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Your hideout becomes quite crowded before you finally escape Taris.


You awaken from a troubled sleep, in which you had a dream or vision of a female Jedi armed with a yellow lightsaber fighting and defeating a dark Jedi. Upon seeing you're awake, Carth speaks to you.

Carth: Good to see you up, instead of thrashing around in your sleep. You must have been having one hell of a nightmare. I was wondering if you were ever going to wake up. I'm Carth, one of the Republic soldiers from the Endar Spire. I was with you on the escape pod, do you remember?
1. I had a strange dream. Like a vision or something. 2. Right. I'm Name, by the way. How did we get here? 3. Carth, the one on the communicator. I remember. 4. Where am I? How did I get here?
Carth: I'm not surprised. You took a serious blow to the head. You're probably having all kinds of strange dreams. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Carth: Well, you've been slipping in and out of consciousness for a couple of days now, so I imagine you're pretty confused about things. Try not to worry. We're safe... at least for the moment. We're in an abandoned apartment on the planet of Taris. You were banged up pretty bad when our escape pod crashed, but luckily I wasn't seriously hurt. I was able to drag you away from our crash site in all the confusion, and I stumbled onto this abandoned apartment. By the time the Sith arrived on the scene we were long gone.
1. The Sith? 2. I guess I owe you my life. Thanks. 3. So are we just going to wait here for the Republic to rescue us?
Carth: You don't have to thank me. I've never abandoned anyone on a mission, and I'm not about to start now. Besides, I'm going to need your help.
Carth: Taris is under Sith control. Their fleet is orbiting the planet, they've declared martial law and they've imposed a planet-wide quarantine. But I've been in worse spots. I saw on your service records that you understand a remarkable number of alien languages. That's pretty rare in a raw recruit, but it should come in handy while we're stranded on a foreign world. There's no way the Republic will be able to get anyone through the Sith blockade to help us. If we're going to find Bastila and get off this planet, we can't rely on anybody but ourselves.
1. Why is it so important to find Bastila? 2. Bastila? She's the one from the Endar Spire, right?
Carth: That smack to your head did more damage than I thought. Bastila's a Jedi. She was with the strike team that killed Darth Revan, Malak's Sith master. Bastila is the key to the whole Republic war effort. The Sith must have found out she was on the Endar Spire and set an ambush for us in this system. I believe Bastila was on one of the escape pods that crashed down here on Taris. For the sake of the Republic war effort, we have to try and find her.

The dialog becomes less linear at this point, allowing you to loop back to previous options. If this is not your first time, the following response will advance it most quickly:

5. Any idea where we should start looking for Bastila?


4. Forget it! I'm not risking my life to try and save her!
Carth: I don't think you understand the situation. We can't hide on this planet forever. Eventually the Sith will find us... and, trust me, you don't want that. Getting off this world isn't going to be easy... we'll probably need Bastila's help. Not to mention that without her, the whole Republic war effort is doomed.
3. How do you even know Bastila's still alive?
Carth: I don't. But Bastila's young, and she has a powerful command of the Force. We survived the crash landing, so I'm willing to bet she may have, too. Besides, what's the alternative? I mean, if she's dead, then no one can stop Malak and his Sith from wiping out the Republic. And I'd rather operate on the assumption that she survived.
2. If Bastila's a Jedi, she can probably look after herself. 1. So what do you suggest we do next?
Carth: Bastila's going to need our help. Many of Darth Malak's followers can use the dark side of the Force, and the Sith have already killed more than their share of Jedi in this war. I doubt anyone's specifically looking for us anymore: we're not that important. But if we're careful we can move about the planet without attracting notice; a luxury Bastila won't have. She's going to have half the Sith fleet looking for her. They know how vital she is to the war effort.
1. How can one person, even a Jedi, be so important? 2. If Bastila's a Jedi, she can probably look after herself.
Carth: Bastila is no ordinary Jedi. She has a rare gift the Jedi call Battle Meditation. Bastila's power can influence entire armies.
1. How can one person, even a Jedi, be so important? 1. Battle Meditation? What's that? 2. If Bastila's so great how come the Sith managed to blow up the Endar Spire?
Carth: Through the Force Bastila can inspire her allies with confidence and make her enemies lose their will to fight. Often, that's all it takes to tip the balance in a battle. Of course, there are limits to what she can do. From what I understand of her ability, it requires great concentration and focus to maintain her Battle Meditation. The attack on the Endar Spire happened so fast she probably never even had a chance to use her power. I'm guessing she barely got out alive, and now she's trapped here just as we are.
Carth: The whole planet is under quarantine. No ships can land or take-off. So if Bastila's going to escape Taris, she's going to need our help. And we'll probably need hers.

This first loop in the dialog closes, and another begins:

3. I think I'll take my chances on my own.
Carth: Don't be a fool! You're not getting off this world without help, and you can't hide here forever. Do you have any idea what will happen when the Sith find you?
2. What's in this for me if I help you out?
Carth: You mean besides a chance to get off this planet before the Sith find you? Do you... do you have any idea what the Sith do to prisoners of war?

These two responses open a third loop:

2. If you want my help you better make it worth my while.
Carth: Oh, I get it. Never mind that the Sith will destroy the Republic and ravage the galaxy. You're only in this for the credits. Don't worry. The Republic pays its mercenaries well. You help me find Bastila and they'll make it more than worth your while, I'm sure. Plus, it might be your only chance to get off Taris.

All now start to converge:

5. Any idea where we should start looking for Bastila? 1. Okay, you made your point. I'll help you out. 3. If it means getting off this planet, I guess I can help you find Bastila.
Carth: Good. We need to work together if we're going to survive.
Carth: While you were out I did some scouting around. There are reports of a couple escape pods crashing down into the Undercity. That's probably a good place to start. But the Undercity is a dangerous place. We don't want to go in there unprepared. It won't do Bastila any good if we go and get ourselves killed.

The following responses conclude this opening dialog:

2. The sooner we start looking for Bastila the sooner we find her. Let's go. 3. Come on. I want to scout this planet out a bit.

Otherwise, there's one final dialog loop allowing you to ask some more questions, and open Taris: Planetary Information:

1. I want to ask you some questions. 4. I want to ask you something else.
Carth: I'll tell you whatever I can, though I... I don't know how much help it'll be.
3. I'd like to know some more about you, Carth. 2. What can you tell me about this planet we're on?
Carth: I understand why you want to know more about me; I... I kinda get the feeling we'll be spending a lot of time together over the next while. But this isn't really the best time for long introductions; we should stay focused on the task at hand. There'll be time for that later.
1. What do you know about Malak and the Sith?
Carth: Everything I know about Malak is pretty much common knowledge. He escaped the trap that killed Darth Revan, his Sith Master. With Revan's death, Malak became the new Dark Lord. It's obvious that Malak's a ruthless tyrant who'll crush anyone who stands in his way... just like Revan was. Experience has shown that the Sith won't stop until the Republic lies in ruins. Malak and his Sith don't respect anything except raw, brutal power. It's hard to imagine how someone who used to be a Jedi could become such a monster!
1. A Jedi? What do you mean?
Carth: Malak and Revan were once both part of the Jedi Order, but they were young and headstrong. And against the wishes of the Council they went to battle the Mandalorians on the Outer Rim. Something happened out there. Something corrupted them and drew them over to the dark side. Or maybe there was something rotten inside them all along. I don't know. They formed an army of ex-Republic soldiers and Jedi who had fallen to the dark side, with Revan at their head... until Revan was killed by Bastila's Jedi strike team. But even that didn't slow the Sith down. Malak just stepped in and assumed Revan's role. He took control of the Sith armada and resumed the bloody conquest of the Outer Worlds.
2. Sounds like Malak and the Sith have the right idea.
Carth: How can you say that? The Sith are butchers! Soldiers, civilians – I mean, they don't care who they kill! Even... even children! Right now the Republic is the only thing keeping Malak's brutal fist from crushing the entire galaxy... and it won't be long until even the Republic falls to the Sith fleet.
3. Don't worry. We'll find a way to stop the Sith.
Carth: I hope you're right. But the Republic hasn't been able to stop them so far, even with the support of the Jedi Council. I think Bastila might be the galaxy's last hope.

Aside from Carth, the apartment contains a locker in the north corner.

Item(s) Received Locker

There's also a workbench against the northwest wall. This can first be used to upgrade the Prototype Vibroblade from the Sith heavy trooper remains on the Starboard Section of the Endar Spire with the Vibration Cell from the Jedi remains on its Command Module.

The exit to the apartment complex is opposite the workbench, in the southeast wall.

To Apartment Complex: [Every time you leave the apartment you must select which party members you wish to take.]
[Since this is the first time you are leaving, you will take Carth.]

Before leaving you can speak to Carth again, and later others who join your party as you explore Taris.

Taris: Planetary Information[edit]

Carth: Taris was once a magnificent planet-wide metropolis of towering skyscrapers. But that was a long time ago. The Upper City, where the rich citizens live, is... is still pretty safe. If it wasn't for the Sith occupation and the planet-wide quarantine it might not even be that bad a place to live. But farther down things have degenerated. The... the Lower City is nothing but a slum overrun by swoop-bike gangs waging a never-ending war for control. And the Undercity is, well, even worse. The lowest level of Taris is a wasteland overrun by rakghouls; mindless, diseased mutants that attack on sight. I've already entered all this info into your data-pad journal.
Journal Entry Added Taris: Planetary Information
Taris is a sharply divided world. The rich live in the Upper City, while the Lower City is run by swoop gangs. The lowest levels of Taris are overrun by terrible monsters called rakghouls. To make matters worse, the Sith have seized control and imposed a planet-wide quarantine.

If you speak to Carth or later Bastila anywhere on Taris, you can ask for more information, but as off-worlders they're not particularly informative:

2. Do you know anything about this place?
Carth: Taris? The planet's all one big city... but its golden years are long past, and things have gotten worse since the Sith occupied it. From what I hear, the wealthy live on the tops of all the tall towers. And if you're poor, you live down in the shadows... and it gets worse the lower you go. That's all I can think of, at any rate. Bastila: The surface of Taris is covered with an urban skyscrape. Its glittering spires belie the decay that lies in its lower reaches, however. Beyond that, there is little else I can tell you.

Canderous has been here longer, but clearly hasn't made it his home:

2. Do you know anything about this world?
Canderous: *grunt* Yeah, I know about Taris. I wasted the last two years in this rat-hole working for Davik. I suppose an accurate way to describe this place would be 'cesspool' or 'dump'. You got the rich people on top, the poor people being crushed underneath, and people like me trying to make a living doing the crushing. It's not exactly what you'd call spiritually fulfilling work, but it gets the bills paid. And on Taris, money can go a long way to making things easier. You have anything else you want to ask?

Zaalbar has similar feelings, but he has even less to say on the subject:

2. Do you know anything about the planet we're on?
Zaalbar: I know that it isn't my homeworld. That is all I care about. There is nothing here to interest me.

However, Mission grew up on Taris, and has plenty to say:

Mission: Taris is a pretty good place to grow up, all things considered. Just stick to the area you belong in and stay out of Davik's business and you'll be fine.
1. Tell me about the Upper City.
Mission: The Upper City's got some nice shops and all, but it's boring! The only time I go up there is if I need free healing from Zelka at his medical facility.
2. Tell me about the Lower City.
Mission: What can I say? The Lower City was a great place to hang out until the Vulkars started that gang war. Now you can't even walk the streets without getting shot at!
3. Tell me about the Undercity.
Mission: It can be pretty nasty down there: you've got rakghouls crawling around looking for their next meal, and the Gammorrean slavers like to set up their bases in the sewers. And then there's the Outcast village – a collection of people banished to the Undercity for their crimes. I mostly avoid the village, though; it's pretty depressing seeing how they live.
4. Tell me about Davik.
Mission: I tend to keep my nose out of an intergalactic crime lord's business, you know? I can't tell you much that isn't common knowledge. Extortion, slavery, smuggling: Davik's got a piece of all the action here on Taris. Even the swoop gangs know better than to get in his way.
5. Thanks for the info.
Mission: Hey, no problem. I'm here to help, right?

Search for Bastila[edit]

Carth: Good idea. We can use this abandoned apartment as a base, and we can probably get some equipment and supplies here in the Upper City. Just remember to keep a low profile. I've heard some grim stories about the Dark Jedi interrogation techniques. They say the Force can do terrible things to a mind. It can wipe away your memories and destroy your very identity! But I figure if we don't do anything stupid we should be okay. I mean, after all, they're... they're looking for Bastila, not a couple of grunts like us. Alright, soldier, let's move out.
Journal Entry Added The Search for Bastila
You are stranded on Taris, a planet under Sith control. Now you and Carth Onasi must find Bastila – the only person capable of stopping the Sith from conquering the entire galaxy. You should probably begin by investigating reports of escape pods that crashed into the Undercity.

After you finish speaking to Carth and exploring your Hideout, head outside to find a Sith soldier and two battle droids on your doorstep. They aren't interested in you at first nor do they recognize you or Carth but that won't stop them from starting a fight anyway. One or two may be focused on the Duros so prioritize the ones attacking you.

From the Hideout you can go right toward a merchant and several apartments with loot and a quest, or take a left toward a janitor with info on Taris and the exit to Upper City South. If you're role playing as Light Side then its not ideal to do Light Side choices or pick up any quests except Dia's Bounty and the Duel Ring because many Light Side points are gained by giving people credits. Since you're at the beginning of the game with little loot and few credits, it isn't recommended to give away what you have. A Dark Side player is free to pick up quest immediately as the Dark Side does not involve giving away credits and resources.

Your main goal is to find a way to the Undercity in search of Bastila's escape pod. The only way to the Undercity is to take an elevator from Upper City North to the Lower City then take another elevator from Lower City to the Undercity. First you will need a Sith uniform to access the Upper City elevator. There are two ways to get a uniform:

  • Pacifist - Go to the Upper City Cantina and talk to Sarna if you're male or Yun Genda if you're female. Choose dialogue sympathic to the Sith and they will give you the location of a party for Sith soldiers at the North Apartments. There's no combat using this method as all attendants will pass out from too much drinking. In the left corner of the apartment is a backpack containing Sith Armor.
  • Savior - Another method is to head to the North Apartments without talking to the Sith officer: if you talk to them and get invited to the party then this is no longer an option. Instead of a party there will be a Sith squad questioning a resident. You can let the squad continue their questioning, ending with the Sith executing the resident, or save the resident. Either way you will end up fighting three Sith troopers if you want the armor from their commander.

Now you have a Sith uniform, you can access the elevator and leave the Upper City. Before heading down to the Lower City you should sell unwanted items for credits and stock up on supplies. Medpacs and Antidote Kits take priority but you may want to get at least 6-10 Parts.

Journal Entry Added The Search for Bastila
Your Sith disguise has fooled the guard at the Upper City elevator, giving you access to the Lower City. Hopefully it will be just as easy to gain access to the Undercity so you can search for signs of Bastila's crashed escape pod.

You can head to Javyar's Cantina and talk to Zax in the Bounty Office, who will charge you 100 credits for information, or head to the Hidden Bek Base and speak to the lookout. There's no XP reward for speaking to the Hutt first and you'll be short 100 credits just for him to suggest visiting the Hidden Beks.

It's recommended to explore the cantina for a missable cutscene and dialogue with two characters as well as a few quests from Zax. Otherwise head west towards the Hidden Bek base guarded by a lookout. Don't forget to remove the Sith uniform or you won't be allowed in either the cantina or the Hidden Bek base.

Hidden Bek Lookout: Hey, you can't just walk in here! This is the Hidden Bek base. How do I know you're not a Vulkar spy sent to kill Gadon Thek?
1. I'm no spy! 2. I need Gadon's help. I was told to speak to him. 3. I go wherever I want! 4. Sorry. I'll be going now.
Hidden Bek Lookout: Maybe so, but this door is locked and it's going to stay that way until I'm satisfied you're no threat to Gadon or the Hidden Beks. Hidden Bek Lookout: A lot of people want to go inside and speak to Gadon. He's a hero of the common folk. But the days of the Hidden Beks' open-door policy are gone. Between the Sith conquest and the Vulkar gang war Gadon has more enemies than he used to. We're being careful about who we let in now. Hidden Bek Lookout: Maybe so, but this door is locked and it's going to stay that way until I'm satisfied you're no threat to Gadon or the Hidden Beks. Hidden Bek Lookout: Fair enough. But here's some free advice: get off the streets. The Black Vulkars are taking shots at anyone wandering the streets of the Lower City.
2. I need Gadon's help. I was told to speak to him.
Hidden Bek Lookout: A lot of people want to go inside and speak to Gadon. He's a hero of the common folk. But the days of the Hidden Beks' open-door policy are gone. Between the Sith conquest and the Vulkar gang war Gadon has more enemies than he used to. We're being careful about who we let in now.
Never 1. [Persuade] Maybe a bribe could get me in? 2. Maybe I could be an ally against all those enemies.
Hidden Bek Lookout: [Failure] My loyalty's not for sale! I've been with the Hidden Beks for years, and I'm not going to desert Gadon now just because everyone else is turning against him! Hidden Bek Lookout: Well, we do need all the help we can get. And you don't look like you're with the Vulkars or the Sith. Besides, it's not like you can do anything to harm Gadon in the heart of his own base. Not with Zaerdra watching his back.
1. So you're going to let me in?
Hidden Bek Lookout: Go in and speak to Gadon if you want. Just remember to be on your best behaviour... the Hidden Beks are watching you.

Gadon Thek is located at the end of the room behind a desk. You'll be able to ask him about the history between the Black Vulkars and the Hidden Beks but eventually you'll need to ask him about the escape pods. He will reveal that the Black Vulkars kidnapped Bastila and offered her as a prize to the winner of the upcoming swoop race. Your only choice now is to enlist in the swoop race as a rider for the Hidden Beks. First, you'll need to retrieve stolen parts from the Vulkar Base by sneaking in from a secret entrance. Before you can even start on that, you'll need to find the only one who knows how to get there, Mission Vao. If you visited Zax the Hutt then you already met her and her wookiee friend; if not then you won't find her in the cantina anymore.

You also have to exchange the Sith uniform for papers.

2. I need information on those Republic escape pods that crashed in the Undercity.
Gadon Thek: The escape pods? You know, I heard the Sith have been asking around the Upper City about them as well... but you don't look like you're with the Sith.
Zaerdra: They might be spies, Gadon! They might be working for the Sith!
Gadon Thek: Calm down, Zaerdra. If the Sith thought we knew anything useful they'd have a battalion of troops kicking down our door. No, I think this offworlder has his/her own agenda.
1. Don't worry... I'm not working for the Sith. 2. Do you know anything about this or not?
Gadon Thek: I suppose I could tell you what I know. It's not like it could do any harm to me or my gang... but it might cause problems for the Vulkars, and that's okay in my book. The Vulkars stripped those pods clean within hours after they landed. It's too bad we didn't get there first, considering what my spies reported the Vulkars found. A female Republic officer named Bastila survived the crash. We Beks don't believe in intergalactic slavery, but the Vulkars aren't so picky. They took her prisoner.
1. Bastila's a slave? What will happen to her now? 2. I have to get in there and rescue her!
Gadon Thek: Normally the Vulkars would take a captured slave and sell them for a nice profit to Davik or an off-world slaver. But a Republic officer is no ordinary catch.
Carth: They still think Bastila is just a Republic officer. That could work to our advantage. Maybe she'll even figure out a way to escape from the Vulkar base on her own.
Gadon Thek: She's too valuable to leave with the Vulkar scum at the base. Brejik's probably got your Republic friend hidden away somewhere safe until the big swoop race. You'll never find her.
1. There has to be some way I can help her! 2. Swoop race? What does that have to do with it?
Gadon Thek: I'm afraid your friend has become a pawn in Brejik's game to take over the Lower City. He's offered her up as the Vulkar's share of the prize in the annual swoop gang race. By putting up such a valuable prize Brejik hopes to win the loyalty of some of the smaller gangs. Their numbers will allow him to finally destroy me and my followers.
Carth: So how do you propose we go about rescuing Bastila, then? We can't fight all the gangs.
Gadon Thek: The only hope you have of rescuing Bastila is to somehow win the big season opener of the swoop race.
1. Gadon – can you help me with this? 2. How do I enter this swoop race? 3. But I don't even have a swoop bike.
Gadon Thek: I might be able to help you with this, if you'd be willing to help us. We both have something to gain here – and much to lose.
1. What are you proposing? 2. I might help you... if the price is right. 3. I don't work with gangs, Gadon. 4. How do I know I can trust you?
Gadon Thek: You're in no position to bargain here. Without my help, you don't have a hope of getting this Bastila back. You should at least listen to what I have to say. Gadon Thek: You really don't have any other choice. Not if you want to get Bastila back. You should at least listen to what I have to say.
Gadon Thek: The swoop race is for the Lower City gangs only. I could sponsor you as a rider for the Hidden Beks this year. If you win the race, you'll win your friend's freedom. But first you have to do something for me. My mechanics have developed an accelerator for a swoop engine. A bike with the accelerator installed can beat any other swoop out there! But the Vulkars stole the prototype from us. They plan to use it to guarantee a victory in this year's swoop race. I need you to break into their base and steal it back.
2. How do I know you'll live up to your end of the bargain?
Gadon Thek: My word is my bond. Everybody in the Lower City knows my reputation. Besides, you really don't have a choice. I'm your only ticket into the swoop race.
1. How am I supposed to get inside the Vulkar base? 3. Forget it – I'm not interested.
Gadon Thek: Don't be a fool. You have to win the swoop race to save your friend, and that means breaking into the Vulkar base and getting my prototype accelerator back.
Gadon Thek: Getting into the Vulkar base won't be easy – the front doors are locked tight. But I know someone who might be able to get you in the back way – Mission Vao.
Zaerdra: Mission? Gadon, you can't be serious! She's just a kid – how is she supposed to help them with this?
Gadon Thek: Mission's explored every step of every back alley in the Lower City. Plus she knows the Undercity sewers better than anyone. If anyone can get inside the Vulkar base, it's her.
1. Where can I find Mission? 2. Isn't there someone else who can help me?
Gadon Thek: She and her Wookiee friend Zaalbar are always looking to stir up a little excitement. They like to go exploring in the Undercity, despite the dangers. Gadon Thek: Don't underestimate Mission or her Wookiee friend Zaalbar. They're a formidable pair; tough enough to go exploring the Undercity by themselves!
Gadon Thek: Your best bet is to look for her in the Undercity. But you'll need some way past the Sith guard post at the elevator.
1. I've got some Sith uniforms to disguise myself. 2. I got past the Upper City guard no problem.
Gadon Thek: A simple disguise might have worked on the Upper City guard, but the security down here is much tougher. You'll need the proper papers to get past him. Luckily my gang ambushed one of the Sith patrols headed down to the Undercity. They never made it, and their security papers fell into my hands. Since we're working together now I suppose I could give them to you in exchange for your uniforms. With the security papers you won't need a disguise anyway.
1. Forget it – I'm not giving up my disguise!
Gadon Thek: The disguise won't help you get into the Undercity. Besides, soon the Sith will realize they've got a few too many uniforms missing and the only way to get around will be the security papers.
2. What do you want with the Sith uniforms?
Gadon Thek: I like to be prepared. Eventually the Sith are going to try to drive us out of the Undercity. Sith disguises might give my people the edge we need in a crucial battle!
3. Okay - I'll trade the uniforms for the papers.
Gadon Thek: Good choice. Thanks for the uniforms. You won't need them with these security papers anyway. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?
2. I'll be back when I get the prototype accelerator.
Gadon Thek: I suggest you hurry. The swoop race is coming up, and we want you to have time to practice before the race.
Journal Entry Added The Search for Bastila
Gadon Thek, leader of the Hidden Bek swoop gang, will help you get Bastila back if you recover a prototype swoop accelerator stolen by the rival Black Vulkars. He suggested you look for Mission Vao in the Undercity or the sewers to help get you in.
Item(s) Received Gadon Thek
  • Sith Papers

Leave the base and continue west. Around the bend will be three Black Vulkar thugs, two with blasters and one with a baton, with two more Vulkars just up ahead. Fortunately those two are too busy arguing with Davik's agent to take part in the fight. After fighting the first three, approach the other two to watch those Vulkars act tough only to change their tune fast when a Mandalorian shows up to help Davik's agent. He will stand around for a bit allowing you to initiate dialogue with him but he won't say much whether you're in Sith uniform or not. You can also visit the West Apartments for loot and a bounty.

Once you're ready to continue with the main quest, keep heading west but heads up, there will be three gang members to your left as you approach the elevator. Eliminate them and show your papers to the Sith guard. Without the papers he will not allow you through even with uniforms. Fighting him is not an option either unless you want to see how fast an NPC can send you to the main menu. He is not only invulnerable but the nearby turrets are set to instant kill. You will not be able to pass without the proper papers from the Hidden Beks.

If you didn't retrieve the papers the journal will update:

Journal Entry Added The Search for Bastila
The Sith guard in the Lower City refuses to let you into the Undercity without the proper authorization. You'll have to get your hands on some type of pass or papers if you want to explore the Undercity for signs of Bastila's escape pod.

Upon arrival to the Undercity you'll be accosted by two villagers. Players can give them nothing, pay the toll, or offer more for Light Side points. Regardless of your decision, another villager will chase them off and give a warmer welcome. Afterwards feel free to explore the Outcast village for lore and three quests, two of which can be completed without leaving the Undercity but all three will require you to leave the village.

(Add warning for game breaking bug, Nintendo Switch)

Once you're done exploring, save the game and head to the gates for another decision regarding the life of an Outcast. A woman will be pleading with you to open the gates against the warnings of a villager while you're shown an Outcast running from a rakghoul. You can choose to try and save the Outcast or tell the villager to keep the gates closed. If you choose to save the Outcast then you run outside to fight the rakghoul: be quick as the rakghoul will focus on the Outcast and can kill him fast, robbing you of any Light Side points. After saving the Outcast you must talk to the woman to receive Light Side points or else you won't receive any.

Journal Entry Added The Search for Bastila
Mission has agreed to help you sneak into the Black Vulkar base to recover the stolen swoop accelerator. But first, she wants you (to) rescue her Wookie friend Zaalbar, from the Gamorrean slavers in the sewers.

After the conversation you should be facing a Sith patrol to the southeast. You have two options for getting to the sewers:

  • North entrance: If you want to avoid fighting rakghouls then head north. To your left is the Outcast village where you came from and to the right are several mines and an infected Republic soldier. Do not cure the soldier unless you want to deal with the four rakghouls that spawn. Keep heading north until you come across rubble with loot. Near the rubble is the north entrance to the Lower Sewers. Taking this entrance avoids the large rakghoul group at the southern entrance and once inside, only four rakghouls and a Gamorrean patrol stand between you and the Gamorrean compound.
  • South entrance: Heading in this direction will result in a brief conversation with the Sith patrol leader. Show him your papers to avoid combat or threaten him to initiate combat. Either way go past the patrol and keep heading south. Eventually you'll come across three rakghouls to your left and five ahead. You can avoid the smaller group but you'll have to fight the larger group to enter the sewers. Sneaking past them to the entrance won't work since all party members must be nearby when leaving an area. Once inside, several groups of Gamorreans stand between you and the Gamorrean compound.

The north entrance to the Lower Sewers sends you to the northwest corner of the sewer facing a Minor Frag Mine and a door. Beyond the door is a group of four rakghouls and two more doors, one leading southwest and another leading east. Taking the southwest door leads you directly to the entrance of the Gamorrean Compound where Zaalbar is held captive. The east door will take you to the shielded Upper Sewers entrance.

Alternatively, the south entrance spawns you in the northeast corner of the Lower Sewers facing a door but you'll face three Gamorreans instead of four rakghouls. This route takes you south to a circular room with four Gamorreans and two paths. A northwest path will take you to the shielded Upper Sewers entrance, and beyond that the rakghoul infested room outside the north entrance, while the southwest path, beware of the lone Gamorrean patrol this hallway, takes you to another circular room with five rakghouls. That second circular room has two more paths, one leading straight to the Gamorrean compound and another, with a Gas Mine, leading to a third circular room with four rakghouls. There's only one other exit out of the third room which takes you to the back of the compound. You'll need to fight through three rakghouls and watch out for the mine in front of the door before proceeding into the compound itself.

Regardless of which route you take, you'll have to face a tough group of three Gamorrean elites and a chieftain outside Zaalbar's cell so make sure you are ready for a close quarter fight. If you need to soften the group up first, there's a rusted droid in a room directly across the east entrance of the compound capable of doing some serious damage even without optimized weapons, targeting, or shields.

Journal Entry Added The Search for Bastila
You've saved Zaalbar from the Gamorrean slavers, prompting the Wookie to swear a life debt to you. And, as promised, Mission has agreed to get you into the Vulker base. Once inside, you can steal the swoop accelerator and return it to Gadon Thek.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 600 Freed Zalbaar from the slavers

Rancor in the Sewers[edit]

Journal Entry Added A Rancor in the Sewers
Mission has warned you of a not so small obstacle between you and the entrance to the Vulkar base: a full grown rancor. Getting by the beast won't be easy.


There are a number of side quests available. Some quests, such as Carth or the bounties, can be activated in different locations but they're listed in the first area they can be found.