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You can speak to Mission after she joins your party outside the Outcast village gate in the Undercity on Taris.

If you don't speak to Mission when she's in your party, then you may be prompted to do so:

Mission: [Mission seems rather distant. Maybe you should talk to her.]
1. [Speak to Mission.] 2. [Don't speak to her.]
Mission: Hey, there. What can I do for you? Mission: [You decide to ignore Mission and continue on with your quest for now, though you might want to speak to her later.]

Mission's Brother[edit]

1. I want to know a little more about you, Mission.
Mission: Really? You want to know about me? Nobody's ever really been interested in me before. What did you want to know?
1. How did you and Zaalbar hook up? 2. Where are your parents? Don't you have a family?
Mission: Big Z's my family, you know? My parents… well, I guess they're dead. It was just me on my own until the day I saw Zaalbar in the Lower City. I could tell right away he was in trouble. This was before the gang wars were out of hand, but even then the Vulkars were scum. A few of them were hassling Big Z, trying to pick a fight – but he wasn't looking for trouble.
3. Could your story be more boring? I've heard enough. 4. Sorry, but we don't have time for this now.
Mission: Fine – I won't tell how Zaalbar and I hooked up. Sheesh! First you ask about it, then you say you don't want to hear it! You're as bad as my brother used to be!

Otherwise, you can continue to ask about her and Zaalbar on Taris before asking about her brother:

1. Who'd want to pick a fight with a Wookiee? 2. Go on.
Mission: Hey, nobody said the Vulkars was smart. But there were three of them, so maybe they figured they could handle him. I don't know.
Mission: Anyway, I don't like Vulkars at the best of times. And when I saw them picking on this poor Wookiee – all alone on a strange planet, overwhelmed by the big city – I just lost it. I screamed out 'Leave him alone, you core-slimes!' and charged right at them. One of them saw me coming and slapped me so hard he just about knocked me cold.
1. You're lucky he didn't fry you with a blaster. 2. Smacking a kid? Those Vulkars have no class! 3. That'll teach you to stick your nose where it doesn't belong!
Mission: Hey, I don't need a lecture from you. You ain't my mother! I knew what I was doing. Mission: Hey – don't treat me like I'm a little girl! I ain't no kid – I'm fourteen years old!
Mission: Those Vulkars didn't scare me. They're nothing but cowards. I knew how to deal with them. Of course, I never got the chance. I guess Zaalbar didn't like seeing me get smacked around. He let out this howl and yanked that Vulkar a meter off the ground and held him there by his throat.
1. What did the other two Vulkars do? 2. Did Zaalbar kill them?
Mission: Are you kidding? Big Z ain't like that! He's just a big old softie inside. Of course, the Vulkars didn't know that.
Mission: The other two screamed and ran off. Can't say I blame them. The first time you see an angry Wookiee up close it isn't a pretty sight. I thought Zaalbar was going to rip that punk's arms off and beat him to death with his own fists. The Vulkar was so scared he fainted. Or maybe Big Z's breath just knocked him out.
Zaalbar: Mission! Mission: I keep telling Zaalbar to brush those choppers of his, but he never listens. Just stay upwind when he's speaking and you'll be fine.
Mission: Sorry Zaalbar, but I keep telling you to brush those choppers once in a while. Why do you think I won't stand downwind when you're talking?
Mission: Anyway, I knew those Vulkars would be back with friends, so I grabbed Zaalbar and we took off. Ever since then we've been a team. We look out for each other, you know?
1. How did Zaalbar end up on Taris?
Mission: He was fleeing some kind of trouble back on Kashyyyk. That's all I know, really. Big Z doesn't like to talk about it. In case you didn't notice he's the strong, silent type. Doesn't much matter to me, though. I accept him for what he is, not what he was. Me and Zaalbar like to live in the present.
2. How did you survive before you met Zaalbar?
Mission: What's that supposed to mean? You think I can't take care of myself? I've got street smarts! Know how to get by on my own! In fact, I look out for Zaalbar more then he looks out for me, you know? Big Z's a little bit too gullible to make it alone on the mean streets of the Lower City.
3. We should get back to the task at hand.
Mission: Yeah, I suppose you're right. Like I used to tell my brother, fast talk and slick words don't get the job done.
1. I didn't know you had a brother. 2. I hope I don't have to listen to you prattle on about your brother now!
Mission: My brother's a touchy subject, you know? It just so happens I don't really feel like talking about him right now. Nothing personal. Let's just get back to the business at hand, okay?

Next time, you can talk to her about her brother:

1. I want to talk to you about your brother.
Mission: I… I was a little snappish when we last talked. I'm sorry about that. I get a little touchy when it comes to Griff. It's kind of embarrassing telling people about him.
3. I don't have time for this.
Mission: Right, sure. I understand. We've got all this other stuff going on what with the Sith and all. You're busy. No problem. Maybe later we can talk. When you have more time, you know?


1. Embarassing? Why? 2. You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to.
Mission: It's complicated. Griff wasn't the most popular guy, he had his faults. But I still loved him, you know? Sometimes people don't understand. Mission: No, I want to tell you. Zaalbar's a great listener but it might be nice to talk about this with someone who doesn't reply in growls and grunts.
Mission: I never knew my parents, my brother always looked out for me. He's the one who brought me to Taris. I was just a kid, only five. But I remember the trip – if you could call it that. We were stuffed inside a packing crate in a star freighter's cargo hold with just enough food and water to make the trip. Not exactly first class, you know?
3. I really don't care about your traumatic childhood.
Mission: Oh… yeah. I understand. We've got bigger bantha to hunt, right? I just miss Griff, is all. I keep thinking things might have been different, you know?

Otherwise, you can continue to ask about her and her brother Griff before she mentions Lena:

1. You were stowaways? 2. How could your brother do that to a five year old?
Mission: I don't know the whole story – I was pretty young. But my brother owed a lot of money. Might even have been a few arrest warrants out for him, I don't know. The only way to get off the planet was to smuggle ourselves out. I mean, I don't want to make it sound like we were criminals… well, maybe my brother was. See, this is why I don't like to talk about it. It makes Griff sound worse than he really was. My brother had his problems, but he always looked out for me.
1. He's family. You have to stick by your family. 2. What kind of problems did your brother have?
Mission: Yeah – that's what I'm trying to say! Without my brother I don't know where I'd be.
Mission: He gambled. And drank. And he was always borrowing money for his latest get rich quick scheme. But he had a good heart, you know? He taught me how to survive. He showed me how to slice into a computer's security system; how to get inside a locked building without the entrance codes, and how to spot a wealthy mark for a quick shell game.
1. Sounds like he was nothing but a petty criminal. 2. Pretty handy skills to have, Mission.
Mission: Hey, you don't know what it's like! You need those skills here in the Lower City. Griff did right by me. Mission: Yeah, Griff did right by me.
Mission: I really miss him since he left. I keep hoping he'll come back some day. He promised me he would.
1. Why did he leave? 2. Griff doesn't sound like he's big on keeping promises. 3. I really don't care about your traumatic childhood.
Mission: Why do you got to go putting my brother down like that? That's just mean! Besides, it wasn't his idea to leave!
Mission: He fell in with a bad crowd. It's all Lena's fault. She's the one who took him from me! Just batted those long lashes at him and off he went!
1. Who's Lena? 2. What are you talking about? What happened? 3. Let's get back to our mission, Mission.
Mission: Mission – mission: is that supposed to be a joke? Like I've only heard that about a million times in my life! Okay, I can take a hint. You don't want to hear anymore. That's just fine.
Mission: I don't want to talk about Griff and Lena – just the thought of that space tramp makes my blood boil! Subject's closed as far as I'm concerned! If I'm going to be any help to you I can't be worrying about my brother running off with some intergalactic skank! So, is there something else you need?

This is as far as this dialog can advance before leaving Taris, at which point you need to talk to her briefly about what happened there first:

Mission: Huh? Oh… sorry. I was thinking about Taris. I still can't believe it's gone! I mean, I grew up there and now it's… it's just gone!
1. Malak will pay for what he did, Mission. 2. I'm sorry… I don't know what to say. 3. Taris is a wasteland – get over it!
Mission: Yeah… I know. The Jedi got rid of Revan, so I figure Malak's days are numbered, too. But that doesn't make the pain go away, you know? Mission: I don't really think there's anything you can say. I just have to find some way to deal with it, I guess. It'll take some time. Mission: What? How can you be so cruel! Millions of people dead and all you can say is 'get over it'?
Mission: Look, I'm not saying I can't go on or anything like that. It's just… it's a shock, you know? I mean, I knew the Sith were evil and all, but the reality of it kind of slaps you in the face. But I suppose that's why we need to stop Malak, right? The more time I spend dwelling on Taris the more chance some other planet will get wiped out. I guess that's what it comes down to. So don't worry about me; I'll be okay. And if you need my help against Malak or the Sith, I'll be there for you!

Now you can talk to her about her brother again:

1. I want to talk to you about your brother.
Mission: I'm sorry for the way I acted before. It's just that when it comes to Lena I tend to get a little worked up.
3. I don't have time for this.
Mission: Right, sure. I understand. We've got all this other stuff going on what with the Sith and all. You're busy. No problem. Maybe later we can talk. When you have more time, you know?


1. Why do you hate her so much? 2. What did she do to you?
Mission: My brother and me had a good thing going. Sure, Griff had his run-ins with the law on Taris. But we got by okay. Until Lena came and ruined everything. She was a dancer at the cantina where my brother used to go to play Pazaak. Griff could be a real smooth talker, and it wasn't long before the two of them were dating. But Lena was used to dating rich Tarisian nobles – guys with mountains of credits. Griff could never give her the kind of lifestyle she was used to, no matter how hard he worked.
1. You mean no matter how much he stole. 2. Did Lena dump him?
Mission: I'm not going to pretend Griff wasn't a hustler and a con-artist, but that doesn't mean you can just insult him! He did what he did to look out for me!
Mission: I thought Lena would brush Griff off when she saw how poor he was, but for some reason she stuck around. I guess she saw the potential for a big payday down the road.
1. Sounds like you're jealous. 2. Maybe she actually liked Griff. 3. So what happened?
Mission: I saw Lena for what she really was – a busty, credit-grubbing cantina rat! She used Griff and took away the only family I had!
Mission: After they'd been together for a few months, Griff told me he was leaving Taris. He and Lena were going to try and make their fortune off-world. He promise as soon as he made enough credits he'd come back and get me and we'd all live like royalty. That was two years ago – I haven't seen him since! I don't even know where he went!
1. How is this Lena's fault? 2. Maybe something happened to him. 3. Sounds like he deserted you. 4. We should get back to the job at hand.
Mission: Oh, I know what happened! As soon as she got him off Taris Lena sunk her claws into Griff but good! She twisted him around her little finger and made him forget all about me!
Mission: I know I'll probably never see Griff again. But part of the reason I came with you was the hope that I could find out what happened to my brother.
Mission: Don't worry – I won't let my search for Griff get in the way of what we're doing. Let's just get back to the task in hand. Is there anything else I can help you with?

She repeats this last line whenever you try to talk to her about her brother again before meeting his old girlfriend, Lena. If Mission is in your party, then Lena may approach and speak to you in one of the following locations:

Dantooine Tatooine Kashyyyk Manaan Korriban
Jedi Enclave No Czerka Landing Port No Dreshdae
Lena: Mission? Is that you? It's me, Lena. Remember? I was dating your brother back on Taris!
Mission: Lena? What… what are you doing here? Where's Griff?
Lena: I'm just passing through. Griff and I broke up a few months after we left Taris together. Probably for the best. Your brother can be charming, Mission, but he's bad news.
Mission: Don't you start trashing my brother, you cantina rat! Take that back or I'll smack you so hard your head-tails will pop off!
Lena: What-?? Mission, what's wrong with you? Why are you acting this way?
1. You took her brother away and left her all alone on Taris! 2. Mission gets a little worked up when it comes to her brother.
Lena: You've got your facts a little backwards. Mission could have come with us if she wanted to! It was her choice to stay behind! Lena: Yeah, I know how she feels. Griff can be pretty frustrating. I guess that's why Mission didn't want to come with us when we left Taris.
Mission: You liar! Griff told me you didn't want his little sister tagging along – that's why he had to leave me behind!
Lena: Is that what the Hutt-spawn told you? I wanted you to come with us Mission. I even offered to pay for your ticket! Why not? I paid for everything else while I was with that freeloader. But he told me you didn't want to leave Taris. I said we shouldn't even go then, but he said we'd come back and get you after we struck it rich on Tatooine – just another one of his lies!
Mission: No – you're the one who's lying! Griff wouldn't… he wouldn't try to leave me behind!
1. Why should we believe you, Lena? 2. Maybe he thought you were better off on Taris, Mission. 3. Maybe your brother isn't the man you thought he was.
Lena: Think about it. If Griff wasn't trying to ditch you, Mission, then why didn't he tell you where we were going? After we left Taris he told me looking after you was holding him back – Griff's always looking to blame other people for his own problems. That's why he abandoned you. He did the same thing to me, too, as soon as I ran out of money. He started blaming me for all his problems. Like it's my fault his get-rich-quick schemes never work out!
2. I'd like to hear Griff's side of things before I judge him. 1. Sounds like you're better off without him. 3. So where is Griff now? 4. This isn't my problem.
Lena: You damn well know it! He's nothing but a sleazy scam artist. If Mission knew what was good for her she'd forget he ever existed. Lena: Still on Tatooine, as far as I know. Not that I really care anymore. And if Mission was smart she'd forget about that no-good con artist!
Mission: But Griff is my brother! I can't just pretend he doesn't exist! If he was here to defend himself Lena wouldn't be saying all this bad stuff about him!
Lena: Hey, if you want to talk to Griff go ahead. Last I heard he was going to make a fortune working the Czerka Corp mines in Tattoine. But as far as I'm concerned he's out of my life forever!
Mission: Griff's better off without you anyway, you table-dancing, brother-stealing home wrecker!
Lena: *sigh* I guess that's my cue to leave, then. I didn't mean to upset you, Mission. But one day you'll see I'm right about your brother. I only hope it's not too late by then.
Journal Entry Added Mission's Brother
You've run into Lena, an old girlfriend of Mission's brother, Griff. Lena informed Mission that it was Griff's idea to leave her behind on Taris when they left. She also mentioned that Griff was on Tatooine, working on the Czerka corp mines. Understandably, Mission is eager to speak with him.

If you talk to her about her brother again afterwards:

1. I want to talk to you about your brother.
Mission: Don't tell me you believe Lena's lies? Griff might be working as a mine on Tatooine, but the rest of her story is bantha poo-doo! You can't trust someone like her. At least Griff's free of her clutches. I'd like to go speak to the Czerka Corp rep on Tatooine, if we have time. Maybe I can arrange to see my brother again.
1. We'll find your brother, Mission. 2. I don't think we'll have time, Mission.
Mission: I just hope he's not in any kind of trouble when we do. Mission: Sure, I understand. Saving the galaxy and all. All I'm saying is if we get time to make a quick sidetrip to Tatooine... look, just think about it, okay?

The next time you speak to her about her brother, she's been doing some thinking:

1. I want to talk to you about your brother.
Mission: I've been thinking about Lena and what she said about Griff. You know, how he was always blaming other people or his problems. There might be something to what she said.
3. I don't have time for this.
Mission: Right, sure. We've got all this other stuff going on what with the Sith and all. You're busy. No problem. Maybe later we can talk. When you have more time, you know?


1. You mean you believe her story now? 2. Griff may not be perfect, but he is your brother, Mission.
Mission: No, of course not. Not really. But what if... what if it was his idea to leave me behind? I'm not saying Griff would just abandon me. But maybe... maybe he did want to leave me behind. Just temporarily, you know? He might have done that if he planned on coming back later. But things didn't usually work out for Griff the way he planned, you know? And that's when he'd get in trouble. He was always borrowing money he could never pay back. He might have been trying to skip out on his debts when he left Taris. He would have had to leave his little sister behind so it would look like he was coming back.
1. So he sacrificed you to save his own hide? 2. Kind of like how you came to Taris in the first place.
Mission: Yeah... well, no. Not exactly. Look, all I'm trying to say is that the more I think back the more I realize I might be idolizing my brother a bit. Not seeing all his faults. I still want to find him. I need to see him again. It's just that I'm not sure how I'll react when I do.
1. When the time comes you'll know what to say, Mission. 2. I think he deserves a swift kick in the groin for what he did.
Mission: Maybe. We'll see. I don't... I don't want to judge him yet. Maybe Lena was lying. Or maybe... maybe she wasn't.
Mission: All I know is I'd like to speak to Griff myself. If we have time, I'd like to go talk to the Czerka Corp rep on Tatooine and see what he has to say about where my brother is now.

She repeats this last line whenever you try to talk to her about her brother again before speaking to the Czerka office's protocol officer in Anchorhead on Tatooine about Mission's Brother. Finding him can give you some experience and opportunities to move closer to the light and dark sides of the Force, but not much else unless you care to give Mission some closure.


Mission may speak to other party members as well when both are in your party:

Mission: Hey, Bastila. You ever just use the Force for fun? You know, a little jolt of the Force to trip some jerk who's ticking you off?
Bastila: I would never use the Force for such petty and trivial revenge! The mere thought of it is preposterous!
Mission: Ah, come on. There's got to be times when you've thought about it. Don't be so stuck up – you can tell me.
Bastila: I am not stuck up. I merely have the years of training to give me the wisdom and understanding to see how childish such an act would be.
Mission: Childish? Is that a crack about my age? You ain't much older than me, miss high and mighty! Just ‘cause you're some Jedi doesn't mean you can be a prissy little….

Bastila surreptitiously uses Force Push on Mission, knocking her over.

Mission: What the -?? Hey that wasn't funny!
Bastila: I have no idea what you're talking about, Mission. Come now, we have to get going. Please do try to be less clumsy in the future.
Mission: Hey, Carth. You're a pilot for the Republic, right? You've been all over the galaxy I bet, right? So tell me, how would you rate Taris compared to other worlds you've seen?
Carth: I'll be honest, Mission. Taris would rate pretty low. The prejudice, the rich spoiling themselves while the poor are crushed beneath them – not a pretty picture.
Mission: Yeah, but that's only since the Sith occupation. Before that… well, I guess it wasn't all that different, really. Hmm… maybe Taris ain't as great as I thought, you know?
Carth: Trust me, Mission. There are a lot of worlds better than Taris. There are worse, too. But Taris is no place for a kid to live on her own – even a kid who's got a Wookiee to look out for her.
Mission: Hey, I ain't no kid! And I look out for Zaalbar as much as he looks out for me. Big Z's my friend, not my babysitter! Geez, I come ask you a question and you give me a lecture!
Carth: Don't you snap at me, missy! You want a lecture? How's this: only bratty little children fly off the handle because of a simple comment.
1. Settle down right now – both of you! 2. You're not going to take that from him, are you Mission?
Mission: I don't have to listen to you, Carth! You ain't my father – though you're sure old enough to be! So keep your lectures inside your withered old head, 'cause I don't need 'em!
Carth: And I sure as hell don't need this. Let's just drop it and get back to what we were doing.
Mission: Uh, hey Carth. Can I... can I talk to you for a second?
Carth: Are you ready to have a civil chat? Or are is this going to be another childish tantrum?
Mission: Tantrum? I'm trying to apologize, you nerf-herder! Uh... I mean... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get mad at you. It's just that I'm sick of everyone treating me like I'm a helpless kid.
Carth: Yeah, I know. And I'm sorry about what I said, too. I'm just a little on edge lately. Not surprising considering all we've been through. But I shouldn't take it out on you.
1. It's about time you two made up. 2. What's with all the apologies? I was hoping for another fight!
Carth: Mission, you have to know that we don't think you're helpless. Look where we are, look at what we're doing. You're not just along for the ride. We need you.
Mission: You really mean it, don't you? Nobody's ever said anything like that to me before, not even Big Z. He might think it, but he's not really one for words, you know. Thanks, Carth.
Carth: Ah, it's no big deal. I know how it is. Sometimes you just need to hear a few words of encouragement. Kids are like that.
Mission: Kids are like that?? Listen you... oh, I get it. Okay, you got me. You're pretty funny, Carth. For an old guy. Come on, you geezer - let's get back to what we were doing.
Mission: Hey, Big Z, we've got to do something about your breath. I didn't want to say anything, but it's bad. Worse than usual, which is hard to believe. In fact, now that I think about it, your breath has been pretty rancid ever since we rescued you from those Gamorrean slavers. What did they feed you, buddy?
Zaalbar: They didn't. I wasn't their guest, Mission. I was a prisoner. I don't think they cared much what happened to me.
Mission: Oh, Zaalbar, that's terrible! I know how grouchy you get if you don't get your eight square meals a day. I'm amazed you didn't pass out from hunger.
Zaalbar: I did manage to take a chunk out of the arm of a guard that wandered too close to my cage. But it tasted awful, so I spit it out.
Mission: Ewww! No wonder your breath is so bad, Big Z. Gamorreans smell like bantha poo-doo! We'll have to pick you up a toothbrush to clean that stench out of your choppers.
Zaalbar: Wookiees do not brush their teeth, Mission! It… it just isn't done! What humiliation will you use on me next? A comb?
Mission: Okay, relax. No toothbrush. Sheesh. Just try to eat something else to cover up that smell, okay? Stay away from anything that's smart enough to lock you in a cage this time.
Zaalbar: *Sigh* I'll take care of it as soon as I can, Mission. For now, let's stay focused on the task at hand.
Mission: Hey, Big Z. Don't take this the wrong way, but lately I've noticed you're starting to look a little bit scruffy.
Zaalbar: Scruffy? What are you talking about? I hope you aren't suggesting I take a bath!
Mission: No, I'm not suggesting a bath. I know how well that went over last time. But your hair's getting all tangled. And if you look close, you can see a few gray strands starting to poke through.
Zaalbar: You're making this up! I groom every day! My hair is not tangled, and it's not going gray!
1. She's got a point, Zaalbar. You could use a good makeover. 2. Zaalbar looks fine to me.
Mission: Don't worry, Big Z. It's nothing I can't fix. A little trim, a splash of coloring and you'll be as good as new. Best-looking Wookiee on the planet. Maybe a nice suit…
Zaalbar: You don't trim a Wookiee! You don't color a Wookiee! And you certainly don't dress a Wookiee!
Mission: I know Wookiees aren't into the whole clothing thing, but you could start a whole new trend! You'd be on the cutting edge.
Zaalbar: Rargh! Leave me alone!
Mission: Okay, okay. Sheesh. Try to offer some constructive criticism and this is the thanks I get? Let's move on. You can just stay naked and scruffy for all I care.


Even if you don't speak to Mission directly she may comment during dialog when in your party, although unlocking this may also be conditional on others being added or removed, among other things:

Location Dialog Add Remove
Javyar's Cantina Mission
Undercity Rukil
Lower Sewers Force Field Control
Black Vulkar Base (Garage) Kandon Ark
Javyar's Cantina Holdan Bastila
Upper City Cantina Niklos
Upper City North Ithorian Zaalbar
Gorton Colu Zaalbar
Hidden Bek Base Zaerdra
Davik's Estate Slave (female)
Location Dialog Add Remove
Jedi Enclave Lena
Courtyard Jon
Elise Dark Side Points Gained
Jedi Enclave Juhani
Crattis Yurkal
Matale Grounds Matale Droid
Jedi Enclave Vandar Tokare Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Juhani, Carth
Location Dialog Add Remove
Docking Bay Customs Officer Affect Mind Jolee
Anchorhead Sharina Fizark Dark Side Points Gained Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained Carth, Bastila, Juhani, Jolee
Hunting Lodge Gurke
Czerka Office Mission
Swoop Registration Motta the Hutt
Nico Senvi Dark Side Points Gained
Zoriis Bafka
Anchorhead Iziz Dark Side Points Gained
Droid Shop Yuka Laka Affect Mind Jolee, Juhani
Sand People Enclave Griff HK-47
Czerka Office Griff
Greeta Holda
Eastern Dune Sea Komad Fortuna Dark Side Points Gained
Star Map Carth, Canderous, HK-47, Zaalbar
Location Dialog Add Remove
Czerka Landing Port Zaalbar Zaalbar
Eli Gand
Czerka Guard Captain Zaalbar
Great Walkway Zaalbar Zaalbar
Patrol Captain Dehno Persuade [Success] Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained Zaalbar
Hall of the Chieftain Chuundar
Woorwill's Home Jaarak Zaalbar
Great Walkway Chorrawl
Upper Shadowlands Jolee
Guard Dominate Mind Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Juhani, Canderous, Carth
Woorwill's Home Jaarak
Worrroznor's Home Worrroznor Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained Zaalbar, Jolee
Lower Shadowlands Grrrawahrr Dark Side Points Gained
Freyyr Jolee Jolee
Computer Dark Side Points Gained Carth
Hall of the Chieftain Chuundar Dark Side Points Gained
Freyyr Light Side Points Gained Zaalbar, Jolee
Location Dialog Add Remove
West Central Selkath Port Official Affect Mind
Ahto West Shelkar (Guilty, Death, Innocent)
Nilko Bwaas Carth
Iridorian mercenary Canderous, Jolee
East Central Ignus Persuade [Success] Bastila, Juhani, Jolee
Ahto West Shaelas Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained
Hrakert Station Mercenary Carth, HK-47
Location Dialog Add Remove
Dreshdae Lena
Port Authority
Czerka Representative Zaalbar
Sith Thug Leader
Sith Academy Lashowe Zaalbar Jolee
Location Dialog Add Remove
Ebon Hawk Captured by the Leviathan
Prison Block Sith Guard Mission
Ebon Hawk Escaped the Leviathan Jolee
HK-47 HK-47
Star Forge System
Location Dialog Add Remove
North Beach Rakatan Elite Warrior All but Zaalbar, T3-M4
Central Beach Carth Light Side Points Gained (romanced) Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained Zaalbar
Location Dialog Add Remove
Any Mission Zaalbar Zaalbar