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You can speak to Carth the moment you regain control in your Hideout after arriving on Taris. If you don't speak to him when he's in your party, then you may be prompted to do so:

Carth: [Something seems to be bothering Carth. Maybe you should speak to him and see if you can get him to open up about it.]
1. [Speak to Carth.] 2. [Don't speak to him.]
Carth: Yes? What's on your mind? Carth: [You decide to ignore Carth and continue on with your quest for now, though it might be a good idea to speak to him later.]

Speaking to him can unlock the quest for his son, Finding Dustil, once a second Star Map has been acquired. A female character can unlock further dialogs to romance him, which can be completed once a third Star Map has also been acquired. Ideally, these dialogs should be completed before acquiring a fourth Star Map and leaving that world, although they only become completely unavailable once Darth Malak has been encountered for the first time, in the hangar of the Leviathan...


1. I'd like to know some more about you, Carth.
Carth: Me? Well, I've been a star-pilot for the Republic for years. I've seen more than my share of wars… I fought in the Mandalorian Wars before all this started. But with all that, I've never experienced anything like the slaughter these Sith animals can unleash. Not even the Mandalorians were that senseless. My home world was one of the first planets to fall to Malak's fleet. The Sith bombed it into submission, and there wasn't a damn thing our Republic forces could do to stop them!
1. You're talking like it's your fault. Like you failed somehow. 2. I'm sorry, Carth. This must be very painful for you. 3. Calm down. I was just asking.
Carth: It shouldn't be my fault. I did everything I could… I followed my orders and did my duty. That shouldn't mean I failed them! I didn't! Carth: You're the one who wanted to know more about me. Well this is it, this is what I am.
Carth: I'm just a soldier; I go where the fleet Admirals tell me to. I follow my orders and I do my duty. It just… *sigh* doesn't seem right that doing that means I failed them! I didn't!
1. Them? Do you mean the people of your home world? 2. I'm sorry, Carth, I didn't mean to upset you. 3. Hey, why are you getting so mad at me? It's not like this was my fault!
Carth: Yes. No… no, that's not what I mean. I mean… I'm sorry. I'm not making much sense, am I? Carth: I know. Don't worry about it. I just… must not be making much sense. Carth: I know that. I'm not angry at you… don't think that. I must not be making much sense.
Carth: You probably mean well with your questions. I'm just not accustomed to talking about my past very much. At all, actually. I'm more used to taking action… keeping my mind focused on the business at hand. So let's just do that. If you have more questions, ask them later.
Journal Entry Added Carth
You've discovered that Carth's home world was attacked by the Sith, though he was reluctant to talk about it. Perhaps you can talk more later, after you've gained more experience.

Level ups can unlock further dialogs once previous dialogs have been completed, but so can entering and exiting the Hideout on Taris, and later the Ebon Hawk, and adding Carth to your party (you may also be able to speak to him in the Cockpit inside, but it's quicker to just enter and exit before speaking outside). Acquiring Star Maps is necessary before later dialogs can be unlocked, and the first will be unlocked automatically if all previous dialogs have already been unlocked and completed.

Four further dialogs can now be unlocked.


1. Is this a good time to ask you some more questions?
Carth: I guess I did say you could ask me questions later, didn't I? Is this really necessary?

A female character can flirt with him:

Carth: I'm all ears, beautiful.
1. 'Beautiful'? Isn't that a little inappropriate? 2. Keep addressing me like that and you might lose an ear or two. 3. I like the sound of that.
Carth: Is there something else you'd prefer I called you? Carth: Heh heh. A little bit touchy, are we? Is there something else you'd prefer I called you? Carth: Which? The fact that I'm all ears or the beautiful part?
1. Carth, are you flirting with me?
Carth: Not really. Just a habit. You have something you'd rather I call you by?
4. Why do I get the impression that you're not serious? 4. Forget it. Let's get back to my questions.
Carth: Maybe I'm just avoiding your questions. Is this really necessary? Carth: All business today, eh? Are these questions really necessary?


1. How about my name? 2. I'd prefer you didn't call me anything. It's demeaning. 3. How about 'gorgeous'? I like that better. 2. The beautiful part. Keep calling me that.
Carth: Don't get yourself in a twist over it, gorgeous. I didn't mean anything by it.
1. There you go again! 2. That's no good, either. 3. Now that one I like. Call me that from now on.
Carth: Oh, for crying out -- fine. If it'll make you feel better, you call me something. Go ahead, come on, I can take it.
1. What? Don't be ridiculous. Carth: I might consider it. What are you going to call me, in exchange?
Carth: What? Are you afraid you'll hurt my feelings? Come on, spit it out. You can do it.
3. How about "pushy thug"? 2. How about "sexist worm"? 1. How about "handsome thug"?
Carth: Is that it? You can do better than that! Carth: I like the first part of that. I'm a bit more partial to "the most handsome pilot in the galaxy". What do you think?
1. Lobotomized Gamorrean! 2. Brainless, lice-ridden bantha! 3. Sexless marsh-toad!
Carth: Ouch. Heh heh heh. That *is* better. Well, I bet "beautiful" doesn't sound so bad in comparison now, does it? 1. Don't hold your breath. 2. I think I'm going to be ill.
1. Maybe not, but I still don't want you calling me that. 2. Ha ha! You are such a pain, you know that? Carth: Well, then, I guess "gorgeous" will have to do until then, won't it? Kidding aside, I bet you're not about to give up on those questions of yours. Are they really necessary?
Carth: Stubborn as ever. Okay, you got me. I bet you have your heart set on those questions. Are they really necessary? Carth: Guilty as charged. I'll bet you still have those questions in mind, though. Are they really necessary?
1. Not if you have a problem with it. 2. I just would like to know you better. 3. Don't be such a child. It's just a few questions. 3. Answer the damn questions, already.
Carth: No. No, I don't have a problem with it, really. Go ahead and interrogate me. Carth: Oh. Well, if it's an interrogation you wanted, why didn't you say so? Carth: Oh no, how can I resist a challenge to my manly pride, huh? Ha ha! Fine, you've made your point. Interrogate at will.
1. This isn't an interrogation. I never said that. 2. Excellent. Soon all your secrets will be mine! 2. Are you getting testy again? Carth: Pretty snappy with the orders, are we? Okay, you got it… sir.
Carth: No, I was just joking, though you do seem to be full of questions. It's rather refreshing, to be honest. Carth: All my secrets are purely of the mundane variety, unfortunately. Nothing worth extracting, though you're welcome to try. Carth: I don't get testy. I get angry. And if I was angry, you wouldn't have to ask me if I was, let me assure you.
Carth: Let me ask you something first, though. I've been going through the battle aboard the Endar Spire over and over in my head since we crashed. Some things just don't add up for me. Maybe you could tell me what happened… from your perspective.
1. Like you said when we first met: Bastila didn't have time to use her powers. 2. Why ask me? I don't see the point. 3. I wasn't in a position to know what was going on, really.
Carth: True. Bastila is as powerful as they say… she's the one who defeated Darth Revan, after all. Hmm. I guess that no Jedi ability, no matter how powerful, makes up for being completely surprised and outmatched. Carth: I'm just trying to figure it out. I saw enough men lose their lives needlessly during the Mandalorian Wars. It's… difficult to see that happening all over again. Carth: Neither was I, to tell the truth. I was onboard as an advisor for the most part. The battle began so fast, it's anyone's guess as to what actually happened.
Carth: We lost the ship and a lot of good people… and for what? On the hope that Jedi powers would save us, somehow. Not that Bastila had much opportunity to act.
Carth: We didn't choose that battle, anyway. It got forced on us. Hell, I'm just surprised that any of us are alive to talk about it. Come to think of it, it's more than a little surprising that you happen to be here, isn't it? Just what is your position with the Republic fleet, anyway?
1. Why? Are you accusing me of something? 2. I'm just a soldier. I'm sure there isn't anything unusual about that, is there? 2. I'm a scout. I was recruited into the fleet for my skills, if you must know. 2. I used to be a smuggler, if you must know. I was recruited into the fleet for my knowledge.
Carth: Not at all. I just think it's a bit odd that someone who got added to the crew roster at the last minute just happens to be one of the survivors. Carth: Hell no… unless you consider that you were a last-minute addition to the crew roster and you just happen to be one of the survivors. Carth: Well, that makes sense. Still… it seems a bit strange that someone who was a last-minute addition to the crew roster is one of the survivors. Carth: A smuggler? I should have guessed. Isn't it odd, however, that a smuggler who was added to the crew at the last minute just happens to be alive?
1. You'd rather I wasn't? 2. What's so odd about me being added to the crew at the last minute?
Carth: Don't be ridiculous. You've more than proved yourself since the crash… we wouldn't have made it this far without you. But still…
3. Are you implying *I* had something to do with the crash? Carth: You were the only one. Not to mention that Bastila's party was the one who requested your transfer.
Carth: No. Well… maybe. Don't get me wrong, it just seems odd that someone Bastila's party specifically requested to transfer aboard happened to survive.
1. I have no idea what you're talking about! 2. Why would Bastila request my transfer? 3. It doesn't make any difference. Go ahead and be paranoid.
Carth: I'm not trying to be paranoid. It's just that I learned a long time ago that something which looks like a coincidence probably isn't. Especially when the Jedi are involved.
Carth: The Jedi requested numerous things when they came aboard… hell, they practically took over the ship, as far as I could tell. Considering your connection to Bastila, and the Jedi… whether you know it or not… your presence here seems a little convenient. I'm probably wrong and this is probably nothing, I know. I learned a long time ago not to take things at face value, however. And I *hate* surprises.
1. What do you mean by surprises? 2. I'm telling you, Carth, I had nothing to do with the crash. 3. Shouldn't we be trying to work together?
Carth: I mean I have to expect the unexpected. Just to be safe. Carth: I expect you're right. I've got no real reason to suspect you of anything. Still… it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Carth: I am working with you. I'd be a fool not to. I'd also be a fool not to expect the unexpected.
1. Are you always this suspicious? 2. Fine. Let's just get back to something important, then. 3. You do know we're on the same side, right? 4. Try something and it'll be the last mistake you make.
Carth: Look… it has nothing to do with you, personally. I don't trust anyone, and I have my reasons. And, no, I'm not going to discuss them. So can we just keep our mind on more important things?
1. I consider this important. 2. You haven't heard the last from me on this. 3. Yes, let's do that.
Carth: Alright, alright. You're pretty tenacious, you know that? Carth: Good. Like I said before, I prefer action to talk, anyway.
Carth: Alright, alright. You must be the most damned persistent woman I've ever met.
Carth: We'll talk about it… but later. Right now I just want to get going.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Although he has agreed to work with you, you've learned that Carth is suspicious and mistrustful of others. There is probably a reason behind his mistrust, but he was reluctant to discuss it.


1. I want to discuss something with you.
Carth: You do? Fair enough. What do you want to discuss?
1. I want to talk about these issues you seem to have with me. 2. We didn't finish our conversation last time. 3. I'd like to know now if we have a problem.
Carth: *Sigh* I knew you wouldn't understand where I was coming from. Let me try to explain. You've got the skills of an elite commando, and you've saved my butt more than once. Between that and your facility with languages, I'm lucky you're here. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop watching you or being wary. I'm just not built that way. Period.
1. Not built that way? That sounds like an excuse. 2. Why are you so hostile? What did I do to deserve this? 3. And what, exactly, are you watching me for?
Carth: Maybe so. But I've been betrayed before by people I… well, it won't happen again, that's all. Carth: You, uh… haven't done anything *yet*. But there's no guarantee that you won't do anything in the future. I've been betrayed before by people and I… well, it won't happen again. Carth: I don't know that, yet. Like I said before, it's probably nothing. But I've been betrayed before by people and I… well, it won't happen again, that's all.
1. So you want some guarantee that I won't betray you?! 2. I'm starting to get pretty tired of this attitude of yours. 3. Of course it won't happen again if you never trust anyone!
Carth: I don't know that you'll betray me. But there are no guarantees… not for you, not for me. You don't have to take it personally. Carth: Yeah, well, you wouldn't be the first. Look… I don't expect you to be my friend. This is just the way I am, no need to take it personally. Carth: Look… I'm not trying to insult you. This is just the way I am, no need to take it personally.
1. I'm beginning to wonder if you're even capable of trusting anyone. 3. No, I do take it personally!
Carth: Well, you can stop wondering. I'm not. Carth: Well, that's too bad, then, because it's not going to change.


2. Right. And how am I supposed to know that *you* won't betray us?
Carth: Me?
1. Yes, you! Why should I trust you, after all? 2. Why not you? Accusing other people is a good cover for a traitor.
Carth: You shouldn't. If you're smart, you won't trust anyone… not me, not Bastila, and especially not yourself. Carth: I don't remember ever saying anything about "traitor". All I mean is that if you're smart, you won't trust anyone… not me, not Bastila and especially not yourself.

A female character can take it even more personally:

1. Don't tell me not to take it personally, you hairless Wookiee!
Carth: Hairless Wookiee? Alright, sister, just... just... just calm down before your head explodes.
1. We'll just see whose head explodes, you ungrateful monkey-lizard! 2. Don't tell me to calm down, you ignorant bantha!
Carth: Is that your idea of an insult? Come on, sister, take your best shot.
1. Gamorrean pig-man! 2. Drooling Bomarr cast-off!
Carth: Oh, ouch. I think you hurt my man-feelings with that one.
1. Well, you had it coming. 2. Don't patronize me.
Carth: I guess I did. Feel better now? Carth: Wouldn't think of it. Feel better now?
1. Maybe a little. 2. Not really. This is still serious.
Carth: Good. Then maybe we can talk reasonably about this. All I've been trying to say is that this isn't personal. If you were smart, you wouldn't trust anyone, either... not me, not Bastila and especially not yourself. Carth: *Sigh* Look... all I mean is that if you're smart, you won't trust anyone... not me, not Bastila and especially not yourself.
1. Ahhh… so you don't trust yourself, is that it? 2. Pretty pithy advice, I see. 3. I wouldn't want to live like that.
Carth: I don't need to be analyzed, thanks. Can we just get back to business? Carth: Not all of us have the luxury of choice. I'm conditioned this way, sorry.
4. I didn't ask for your advice, nor do I need it. 1. I don't need someone around who doesn't trust me. 2. So leave. Be on your own, it's obviously what you want. 3. You sure you don't want to talk about it? 4. That settles that, I guess.
Carth: And I don't need all these questions. What I do need is to try and save the galaxy, if that's even possible. Carth: It's not what I want. I have a duty and I intend to see it through. The galaxy's in danger and I want to save it… that's what I want! Carth: No, I don't want to talk about it. What I want is to save the galaxy… if that's even possible.
Carth: Why is whether or not I trust you or anyone so damned important to you? Why… why do you even care? We don't have time for this, so can we please just… drop it. For now? Can we pick it up later if you really must, I… want to get underway.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Despite being impressed with your abilities, Carth is still not willing to fully open up to you. Maybe if you give him some time he'll finally learn to trust you.


1. I just want to talk with you.
Carth: Oh? You want to argue some more, is that it?
1. I'm always up for a good fight. 2. I just want to know why you distrust me so much. 3. No, I don't want to argue with you.
Carth: Ha! Can't say I've met a woman quite like you before. You're really something. Carth: So I've seen. If I were Malak I'd be a bit nervous to have you on my tail. Carth: What does it matter that much? Why can't you just leave it be? Carth: And I don't really want to argue with you, either. You seem… sincere enough, I guess.
Carth: I just don't trust easily, and for good reasons… which are my own.
1. But we have to work together, Carth, so it has plenty to do with me. 2. What reasons? I want to know. 3. Fine. You can stuff your reasons, then. 4. I can make you talk, Carth. Trust me.
Carth: Ahhh, damn it. I suppose I won't get any rest until I talk, will I? You want to know why I don't trust anyone? Fine, here goes. Carth: Heh heh. Well I might be willing to take you up on that challenge. But uh, you're just not going to let up, are you? Fine... you want to know why I don't trust anyone? Here goes.
Carth: Five years ago the Jedi had just finished the war with the Mandalorians. Revan and Malak were heroes. I was damn proud to have served in their fleet. It was completely unexpected when they turned on us, invading the Republic while we were still weak. Nobody knew what to think, least of all me. Our heroes had become brutal, conquering Sith… and we were all but helpless before them. Think about it… if you can't even trust the best of the Jedi, who can you trust?
1. What do I have to do with Malak and Revan? 2. They turned to the dark side, obviously. Why is it so personal? 3. I suppose you can't. That must have been hard to take.
Carth: It… it's not that. It's… That's not what I mean. There were… there were others. Good, solid, trusted men who joined them. Carth: I… of course the Jedi turned to the dark side. There were others, however, who weren't Jedi. Good men… trusted men who joined them. Carth: I… it wasn't even that. There were others: good, solid men. Trusted men who turned on us, as well, and joined their cause.
Carth: Malak and Revan and the Sith deserve to die for what they've done… but the ones who fled the Republic and joined them are even worse. The dark side has nothing to do with why they joined the Sith. They deserve no mercy!
1. You say that with such… hatred. 2. I haven't joined the Sith, Carth.
Carth: I know. I… should apologize to you. I've become so accustomed to expecting the worst in others, and you've done nothing to deserve that. It's just… never mind. Let's just continue with what we were doing. I'd rather not talk about it.
Journal Entry Added Carth
It's obvious Carth is emotionally scarred by the betrayals of friends and allies at the start of the Sith war. There's probably more to the story, but he doesn't want to discuss it right now.


1. I want to continue our discussion from before.
Carth: I thought I said I didn't want to talk about it anymore.
1. Don't you think you'd feel better if you discussed it? 2. Yes, but I'm bored, so spit it out. 3. I think you owe me an explanation, Carth.
Carth: Listen, sister... just because we're working together does not mean you get to badger me with constant questions!
Carth: Not particularly. I… guess it wouldn't hurt, exactly, either, though I don't know why you're so interested. Carth: Cute. Nice to know that you're so full of concern. *Sigh* Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt, though I don't know why you're so interested. 3. I'm not going to repeat myself, Carth, You owe me.
Carth: I… suppose you're right. Fine, then. But I don't know why you're so interested, but here it goes.


1. Do we have another problem, now? 2. You're damn right it does.
Carth: Blast it if you aren't the most frustrating woman to talk to! Isn't there someone else you can harass for a little while?
1. *I'm* frustrating? Look who's talking! 2. And you say I'm frustrating to deal with. 2. What exactly is it about me that frustrates you?
Carth: What? Me? What did I do? Carth: Oh no, I'm not falling for that one. I wasn't born yesterday, you know.
1. Oh, that's rich. Where have you been? 2. You don't know? Typical male. 1. Really? It's hard to tell. 3. Well, I wouldn't want you to feel harassed. Have it your way. 3. Never mind. I'll leave you alone, since I'm so frustrating. 3. Alright, then, I'll leave you alone if that's what you want.
Carth: I... *sigh* Okay, I give up. You win. Carth: Wait... *sigh* I didn't mean it that way. Don't go, damn it.
Carth: Look, I suppose I... could use someone to talk to. I'm just not used to it. And I don't know why you're so interested. But here goes.
Carth: When I think of all the men who have betrayed us, the one that stands out above them all is the one I respected the most. Saul.
1. You say that name like I should know it. 2. That name sounds familiar.
Carth: You don't? I thought everyone did. Carth: With good reason.
Carth: Admiral Saul Karath is the commander of the entire Sith fleet. He's half the reason Malak has done so well in the war. Saul was my commanding officer back when the Mandalorian Wars first began. He taught me everything about being a soldier… and I looked up to him. Saul approached me before he left. He talked to me about how the Republic was on the losing side… and about how I should start thinking of my survival. I know now that he was trying to recruit me into the Sith, but I couldn't have conceived of it back then. I argued with him and he got angry and he left. I never saw him again.
1. You didn't think he would betray the Republic? 2. How could you have not seen through that?
Carth: I didn't want to, maybe. Are you so sure you would have?
Carth: Saul was my mentor… he led us to so many victories against the Mandalorians, even when things looked to be at their worst. I just… I couldn't conceive of it. He… he couldn't be serious. I was wrong, of course… he not only left us for the Sith, he… he gave them the codes to bypass our scanners. I remember waking up as the first of the Sith bombers snuck past our defenses and began destroying half of our docked ships. I knew right away what had happened. I… could have stopped him. I could have stopped it all.
1. So you blame yourself for trusting your friend? 2. Do you really believe that? 3. And that's why you feel so sorry for yourself?
Carth: I blame Saul, not myself. I was… I was stupid and I ignored the danger. He nearly destroyed us all. Carth: I don't know. Maybe. He might have killed me if I'd tried, or I might have killed him. I was stupid, however, and I let him go. Carth: Don't even start with that! I don't feel sorry for myself. I feel angry… at Saul and all those others. It's all I can think about sometimes!
Carth: I've fought Saul for years, now, and if I ever catch up to him… he will regret what he's done. He will regret it.
1. So that's all of it, then? 2. That's terrible. I feel awful for you. 3. I'd do the same thing in your shoes.
Carth: No. No, it's not. Carth: Well… there's more to the story, I guess.
Carth: But I don't want to talk about it right now. Let's go.
Journal Entry Added Carth
You've learned that Carth's mentor, Saul Karath, was one of the first to defect to the Sith cause. It's no wonder Carth has trust issues, though he seems reluctant to talk about it right now.

This is as far as you can advance this quest before escaping Taris, although it isn't necessary to do so at this point.

First Star Map[edit]

A dialog can be unlocked after acquiring the first Star Map on Dantooine.


1. You've been very quiet lately, you know that?
Carth: Have I been quiet? I suppose I have. I guess I just don't like being left out of the loop.
1. Left out of the loop? I don't understand. 2. I'm not the one leaving you out of the loop, Carth. 3. Oh, poor baby. You need filling in on some detail?
Carth: Left out of the loop. You know. Not being told anything… strung along. It's really starting to irritate me. Carth: No? Well, you certainly aren't helping matters any, either, and it's really starting to irritate me. Carth: You want to be smart, do you? Fine. So long as I get some questions answered.
3. Oh, poor baby. You need filling in on some detail? 1. You were born out of the loop.
Carth: Listen, sister, I don't remember reading anywhere that it's a requirement that you remain with us after we left Taris, yet here you are. Carth: Very cute. If you got any cuter, you'd pass for a Gamorrean's sister.
1. Same could be said for you. 2. I have more of a purpose here than you do, flyboy. 3. Yes, here I am. And I'm not going anywhere. 1. The things you say! 2. Better than a Gamorrean's mother.
Carth: Well, damn it, I want to know why that is! I want some questions answered! Carth: Well... yeah, true enough, I guess. But, damn it, I'm tired of nobody telling me anything! Carth: Look, I'm serious. No one seems to want to tell me anything, and it's starting to irritate me.
Carth: For one thing, I want to know what the Jedi Council said to you. They pulled you in there and refused to tell me a thing about it.
Bastila: *That* is none of your concern, Carth, and you would do well to leave the matter be. Carth: I'm rather curious to know what went on... and why they didn't keep you on Dantooine for training. Isn't that strange?
Carth: I respect you, Bastila, but you've been as close-mouthed as the rest of the Council. If you won't talk to me, then maybe somebody else will. 1. Why don't you ask Bastila?
Carth: I would be more than happy to, but she's as close-mouthed as the rest of the Council. I'm hoping you'll be the one to enlighten me.
1. Why should anything the Jedi do seem strange to you?
Carth: I may not know much about the Jedi, but I do know they aren't famous for taking on old Padawans and sending them on dangerous assignments.
2. They thought it was more important that I help find the Star Maps than stay.
Carth: And why is that? You were a great help on Taris, but why would they keep you with us? Don't they… don't they have to train you?
3. It's none of your business, frankly.
Carth: None of my business? Uh, I'm sorry… aren't I a part of this mission? The Jedi may be in charge, but I'm risking all the same things you are!
1. They said there's a bond between Bastila and myself. 2. I've done pretty well so far. 1. Isn't that the point? Aren't we all in this together? 2. Get a hold of yourself. I'm sick of your paranoia.
Carth: A bond? What kind of bond? You mean to say that they told you you were “tied” to Bastila in some way? Heh, I have trouble believing that. Carth: That's completely beside the point. The Jedi encouraged you to stay with us, and I don't believe the reasons they gave. Carth: Are we? Why, then, does it seem like the Jedi know everything and leave the rest of us out in the cold? Carth: You can be sick of whatever you like. What I'm sick of is being kept in the dark!
Carth: You're a neophyte Padawan who's been saddled with the responsibility of tracking down these Star Maps. Why? That's not normal! Dark Carth: I've been watching you... you can be cruel and impulsive. A Jedi without self-control or training, and yet the Council sends you on your way? Why?
Carth: I'm not trying to provoke you or imply that you're somehow responsible for the Jedi Council… but give me a hand, here! There has to be a reason!
1. Are you saying I'm not needed? 2. I'm here and that's not going to change. Get over it. 3. I'm sick of listening to you rant! Why don't *you* leave?! 4. Bastila and I have a bond. We have to do this together. That's all I'm going to say.
Carth: No, I don't… I didn't mean that you weren't wanted, or that I want to go! It's just… damn it! Carth: And what does that mean? Is this more of that destiny garbage that the Jedi keep talking about? Well, that can't be it!
Carth: I'll tell you this much… I am *not* going to wait around until I'm betrayed again!
1. I am *not* going to betray you! I am *not* Saul! 2. And just what are you going to do about it? 3. I am *sick* of listening to this. Just shut up or leave!
Carth: Well, we'll see about that, won't we? Carth: Nothing. Not yet. You just better hope I don't get a reason to. Carth: Fine. You got it. Conversation over.
Carth: Look, I didn't mean it that way. I want to get to Saul, not… no… no, forget it. It seems all I can do is insult you, isn't it? Just forget I said anything. Let's… let's… just get on with what we were doing.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth feels like he's being left out of the loop where the Jedi Council and Bastila are concerned. Because of the betrayals in his past, he's not reacting to the situation well. Hopefully in time he'll learn to cope with his emotional demons.

Second Star Map[edit]

Two more dialogs can be unlocked after acquiring a second Star Map with a male character, and three with a female.


1. We didn't end our last discussion very well… 2. Do you want to talk? You got pretty upset the last time we spoke.
Carth: I, ahhh... I'm not very good at this. I... I know I owe you an apology. Uh, more than one, probably. I was just so desperate to finally face Saul directly in the battle over Taris, and now the Jedi have us looking for these... these Star Maps. I know this mission is important, it's just... I feel a bit useless. I can fight, sure, but I'm no Jedi... all this feels completely out of my league.
1. And how does that excuse your actions? 2. Why don't you return to the front lines, then? 3. Maybe if you pull yourself together you won't be so useless.
Carth: It doesn't, I know. It's... been a while since I even had to think about that sort of thing. Carth: Because this is more important. This may really, finally, make a difference... I suppose even if I can't figure out everything that's going on, I still want to help if I can. Carth: You don't exactly pull any punches, do you? Not that I don't deserve it, I suppose.
Carth: I just hate not knowing what's going on and feeling this... helpless. But I shouldn't have taken that out on you. I've been a royal pain in the backside, haven't I?
1. Not really. I couldn't care less what you think. 2. You sure have. 3. Don't worry about it, Carth.
Carth: I guess there's no harm done then. Still I, uh... I should know better by now. Carth: Ha! Well... I guess I should be at least a little pleased that I haven't lost my touch. Carth: No, I do worry about it. I've traveled the lanes more than once, I should know better than this.
Carth: So... I'm sorry. Will you accept my apology?
2. No, I won't. Just keep quiet and do what you're told from now on.
Carth: Don't drown me in sentiment, already. *Sigh* Fair enough, let's move on.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.

That response completes this quest prematurely. Otherwise:

1. Only if you agree to work with me, for once.
Carth: Done! Let's get underway, then, shall we... partner?
1. I don't know. Maybe you should work for it, a bit.
Carth: Oh? I don't know if I like the sound of that...
1. Don't you want me to accept your apology?
Carth: I don't know. What am I going to have to do for it?
1. Blow away the bad guy. Save the damsel in distress. The usual. 2. Just make sure you don't need to make any more apologies. Deal? 3. Just a little kiss. How about it?
Carth: I...heh, I really think that we should, ah... get going.
Carth: Oh, the usual. Well that's not so hard. Let's get to it, then, shall we? Carth: Done! Let's get underway, then, shall we... partner? 1. No kiss, then? 2. I was only joking, Carth, relax.
Carth: I'm sorry. I'm glad things are better between us, now. We should... we should go.
2. No need to start sweating, Carth. I was only teasing.
Carth: So... you do accept my apology. Huh. Good. Good. I'm glad. You know you, uh... you aren't so bad to have around, you know that?
1. I know. I'm very charming, I'm told. 2. I knew there was a reason we kept you. 3. I have my uses. Let's go.
Carth: More than that. But... anyway... we should be off... Carth: Right. Off we go.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth has apologized for his previous behavior, and has promised to try not to punish his current companions for the betrayals of people in his past. Whether he can accomplish this remains to be seen.


1. Tell my why you want revenge on Saul so badly.
Carth: I already told you. He betrayed us all.
1. It just seems to be more… personal than that, is all. 2. Come on, Carth, you aren't fooling me.
Carth: Well, there... there is more to it. I'm... I'm sure you don't want to hear about it.
1. I asked, didn't I? 2. I do, if it's alright with you. 3. Spit it out already.
Carth: It's just that I... don't talk about it very much. Ok? I told you about my homeworld. Telos. Four years ago, Saul led the Sith fleet there and demanded its surrender. The planet refused and Saul proceeded to devastate its entire surface. Millions died. I had... a wife and son on Telos. I thought they would be safe there. But my task force arrived too late to be of much help. We didn't have enough medical supplies. The colony was burning and the dying were everywhere. I remember holding my wife and screaming for the medics. They... didn't come in time.
1. That's terrible, I'm sorry. I didn't know. 2. What happened after that?
Carth: Of course not. How could you? I... had nothing left after that, really. I devoted myself to the fleet. Hunting Saul was my only purpose. Carth: I had... had nothing left after that, really. I devoted myself to the fleet. Hunting Saul was my only purpose.
Carth: I... miss them. I know killing Saul won't bring them back, and it won't make me happy again... but I have to do it. I don't expect you to understand. I have to pay him back for what he's done... I have to. It's all I have left.
3. So what? Tough break. You haven't gotten over it yet?
Carth: Gotten over it? Look - my family was everything to me. Once they were gone... I had nothing. Hunting Saul became my only purpose.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.

That response completes this quest, preventing a female character from romancing Carth but still allowing both male and female to unlock Finding Dustil. Otherwise:

1. I didn't mean to pry.
Carth: No, it's alright, I don't mind. You deserved some kind of... explanation.
2. What was she like, your wife?
Carth: She had courage and ... and she was stubborn. Carth: She had courage... and she was stubborn. Heh... a little bit like you in that respect.
Carth: I could never talk her out of anything once she put her mind to it. And she hated it when I signed back onto the fleet at the start of the war. I had planned on... on leaving soon, to join her...
4. So this is where all that anger comes from.
Carth: Yes. I can't forgive Saul for this. He took everything from me, even... even my trust. I hope you can understand that.
1. So what happened to your son? You didn't say.
Carth: His name was Dustil and I don't know what happened to him. The colony was a complete ruin, and we never found any trace of him. I made inquiries and followed the reports from Telos for years, but... I stopped. Anyway... I hope that answers your questions. Let's, uh... let's continue with what we were doing.
Journal Entry Added Carth
You've learned that Carth's wife and son were lost when Saul Karath led the Sith fleet against Carth's homeworld, making him swear vengeance on the man he once admired. Whether he will ever get a chance to make good on his oath remains to be seen.

This also completes this quest for a male character.


A female character can continue to romance Carth:

1. What do you know about Revan and Malak?
Carth: To think that I once looked up to those two as the best that humanity had to offer. Now I'd like nothing more than to put a blaster to both their heads. Although I suppose only Malak is left, isn't he? Turned on his own master, not that Revan didn't have it coming. Heh. Typical for their kind, I guess.
1. You knew them personally?
Carth: No, not personally. They aided the Republic during the Mandalorian wars. They were heroes. Without them the Mandalorians would have finished us for certain. In the fleet, we didn't see much of the Jedi. I only met Malak once, but I was impressed by him. I guess that just shows how much the dark side can change someone.
2. Do you know why they turned to the dark side?
Carth: Nobody does. When they left after the Mandalorian wars ended, they were Jedi. When they returned... they were something else.
3. How did they get away with all this?
Carth: Well... when they returned from wherever they went, they had an entire fleet with them. Nobody knows where they got the ships. They had a lot of them and as the years have passed there always seems to be more and more... while our forces dwindle. Did they really get away with it, though? Revan was betrayed by Malak... and Malak hasn't won. In the end, the dark side won't help him.
3. What do you know about the dark side?
Carth: I, uh... used to think that it was a fancy name for something that I see every day. Corruption is everywhere. People are greedy and stupid and do horrible things. I'm starting to think it's different for the Jedi, however. That there's this evil watching them, waiting for its chance.
Dark Carth: I've been watching you. You have this, uh... incredible darkness inside you. Some of the things you do disturb me. Carth: You have so much courage and strength in you... yet, somehow, I have no trouble imagining it differently. Like the flip side of a coin.
Carth: It's not just you. It's Bastila, as well. She's so... intense. I don't pretend to know much about the Force... but I know evil.
1. You think Bastila and I are evil? 2. You don't know what you're talking about, Carth. Light 3. I'm not falling to the dark side, Carth, and I won't. Dark 4. I do what I want, and enjoy my power. Evil has nothing to do with it.
Carth: No, of course not. All I'm saying is that when you have so much power, the stakes are higher. I can only imagine the kind of conflict that goes on inside you. Carth: No? I know how people change. I remember how Malak looked and acted before his return... I bet the old Malak discounted the possibility that he would ever fall, as well. Carth: That's a frightening thought. I hope you're right.
Carth: Neither you nor Bastila are fully trained on how to handle your power. I'm just concerned at what might come.
3. I don't need you mothering me. Leave me alone from now on.
Carth: I didn't mean to... <Sigh> Fine, fine. I suppose I shouldn't stick my nose where it doesn't belong. I'll leave you be.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.

That response completes this quest prematurely. Otherwise:

1. That's sweet. I didn't know you cared. 2. I can handle myself, Carth.
Carth: Well, that's not what I... I mean... I wouldn't want to see you hurt. Either of you. Carth: I know that, and Bastila says the same thing. You're both incredible women. I'm just... I'm just not sure this is the kind of thing you can defeat.
Carth: I suppose finding the Star Maps is more important than your training... and your safety. I just hope there isn't a price for you to pay.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth is worried about you and Bastila. He's afraid the temptation of the dark side might destroy you both. He could be right… or he could just be a typically over-protective male.

Third Star Map[edit]

Four more dialogs can be unlocked after acquiring a third Star Map with a female character, although only the first three need to be completed to romance Carth.


1. You seem like you're far away. Is something wrong?
Carth: Oh... it's nothing. Sorry.
1. It doesn't seem like nothing. 2. Out with it, Carth. I won't have you moping.
Carth: Moping? I'm not moping! I... okay, fine, maybe I'm moping a little, but you're very pushy, you know that?
Carth: I told you my wife died four years ago. I... I've just been trying to remember what she looked like. It shouldn't be so difficult. I can remember things about her... things she did. The way she smiled, what her hair smelled like, our last fight... just not her face. I try to hold it in my head but it's gone. Is... that strange? Maybe I shouldn't be talking to you about this.
1. It does feel a little odd to discuss her, I admit. 2. No, it's not strange, Carth. You remember the important things. 3. Will you get over her, already? It's been four years!
Carth: Ahhh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned it, even if you asked. I just find you, I don't know... easy to talk to. Carth: But I *should* be able to remember her face. It's frustrating! I... feel like I'm losing her. Carth: That's a damned mean thing to say. I wasn't ready for her to go, I can't accept it. Alright?
Carth: I, uh... it must look really strange for me to be obsessing like this, still. You must think I'm incredibly stupid.
3. Not only that, you're a fool. You're wasting your time on useless ghosts.
Carth: She isn't a ghost to me. I still remember holding her as she died... and I doubt I'll forget until I've paid Saul back in kind. That's all I have left: finding Saul and killing the scum. Don't worry... I won't waste any more time until then.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.

That response completes this quest prematurely. Otherwise:

1. No, but I doubt your wife would want you to do this to yourself. 2. What I think shouldn't matter, Carth.
Carth: I... suppose you're probably right. But I have to do it, anyway. Carth: Maybe. It can't be worse than what I tell myself, sometimes.
Carth: The only thing that's kept me going since she died has been the need to find Saul and kill him. It's better to think about that than... anything else. If I can do that, then maybe I can let her go. Let it all go. If we encounter Saul... if we ever have the chance, promise me that I will be the one to kill him. I have to settle this... I need to.
1. Things may not work out that way. I can't promise that. 3. That's not going to help anything, Carth. 2. If we get the opportunity... then I promise.
Carth: Whether it does or not, that's the way it has to be. I... guess there's no need to discuss it until then. Carth: Thank you. I... guess there's really nothing else to say.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Once again Carth has vowed to kill Saul Karath for his betrayal. Hopefully Carth's desire for revenge won't jeopardize the mission.


1. So tell me... what happens if you ever get your revenge on Saul?
Carth: You mean if I kill him?
1. Yes. What happens afterwards?
Carth: I... never thought about it. I suppose I always assumed that I would be dead once Saul was.
1. Why? What kind of risks do you plan on taking? 2. But what if you don't die? What then?
Carth: Understand that whenever I envisioned taking on Saul in the past, it was always as the captain of my own ship... or alone. In those cases I would risk everything. Carth: That's never occurred to me. I've always been the captain of my own ship, after all... or thought about going after Saul on my own.
Carth: I'm not in the same situation, now. I wouldn't risk hurting you... or the others.
1. How do I know that's the truth? 2. I would certainly hope not.
Carth: You don't think I would throw away everything we're doing here, do you?
1. I don't know. What wouldn't you stop at to kill Saul? 2. What are we doing here? Does it mean anything to you?
Carth: I would like to think that I wouldn't put you in danger. That I wouldn't forget that there's more behind Saul that needs to be stopped. Carth: Of course it means something to me! The Sith have to be stopped! You think it doesn't matter to me that everyone on Taris is dead? That the Republic is in danger?
Carth: If I saw Saul, however... if I had the chance... I don't know what I would do. I really don't. I mean his death has been my entire focus for so long.
1. Well, you'll have to find something else to focus on. 2. I need your help, Carth. There's more than Saul to fight. 3. Then I can't rely on you. You shouldn't have come.
Carth: Well, that's easier said than done, but I know you mean well. I promise you I'll see this through. No matter what. Carth: I know. I'll... see this through. I promise you that. No matter what. Carth: But, uh... maybe it's best I did. I have to see this through... and I will, to the end. I promise you that. No matter what.
Carth: As for what comes afterward... well, let's wait until I know that I'm around to see it.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth has admitted he expects his vengeance against Saul to result in both their deaths. He hasn't even thought about what he will do next if he kills Saul and somehow manages to survive.


1. You've been watching me very closely as of late. Why is that?
Carth: Oh. I hadn't thought you'd noticed...
2. I'm blind, now, am I? 3. If you were any more obvious, your eyes would fall out of your head.
Carth: No, no, I didn't mean it that way. Carth: Err... I'm not that bad, am I?
1. Oh, I get it. You think I'm stupid, right? 2. Relax, Carth, I'm teasing you. 1. Not for a monkey-lizard, no. Not bad at all.
Carth: Damn it, woman, if you keep hounding me I'm going to put you over my knee and teach you a lesson!
1. Well, I did. 3. I'd still like to know what you see that interests you. 1. Is that a promise? 2. Hah! I'd like to see you try!
Carth: Well, I ah... I've just been admiring you. Not, uhh, not anything like that, though... Carth: Oh, no, I'm not even going there, sister. Carth: You just wait, you'll get yours.
Carth: At any rate, I wasn't ogling you. I've just been admiring you.
Carth: I've been watching you in action. Your, your skills... you have a natural talent that is incredible. Not that, ah, all I do is watch you or anything. I don't mean anything by it.
3. Just keep your eyes to yourself from now on and leave me be, got that? 3. Oh, this is too corny. Take a hike and leave me alone, will you?
Carth: Oh. Right. I'll, ah, I'll just pay attention to what I'm doing... Carth: Sorry. Didn't mean to... embarrass you. I'll stop.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.

Either of those responses completes this quest prematurely. Otherwise:

1. It's alright. I don't mind if you watch me. 2. Oh? Any other observations?
Carth: Ha! Why didn't you tell me that sooner? You would have saved me a lot of trouble. Carth: Well... maybe a few. I hope you won't mind if I keep those to myself.
Carth: I will say one thing, however. We've come a long way with your help. Whether it's the Force or fate or just dumb luck... I'm glad you're here. We probably would have never made it this far without you. I... should have said this long before, instead of doubting you. I, ah, hope you can forgive me.
1. That was rather like pulling teeth. 2. You already apologized once, Carth. 3. Is that it?
Carth: I guess I'm a proud man. I... don't admit things like this easily. Carth: And you accepted it... but that doesn't mean I'm forgiven. I'd like to be. Carth: Err... what do you mean?
1. Why do you need my forgiveness, anyway? 3. Forget it. You don't get off so easy. 1. I mean is that how you ask for forgiveness? 2. I mean that's a damn poor excuse for an apology.
Carth: Because you're an impressive and beautiful woman. In some ways... good ways... you remind me of my wife and I'd like to make things right between us. Carth: What am I supposed to say? I was wrong. I was a stubborn fool. I... Look, I have trouble admitting it when a beautiful woman has my number...ok?
2. Alright, you're off the hook. You're forgiven. 1. Well... that's certainly better... 2. You think I'm beautiful?
Carth: Thank you. Let's, ah... let's get back to what we were doing. Carth: I'll, ah, take that as a yes. I'm glad that's settled. Shall we... shall we get back to what we were doing?
Journal Entry Added Carth
It seems you've finally won Carth's full trust, though it wasn't easy. How this will affect the mission, or your relationship with Carth, remains to be seen.

This dialog completes the romance with Carth until a fifth Star Map has been acquired and you're ready to travel to the Star Forge System, and it must be completed before Darth Malak has been encountered for the first time, in the hangar of the Leviathan (so ideally, before acquiring a fourth Star Map and leaving that world).


This final dialog is actually optional:

1. You look like you want to say something.
Carth: Oh, you can tell, can you?
1. I can. Do you need to talk?
Carth: I do. It's serious, though... I need your attention. Is this a good time?


2. Well, your mouth keeps opening. That's a sign, I think. 3. It doesn't take Jedi powers to read a man, believe me.
Carth: Oh, yeah? Well listen, beautiful, I don't need to take this abuse. I get enough female Jedi bashing from Bastila, thank you very much.
1. Don't like it, huh? What are you going to do about it?
Carth: Wouldn't you like to know. Just you wait, sister.
1. Sure, sure. You're all talk, Carth. 2. Bring it on, flyboy. I bet I take you down.
Carth: And just what would you do if I wasn't? No, no, wait, don't answer that. I don't want to know. Carth: Uh. *That* is one bet I'm not about to take. Not a chance.
2. You love the attention. Admit it.
Carth: You think so? I could probably get the same kind of attention from a blaster rifle.
1. I could leave you alone with one, if you prefer. 3. Good idea. I'll go get one. 2. Oh, I think there's things I can do that a blaster can't.
Carth: Ha! No, wait, wait, don't go. Not just yet. Carth: Now *that* I'd like to see. Or would I? You've got my damn head on backwards, you know that?
3. Oh. So there's something between you and Bastila.
Carth: What?! No! I mean... no! Don't be crazy!
1. So someone would be crazy to like Bastila? I'll have to tell her that. 2. I've seen the way you look at her. 3. So I'm crazy now, am I?
Carth: Oh no you don't! I'd have to shoot you down first, and I'm not kidding. Carth: What? You must be joking. I'd be lucky not to get my eyeballs seared out of their sockets. Carth: Was there ever any doubt?
Carth: Anyway... as fun, uh, as this is, I do have to talk to you about something serious. Really serious. Uh, is this a good time?
2. No, maybe later.
Carth: Alright. We'll talk later, then.


1. This is fine.
Carth: Alright. I'm, uh... I'm concerned about you. I've been keeping these thoughts to myself, mostly, but I think it's time I say something.
1. What's this about? 2. You've been keeping something to yourself?
Dark Carth: It's about you. I'm worried about what you're doing to yourself... how much you've succumbed to violence and anger. I knew it was possible for this to happen to you... and it just pains me to see it. I've been down this path. And I don't recommend it. Carth: It's about you. I'm worried about what might happen to you. You have a lot of courage, and the fact you've remained strong is amazing, but there is even greater danger ahead. I think you might be setting yourself up for a fall. Maybe at the urging of the Jedi, I don't know... but you're definitely going to become a target.
Carth: If, uh... if I'm going to find some purpose beyond taking revenge on Saul, then it's going to have to be in protecting you. I don't know why, but I think some terrible fate is waiting for you. I think the Jedi Council knows it, too. And I don't want that to come to pass.
1. I can take care of myself. I don't need you. 2. And just how are you supposed to protect me? Dark 3. I haven't 'succumbed' to anything. What do you know?! Light 3. You think the Jedi have thrown me to the wolves?
Carth: That's where I think you're wrong. You can't do this on your own. Nobody could. Carth: I *sigh* I... don't know. I'm not the best of men, and I'm not the strongest fighter there is... but I'll find a way. Carth: I know that there's going to come a day when you'll look in the mirror and wonder how you ever got to become what you are... and by then it will be too late. Carth: Don't chalk it up to my paranoia just yet. Something isn't right. I blamed it on you, before, but I... I think the Jedi didn't tell us everything.
Carth: If I'm going to live past Saul, I need you to, as well. Let me protect you... from yourself, from the Sith... you have to let me try.
3. Forget it, I said. I don't need you crowding me. Period.
Carth: I, uh... I guess I have no other choice. I will still help you, if I can... but I guess you're on your own. If that's the way you want it, I hope things go well. Let's, uh... let's get back to what we were doing.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.


1. Why are you doing this? 2. Fine, Carth. Do what you have to.
Carth: Because... because I never got the chance to save my wife and son. Because I didn't stop Saul when I had the chance. Because I finally have the chance to do it right. You are an extraordinary woman... you make me think that maybe I might have some purpose beyond revenge. I don't know whether it means anything to you... but it does to me.
1. It means a lot to me, Carth. Thank you. 2. Alright, Carth. I'd be glad for the help.
Carth: I'm glad to hear that. I'll do my best.

In either case, the romance with Carth has already been completed, at least until a fifth Star Map is acquired...

Finding Dustil[edit]

After acquiring a second Star Map, and unlocking and completing the Seventh unlocked dialog, if Carth is in your party then a man named Jordo may approach and speak to you in one of the following locations:

Dantooine Tatooine Kashyyyk Manaan Korriban
Jedi Enclave Docking Bay Czerka Landing Port Docking Bay No
Jordo: Carth! Carth Onasi, is that you?
Carth: Jordo?
Jordo: It *is* you, isn't it? I knew it when I laid eyes on you! You old spacedog, how have you been? I thought for sure you'd be fighting on some ship out there.
Carth: I was. I crashed.
Jordo: Ha ha ha! That's pretty rich. I can't imagine what it would take to keep you on the ground.
Jordo: Must have something to do with your friend, here, hey? How's it going? Jordo: Must have something to do with your pretty friend, here, hey? How do you do, miss?
1. Can we hurry this up...? 2. You're a friend of Carth, I take it? 3. Nice to meet you, Jordo.
Jordo: Oh, I apologize. You folks are probably busy, aren't you? I just wanted to catch up with Carth, that's all. Jordo: Sure am. We joined the militia together back on Telos. That was a lot of years ago, of course.
Carth: So, what are you doing here, Jordo? The last time I saw you was on, u... well, Telos, actually.
Jordo: Yeah... it's a shame about home. Telos still hasn't recovered. The family and I moved on, and I'm working for Czerka now. I didn't see you after... er, what I mean is, my condolences on your wife. I heard what happened. At least your boy made it through alright.
Carth: My... boy? You mean... Dustil?
Jordo: Yes, of course. I saw him at my last stop, on Korriban, though he didn't recognize me. You... didn't know he was there?
Carth: No! Jordo, Dustil has been missing since the attack on Telos! Are you... are you absolutely certain it was him?!
Jordo: Yeah. I'd recognize Dustil anywhere. Positive. He's, uh... he's joined the Sith, Carth...
Carth: What do you mean he's joined the Sith?
Jordo: There's an academy for the Sith on Korriban. He's a student there. I saw him suited up in their outfit and everything. Sorry... I thought you knew.
Carth: No... no, I... I didn't. Well, thanks for telling me, Jordo.
Jordo: Sure, no problem. Good to see you again, Carth. Hope everything works out with Dustil.
Carth: Dustil... Dustil is alive! We have to go to the Korriban academy and find him!
1. We have other priorities, Carth. 2. I understand. We'll go as soon as possible. 3. Are you sure that's wise?
Carth: You think I don't know that? I just... if there's a chance we can try to find him... I don't want to wait to track him down, if possible. Carth: Thank you. I... I just have to see him. I have to know what happened to him. Carth: I don't know. I don't know why Dustil would be with the Sith... but I... I have to find out. There's simply no choice.
Carth: All this time I've thought he was... he must be a man by now...
Journal Entry Added Finding Dustil
You ran into an old friend of Carth's... who stunned Carth with the news that he had seen Carth's son, Dustil. The only hitch seems to be that Dustil has joined the Sith. He is a student at the Sith academy on Korriban. Carth has urged you to go there at the earliest opportunity.

Some experience and items are received while completing this quest, and you can move (much) closer to the light side of the Force. If you speak to Carth at any time before Finding Dustil on Korriban:

1. Do you want to talk?
Carth: Talk about what? The only thing I want to do right now is find Dustil. If he's alive... well, there's just nothing else I want to think about. I'll understand if we can't look for him right now, but if we could it would be a huge load off my mind.

However, once this quest is activated a female character cannot continue to romance Carth until it's been completed with Dustil's eyes opened to the true nature of the Sith, so if you want to romance him then you might want to avoid activating it until that romance is complete (completing this quest is not necessary to complete the romance, although if you want to do so then it must be unlocked before Darth Malak has been encountered in the hangar of the Leviathan, ideally before acquiring a fourth Star Map and leaving that world). If Dustil's eyes are closed, any romance ends:

1. Do you want to talk about it?
Carth: There's nothing to talk about. I failed my son... just as I failed my wife. I thought that if I ever found him... I just can't believe he's dead. I... you should have stopped him! You should have done something to prevent this!
1. Me? Why am I suddenly at fault? 2. Don't try blaming me for your problems, Carth.
Carth: Oh, don't give me that innocent look! You can talk a Hutt out of his credits, you could have found a way... you could have saved him!
1. That seems a lot to expect from me. 2. He was a Sith, Carth, remember? 3. You're right. I should have tried.
Carth: Is it? You seem just fine at pulling off the near-impossible... when you want to. Carth: He was my son!!
Carth: Why didn't you want to? You knew how important finding Dustil was to me! You... you've helped others, why not him? Why not me? Dark Carth: I can't help but wonder if part of you didn't enjoy this. I thought we might be friends, but with you... heh, who can tell?
1. I'm sorry, Carth. I wish I could have stopped this. 2. Stop trying to put all the blame on me. 1. You think I enjoyed it? That's pretty low. 3. We're not friends, Carth.
Carth: You could have. But... you're only partly to blame. I'm to blame for all the rest. Carth: All the blame? No. Part of the blame, though... part of the blame is yours. The rest is mine. Carth: Is it? I find it hard to tell which side you're on, sometimes. Still... not all the blame is yours. Most of it is mine. Carth: No, I see that. I don't know what I was expecting, telling you all I did. The blame is mostly mine for this, anyway.
Carth: I... I wish we hadn't come. I wish I'd never found him.
1. I'm sorry for your loss, Carth. 2. You didn't fail him, Carth. You did your best. 3. Wishing won't help matters, will it?
Carth: I'm sorry, too. And I'm sorry I ever met you. Carth: No, I did fail him. And so did you. I wish I'd never met you. Carth: No. If it did, I would never have met you.
Carth: I... no, I didn't mean that. Please... maybe it would be better if we continued with the mission. I want to... take my mind off this. Saving the galaxy is what's important now. My son... I can mourn my son later. When we're done. So... let's just go.
Journal Entry Added Carth
Carth and you have nothing more to talk about, for the moment.

So a dark side female who wants to romance him should either avoid this quest entirely or complete it as soon as possible after acquiring a second Star Map, to avoid wasting dark side points (since you normally move (much) closer to the light side of the Force the closer to the dark you already are), even on Dantooine itself: return later to claim the reward for destroying the Mandalorian Raiders, find the Missing Companion, and investigate the Murdered Settler, Sandral-Matale Feud and Strange Stowaway, but before acquiring your fourth Star Map. You should also acquire your second Star Map on Tatooine, since you can do so without squandering opportunities to move closer to the dark (although these are much more common than those to move closer to the light, so don't be too concerned).


Carth may speak to other party members as well when both are in your party:

Carth: Bastila, I was wondering something. How did those Vulkars manage to capture a famous Jedi like you? Were you knocked out when your escape pod crashed?
Bastila: No, I was conscious. But my Force powers were exhausted from using my Battle Meditation in the battle for the Endar Spire. Without my help you might never have gotten off the ship alive.
Carth: Fair enough. But I've seen you Jedi in action. There's no way those thugs would have stood a chance against your lightsaber.
Bastila: My lightsaber was… misplaced. I couldn't find it after the crash. I looked *everywhere* in that pod. The Vulkars came and overwhelmed me even as I was searching for my weapon.
Carth: Wait a minute, let me get this straight. You *lost* your lightsaber? Ha-ha! I mean, isn't that a violation of some kind of Jedi code or something?
1. Of all the Jedi in the galaxy, why do we get one who's absent-minded? 2. Maybe losing lightsabers is a side-effect of her Battle Meditation. 3. Leave her alone, Carth.
Bastila: This is no laughing matter! During the crash my lightsaber must have… it must have fallen from my belt and rolled under my seat! The Vulkars probably found it there when they searched the wreckage.
Carth: Hey, hey, hey, don't get mad. I'm sorry. It's just funny to think of a legendary Jedi losing her lightsaber. Take my advice: this is one detail you might want to keep out of the history texts.
Bastila: I hardly consider myself a legend, Carth. Though I will consider your advice when I relate these events to the Jedi Council. There is no need for them to know *every* detail of what transpired.
Carth: Bastila, did you ever think about joining all the Jedi who were running off to follow Revan and Malak when they went to fight the Mandalorians?
Bastila: That was nearly five years ago. I was still an apprentice, my Battle Meditation hadn't even manifested itself. Yet even then I had the wisdom to obey the will of the Council. Unlike Revan.
Carth: I guess. Still, do you ever wonder if things could have been different? Would Revan and Malak still have been corrupted if the Council had supported them instead of dragging its feet?
Bastila: Do not blame Revan's corruption on the Council! Your Republic saw only the threat of the Mandalorians, but the wisdom of the Masters saw beyond the immediate threat.
1. What did they see, exactly? 2. Sounds like you're just making excuses, Bastila.
Bastila: There was something lurking out there, something that devoured Revan and Malak – and many other Jedi. Had the Council sent us all into the unknown, how many more would have fallen?
Carth: So you're saying we should have done nothing? Just let the Mandalorians conquer us unopposed? I mean, the Republic was under attack, and the Order abandoned us!
Bastila: We did not abandon you! But the Council were not about to throw lives away foolishly. In time, we would have aided you against the Mandalorians. But you couldn't wait. Revan and Malak offered a quicker answer, and the Republic chose to walk the easy path rather than the path of wisdom. Now we see the results all around us. You asked me if I think things could have been different? I *know* they could have! If Revan had only listened to the Council, millions of innocent people would still be alive.
Carth: Yeah, right. And every single one of them would be speaking Mandalorian. I think we're done here. Let's just get back to the task at hand.
Canderous: Carth, you fought in the Mandalorian Wars, didn't you? We may have faced each other in combat. What battles were you in?
Carth: I try not to think about my past battles too much. The horrors of war are something I'd rather not relive.
Canderous: The horrors of war? My people know only the glory of battle. I'm disappointed in you, Carth. I thought a warrior like you would understand.
1. Carth isn't like you, Canderous. 2. Yeah, Carth. When did you get all peace-loving on me? 3. Keep it cool, you two. I don't want this getting out of hand.
Carth: I'm not a warrior, I'm a soldier. There's a difference. Warriors attack and conquer, they prey on the weak. Soldiers defend and protect the innocent – mostly from warriors.
Canderous: Nice speech. I bet you tell yourself that every night so you can sleep. But I accept who and what I am. I don't have to justify it with words – victory in battle is my justification!
Carth: Justification through victory? So what happens when you lose? You know, like you did against us.
Canderous: You had us outnumbered five to one. You had more ships, more troops, more supplies and the Jedi on your side. And we still made the Republic tremble before we fell!
Carth: Nice speech. I bet you tell yourself that every night so you can sleep. I don't want to talk about this anymore, Canderous. The war is over. You lost.
Carth: So, Jolee, you decided to leave your little hermitage in the forest and come help us stop the Sith. I guess you realized this was worth coming out of retirement for, huh?
Jolee: Yeah, that's right, sonny. The Sith are the greatest evil to hit the galaxy since, well, the Mandalorians. And they're the worst thing since Exar Kun. Blah, blah, blah, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
Carth: Okay, old man, you lost me there. Are you trying to make a point?
Jolee: Look, everybody always figures the time they live in is the most epic, most important age to end all ages. But tyrants and heroes rise and fall, and historians sort out the pieces.
1. Are you saying what we're doing isn't important? 2. If you feel that way, why did you come with us? 3. I think it's pretty clear that Malak is the tyrant in this case.
Jolee: Malak is a tyrant who should be stopped. If he conquers the galaxy we're in for a couple of rough centuries. Eventually it'll come around again, but I'd rather not wait that long. So we do what we have to do, and we try to stop the Sith. But don't start thinking this war - your war - is more important than any other war just because you're in it.
Carth: That's an interesting theory, but I don't buy it. The Republic stands for something; it's stood for something for fifteen thousand years. And if it falls, everything will change forever.
Jolee: You believe whatever you need to to get you through this, sonny. The bottom line is we both want to stop Malak, so let's not get hung up on the details. Let's just get back to stopping him.
Mission: Hey, Carth. You're a pilot for the Republic, right? You've been all over the galaxy I bet, right? So tell me, how would you rate Taris compared to other worlds you've seen?
Carth: I'll be honest, Mission. Taris would rate pretty low. The prejudice, the rich spoiling themselves while the poor are crushed beneath them – not a pretty picture.
Mission: Yeah, but that's only since the Sith occupation. Before that… well, I guess it wasn't all that different, really. Hmm… maybe Taris ain't as great as I thought, you know?
Carth: Trust me, Mission. There are a lot of worlds better than Taris. There are worse, too. But Taris is no place for a kid to live on her own – even a kid who's got a Wookiee to look out for her.
Mission: Hey, I ain't no kid! And I look out for Zaalbar as much as he looks out for me. Big Z's my friend, not my babysitter! Geez, I come ask you a question and you give me a lecture!
Carth: Don't you snap at me, missy! You want a lecture? How's this: only bratty little children fly off the handle because of a simple comment.
1. Settle down right now – both of you! 2. You're not going to take that from him, are you Mission?
Mission: I don't have to listen to you, Carth! You ain't my father – though you're sure old enough to be! So keep your lectures inside your withered old head, 'cause I don't need 'em!
Carth: And I sure as hell don't need this. Let's just drop it and get back to what we were doing.
Mission: Uh, hey Carth. Can I... can I talk to you for a second?
Carth: Are you ready to have a civil chat? Or are is this going to be another childish tantrum?
Mission: Tantrum? I'm trying to apologize, you nerf-herder! Uh... I mean... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get mad at you. It's just that I'm sick of everyone treating me like I'm a helpless kid.
Carth: Yeah, I know. And I'm sorry about what I said, too. I'm just a little on edge lately. Not surprising considering all we've been through. But I shouldn't take it out on you.
1. It's about time you two made up. 2. What's with all the apologies? I was hoping for another fight!
Carth: Mission, you have to know that we don't think you're helpless. Look where we are, look at what we're doing. You're not just along for the ride. We need you.
Mission: You really mean it, don't you? Nobody's ever said anything like that to me before, not even Big Z. He might think it, but he's not really one for words, you know. Thanks, Carth.
Carth: Ah, it's no big deal. I know how it is. Sometimes you just need to hear a few words of encouragement. Kids are like that.
Mission: Kids are like that?? Listen you... oh, I get it. Okay, you got me. You're pretty funny, Carth. For an old guy. Come on, you geezer - let's get back to what we were doing.


Even if you don't speak to Carth directly he may comment during dialog when in your party, although unlocking this may also be conditional on others being added or removed, among other things:

Endar Spire
Location Dialog Add Remove
Starboard Section Stealth
Location Dialog Add Remove
South Apartments Dia
Upper City South Kebla Yurt
Gurney Bastila Bastila
Zelka Forn Dark Side Points Gained Bastila
Bounty Hunter
Bullied Merchant
Upper City Cantina Ajuur
Bendak Starkiller
Gana Lavin
Upper City North Ithorian Bastila
Drunk Man
Gorton Colu
Sith Guard
Janice Nall
North Apartments Sith Commander
Alien Prisoner
Largo Light Side Points Gained
Lower City Apartments (East) Matrik Bastila
Javyar's Cantina Holdan Bastila, Mission
Hidden Bek Base Gadon Thek
Undercity Outcast Beggar
Outcast Healer
Rukil Mission
Black Vulkar Base Waitress Dark Side Points Gained
Black Vulkar Base (Garage) Kandon Ark Dark Side Points Gained Mission
Javyar's Cantina Zax Bastila
Upper City or Javyar's Cantina Canderous Ordo Bastila
Javyar's Cantina Canderous Ordo Bastila
Davik's Estate Slave (male and female)
Hudrow Dark Side Points Gained
Location Dialog Add Remove
Jedi Enclave Jordo
Courtyard Jon Mission
Matale Grounds Matale Droid
Grove Bolook Juhani, Bastila
Courtyard Elise Dark Side Points Gained Bastila Mission
Jon Dark Side Points Gained Bastila
Jedi Enclave Juhani
Crattis Yurkal
Ahlan Matale
Ruins Star Map
Matale Grounds Ahlan Matale Bastila
Sandral Estate Nurik Sandral Dark Side Points Gained Bastila Bastila, Canderous
Rahasia Sandral Bastila Bastila
Jedi Enclave Shen Matale
Sandral Grounds Ahlan Matale Dark Side Points Gained
Jedi Enclave Vandar Tokare Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Juhani
Location Dialog Add Remove
Docking Bay Jordo
Anchorhead Sharina Fizark Dark Side Points Gained Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained Juhani, Bastila, Jolee
Sandcrawler Mechanic Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Jolee
Iziz Bastila
Hunting Lodge Gurke HK-47
Tanis Venn (female) Jolee
Swoop Registration Motta the Hutt Jolee
Nico Senvi Dark Side Points Gained Jolee, Mission
Garm Totryl
Yuka Rill Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Juhani
Cantina Jawa Servers Bastila HK-47
Droid Shop HK-47 T3-M4
Yuka Laka Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Mission, Jolee
Dune Sea Tanis Venn
Anchorhead Iziz Dark Side Points Gained
Czerka Office Protocol Officer Dominate Mind
Eastern Dune Sea Komad Fortuna Dark Side Points Gained
Star Map HK-47, Mission, Canderous, Zaalbar
Location Dialog Add Remove
Czerka Landing Port Zaalbar Zaalbar, Mission
Eli Gand Mission, Bastila
Janos Wertka Bastila Juhani
Jordo Bastila Juhani
Great Walkway Zaalbar Zaalbar, Mission
Patrol Captain Dehno Persuade [Success] Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained Zaalbar, Mission
Hall of the Chieftain Chuundar Mission, Bastila
Great Walkway Chorrawl
Upper Shadowlands Guard Dominate Mind Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Juhani, Canderous
Worrroznor's Home Worrroznor Light Side Points Gained Zaalbar, Jolee
Czerka Landing Port Matton Dasol Light Side Points Gained
Hall of the Chieftain Freyyr Light Side Points Gained All but Bastila, Juhani, T3-M4
Lower Shadowlands Grrrawahrr Dark Side Points Gained
Location Dialog Add Remove
Docking Bay Jordo
Ahto West Judge Shelkar Jolee, Bastila
Judge Duula Bastila Jolee
Judge Jhosa
Sunry Bastila Jolee
Shelkar (Guilty, Death, Innocent) Mission
Nilko Bwaas Bastila
Iridorian Mercenary
East Central Ignus Persuade [Success] Dominate Mind Bastila, Juhani, Jolee, Mission
Sith Base Shasa Dark Side Points Gained Juhani
Ahto West Shaelas Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained
Hrakert Station Mercenary
Location Dialog Add Remove
Dreshdae Shaardan Jolee, HK-47
Lashowe Persuade [Success] Canderous, Jolee, Zaalbar
Sith Academy Entrance Mekel
Prospective Sith Student Persuade [Success] Light Side Points Gained
Sith Academy Guard
Dreshdae Prospective Sith
Sith Academy Uthar Wynn HK-47
Yuthura Ban Jolee
Uthar Wynn Jolee
Dustil Onasi Light Side Points Gained
Tomb of Ajunta Pall Spirit of Ajunta Pall
Sith Academy Uthar Wynn
Tomb of Marka Ragnos Rogue Assassin Droid
Tomb of Tulak Hord Mekel
Location Dialog Add Remove
Ebon Hawk Escaped the Leviathan Jolee
Star Forge System
Location Dialog Add Remove
Ebon Hawk Cockpit
Any Carth (romanced)
North Beach Rakatan Elite Warrior
Central Beach Carth Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained (romanced)
Star Forge
Location Dialog Add Remove
Ebon Hawk Admiral Dodonna Light Side Points Gained
Deck 1 Carth Light Side Points Gained Bastila
Carth Dark Side Points Gained (romanced)