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Aside from controls and interface, the differences between the Xbox and other systems are as follows:

The changes recorded in SWKotORv103.txt and listed below also may not apply.

v1.03[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where the Walk key was not bindable.
  • Added in detection for Soft Shadows support for ATI based on the supported driver version

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v1.02[edit | edit source]

  • Added the ability to map the Arrow keys for main game movement.
  • Added a Walk option button; by default it is the B key. While holding down the Walk button, your character will walk.
  • Added support for 1280x1024 resolution.
  • Added the ability to see all available party members character, ability, and equip screens while on the Ebon Hawk or in the apartment.
  • Added the ability to hide the game GUI when taking screenshots. Use the following settings in your swkotor.ini in the "Game Options" section:
  • The container GUI screen will no longer close every time you click Give Item.
  • Holding Shift when clicking Give Item or double-clicking the item to give will transfer the entire stack, without shift it moves the items one at a time.
  • Added in some extra error checking and logging for loading and saving save games. If there is any problem, a file called "fileerror.log" is created.
  • Made a fix to the Force Point Regeneration item property so it actually regenerates Force points.
  • Fixed an issue where in some rare cases, the player would be killed while on the Leviathan.
  • Dead party members will no longer show up later in the game. What with them being dead and all.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Power Blast and using Dual Blasters where the off-hand blaster wasn't firing.
  • Fixed a problem which would cause dialogue to skip through without playing any VO.
  • Fixed a problem where you would get stuck at a black screen after a game load or an area transition.
  • Fixed a problem where the screensaver could activate during the playback of a movie.
  • Put in a symptomatic fix for your character's attributes being reset to all 8's.
  • Put in a symptomatic fix for party members getting stuck and not fighting.
  • Put in a symptomatic fix for losing force points when going through area transitions with Force Valor active.
  • Removed the +2 bonus to the offhand attack when wielding a balanced weapon in the offhand or when wielding a double bladed weapon.
  • Removed the ability to bind controls to the "Alt" key. The "Alt" key was never intended to be a usable key in the first place.
  • Made some stability improvements.
  • Added a check for the minimum graphics card driver version for ATI and NVIDIA based video cards as stated in the Troubleshooting Guide. If you scan your hardware and do not meet the minimum requirements for the game, you will be prompted to launch your web browser to download the latest drivers.
  • Fixed a minor bug in RAM detection where it was sometimes off by 1 or 2 MB.

v1.01[edit | edit source]

  • Added two new "swkotor.ini" sound options:
[Sound Options]
Environment Effects Nonstreaming=1
Environment Effects Streaming=1
The Environment Effects Streaming=0 option was added to fix a problem with sound pauses while playing the game with an Intel i845 or i850 chipset motherboard and a 100 MHz Front Side Bus.
  • Made a fix to the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects" option in "swkotor.ini":
[Graphics Options]
Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1
If you are having some odd, random graphics issues you may be able to resolve them by adding an entry to your "swkotor.ini" file.
  • Made a fix to the Enable Hardware Mouse option when it is disabled. This fixes a crash with certain ATI Radeon 9600 video cards.
  • Made a fix to a display issue with Small Fonts.
  • Made a fix to a gamma issue after movies finish playing.
  • Removed the display of Force Points on portrait tooltips for non-Jedi characters.
  • Fixed bug where some objects in the game would give a sticky mouse indicator like they had an inventory when they did not.
  • Fixed an issue where if you changed appearance while Force Speed was active your movement rate would return to normal.
  • Fixed an issue with droid animation when the item they were using ran out or their target died.
  • The turret mini-game should no longer have the blur visual effect if you enter it with that visual effect turned on.
  • The Security option no longer displays for doors which a key is required.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the game could get stuck if an autopause was triggered at the exact same time as an area transition.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when a Dark Jedi dies at the exact same time as he deflected a blaster bolt.
  • Fixed a rare crash on startup under Windows 98.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks.