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File:KotOR Map South Beach.png
Map of the south beach

Central Beach[edit]

The path back to the central beach via the temple exterior is behind you to the east. As you travel west, a gizka hopping ahead of you triggers an explosion, warning you of the danger of the plasma vents around the shipwreck on the west side of the clearing ahead:

Awareness Plasma Vent (5) Detect 40 (20) Demolitions Disable 30 (10) Recover 40 (20)

You cannot retrieve the ship parts under the central plasma vent without triggering, disabling or recovering it.

KotOR Icon Item(s) Received.png Item(s) Received: Ship Parts

These ship parts appear to be similar enough to those on the Ebon Hawk that they could be used to repair it.

The path exits the clearing to the north before turning southwest, where two wild rancors will be encountered:

Wild Rancor
KotOR Model Wild Rancor.png
Class Soldier
Level 15
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 13
Strength 45 +17
Dexterity 8 -1
Constitution 20 +5
Intelligence 3 -4
Wisdom 6 -2
Charisma 4 -3
Vitality 145
Force -
Defense 16
Fortitude 20
Reflex 20
Will 19
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack - -
Energy --
Threat --
Attack 32 -
Physical 27-77-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers




Debilitating them is advisable due to the strength of their melee attacks: although they're immune to Force Push and Whirlwind and cannot be knocked back and down, Force Wave can still damage and stun them.

KotOR Icon XP.png Experience Points (XP) Received:

Another pair may appear each time you return to the south beach.

Red Settlement[edit]

The path leads to the northeast corner of the south beach, with the sea to the west and a settlement entrance to the south. Along the boundary of the settlement is a line of obelisks with lightning arcing between their bases: anyone who walks into this will be knocked back and down, and 1000 universal damage will be inflicted. There's a line of three obelisks to either side of the settlement entrance, between which a hologram will appear as you approach:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png Hologram: You are not Rakata... What is your business here, off-worlder?
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. Who are you?
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Hologram: We are the Elders... and you will answer our question! Who are you and why have you come?

Do not respond as follows:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. I have come from the Rakata to speak with you. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 4. My business is my own!
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Hologram: From the Rakata? Then you are a spy and must be killed! KotOR Icon Dialog.png Hologram: Intruders will not be tolerated! Nor will insolence!
Your entire party has been
Return to main menu.


KotOR Icon Dialog.png 3. I seek the Star Forge. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. I am Revan. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. I come seeking the Star Forge.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Hologram: You... you are Revan! The council wishes to speak with you. You may enter.

Once inside, you cannot return to Ebon Hawk or change party selection without exiting.