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The East Elevator from the Command Center takes you to the north side of the viewing platform, where Darth Malak awaits you at the end of the walkway ahead: he won't engage in dialog then combat until you join him on the platform, giving you time to heal and use any Shields, Stimulants and Force power buffs of longer duration that aren't already active (as ever, Improved Energy Resistance is particularly helpful, although Force Resistance or Immunity will only be useful against his Force Lightning). Mines can also be set here for later.

Captive Jedi play no part until Darth Malak's Vitality or Force has been sufficiently reduced, at which point he drains one to restore both to maximum. If you're unwilling or unable to use a Force power to release or kill the seven remaining captives, then he can keep draining them as needed and combat can take a lot longer.

Victory allows you to take the northeast elevator back to Deck 1, returning to the Ebon Hawk and the world below, either escaping the destruction of the Star Forge, or rallying the Sith after the destruction of the Republic fleet.

File:KotOR Map Viewing Platform.png
Map of the viewing platform

Command Center[edit]

Walkways go down to either side of the entry walkway before going round the north perimeter to dead ends, while ramps to the south, east and west bridge a chasm between the platform below and a viewing deck round the south perimeter, allowing a closer look outside.

Darth Malak stands with his back to you as you enter: unfortunately you can't take a page from HK-47's playbook and just shoot him in the back of the head from here...

Darth Malak won't engage in dialog then combat until you step off the entry walkway onto the viewing platform behind him. This is the last chance to enter the dancedancemalak Windows cheat to complete the game without fighting him.

Darth Malak[edit]

Darth Malak: Well done, Revan. I was certain the defenses of the Star Forge would destroy you, but I see there is more of your old self in you than I expected. You are stronger than I thought; stronger than you ever were during your reign as the Dark Lord. I did not think that was possible.

These two responses end this dialog most quickly:

Light 2. This is your last chance, Malak. Surrender. 3. Enough words! Now we end this! Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Darth Malak: No, Revan, this time our confrontation can only end in death... yours or mine. Darth Malak: You are eager for blood, Revan... as am I. Very well, you shall have your wish.


Light 1. The light side is stronger than you know, Malak. Dark 1. I was always stronger than you, Malak! That was why I was the Master!
Darth Malak: I am tempted to try and capture you alive, Revan. Then I could break your will and bind you to me as my apprentice, as I did Bastila. You would be a far greater asset to me than even Bastila and her Battle Meditation, if I could control you. But is it worth the risk? Perhaps you are too powerful to be my apprentice. I betrayed you when I realized my own strength was greater than yours; in time you might try to do the same to me. Darth Malak: Once you were stronger than me, Revan. But as your apprentice I surpassed you. The Master must always be stronger than the apprentice... that was why I betrayed you.
1. I will never serve the dark side again, Malak! 1. You betrayed me from afar. You were afraid to face me, Malak.
Darth Malak: Foolish words. The darkness and the light wage a constant war within you. The balance is tipped one way now, but it can easily be tipped back. Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things Revan... and yet you are nothing. In the end you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone. Darth Malak: No! I was prepared to face you, Revan. But fate presented me with a better option. I saw my opportunity and seized it. The trap set by the Jedi only hastened my decision. If they had not attacked I would have challenged you for mastery of the Sith soon enough.
1. I believe in the power of redemption. 2. You're still making the mistake of underestimating me, Malak. 1. You knew I was stronger than you. You still know it. 2. You underestimated me back then... you still do. 3. I would have killed you then... and I'm going to kill you now!
Darth Malak: Of course. What else do you have? Fate and destiny have conspired to keep you alive despite my best efforts; they have thrust you into the role of savior. Darth Malak: I cannot deny your resilience. You survived my first betrayal, thanks to Bastila's inteference. You escaped the destruction of Taris and you escaped me on the Leviathan. You even survived my attempt to destroy you with the Star Forge itself. Fate and destiny have conspired to keep you alive despite all my efforts. Darth Malak: You are eager for blood, Revan... as am I. Very well, you shall have your wish.
Darth Malak: We have been inexorably pushed to this final confrontation, Revan. I see now that this can only be settled when one of us destroys the other.
Darth Malak: Once again we shall face each other in single combat... and the victor will decide the fate of the galaxy!
Darth Malak
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 20
Alignment 10 (dark)
Strength 29 +9
Dexterity 18 +4
Constitution 23 +6
Intelligence 15 +2
Wisdom 15 +2
Charisma 20 +5
Vitality 327
Defense 38
Fortitude 38
Reflex 31
Will 27
Awareness 47
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 38 -
Energy 13-27,+5 Universal
Threat 17-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Dark Jedi Master Robe Malak's Lightsaber Nerve Amplifier Belt Immunity: Mind-Affecting Master Sense Master Force Focus Master Conditioning Master Toughness Weapon Specialization Lightsaber Master Dueling Master Jedi Defense26 Master Force Jump Master Power Attack Master Flurry Master Critical Strike29 Force Immunity35 Force Lightning36 Force Breach Throw Lightsaber

There's nothing to be done yet with the eight Captive Jedi seen in electrical prisons around the viewing platform, and if you try to use the doors to the north and northeast:

[This door is held closed by some great power, and cannot be opened at the moment.]

Focus on fighting Darth Malak until this changes (once he's reduced to 100 Vitality or less, or any damage has been inflicted after he's reduced to 50 Force or less).


Darth Malak's combat capabilities are considerable:

Attribute Attack Master
Force Jump Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike
Defense 38 38 38 37 33
Attack 38 42 35 37 38
Damage Easy 9-16 11-18 14-21 9-16 9-16
Normal 13-27, +5 17-31, +5 23-37, +5 13-27, +5 13-27, +5
Difficult 27-48 33-54 42-63 27-48 27-48
Critical threat 17-20 (20%) 17-20 (20%) 17-20 (20%) 17-20 (20%) 11-20 (50%)
Attacks 1 1 1 2 1

38 Defense is almost the highest in the entire game, but level 20 combat Jedi who focused on Strength or Dexterity shouldn't have too much trouble hitting him at this point (> 35 Attack always ensures maximum 95% chance to hit), and Master Toughness only reduces each damage type by 2 (fortunately he has no Shields, and he never uses Improved Energy Resistance). Even Force users shouldn't have too much difficulty achieving > 18 Attack to always ensure more than minimum 5% chance to hit (an Adhesive Grenade's -4 Dexterity results in -2 Defense, while debilitation results in -8 Defense, adding up to 40% to chance to hit).

However, his Attack may well be the highest in the entire game. Although a Jedi heavily focused on Defense and Dexterity can achieve maximum 49 Defense (normally resulting in just 35% chance to hit with his Master Power Attack, but still 70% with his Master Force Jump), a more typical Jedi would struggle to achieve > 37 Defense required to ensure he didn't always have maximum 95% chance to hit. Consequently, if he attacks he's almost certainly going to inflict damage, particularly with critical hits:

Attribute Attack Master
Force Jump Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike
Critical damage Easy 15-29 19-33 25-39 15-29 15-29
Normal 26-54, +5 34-62, +5 46-74, +5 26-54, +5 26-54, +5
Difficult 46-88 58-100 76-118 46-88 46-88

The maximum damage he can inflict in a single combat round is with two critical hits using Master Flurry, resulting in 92-176 total damage (134 on average) on Difficult. Fortunately, this is unlikely: even if a Jedi has < 39 Defense, which normally gives Darth Malak maximum 95% chance to hit and 100% critical conversion with Master Flurry, the chance of this happening would still be just 3.61% (100 * (0.95*0.2)2).

Combat Difficulty can always be reduced (and be thankful he never uses Master Speed to add two more attacks), but even the magnitude of this worst-case scenario can be significantly reduced with shields or Improved Energy Resistance, both of which apply before combat difficulty: a single full charge of a Verpine Prototype Shield (Deflection: Energy, Sonic, Cold, Heat 120 points total) could entirely absorb energy damage from two maximum critical hits (54 each) before they were increased by 50% on Difficult.

Even without shields, Improved Energy Resistance can significantly reduce this damage. Each critical hit is reduced from 26-54 to 11-39 energy damage (+5 universal damage), resulting in 24-66 total damage each on Difficult, or 48-132 combined (90 on average): that's a 44 point reduction, or ~32.8%. Improved or Master Toughness further reduces each critical hit to 9-37 energy damage (+3 universal damage), resulting in 18-60 total damage each on Difficult, or 36-120 combined (78 on average): that's a further 12 point reduction, or 56 (~41.8%) overall.


Jedi using ranged weapons (blaster pistol(s), blaster rifle or heavy weapon) have the advantage of the Close Proximity Ranged Bonus adding 10 to attack rolls when in close proximity to Darth Malak, adding up to 50% chance to hit. The melee on ranged bonus may add 10 to Malak's own attack rolls, but if a Jedi has < 37 Defense then he already always has maximum 95% chance to hit and 100% critical conversion anyway.

The only times Darth Malak normally won't use his melee attacks are when he's using Force powers, he's debilitated or he's running to close to attack range rather than using Master Force Jump. With care, hit-and-run tactics can be used to keep him far enough away to run, but not so far away that he decides to jump, but it can be simpler to use an Adhesive Grenade to entangle him. It's best to use it while he's using a Force power or otherwise standing still, then attack from beyond melee range but still close enough for the Close Proximity Ranged Bonus to apply. He'll remain entangled for 15 seconds, so he can be attacked for 4 combat rounds before using another to keep him entangled. Other advantages of using Adhesive Grenades are -4 Dexterity (resulting in -2 Defense), and Force powers cannot be used while entangled!

Other Grenades can be used instead of attacks (or Force powers), but he always saves against them and has Master Toughness:

Grenade CryoBan Frag Ion Plasma Sonic Thermal
Damage 8 8 5 16 8 28
Total to Kill 40 40 64 20 40 12

Thermal Detonators are obviously the best, and although they have the disconcerting effect of appearing to knock him down and out of the adhesive, he remains entangled in his new location for the remaining duration.

The disadvantage of using ranged weapons is that even though he can be easier to hit, he can still deflect blaster bolts unless debilitated, which doesn't include being entangled by an Adhesive Grenade: 36 Attack may always ensure maximum 95% chance to hit against 38 Defense, but his total deflection roll is 27-46 so he still has ~9.5% (36/380) chance to deflect any hit. > 44 Attack (> 35 if the Close Proximity Ranged Bonus applies) ensures the total attack roll is normally 46 or more, preventing him from ever deflecting a bolt.


Darth Malak can only debilitate you using Master Critical Strike, which can be prevented with Fortitude save > 27, Immunity: Mind-Affecting or a level > 5 Jedi Sentinel's Force Immunity: Stun.

Darth Malak's high saves and Immunity: Mind-Affecting granted by his Nerve Amplifier Belt mean that he can only be debilitated by using the following Force powers:

Light side powers Universal power Dark side powers
Stasis or Statis Field Force Whirlwind Wound, Choke or Kill

The light and dark side powers are against his highest save, Fortitude: Difficulty Class > 39 is normally required to have any chance of success whatsoever. A light side Jedi Consular with Mastery can have maximum DC 50 for 55% chance of success, while a dark side Jedi Consular using the light side power Master Valor can have maximum DC 44 for just 25% chance of success, although Plague can be used to reduce his attributes and thus saves over time. Other classes shouldn't expect to debilitate him with these powers.

Force Whirlwind is much more likely to debilitate him since it's against his Reflex save: an Adhesive Grenade's -4 Dexterity while entangled can reduce it from 31 to 29, meaning a light side Jedi Consular with mastery can have maximum 100% chance of success (a dark side Jedi Consular using Master Valor still has maximum 70% chance of success, increasing to 80% once debilitated). Once debilitated, he's more likely to remain so since his Dexterity modifier (+4) is removed from his Reflex save, reducing it from 31 to just 27.

However, to use Force Whirlwind, Force Wave cannot have been selected. Being restricted to Force Whirlwind is inadvisable (aside from being unable to use it earlier in the game, Force Wave can still both damage and knock him down, hindering him from closing to attack range) unless playing a Scoundrel Jedi focused on Sneak Attacks as the main source of damage, who used other Force powers like Stasis Field or Horror or Insanity to provide area of effect debilitation earlier in the game.

Force powers[edit]

Darth Malak first uses Force Immunity, although this can be prevented by using any offensive Force power of your own against him beforehand. However, after draining each Captive Jedi he uses it again, and this time using a Force power of your own against him won't prevent it unless it debilitates him. This means Force powers against which a saving throw can be made used by a level 20 Jedi will have no effect whatsoever 70% of the time. Force Breach is required to cancel it, or it will take up to a minute to expire each time.

He only uses Force Breach himself if Force power buffs have been used which it can cancel, and you have run away from him to put some distance between you. Although these Force powers can be reused (albeit at the expense of attacking or offensive use of the Force), he'll just use Force Breach again if he still has sufficient Force points and you aren't close enough to him.

Force Lightning and Throw Lightsaber inflict 10-60 (35 average) lightning and energy damage respectively on Normal, reduced to 5-30 (17.5 average) on Easy and increased to 15-90 (52.5 average) on Difficult. > 15 Will save is required to have any chance of saving against Force Lightning, and > 34 means you always save, halving damage (2-15 (8.5 average), 5-30 (17.5 average) or 7-45 (26 average) depending on Combat Difficulty). As ever, Shields or Improved Energy Resistance can reduce damage, or even negate it entirely, before combat difficulty applies.

Damage Immunity: 100% vs. Electrical is granted by the Electrical Capacitance Shield belt: although unnecessary (and a little excessive), buying and equipping it can be a good way to get Darth Malak to waste all his Force points using Force Lightning if you stay between attack and Throw Lightsaber range.

He can be prevented from using Force powers entirely by debilitating him, or entangling him with an Adhesive Grenade. It's best to entangle him while he's using a Force power of his own or otherwise standing still (be sure to stand far enough away to avoid being entangled yourself, or you won't be able to use Force powers either) and, once entangled, Force powers can be used up to 4 times before needing to use another Adhesive Grenade to keep him entangled. Otherwise, 175 Force points mean he can use Force Immunity, Force Lightning or Throw Lightsaber (costing 20 points each) up to 8 times.

Even if his Force Immunity can be prevented or canceled using Force Breach, the most consistently damaging Force power to use against him is (Advanced) Throw Lightsaber: a level 20 Jedi inflicts 8-58 (33 average) energy damage, the same as Shock, Force Lightning or Storm but with no chance of saving against it to reduce damage. 10 throws will kill him on average, costing 200 Force points (and possibly 3 Adhesive Grenades).

The dark side power Kill could finish him with just 3 uses, but it is against his highest save, Fortitude: a Jedi Consular, particularly dark side, can never achieve a high enough Force power Difficulty Class to ensure his Fortitude save always fails, and DC < 40 normally ensures it always succeeds, resulting in just 18 physical damage (although failure to save results in 52 points every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, averaging 78 per round).

If you absolutely, positively must have the satisfaction of choking the life out of him, aside from selecting Kill for a light side Jedi Consular, it's best to use Plague before dealing with the Captive Jedi and let it run its course while you do so: after 36 seconds (halfway through its 72 second duration) -6 attribute damage reduces him from 23 to 17 Constitution (CON +6 to +3), which in turn reduces his Fortitude save from 38 to 35 (and maximum Vitality from 327 to 267, which reduces Kill damage), adding 15% to your chance of success (so 25% would become 40%, and 55% would become 70%).


A maximum of 15 Mines can be set at once and, although Darth Malak always saves against them and has Master Toughness, this is enough to kill him: Deadly Plasma Mines each inflict 34 (72/2 - 2) points of energy damage, so 10 will kill him; Deadly Frag Mines each inflict 25 (54/2 - 2) points of piercing damage, so 13 will do likewise (although you can only recover 10 at most).

It's best to set any mines on the entry walkway before stepping onto the viewing platform to engage him for the first time, then wait until all Captive Jedi have been killed or released before leading him to them. Although he's aware of the mines, he'll still walk or jump over them if he cannot use his Force powers due to being out of range or Force points.

Captive Jedi[edit]

There are eight captive Jedi held in electrical prisons around the viewing platform.

[The Jedi hangs in the grasp of the electrical prison. Only by using the power of the Force could you free him now.]

You cannot do anything further until Darth Malak is reduced to 100 Vitality or less, or any damage has been inflicted after he's reduced to 50 Force or less, at which point he disengages from combat and runs to one of them.

Darth Malak: You continue to amaze me, Revan. If only you had been the one to uncover the true power of the Star Forge you might have become truly invincible. But you were a fool. All you saw was an enormous factory, all you ever imagined was an infinite fleet rolling forth to crush the Republic. You were blind, Revan - blind and stupid!
1. What are you talking about? 2. Is there some point to this?
Darth Malak: The Star Forge is more than just a space station. In some ways, it is like a living creature. It hungers. And it can feed on the dark side that is within all of us! Look around you, Revan. See the bodies? You should recognize them from the Academy. These are Jedi who fell when I attacked Dantooine. For all intents and purposes dead, except for one difference: I have not let them become one with the Force. Instead I have brought them here. The Star Forge corrupts what remains of their power and transfers the dark taint to me!

He demonstrates by draining the life force of the captive Jedi, restoring himself to maximum Vitality and Force.

Darth Malak: You cannot beat me, Revan. Not here on the Star Forge. Not when I can draw upon the power of all these Jedi! And once you are beaten I will do the same to you. You will be trapped in a terrible existence between life and death, your power feeding me as I conquer the galaxy!

He'll do likewise with the remaining seven captive Jedi whenever his Vitality or Force have been reduced as before. Although you're obliged to follow him the first time, later you won't: this means that by leading him away from the captive Jedi, using the walkways to the north or the deck to the south, you can give yourself more time to heal and prepare yourself to continue the battle while he runs back and forth.

The layout of the viewing platform is symmetrical along its north-south axis, so the location of the four captive Jedi on the west side is mirrored on the east.

However, it will shorten the battle considerably if one of the following Force powers can be used to kill or release the captive Jedi before he does, some of which will also restore you to maximum Force (and Vitality):

Kill Maximum Force Maximum Vitality and Force
[The Jedi hangs in the grasp of the electrical prison, charred and lifeless.] [The Jedi has been freed from the grasp of the electrical prison. His soul has become one with the Force.] [The Jedi hangs in the grasp of the electrical prison, charred and drained of his life force.]

Use of any other Force power results in the following message being displayed:

[The Force power did not affect the Jedi captive or the machine that binds him.]

After Darth Malak has drained the first captive Jedi, get a head start on him by stepping back and using an Adhesive Grenade while he uses Force Immunity, debilitating him, or slowing him down by using Plague, which also inflicts attribute damage for its duration (Stasis or Statis Field will also slow him down if he saves against the debilitating effect, albeit only for 12 seconds, not 72 like Plague). Once his pursuit has been temporarily stopped or hindered, run ahead of him to deal with the captive Jedi.

The pairs of captive Jedi to either side of the entry walkway to the north are closest together, and thus can be dealt with most quickly: Death Field can even kill each pair with a single use (Force Lightning or Storm and Advanced Throw Lightsaber only affect one at a time). However, if Darth Malak isn't entangled or debilitated then use the deck to the south to create distance: run up or down one ramp and when he follows, run up or down another to deal with the captive Jedi on the deck above or platform below: ranged weapons and Force powers can sometimes be used across the chasm between the two, but it cannot be jumped across. Make sure a captive Jedi is within range whenever a Force power is used, otherwise time is wasted closing to point-blank range to use it.

Once all captive Jedi have been dealt with, reducing Darth Malak to 10 Vitality or less will finally defeat him.


Darth Malak: Im... [cough] impossible. I... I cannot be beaten. I am the Dark Lord of the Sith.

If you have not returned to the dark side:

Light 1. This is the way of the dark side, Malak: all things end in death. Light 2. The power of the light will always be stronger than the dark side.
Darth Malak: Still... [cough] still spouting the wisdom the Jedi, I see. Maybe there is more truth in their code than I ever believed. I... I cannot help but wonder, Revan. What would have happened had our positions been reversed? What if fate had decreed I would be captured by the Jedi? Could I have returned to the light, as you did? [cough] If you had not led me down the dark path in the first place, what destiny would I have found?
1. You cannot blame me for the path you chose. 2. I am sorry I started you on this path. But you chose to continue down it.
Darth Malak: I suppose... I suppose you speak the truth. I alone must accept responsibility for my fate. I wanted to be Master of the Sith and ruler of the galaxy. But that destiny was not mine, Revan. [cough] It might have been yours, perhaps... but never mine. And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing.

With Malak dead, you go through the door in the northeast wall and take the elevator back to the first deck, where Carth awaits you by the Ebon Hawk (with Bastila if she was redeemed):

Carth: There you are! What happened?
1. Darth Malak is dead. It's over, finally. 2. There was no way to turn him to the light side. I had to kill him. 3. I killed him... and a lot of help you were, by the way.
Bastila: That's wonderful news! Carth: That's great news! I knew you could do it! Bastila: I don't think anyone actually expected that he could be redeemed. I'm surprised you would even think of trying. Carth: I don't think anyone actually expected that he could be redeemed. I'm surprised you would even think of trying. Carth: Hey! I was doing what I could, thank you very much!
Bastila: There's no time to celebrate just yet. I was able to use my Battle Meditation to allow the Republic to break through the Sith fleet. The capital ships are in bombardment range! Carth: No time to celebrate just yet. With Bastila dead, the Republic has broken through the Sith fleet! The capital ships are in bombardment range!
Carth: And that means we have to get out of here right now, before this entire complex comes down around our ears! Everyone else is already on the ship! Let's move!!

As you board the Ebon Hawk, the Republic fleet is on the brink of destroying the Star Forge:

Republic Officer: Admiral Dodonna - we've hit their main orbital stabilizers!
Dodonna: Everyone pull back - I don't want to lose any ships when that space station goes down!
Dodonna: We did it, Vandar - the Sith are routed and the Star Forge destroyed!
Vandar: But at what cost, Admiral? Where is the Ebon Hawk and her crew?

As the Star Forge falls out of orbit and disintegrates, the Ebon Hawk makes its escape (was there ever any doubt?):

Dodonna: Carth - you made it!
Carth: We couldn't let you start the victory party without us, Admiral!
Dodonna: I'm sending an honor guard to escort you in. You'll be getting a hero's welcome when we all get home!

You and your surviving crew are honored at a ceremony held at the entrance to the Temple of the Ancients back on the world below:

Dodonna: You have defeated Malak, destroyed the Star Forge and broken the spirit of the Sith! For this I am proud to present you each with the Cross of Glory. The highest honor the Republic can bestow.
Dodonna: From Coruscant to the farthest reaches of the Outer Rims you will be known as the saviors of the Republic!
Vandar: On behalf of the Jedi Council, defenders of the galaxy and sworn protectors of the Republic... I too would like to honor you for your actions. We Jedi now have another tale to weave... into the grand history of our eternal Order - the Redemption... of Revan, the prodigal knight.
Vandar: Wherever you go you will be recognized as the saviors of the galaxy. The heroes of our age. But you must remain ever vigilant. For one day you may be called upon yet again to defend the glory of the Republic... against the tyranny... of the dark side, for this... is the destiny... of the Jedi.

If you have returned to the dark side:

Dark 1. No, Malak. I am the true Sith Master! Dark 2. The Star Forge is mine now, Malak!
Darth Malak: Yes... I cannot deny it any longer. [cough] You are the one who deserves... who deserves to be the Dark Lord. You were the one who found the first Star Map on Dantooine, Revan. [cough] It was you who lead us on our quest for the Star Forge. I only followed in your wake. I tried to usurp your rule, to steal the title of Sith Master from you. But now I understand... The destiny is yours, Revan. Not mine. You... you are Darth Revan, Lord ... [cough] Lord of the Sith. And I... I am nothing.
1. The apprentice has learned his final lesson. 2. You should have known you could never defeat me, Malak!
Darth Malak: And so it ends as I somehow always knew it must: in darkness.

If a female character romanced Carth, then he awaits you by the Ebon Hawk:

Carth: So you killed Darth Malak. Somehow I... I always knew you would.
1. Carth?! How did you get here?! 2. Somehow I'm not surprised you found a way here. 3. Carth. You should still be on the planet, shouldn't you?
Carth: The Republic fleet picked me up from the planet. I told them of your betrayal... but I also told them I couldn't abandon you. I had to come. I said I'd find a way to save you from yourself, and I will.
1. It's good you came. I'll enjoy killing you. 2. You should have stayed wherever you ran to. 3. And how, exactly, do you propose to do that?
Carth: I don't believe that. I don't think you do, either. Carth: And abandon you? No, I couldn't have done that. Carth: All you have to do is listen to me. That's all I ask.

The elevator opens to reveal Bastila:

Bastila: Carth. I knew I sensed your presence. I should have known you would find a way to meddle in this one last time!
Carth: Don't interfere, Bastila. This is between me and Revan.
Bastila: You are a fool. Revan has already made her choice, and there is no turning back! Don't listen to him, master! Let me strike him down! Seize your victory!!
1. Yes, kill him. Nothing he could say will matter. 2. I'm sorry, Carth. It's too late. We both know that. 3. I'm glad I get to kill you personally, Carth. For old times' sake. 4. I don't need you, Carth, and I won't change my mind.
Carth: I wish... I wish there could have been another way.
Bastila: Kill him, Master!!
Bastila: The fool is dead. Now there is nothing in the way of your victory!

The Republic fleet is on the brink of destruction:

Dodonna: We've lost another capital ship - it's hopeless! All Republic forces pull back! Pull back!
Vandar: It is too late to retreat, Admiral. The Sith armada has cut us off. There is no escape for us now.
Dodonna: Then the Republic is doomed.

After the destruction of the Republic fleet, back on the summit of the Temple of the Ancients on the world below, Bastila addresses an assembly of Sith gathered beneath the balcony on which she stands with you, Darth Revan, Lord of the Sith:

Bastila: Malak is dead - all hail the return of Darth Revan, the true Lord of the Sith!
Sith: All hail Lord Revan! All hail Lord Revan! All hail Lord Revan!
Bastila: The Sith bow before you, you have reclaimed your rightful throne! The Jedi Order is in tatters, it is only a matter of time until your Sith minions wipe them from the face of the galaxy. The Republic fleet is decimated, the Core Worlds are defenseless against us!

As she speaks, the Star Forge above is generating a seemingly infinite fleet...