fine is 500 credits.
Selkath Warden: You will stay here in the prison until your fine is paid.
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 1. [Force Persuade] You really want to let me go. I have done nothing. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 1. [Force Persuade] You really want to let me go. I have done nothing.
Selkath Warden: [Failure] You try to influence my mind! We do not tolerate disrespect for the law here on Manaan. Your money will be confiscated and you will be deported to your ship. Similar offences will be dealt with in an equally harsh manner. Selkath Warden: [Success] Perhaps we were wrong about you, human. You may go.
2. Here are the 100 credits. 2. Here are the 500 credits.
Selkath Warden: You are now free to go, human. Remember to keep the peace, or you will face the penalties once more.
3. I don't have 100 credits. 3. I don't have 500 credits.
Selkath Warden: Then we will confiscate what money you have and you will be deported to your ship. Similar offences will be dealt with in an equally harsh manner.
Credits Lost: (0-100) Credits Lost: (0-500)

You're taken all the way back to the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk in the docking bay. If you don't threaten the Sith, the Selkath guard merely comments:

Selkath Guard
Obey our laws here on Manaan, off-worlder. A law-abiding visitor is a visitor that does not go to prison.
We are watching you off-worlder... We know that you have had some influence in recent events...

You can try speaking to the unfriendly Selkath beside him:

Selkath: Why are you disturbing me, off-worlder? I did not indicate I wished to converse with you.
1. I'd like to ask you some questions. 2. I'm sorry. I'll be going now. 3. You need an attitude adjustment!
Selkath: Consult your own diplomat if you have questions, off-worlder. If you do not know of him, go to the Republic enclave and find him. He is paid to be of service to your kind - I am not. I believe this concludes our conversation. Selkath: First you interrupt my thoughts, then you scuttle off. You off-worlders are a curious bunch. It is no wonder I find so few of you worth talking to. Selkath: If you are fool enough to draw your weapon, you will find yourself locked up for a long, long time. I have nothing further to say to a thug such as you.
Selkath: Your kind has done nothing but disrupt our lives since you came here! We want nothing to do with any of you!
Selkath: I have no wish to talk with your kind, off-worlder! I have heard the rumors. We Selkath know your kind are to blame for the poor kolto harvest.
4. You Selkath blame without any proof!
Selkath: We have a saying here on Manaan - you can know the what is beneath the water by the ripples on the surface. Do you understand, off-worlder?
1. I think so. 2. Not really.
Selkath: The Manaan authorities may not have the proof to proceed with official diplomatic sanctions against the Republic, but we Selkath know who is to blame. I see no further point in continuing this conversation.

Sith Base[edit]

A traveler and friendly Selkath stand by the north wall, beyond the northeast corner of of the rectangular pool dividing the west end of the courtyard.

I don't know how much longer I can stay on this world... The Selkath don't make it easy for us off-worlders.
Manaan may not seem very hospitable, but a surprising amount of trade runs through it because of the kolto trade.
I heard the Sith are trying to work on a synthetic version of kolto. I wouldn't be surprised if the Republic was, too.
The fighting between the Republic and the Sith is spreading farther. I wonder how long before Manaan becomes a battleground...
There's a lot of credits to be made in the Republic in times like these. If we survive of course...
I hear there's going to be a heavy meteor shower in the Coruscant system this year. Last time this sort of thing happened, they lost one of the orbital stations.
A friend of mine recently got into Pazaak - you know, the card game. Now he can't stop! It's so addictive!
The whole swoop racing circuit for this sector has been falling apart since the Sith bombed Taris.
Did I tell you I'm a fan? I saw recordings of some of your races and you're great! Maybe when they get the circuit back up we can really see what you can do!
Wow! Hey, you're the sector swoop champ, right? Too bad about the circuit being so small this year, but still!
The Selkath have clamped down on kolto exports all of a sudden. No one knows why. If someone did something to offend them, there's going to be trouble I think.
I hear the Czerka Corp. got kicked off Kashyyyk by the locals... Good for them! At least someone's getting something back from them.
I heard there's been some sort of revolt on one of the Sith worlds. Maybe the Republic would actually have a chance... if it weren't for Malak.
Greetings, off-worlder. While I do not have time to converse with you, I hope you find what you are looking for here on Manaan.
The Sith have tried to manipulate our courts time and again, seeking power for themselves. I hope our government decides to do more against this.
I find it shocking that a hero of the Republic - Sunry - could do such a thing. Perhaps I have been wrong in my judgment of the Republic.
The Sith Embassy has been struck by some sort of attack recently, although they won't say what it was. Perhaps the war has come here after all...
Many say that the Republic has had something to do with the economic restriction our people have placed on all trade. I hope it is not true.

Another pair stands at the east end of the courtyard, by the ocean beyond the round pool at its east end.

A walkway exiting the northeast corner of the courtyard leads to a door to the north, beyond which it continues past the entrance to Yortal's Emporium in the west wall to the lobby of the Sith base to the north. Four Sith war droids stand guard:

Move about your business, human.

The door to the Sith Embassy in the west wall is locked: before it on its right is a desk, behind which a Sith diplomat stands. You can ask him some questions if any quests were activated in Ahto West:

Sith Diplomat: Only people who have business with the Sith are allowed inside the Embassy. Sith Diplomat: I know you. You're the Arbiter in the murder trial. Elassa was a friend of mine. If there's any justice in the galaxy, they'll feed Sunry to the firaxans. Shouldn't you be preparing for the trial? What are you doing here? Sith Diplomat: Allow me to thank you for helping put that killer Sunry in prison. Elassa was a friend of mine, and the thought of her murderer going free enraged me! But thanks to you, justice was served. So what can I do for you? Sith Diplomat: I can't believe you let that murderer Sunry go free! If the Selkath are so neutral and unbiased, why can't the Sith find any justice on this planet? But we Sith have long memories. Soon there will be a day of reckoning - very soon. So what are you doing here?
1. I want to ask you some questions.
Sith Diplomat: You can ask - but I doubt you'll get many answers you'll like.
1. Do you know about the Sunry case?
Sith Diplomat: I know he'd already be tried, convicted and executed if the Selkath knew anything about justice! But the fish people are as weak as the Republic when it comes to such matters.
2. Why is the Republic hiring so many mercenaries?
Sith Diplomat: Who knows? Some scheming plot, no doubt. Hopefully the Selkath uncover it and ban the Republic from the planet.
3. Why have the Sith taken such an interest in the Selkath youth?
Sith Diplomat: I haven't the faintest clue as to what you're talking about.
Sith Diplomat: Is there anything else?
2. I have business with the Sith.
Sith Diplomat: Ha! We know who we have business with. If you don't know how to get in, then we don't want anything to do with you. Now back off!
5. I'll be going now.
Sith Diplomat: Go. Stay. Doesn't matter to me. If you want to, you can even wander up to the embassy gates. Heh. But don't expect to get inside.

After speaking to Roland Wann from the Republic Embassy in East Central and agreeing to undertake a Mission for the Republic, there are two ways you can open the door:

3. I have this passcard. 4. I know the pass code.
Sith Diplomat: If you have a pass, why are you bothering me with it? Just go in. Sith Diplomat: Oh, really? You mean someone like you actually has some real purpose inside? Well, then, what is it?
1. Zeta 245698 Alpha.
Sith Diplomat: Hmph. Yes, well, I suppose you really do have some business here. Head on in.

You can now enter the Sith base. You'll engage in combat almost immediately upon entry and ideally you don't want to exit again until you've completed the mission, so choose your party wisely. Deadly mines may be encountered so one of your party needs Awareness rank 20 to detect these if you don't want to trigger anything; there are also opportunities for Computer Use and Repair, which can assist with the inevitable combat.

Swoop Track Registration[edit]

Another cleaning droid patrols the east end of the courtyard, where a male and a female Sith soldier stand to the south of a round pool: they can be asked questions about the swoop races, which racers they like (if any) and Manaan. Both can also be antagonized so that they refuse to speak to you any further.

Sith Soldier: What do you want, rail-rat? I don't have the time or desire to bother speaking with wandering idiots.
Sith Soldier: Go join the other transients in the swoop race area. At least you'll all be contained. Sith Soldier: You're probably another race fan in a fool's stupor after that big win by local whelp Queedle Molta. Sith Soldier: Go talk with your adoring fans over at the swoop races. I'm sure they fawn all over their beloved Sector Champion.
1. Could I ask you a few questions? 2. Let's go back to my first questions.
Sith Soldier: I will get tired of your voice in short order, so make it quick. Sith Soldier: Hurry it up. This is a poor use of my time. You should know not to annoy one of my kind.
1. You mentioned the races.
Sith Soldier: Our Taris campaign killed the giants of the sport. The current racers are hardly inspiring. An Aqualish (sic) champion? Hmph. Laughable. Sith Soldier: You're the Sector Champion; you know the races inside and out. Why ask me? Are you trying to worm a compliment out of me?
Sith Soldier: Nothing about the current state of the races make me want to watch. Especially if it means associating with the cattle grouped in there now.

Queedle's appearance is Ithorian, not Aqualish.

1. There are no racers you like?
Sith Soldier: I admire the mercenary spirit of Casandra Mateil. Other than that, no one.
Sith Soldier: Her mercenary spirit isn't what's selling the autoprints.
Sith Soldier: She does have... other qualities as well.
2. I have some questions about Manaan.
Sith Soldier: Grow some gills and swim the planet yourself. There's no substitute for personal experience. I have nothing else to say on the subject.
3. I have to leave. Goodbye.
Sith Soldier: Good. This visit was dragging on.
Sith Soldier: Why are you back again? I didn't show enough disinterest the first time around? You really shouldn't pester a soldier of the Sith.
Sith Soldier: I shouldn't expect you to listen. You're probably just another open-mouthed fool here for the swoop races. Sith Soldier: Go look for fans over at the swoop races, Sector Champion. I'm sure they'll give you what your looking for.
3. I don't like how hostile you are.
Sith Soldier: Hostile? I would consider this the height of calm for dealing with insects like yourself. If I were hostile, you'd be dead.
1. A pity we can't test the theory now. 2. I won't take that chance. Goodbye.
Sith Soldier: Yes, Manaan is a very unsatisfying world for settling disagreements. The Selkath are very insistant that even words are not used as weapons. Since we both refuse to initiate a violent event, you'll have to accept my contempt-filled dismissal, and hope we don't meet again. Sith Soldier: Wisely played. Go away.
Sith Soldier: Go away. You would regret the only other option.
Sith Soldier: What do we have here? A lost off-worlder, perhaps? You're probably here for the swoop races. Track is through the west corridor. Get moving.
Sith Soldier: I hate the rabble the races attract. They're always trouble. Sith Soldier: I believe Queedle Molta has taken top spot. I prefer the professional racers. His win was just a fluke. An aberration. Sith Soldier: Wait, I recognize you. I watched you take top prize at the swoop tournament. Nice work, Sector Champion, but you haven't won me over.
1. Could I ask you a few questions? 2. Let's go back to my first questions.
Sith Soldier: I'm no guide. The Sith don't suffer questions for long. Sith Soldier: Hurry it up. This is a poor use of my time. You should know not to annoy one of my kind.
1. What do you think of the swoop races?
Sith Soldier: What do I think? I think it's a shame when an unworthy newcomer unseats his betters. I am not easily won as a supporter. Sith Soldier: Are you hoping that I will look more favorably on you because you have taken the Sector Champion title? You are mistaken.
Sith Soldier: I am fond of the sport, true, but it's more about hating racers I don't think should win than actually paying tribute to those I favor.
1. Who do you like?
Sith Soldier: Hukta Jax shows the proper spirit of competition, and it has brought him to the top before.
Sith Soldier: The Gamorrean? You're joking.
Sith Soldier: Brute force to the finish, he's very efficient.
2. I wanted to ask questions about Manaan.
Sith Soldier: Then seek out a helpful fish for answers. I have no interest in the affairs of the Selkath and you have no reason to inquire about mine.
3. I have to leave. Goodbye.
Sith Soldier: Of course you do. Good riddance.
Sith Soldier: What do you want now? You press your luck, pestering a Sith soldier. It doesn't seem wise on your part.
Sith Soldier: As I have said in the past, the swoop races attract the lowest of rabble. As you are one of them, I suggest you leave me alone. Sith Soldier: Don't count on the small measure of celebrity you have attained at the swoop races. All are equally inferior before the Sith.
3. I don't think I asked your opinion, Sith.
Sith Soldier: What did you say? You don't want trouble from me, friend. You might as well take a blaster to your own head.
1. You don't look so tough to me. 2. I meant no harm. I apologize.
Sith Soldier: So, you have some courage. Dumb as a B'omarr castoff, but you've got courage. What do you hope to accomplish with this threat? Even if you expected to live through my attack, the Selkath would lock you up for fighting in their streets. Sith Soldier: I'm sure you didn't. Walk away. Now.
1. I made no threat. I merely voiced an opinion. 2. Then I will beg your pardon and leave.
Sith Soldier: Ah, so you wish to goad *me* into action so the Selkath turn their unyielding laws my way? Amusing. Perhaps you aren't so foolish. You've made your jest on the one world where you would not be immediately struck down. I suggest you walk away while your assumption holds true. Sith Soldier: I thought you might. Walk away. Now.
Sith Soldier: Move along, off-worlder. I've had enough of you.

If you approach the southeast corner of the courtyard, you'll overhear a Sith negotiating with a mercenary there:

Sith Negotiator: We might have a position within the Sith organization for one such as you.
Mercenary: Your offer is pretty good. But I've heard some nasty things about you Sith. Is it true you bombed Taris into dust?
Sith Negotiator: This is war. In war certain distasteful acts cannot be avoided. But ask yourself this - when we win this war, would you rather be against the Sith, or with us?
Mercenary: You make a good point. And I've never turned down a job that pays up front.
Sith Negotiator: Excellent. Report to the Sith Embassy tomorrow for your assignment.

If you try to speak to her:

Sith Negotiator: I have no desire to speak to you. I know you have links to the Republic.

The mercenary begins to wander back and forth up the walkway exiting the courtyard to the north. If you speak to him:

Mercenary: Sorry, but you're too late to recruit me. I've just hired on with the Sith. Of course, if the Republic has a better offer...
1. I'm not a recruiter. 2. You'd work for the Sith? They're evil! 3. Can I ask you a few questions.
Mercenary: Then why are you bothering me? I'm here on Manaan to find work as a mercenary. I'm not here to chat with tourists. Mercenary: Hey, keep your lectures. The Sith pay well, and they pay up front. That's all I care about. Mercenary: I don't have time to sit here and answer your questions. I have to get ready - the Sith want me to report to their Embassy first thing tomorrow.

There is a door in the south wall of the southwest corner of the courtyard, beyond which is a corridor patrolled by another cleaner droid: at the south end there's a short ramp down to a door in the west wall to swoop registration. Beyond are an assortment of swoop fans and a novice swoop racer around tables in the southwest corner: two three-eyed aliens stand at the table closest to the door, while beyond them are a male and female swoop fan:

Swoop Fan
Queedle is the local favorite. You should cheer along with us. He needs the encouragement.
We need more rules about overpowered bikes. Hukta just rides over everything. It's boring watching him.
Hukta Jax is insane. He just smashes through everything to the finish. I guess we should expect that from a Gamorrean?
You here to cheer Casandra? She's a fine racer. I hope she knocks Hukta out of the running.
Queedle becomes Sector Champion
I don't believe it! Who'd have thought Queedle had it in him?
A new Champion! And it's Queedle! I knew he could do it with a decent swoop under him.
How about that? Queedle, a local racer, showing those pros how it's done!
I cheer for Queedle now that he's winning. It would take an amazing racer to win me away.
Race lost
You sure you're cut out for this league of racing? Maybe the stress of it is getting to you.
You didn't look too good out there on that last run. I guess everyone has their bad days.
No offence, but I could have done better than you on that last race. As a true fan, I know how to do these things right.
Male swoop fan
Well, I guess the course proved too much for you at this level. Better luck next time.
Beat first round
You're pretty good. Maybe I should start putting some credits on your races.
I guess you've got what it takes to advance. The odds against you winning are getting better.
The second round always has experienced riders. You'll be up against some tough times.
You're up against the second round times now. That's a hard round to beat.
Beat second round
Some of the racers are having a bad time here on Manaan. Seems like you have all the luck right now.
Some of the other fans didn't think you could reach the second round, but I knew you would all along.
Are you sure you're up to challenging the third round time? I mean, you're good, but are you that good?
I'm putting all my credits on you. You're a sure thing.
Male Sector Champion
Whew, that was an exciting time you turned in. Nobody else had a chance.
Good race, Sector Champion. I guess you'll be off to the big tracks, once the circuit is back up.
Wow, I bet you could have won on Taris with times like that. It's a shame we'll never know.
Could I get an autoprint? You've just had the quickest rise to Sector Champion that I've ever seen.
Female Sector Champion
It's amazing what you've accomplished here, and you've done it with such style. I've never met a woman like you.
Non-alien swoop fans
You sure put Hukta in his place. I don't have to say that you are a much more appealing champion.
I haven't seen a race like that in years. Well, there was Gandroff on Coruscant, but he lacked your... charms.
You are amazing out on the course... and in person. Congratulations.

Another male swoop fan stands at the next table with a novice swoop racer:

