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You can speak to Mission after she joins your party outside the Outcast village gate in the Undercity on Taris.

If you don't speak to Mission when she's in your party, then you may be prompted to do so:

KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: [Mission seems rather distant. Maybe you should talk to her.]
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. [Speak to Mission.] KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. [Don't speak to her.]
KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: Hey, there. What can I do for you? KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: [You decide to ignore Mission and continue on with your quest for now, though you might want to speak to her later.]

Mission's Brother[edit]

Next time, you can talk to her about her brother:

This is as far as this dialog can advance before leaving Taris, at which point you need to talk to her briefly about what happened there first:

Now you can talk to her about her brother again:

KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: Don't worry – I won't let my search for Griff get in the way of what we're doing. Let's just get back to the task in hand. Is there anything else I can help you with?

She repeats this last line whenever you try to talk to her about her brother again before meeting his old girlfriend, Lena. If Mission is in your party, then Lena may approach and speak to you in one of the following locations:

Dantooine Tatooine Kashyyyk Manaan Korriban
Jedi Enclave No Czerka Landing Port No Dreshdae
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Mission's Brother
You've run into Lena, an old girlfriend of Mission's brother, Griff. Lena informed Mission that it was Griff's idea to leave her behind on Taris when they left. She also mentioned that Griff was on Tatooine, working on the Czerka corp mines. Understandably, Mission is eager to speak with him.

If you talk to her about her brother again afterwards:

The next time you speak to her about her brother, she's been doing some thinking:

KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: All I know is I'd like to speak to Griff myself. If we have time, I'd like to go talk to the Czerka Corp rep on Tatooine and see what he has to say about where my brother is now.

She repeats this last line whenever you try to talk to her about her brother again before speaking to the Czerka office's protocol officer in Anchorhead on Tatooine about Mission's Brother. Finding him can give you some experience and opportunities to move closer to the light and dark sides of the Force, but not much else unless you care to give Mission some closure.


Mission may speak to other party members as well when both are in your party:


Even if you don't speak to Mission directly she may comment during dialog when in your party, although unlocking this may also be conditional on others being added or removed, among other things: