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Left-clicking on a slot on the EQUIP screen brings up a list of items you can equip in the selected inventory slot.
2. How do I equip my items?
Trask: Use the EQUIP screen to equip the armor and weapons from your inventory. You can access this screen by selecting the EQUIP menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Use the mouse to look through your inventory slots. The menu on the right displays items you can equip in each slot. Left-click the mouse to select an inventory slot, then scroll through the available items on the right and left-click to equip one.
Implant Head Hands




Left Arm Body Right Arm

Arm band

Light armor
Medium armor
Heavy armor

Arm band

Left Weapon Belt Right Weapon

Blaster pistol
Melee weapon


Blaster pistol
Melee weapon
Blaster rifle
Heavy weapon

Utility Sensor Utility




Special weapon Plating Special weapon

Special weapon


Special weapon

Left Weapon Shield Right Weapon

Blaster pistol


Blaster pistol
Blaster rifle
Heavy weapon


The PARTY INVENTORY screen shows a list of all the items not currently equipped by other party members or the companions back at your base. This inventory is shared by all party members.


Containers, including the remains of enemies killed, can always be found in the same locations and most have the same inventory every time. Some can have somewhat random contents, although these are usually low quality and generic items.


Repair Workbench: [Throughout the game you will find weapons and armor that are marked UPGRADEABLE. These items can be improved by the addition of an UPGRADE ITEM.]

[With UPGRADE ITEMS you can use this workbench to construct new, more powerful versions of UPGRADEABLE ranged weapons, melee weapons, lightsabers and armor.]

Workbenches can be found in the following locations:

World Area Location
Taris Hideout
Black Vulkar Garage Engine Lab
Ebon Hawk Swoop Hangar
Dantooine Jedi Enclave Training Room
Star Forge System Temple Main Floor Armory


Merchants can always be found in the same locations and have the same inventories when you first speak to them. You can normally buy items for 100% of their cost, but some merchants charge a premium while others can offer a discount. You can normally sell items for 40% of their cost on Taris and 25% elsewhere, although Igear in Taris' Undercity only offers 20% while Suvam Tan on Yavin Station offers 65%.

World Area Merchant Buy Sell
Taris South Apartments Larrim 110% 40%
Upper City South Equipment Emporium 100% 40%
Clinic 100% Rakghoul Serum 80% 40%
Undercity Igear's Bazaar 75% 20%
Dantooine Jedi Enclave Crattis Yurkal 100% 25%
Courtyard Adum Larp 100% 25%
Tatooine Docking Bay Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu 100% 25%
Hunting Lodge Fazaa Utral 100% 25%
Czerka Office Greeta Holda 100% 25%
Cantina Junix Nard 100% 25%
Kashyyyk Czerka Landing Port Eli Gand/Matton Dasol 100% 25%
Janos' Office 100% 25%
Manaan Docking Bay Merchant 100% 25%
Ahto West Selkath Bartender 100% 25%
East Central Tyvark's Shop 100% 25%
Korriban Dreshdae B'ree 100% 25%
Czerka Store 100% 25%
Mika Dorin 150% 25%
Yavin Yavin Station Suvam Tan 100% Affect Mind95% 10 Pazaak wins80% 65%
World Area Merchant Buy Sell
Taris Upper City North Droids by Janice 100% 40%
Dantooine Jedi Enclave Karal Kaar 100% 25%
Tatooine Droid Shop Yuka Laka 100% 25%
Manaan Ahto East General Shop 100% 25%
World Area Merchant Buy Sell
Taris Javyar's Cantina Uriah 100% 40%
Dantooine Jedi Enclave Sol'aa 100% 25%
Manaan East Central Shady Rodian 100% 25%