Swoop Fan
Have you been to the swoop races before? Some of these riders are sure full of themselves.
Sure the swoop circuit is suffering a bit with Taris gone, but we still have some good racers to watch.
You'll have to get in line for the good seats when the races start. There's a lot of people that want to see them.
I was down here last week and I got Casandra Mateil's autoprint. She doesn't do that very often.
Queedle becomes Sector Champion
It's amazing what's been happening on the track! Queedle has taken the top spot!
I always cheered Queedle before, and I guess it helped! He's beaten everyone!
Queedle has really improved out there. He was always my favorite.
Everyone thought Queedle couldn't compete because he was just a local racer, but he's shown them all.
Race lost
You're only as good as your last race. Remember that.
I was cheering for you. I hope I didn't jinx your race.
Your last race was a disappointment. Lose many more and the crowd will turn on you.
You'll have to do better than that if you want to be sector champion.
Beat first round
Not bad at all, but I'll start cheering when you prove you're not just using beginner's luck.
You won't have such an easy run in the second round. We get some experienced riders through here.
You're not bad for a beginner. It's almost like you've competed at this level before.
I sure hope you're staying here. Beating the first round has made you look pretty good to the crowd.
Beat second round
Nice race. How do you go so fast? Are you sure your swoop is legal?
If you win again, I'll be absolutely amazed. You are moving up so fast.
You're surprising a lot of people. Me included. Nice job out there.
Some of the crowd may turn on you. You're not the underdog anymore.
Male Sector Champion
Well, you've captured the sector championship. I have to say I've never seen such an... impressive racer.
I didn't think you had it in you, but I guess I was wrong. You've really won me over, champion.
You handled that race like a pro. I like confident men.
Racers like you are why I watch the sport. You dominated the whole field. It was... exhilarating.
Female Sector Champion
Ha. I've never seen anyone who rides like you. This has been a great tournament.
You're deadly serious out on the course. Like Hukta Jax, but with talent. You deserve to be champion.
Your win was a complete surprise to everyone. I'm sure the crowd thought you would burn out, but you showed them.
The crowd really started pulling for you in that last race. Everyone loves a winner, I guess.
Novice Swoop Racer
This isn't the best track, but it's better than the dustbowl on Tatooine.
You're probably here to see the more established racers. That'll be me someday.
I'm just starting out. Hopefully when the circuit is back up fans like you will start to know my name when I race.
Hey! Come to cheer your favorite swoop-jock? Well, this is the place now that Taris is gone...
Beat first round
Don't worry about hurrying through the ranks. With the circuit down, there's not many other places to race right now.
Racing here is pretty well regulated. I hear that other tracks are falling under Hutt control.
Good to see a new racer coming in. I want to see someone give the pros a run for their money.
You'll find that racing here is serious business. Maybe even dangerous sometimes.
Sector Champion
I could have been champ. I can't afford the swoop upgrades though.
You'll be the talk of Manaan for a while. Nobody is going to get anywhere near your time.
Are you sure you're not a pro? You sure seem to know what you are doing out there.
Wow, you shot through the ranks here. I'm impressed. I couldn't do that.

The Twi'lek male Vek stands on the right, while the Twi'lek female Zeena stands just beyond him at the south end of the registration desk:

What do YOU want? If you aren't a racer, you're nobody, so just leave me alone.
Hey, you're not bad... maybe if you win a couple races, I might be glad to have talked to you.
Wow! You're, like, sooo great! I can't believe you actually spoke to me. Like, wow!

The Ithorian Queedle stands by a table in the northwest corner of the room, while a short ramp leads down to a door marked Swoop Racers Only in the north wall, beyond which is the Racers' Lounge: within are the two professional swoop racers, the Twi'lek female Casandra Mateil and the Gamorrean Hukta Jax. Casandra Mateil can be threatened to move closer to the dark side of the Force:

Casandra Mateil: What do you want? I don't waste time with fans, so if this is about an autoprint, forget it. You can buy one when I get more made up.
Casandra Mateil: Leave me alone. I need time to prepare for my races. Casandra Mateil: Wait, you're that new racer. I don't give out racing secrets, if that's what you're asking for. Casandra Mateil: I'm still upset about losing my ranking to that amateur Queedle. I don't know how he got so fast all of a sudden. Casandra Mateil: Wait a minute... you're no fan. You're the racer that killed my time. Why should I talk to you? Casandra Mateil: Wait, no, you're the new Sector Champion, aren't you? You're really cutting into my profits. What do you want?
3. Sounds like you need a lesson...
Casandra Mateil: What? Are you threatening me? On Manaan? You know how foolish that is, right?
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
1. How about you pay me to go away?
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
2. I'll threaten you if I want!
Casandra Mateil: You're not getting anything out of me on this planet. The Selkath have cameras everywhere. You'd just be locked up for trying. Casandra Mateil: Not here you won't. There are cameras everywhere, looking for just your type. Criminals like you are shipped off instantly.
Casandra Mateil: Go away. Manaan isn't very friendly to bullies.
Casandra Mateil: I don't care who you are or what you do on this track; I'm not saying anything else to you.

Otherwise, she and Hukta Jax can be asked about themselves, racing and Manaan:

Casandra Mateil
1. I just want to ask a few questions. 2. Save your attitude. Answer my questions. 3. I apologize. I didn't mean anything. 4. Let's go back to my first questions.
Casandra Mateil: Well, get it over with. Casandra Mateil: Don't get snippy with me. I have legions of adoring fans that would rather have my time. Legions! Casandra Mateil: That's better. Hurry up and tell me what you want. Casandra Mateil: Yes yes, hurry it up.
1. I want to ask about you and racing.
Casandra Mateil: Of course you do. Everyone wants time with the fabulous Casandra Mateil. There just isn't enough of me to go around. Casandra Mateil: Again? Oh all right, but only if you make it quick.
1. Is Manaan a good course for racing?
Casandra Mateil: You should know better than any of us. You're the Sector Champion, after all. You tell me if the track is good. Feh!


Casandra Mateil: It was, but I can't seem to get a break lately. Hukta has been holding me off, and all he does is run over everything.
Casandra Mateil: And Queedle, what's he doing winning? He's just a local amateur. I'm glad only a small crowd saw him blow past me.
Casandra Mateil: And of course you had to go and take the whole competition. Nothing like getting beaten by a rookie.
Casandra Mateil: But this place is all there is until the circuit recovers from the loss of Taris. It's going to take a while.
1. There are no other tracks?
Casandra Mateil: Not within reasonable traveling time. I heard there was a start-up on Tatooine, but I'll stick with the legitimate tracks, thank you very much.
1. What do you mean by that?
Casandra Mateil: Hutts aren't to be trusted. That's all I'll say.
2. How long have you been at this?
Casandra Mateil: Two years, but that's more than enough time to know the secrets behind the sport. It's all about the image you portray.
1. What do you mean by that?
Casandra Mateil: Hukta is the thug; people like him because he's mean. I'm the pretty one; the one that people want to take home. Even if we don't win, we're easy to remember. That keeps the fans coming back, so race organizers want us at their tracks. Local racers don't bring in off-world crowds. They need us. At least, they would if there was still a functioning circuit.
3. Can you tell me about the other racers?
Casandra Mateil: I don't need to tell you anything. You've beat us all. You're just looking for an excuse to gloat.


Casandra Mateil: Hukta Jax is the only other professional here besides me. He got where he is by making sure everyone knows he's the toughest racer out there.
Casandra Mateil: I don't know any of the other racers. I guess there's Queedle, the local favorite. He won't amount to much. Casandra Mateil: The only other name I know is Queedle. You heard about him taking it all, right? I don't know where he got the speed from.
1. What makes you say that?
Casandra Mateil: You need money to compete. Maybe he's got some skills, but he just doesn't have the best bike. It's that simple.
2. Do you know much about Manaan?
Casandra Mateil: I know that if you do absolutely anything wrong you get locked up. Seems like fining criminals is a great way to bring in the credits. I'm surprised they even let us race. Wouldn't want the crowds to get too excited. Excitement make people unpredictable. Or something.
3. I have to leave. Goodbye.
Casandra Mateil: Don't hurry back.
Casandra Mateil: What do you want now? I really don't have time for you. Casandra Mateil: So, you're trying to break out of the low rounds, hmm? Don't let your one win go to your head. Hukta and I are professionals. Casandra Mateil: Don't expect a warm "Hello" from me, I don't have much warmth for the racer that outranked me in my round. Casandra Mateil: You're really annoying, you know that? I hate it when people come out of nowhere and start collecting wins. Casandra Mateil: Well, hello Sector Champion. You must be proud right now. You'll excuse me if I don't join in with cheers of my own.

Hukta Jax can only be questioned as Sector Champion before beating Casandra:

Hukta Jax
Hukta Jax: Who is you? Hmm? Hukta Jax -that's me- says you should step back, because pro racers like me are important.
Hukta Jax: So, you leave me alone so's I can get race-ready. It important. Meditation and stuff. Hukta Jax: You that new racer, winning from nowhere, right? I like winning, so you just stay away from my times. Hukta Jax: Queedle is the big winner right now. I hate that. He should stay in the beginner races. He's not ready to beat me. It's not right. Hukta Jax: Wait! You's the one that beat my time! Twice I get beaten, by Queedle and you too! This is the worst showing I had yet! Hukta Jax: You're Sector Champion, right? You only won because I gots distracted by stupid Queedle. He blew my whole strategy.
1. I just want to ask a few questions. 2. Just answer my questions, and make it quick. 3. You'd better show me some respect, piggie. 4. Let's go back to my first questions.
Hukta Jax: Yeah, okay, but you keep it short. I got no reason to talk to you. Hukta Jax: Heh, okay, I will answer, but you watch what you say. Hukta Jax don't take threats from nobody. Hukta Jax: Haw! That's funny! You is new here, so maybe you don't know, but Manaan gots Selkath cameras everywhere. No fighting allowed. You got to be smart, and know the place good. You is too new for that. You just funny. Hukta Jax: Why? You sure talk when you get going. Maybe we can hurry up and stop soon?
1. I want to ask about you and racing.
Hukta Jax: Okay, maybe I say something, or maybe not. Hukta Jax don't give secrets out. Hukta Jax: What? Again? Ask and leave me alone.
1. Is Manaan a good course for racing?
Hukta Jax: What is I going to tell you about this course? You won it already! Go let someone ask you questions instead.


Hukta Jax: This track is pretty good. It's too wet, but it's on the ocean, so you're gonna have that. Better to hit waves than rocks, I guess.
Hukta Jax: I don't like the new racers here, though. Queedle stole the top round from me! How'd he get so fast so all of a sudden?
Hukta Jax: I don't like you much, either. You come in and win everything from everybody, but you aren't a pro like me. It's not right.
Hukta Jax: This track is all there is until the circuit is up again. Taris took the best racers. I suppose there is Tatooine...
1. What's wrong with Tatooine?
Hukta Jax: I'm not going back to Tatooine ever. Hukta Jax is better than that dust ball.
1. When were you there?
Hukta Jax: That's none of yous business, and you stop asking about it. You stop!
2. How long have you been at this?
Hukta Jax: Lots of years. I got my swoop after we raided... I mean, I got my swoop when someone left it to me. It was sad, but happy too.
1. What do you mean by that?
Hukta Jax: Nothing, and I 'm not saying any more.
3. What can you tell me about the other racers?
Hukta Jax: You don't need nothing. You beat everybody. I got nothing to tell.


Hukta Jax: I just know that I am better than all the rest. I'd be better even with more pros here. Casandra is okay, but she is weak and little.
Hukta Jax: Queedle is here too, but he doesn't got what we got. Hukta Jax: There's Queedle too, but he is the worst! I mean, what is he doing winning it all? That is just not right! He's not pro!
1. What do you mean?
Hukta Jax: He doesn't have the best swoop. He can have skills all over the floor, but if his swoop goes slow, he goes slow, and he goes slow.
2. Do you know much about Manaan?
Hukta Jax: I know that if you do absolutely anything wrong you get locked up. Seems like fining criminals is a great way to bring in the credits. I'm surprised they even let us race. Wouldn't want the crowds to get too excited. Excitement make people unpredictable. Or something.
3. I'm leaving. Goodbye.
Hukta Jax: Yeah, you go then, and leave me alone.
Hukta Jax: What do you want from Hukta now? I don't have time for you or anyone. Hukta Jax: You got one race, but that means nothing. Go bother another beginner or something, because you are no interest to me. Hukta Jax: Go away. You and me, we don't have anything to say about nothing. Go beat someone else's time or something. Hukta Jax: Grrr... Sector Champion. Well, that is very nice. Now how about you go away? I got to work on waterproofing my swoop.

Manaan Swoop Races[edit]

If the Ithorian Queedle hasn't already been beaten in the first round, he can also be asked questions about himself, racing and Manaan:

Queedle: Hello there. You probably want to talk to the professional racers. They are in the Racers' Lounge, the room just to the east. They don't usually associate with amateur racers like me. I'll probably be giving up soon anyway.
3. You sound pathetic.
Queedle: What? That was a bit harsh. I just can't maintain my swoop the way they can. Is that my fault?
1. Whose fault is it? Like I said: pathetic.
Queedle: Well, I'll just keep to myself then. You can go keep company with the other elite if you want. You deserve each other. Now go away. I've got important things to think about.
Queedle: Just leave me alone. I'll get by without your help or abuse, thank you very much.


