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Star Forge on the Galaxy Map

If you haven't returned to the dark side, then after leaving the planet Carth picks up a transmission from the Republic fleet, which has begun its assault on the Star Forge:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png Admiral Dodonna: I hate to ask you this after all you've done, Carth, but the Jedi may need all the help they can get...
KotOR Icon Carth.png Carth: Don't worry, Admiral. The Ebon Hawk and her crew are going to see this through to the end!
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Vandar: And may the Force be with you.

If you have returned to the dark side, Bastila thinks you may use their arrival to your advantage:

KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The fools! Even Master Vandar did not realize you have reclaimed your identity as the Dark Lord! The Jedi strike team and the Republic forces will provide the perfect distraction as we hunt down your ex-apprentice. And once we have slain Malak, I can use my Battle Meditation and the power of the Star Forge to crush the Republic fleet. All our enemies will be destroyed in a single glorious day!

Either way, the Ebon Hawk approaches the Star Forge with four other small ships, two of which are blown to smithereens before they can dock with the space station.


If you completed Canderous' dialogs, including all those unlocked after meeting Jagi's Challenge, then if you speak to him again at any point from now on:

KotOR Icon Canderous.png Canderous: This looks like the end of our partnership. The battle we fight here will change the face of the galaxy. You, Revan, are the single greatest warrior of this age, and any battle we fight will bring me honor. I'll stay by your side through anything. I don't think I'm ready to give up this life of mine, this life of fighting, not quite yet. We have things we need to do here. I'm your man until the end, whatever path you take.

If you haven't returned to the dark side:

KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Canderous
Canderous has said that he will stand by you no matter what path you take or what enemies you face.