1. I just want to ask a few questions. 2. Very sad. Just answer my questions. 2. Sorry. I want to ask some questions.
Queedle: I'll answer what I can. I don't think I'll be going back out on the track. Queedle: All right, but there's no need to be so rude. I just have I've important decisions on my mind. Queedle: All right, I'll answer. I probably won't be racing again anyway.
2. I want to ask about you and racing.
Queedle: Me? No one is interested in me. I'm just Queedle Molto, one of many failing amateur swoop racers. Queedle: I'm not sure why you would be interested in going over this again. I'm just a failing amateur swoop racer. Queedle: Well, things may have turned around for me, luck-wise, but I'm not sure if I really know all that much more than I did before. Queedle: What else can I tell you? You're Sector Champion now. You've shown you know more than I could tell you.
1. Is Manaan a good course for racing?
Queedle: I don't know. It's been hard to keep up with the professional racers. Maybe it's the course, or maybe it's me. I'm not doing very well. I haven't raced anywhere else, but I'd probably do just as bad on another track. Queedle: I didn't think so before, but thanks to you, I made it to the top round of racing. I guess the course is all right after all. Queedle: I think you answered your own question by becoming Sector Champion. It's obviously a good place for you to race. Me too, I guess. I was worried it was too hard to get ahead on this course, but your help made me realize I just needed a little boost. Thanks again.
2. How long have you been at this?
Queedle: Not long, but I don't know how much more time I'll be putting in. I think I've gone as far as I can go. Queedle: Not long at all, but I guess I'll be able to try and make it a career now. This was a big step for me. Thanks for your help.
3. What can you tell me about the other racers?
Queedle: Hukta Jax and Casandra Mateil are the only two professionals here right now. They keep to themselves in the Racers' Lounge. The only thing I can really say about them is that I'll never get close to beating them. I should probably just give up racing. Queedle: I can tell you I never thought I would beat them. I doubt that Casandra and Hukta like that I've won Round Three. I hope that will just turn to friendly rivalry. I think I can make a go of professional swoop racing after all, thanks to you. Queedle: You understand everyone enough to beat their times. That's probably more than I could tell you. I'm learning though, and I'll get even better. Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.
4. Let's go back to my first questions.
Queedle: If you like. I probably won't be going back out on the track soon anyway. Queedle: All right, but don't take too long. I want to get my swoop upgrade done soon, so it'll be ready when you come back to East Ahto. Queedle: Anything you like. You helped me more than enough.
2. Do you know much about Manaan?
Queedle: Well, I've lived here for more than ten years. I worked in the big purification and processing plants here after leaving my homeworld of Ando. In all that time, I've learned very little about the Selkath and their way of life. They don't like off-worlders much, even if their politics are neutral. I can't get used to the Sith presence here, but everyone is interested in Manaan to some degree. It's all because of the kolto.
1. What do you know about kolto?
Queedle: I know that you need it to make medpacs, and I know Manaan is the only place to get it. That's all anyone knows, I think.
2. Have the Sith been a problem?
Queedle: No, but it's unnerving to have them here, especially after what happened on Taris. The swoop circuit was really hurt by that, I'm sure you know.
3. I have to leave. Goodbye.
Queedle: See you around the track.

However, unlike the two professional swoop racers, he needs your help:

Queedle: Hello again. There's not much happening here yet. I guess the racers are waiting for the field to fill out a bit.
Queedle: I'm just waiting for my time to fall. I just can't seem to keep up with the serious racers.
1. What is bothering you? 1. What do you mean by that?
Queedle: I'm not getting any better out there. I race hard, and I think I have good skills, but I just can't afford to keep up with the professionals. Their swoop bikes are modified with the best equipment. There is only so much you can do with a borrowed toolkit and standard parts. I can't afford to make this my life. I want to keep going, but without money, you don't win, and if you don't win, you don't get money.
1. How much do you think you need? 1. You mentioned you needed 500 credits. 2. Ah, now I understand. You need a loan. 3. I have no respect for beggars, fool.
Queedle: It's not your problem to worry about. I shouldn't even be bothering you with this. The 500 credits I need is my problem, not yours. Queedle: I'm not asking for anything. You asked what was wrong and I'm telling you. The 500 credits I need is my problem, not yours. Queedle: I am no beggar! You asked what was troubling me and I told you. The 500 credits I need is my problem, not yours.
2. If I had that much I'd give it to you.
Queedle: That's nice of you to say, but it doesn't change anything. I'll probably end up quitting as soon as someone beats my time.
3. There's no way you can earn the money?
Queedle: I saved all my wages from the processing plant to buy my swoop in the first place. I just don't have anything to spare.
4. I guess you'd better just give up.
Queedle: That's the attitude of the professional racers too. Survival of the fittest, I guess. I'll probably quit when my Round One time gets beat.
Journal Entry Added Manaan Swoop Races
You have spoken to Queedle, an amateur racer on Manaan. He needs money to upgrade his swoop so he can compete with the professional racers.

You can give him the money he needs and move closer to the light side of the Force:

Light Side Points Gained: +4
1. Here, I can give it to you.
Queedle: You're just giving me 500 credits? Just like that? I don't know what to say. I'd have to save for months to get anywhere near that much. Thank you. I mean it. I'll get them working on my swoop right away. Maybe I can improve on my Round One time after all. Come back to East Ahto in a day or so, after the changes are made. I hope it helps. Maybe I'm just not good enough. I guess we'll see.
Credits Lost: 500
Journal Entry Added Manaan Swoop Races
You have given Queedle some credits to upgrade his swoop. Once he has had some time to upgrade his bike, he will be able to compete against the professional racers.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 100 Given Queedle some credits to upgrade his swoop
Queedle: Hello again. There's not much happening here yet. I guess the racers are waiting for the field to fill out a bit.
Queedle: I appreciate the money you gave me to upgrade my swoop. Come back to East Ahto in a day or so and I'll see if my times can improve.
1. Use the money I gave you to upgrade.
Queedle: I'll see if putting the credits you gave me into swoop upgrades will help, but I don't know if it will. I may just not be good enough. I guess I'll know when I get my bike upgraded. That will take a little while, so check with me when you come back to East Ahto. Thanks for your help either way. I mean it.

Once you race, leave and return to the area (just return to Ebon Hawk and transit back) or save, exit and load game, he will have upgraded his bike, become Sector Champion, and return your money:

Queedle: Hello again. I still can't believe the difference a few upgrades make. My score is top of Round Three! I never thought I'd be able to do that. Queedle: Greetings to you, Sector Champion. That was an amazing time you turned in. The best I've seen on this track.
Queedle: Before I go any further, though, I have to return the money you gave me. The prize I won covered most of it.

He returns the money regardless of your response, but tell him to keep it to move closer to the light side of the Force:

Light Side Points Gained: +2
1. You keep it. Use it for more upgrades.
2. Thank you. I knew you would do well.
Queedle: Thanks, but no, I won't need it. I'll do all right now that I have a chance. Queedle: You did? I didn't. I was worried the whole time. I didn't believe it until I heard my time. Thank you again for all of this..

Demand more to move closer to the dark side of the Force:

3. You owe me more. It's called interest.
Queedle: What? Now listen, I want to be grateful to you for this. Don't spoil it. Just take your money back and let's stay on good terms.
1. Fine. Just answer my questions then. Dark Side Points Gained: -2
2. Do as I say! Pay me for my trouble!
Queedle: I'll do my best. I owe you a lot. Queedle: There's nothing else to pay! My prize money only covered maintenance and the upgrade cost. I told you I didn't have a lot. You know, you gave me a chance, but I guess it was all just a trick to try and get more money. Well it won't work, not on Manaan. You can't do anything because of all the cameras. I'm not wasting time with you. I have a swoop career to plan.
Journal Entry Added Manaan Swoop Races
Queedle has won the swoop races on Manaan, becoming Sector Champion. He has surprised everyone, and greatly increased the level of competition.
Credits Received: 500
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 200 Helped Queedle become Sector Champion

You may receive experience for helping him and move closer to the light side of the Force without losing any credits, but if you participate in the Manaan swoop races it becomes harder to beat each round and become Sector Champion: although the new 0:22:48 third round time is only 0:00:02 faster than the old, you now have to beat 0:22:50 in the second round, rather than 0:23:25. If you speak to him again:

Queedle: Hello again. I still can't believe the difference a few upgrades make. My score is top of Round Three! I never thought I'd be able to do that. Queedle: Greetings to you, Sector Champion. That was an amazing time you turned in. The best I've seen on this track.
Queedle: I'm sure it won't stand as a record for long, but I have to thank you for this opportunity. I appreciate all that you did for me. Queedle: I don't feel bad losing to you, now that I know I'm in the running. Thanks for your help, even if you did win it all in the end.
Queedle: Just leave me alone. I'll get by without your help or abuse, thank you very much.

Genoharadan: Ithorak[edit]

Vek is a green Twi'lek male wearing a Sith uniform, standing by the south end of the registration desk. You can ask him about himself, and his uniform:

Vek: Greetings, human. Have you come here to watch the swoop races? I find they are an excellent way to relieve stress. And in my business, I need all the stress relief I can get. Vek: I enjoy watching you on the track. You are good, for a human. Your runs are a nice diversion when the stress of my business becomes too much for me. Vek: Congratulations on winning the Manaan championship. I do enjoy watching your races, human. It makes a nice break from the hectic world I must deal with everyday in my business.
3. I'll be going now. 4. Never mind. I'll just go instead.
Vek: Then I shall return my attention to the track. Goodbye, human.
Vek: Welcome once again, human. Is there something I can do for you?
1. Who are you? 2. What is your business, exactly? 1. Who are you again? 2. What do you do again?
Vek: My name is Vek. I work for Ithorak Guldar, a merchant who deals in very rare and expensive art. He serves as the go-between for buyers and sellers throughout the galaxy. I serve as Ithorak's security advisor - a highly demanding job. The fact that Ithorak seems to delight in insulting and berating me makes it even more difficult.
1. You're wearing a Sith uniform. Are you with the Sith?
Vek: To be honest, no. Not really. I just wear this uniform to gain respect. People are less likely to give me trouble if they think I *might* be with the Sith.
1. Don't you think the Sith might take exception to that?
Vek: Well, maybe. I guess. But the Sith here on Manaan aren't about to do anything to get them in trouble. Not if it means getting sanctions against their Kolto shipments. As long as I don't actually *say* I'm with the Sith, they don't seem to mind. So I use this outfit to give me the psychological edge I need. Being Ithorak's security advisor isn't easy!
2. Yes, I can see how it would be very stressful. 3. Your job doesn't sound that hard to me.
Vek: You can't even begin to imagine how hard it is dealing with the galaxy's cultural elite. They're like spoiled children, throwing tantrums whenever they don't get their way. And Ithorak is the worst of them all! 'You idiot, Vek!' 'How could you be so stupid, Vek!' He thinks my job is easy, but I'd like to see where he'd be without me! I'm... I'm sorry for that outburst. I come here to relax, but just talking about work is making me tense. So allow me to wish you a civil 'good day' so I can get back to watching the racers.

Once you've proven yourself worthy of the Genoharadan and Hulas has instructed you to kill a Selkath named Ithorak Guldar, you can speak to Vek to convince him to set up a meeting:

1. I need to meet with Ithorak Guldar. Can you set it up?
Vek: You need to meet with Ithorak? Forgive my skepticism, but you hardly resemble our typical client. We deal in the kind of pieces found in the chambers of a galactic senator.
Medium 1. [Persuade] I represent an anonymous buyer from Coruscant.
Vek: [Failure] Perhaps you do, human. But how can I be sure you're telling the truth? I would hate to waste Ithorak's time if you aren't serious.
3. Unless you want the Manaan authorities to find your body floating in the ocean, you'll set up this meeting!
Vek: Hmph! Now I *know* you aren't the type of person we want to deal with. Your threats mean nothing to me: I once had a planetary ambassador threaten to have me executed on the spot! But I knew she couldn't touch me, and I know you can't do anything to me here on Manaan. Not without having half of Ahto City's security force coming down on you.
Vek: Take your blustering threats somewhere else, human. Ithorak has no desire to meet with you!
2. I'm sorry about the threat. I didn't mean anything by it. 3. Goodbye.
Vek: Your apology is accepted, human. I understand that intimidation can be useful at times. On someone of lesser character it might even have worked. But even though I don't hold any ill will towards you, I'm afraid you still can't meet with Ithorak. As I said before, you are not the kind of client we normally take on. Vek: Goodbye, human.
Medium 1. [Persuade] I represent an anonymous buyer from Coruscant. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] I represent a wealthy buyer from Coruscant.
Vek: [Success] Yes, you do have that look about you; the air of one who serves the rich and powerful. Servile, fawning... a look I have seen in my own mirror far too often. *sigh*

Offering credits will always succeed if persuasion fails:

2. Here's 500 credits to set up the meeting. That should prove I'm serious.
Vek: Yes, that does show a serious level of commitment. Whoever you represent must be quite wealthy, if they have authorized this kind of payment just so you can see Ithorak.
Credits Lost: 500
Vek: Very well, I'll set up a meeting with my boss. The Sith permit Ithorak to conduct his private business in their non-secured hangar. Go to the docking bays and we will meet you there.
Journal Entry Added Genoharadan: Ithorak
Vek has agreed to set up a meeting between you and Ithorak. You can meet him in the second docking bay of the Manaan space port.

Return to the Ebon Hawk and travel west to Docking Bay 26-B to meet and kill Ithorak, then transit back and return to Hulas in the East Central courtyard to collect his bounty.

General Shop[edit]

Beyond the north door in the walkway exiting the northeast corner of the courtyard is a ramp down to the door to Yortal's Emporium in the west wall. Beyond is an octagonal room in which a Sith Soldier is speaking to the Ithorian proprietor Yortal Ixlis, who stands in a kiosk in the south wall:

Sith Soldier: You got any armor plating for my swoop bike?
Yortal Ixlis: Yes, I have a fine piece right here. A little dented, but still serviceable. And a real bargain at that price.
Sith Soldier: I thought this garbage was free! You actually sell this junk? You fish are a strange breed.
Yortal Ixlis: Get out of my store! I'm sick of you Sith and your stupid jokes! I've got real customers to worry about - I don't need you coming in here and making fun of my inventory every day!
Sith Soldier: Don't worry, junkman, when I want garbage I'll be back!

The Sith exits, turning north to the Sith base. You can move closer to the dark side of the Force if you pick up where he left off:

Yortal Ixlis: Are you here to mock me as the Sith, or do you actually want to buy something?
4. With an attitude like that, it's no wonder you have no customers! Dark Side Points Gained: -2
5. Watch your tone, or you'll be looking for some replacement limbs!
Yortal Ixlis: I suppose I deserve that. But you'd be bitter too, if the Sith kept coming in and making fun of you and your inventory! Let us forget this unpleasantness and start our meeting over, yes?


1. I'm not here to make fun of you. I'm Name. 2. I'm interested in buying something. 3. Maybe I'll come back when you're in a better mood.
Yortal Ixlis: Please, forgive me. I had no cause to be so rude to you. The Sith make such trouble for me and business has been slow. But that is no excuse for my tone. I apologize. Please, let us start off on the right foot.
Yortal Ixlis: Welcome to the used goods store of Yortal Ixlis. If there is anything I can help you with, all you need to do is ask.
1. I'd like to look at your inventory.
Yortal Ixlis: Of course, human. My stock is all second hand, and some of it has minor damage. But with the repairs I have done to them, my items are as good as new - for a fraction of the price.
Yortal Ixlis
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Advanced Repair Kit 50 5 Verpine Demolitions Probe 1000 2
Repair Kit 25 Infinite Basic Targeting Computer 500 1
Computer Spike 250 2 Security Interface Tool 500 1
Droid Heavy Plating Type 3 2000 1 Computer Probe 500 1
Droid Heavy Plating Type 1 1250 1 Environment Shield Level 1 350 1
Droid Medium Plating Type 2 750 1 Energy Shield Level 1 300 2
Droid Medium Plating Type 1 500 2 Gravity Generator 500 1
Droid Light Plating Type 3 250 1 Flame Thrower 300 1
Droid Light Plating Type 2 150 2 Stun Ray 300 1
Droid Light Plating Type 1 75 2 Shield Disruptor 300 1
Advanced Targeting Computer 1500 1

You can ask some questions, but this isn't necessary:

2. I'd like to ask you some questions.
Yortal Ixlis: I fear I will be of little help in providing information, human. I spend most of my time here in my shop or out collecting inventory. And at night, I am too exhausted to do anything but return home and sleep in preparation for the next day.
2. I'd like to ask you some questions. 1. I have some more questions for you.
Yortal Ixlis: I will do my best to answer your questions, but I cannot promise to be of much help.
1. Do you know why the Republic is hiring mercenaries?
Yortal Ixlis: I cannot say. Perhaps the Republic is preparing for a battle with the Sith. They are at war, after all. And I wish the Republic a quick and total victory. My own life will be much easier once the Sith have been defeated and destroyed.
2. Are the Sith involved in the recent disappearance of the Selkath youth?
Yortal Ixlis: I have no proof that they are, yet it would not surprise me. The Sith are evil to the core. My own experiences with the Sith have been most unpleasant. They come and mock me, and damage my goods. But I cannot take action against them, or they would surely kill me.
3. I'm investigating the Sunry case.
Yortal Ixlis: I know nothing of this trial, though I find the facts hard to accept. Sunry was a famous hero of the Republic - hardly the type to commit murder. I would not be surprised to learn the Sith have framed the poor man in an effort to embarrass the Republic. The Sith have no conscience in such matters.
4. I'm looking for some ancient ruins, or possibly some type of Star Map.
Yortal Ixlis: I know of no such thing in Ahto City. This is the only city on Manaan suited to non-Selkath. The oceans are the ancestral home of their people. If there are any ancient ruins of their culture, they would lie there.
5. How did you come to run a junkpile... er... used goods shop?
Yortal Ixlis: Ah. Yes. That. Well, I was not always in such dire straits. In fact, once I would have been quite well off, but the Sith had other plans. Well, technically my debt is to the Czerka Corporation, but that amounts to the same thing in the end.
1. You owe them money? 2. How did you get in debt?
Yortal Ixlis: Yes, my debt to them is quite large I fear, and it will be no easy task to repay it. Yortal Ixlis: I was quite a hand at electrical and mechanical devices of all sorts. I traveled the galaxy working for hire among all sorts of beings. But one day I failed in a task for a Czerka Corporation executive and was forced into debt.
1. You owe them money? 2. How did you get in debt? 3. What does that have to do with running a junk shop?
Yortal Ixlis: I need money to pay them off, but I cannot find work anywhere the Czerka Corporation has influence. So they put me here, fixing scraps and selling them for little profit. In time, in years I may be able to repay my debt, but for now I must work. Is there anything else I may help you with?
3. I think I'll be going now.
Yortal Ixlis: As you wish, human. Should you ever find yourself in need of quality used merchandise I urge you to return to my establishment.

His greeting upon your return may change based on later developments:

Yortal Ixlis: Welcome, come in. I have heard you are a swoop racer, and swoop racers always have money to spend. My favorite customers. Yortal Ixlis: Welcome, human. While I am not one to condone violence, I find it extremely pleasing that someone has finally stood up to the Sith and dealt with them in their own Embassy!